How much time have YOU saved by working out at home instead of the gym?

Shifted to bodyweight fitness and kettlebell/barbell training at home a few months ago. I used to spend 45 mins on getting ready/travel both ways itself to go the gym. I'm not talking about that time wasted though. I've always done full body workouts. It took me about 1.15 hours to complete my entire workout in a gym. This was due to time wasted waiting for equipment to get free /wiping equipment and machines, benches/having forced conversations with people/prolonged rests etc. Ever since Ive shifted to doing my workouts at home I've kept the same exercise movements(Horizontal and vertical pushes and pulls, hip hinge, squat) and used a fitness app to limit my rest periods to just 1 minute max between sets. Ever since then I finish my workouts in exactly 45 minutes(which is as long as my travel and getting ready used to take lol) ! This has made me stay consistent and I've not missed a workout in 3 months now. How much time do you take to complete your workouts? And how much time are you saving during the workout as compared to going to the gym? Cheers.. I hope this post is allowed. Its just a good ol' fashioned discussion :)

I used to go to gym. But i hated when it was overcrowded so i had to change my workout time and even then it was sometimes full. So i started at home and now save alot of time. Driving to gym and back was 1 hour maybe 1:10 sometimes, workout usually 1-1:30 and preparation before gym 15-20 min. So now for me its like freedom. I can workout anytime, not having to sacrifice time with wife or friends. Also would recommend to everyone that has space to invest in your own gym :)
How long do your actual workouts take though? I still feel weird finishing my workouts in 45 mins lol
Yep. And I hate waiting for the one damn squat rack in the whole place because some guy decided he’s gonna do bicep curls on the Olympic bar!
Lemme tell you about how much time I save by not working out at all
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Used to work out but had a rough month so "saved" a ton of time. Trying to get motivation to get back, though :)
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Closest gym is 3 hours back and forth so I save about 700 hours a year 😀
Sounds like a business opportunity.
Good reason to not go!
No excuse to not work out at home tho hehe. Sorry if you thought you got off the hook ;)
Where do you live? Alaska?
get an online personal trainer for live exercises
That's 1,5H each direction
Assuming you drive at least 80% on the highway with 130kmph speed limitv that is 157km of highway
So if you drive 60kmph on the remaining 20% of the road that's another 18km
So in total 175km from the nearest gym. Am i close?For you that's 350km every other day.
Assuming gas price is $1,2/Litre, and that you have fairly fuel economic vehicle that consumes 5L/100km (highway) that's about 18L average back and forth, 18*$1,2L thats 21,6$ every time you go.
If you go every other day thats 180 days a year, 180* 21,6 = 3900$ + gym membership it can get over $4500 for a year just for gym, if you drive some 8-9l/100km car, this number can go well over $10K
Ehh I still do the recommended routine at the gym so I can use the squat rack and deadlift. Unfortunately live in a small apartment so don’t really have the choice!
I have a small home gym but have started going to a gym again (across the road from work and 10 minutes from home) and I'm actually performing better. I love having not to change my dumbbell plates, having the machines for legs and some of the movement based equipment (sled, farmers handles etc).
The gym is also nicer than most, it's not a major chain brand, is very social/community based and filled with some of the strongest people in the country - all lovely people too.
Any good substitution for barbell squat? With only a 20kg dumbell
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I do the bodyweight stuff at home, first thing in the morning, but use the gym for cardio (rowing and elliptics), because it's more fun having something other than my wall to watch. Kudos to folk who manage to do decent amounts of cardio alone in their homes. PS I know - I should get motivated and fix up Netflix, but people watching is fun, especially Crossfitters.
I used to use the gym for cardio too, but then I moved to a building with a pool so thats my cardio now. It feels so good after a long day and really keeps me motivated to work out!
Go run outside? Even if you live somewhere cold and snowy, I run year round in Boston and im not uncomfortable. This time of year the most I need is tights and a hoodie over a shirt
Netflix (plus a few more streaming services) cheaper (per month) than most gym memberships. OTOH maybe the people watching is worth the price of the gym admission to you, in which case keep at it! Me ... I'm a cheap bastard.
For me, it’s often less about time than mental energy. I sit at a desk all day and it makes me exhausted, which is weird, although it could be the stress and necessary mental engagement.
When I was fasting, I discovered I had at least two, maybe even three extra hours a day, which was weird. The time buying food, preparing food, cleaning up, and negotiating about when, where, and what to eat really added up.
I waste an hour walking to work whenever my schedule permits. I’m awake and feeling healthy when I arrive.
On the other hand, I have a park near my job, and get about a 20-minute workout at lunchtime by jogging, jumping rope, and doing chin-ups, push-ups, and squats. If someone is on the bars, I just do something else.
Would love to do activities throughout the work day, but nowhere to cleanup.
I don't get a workout in during lunch (although my gym is across the road from work..) I do walk 15 minutes minimum 4x a day at work. I fast walk for 15 minutes before work (get to work about an hour early) and walk on every break. I even cook my lunch at work every day and still have time to get a walk in after eating.
This makes a HUGE difference in my mental performance, attitude and honestly, my digestion too. My food goes down WAY better as I eat just before each break.
+1 to some kind of exercise during the work day.
There is no gym where I live, and I have to use public transport, so working out at home is how I can work out at all. But just for the sake of it, the next gym is ~30minutes public transport away, and I work out 3 times a week, so 3 hours a week saved.
More than time, I wouldn't work out at all if I hadn't set up at home. The gym costs money, we have small kids and my wife works full time. There's no way I would ever make it to a gym. But I still work out 3-4 times a week
Came here to say this. I've got 3 kids 3 & under, and I like to let my wife sleep in (she's with them all day), so multitask and watch them as they're getting up and I'm working out.
Needless to say, I wouldn't workout at all if I had to go to a gym. So I guess I'm not really "saving" time lol.
I save a 12 minute drive there and 12 minute drive back, and maybe shave off 15-20 minutes of wait time/stalling. So estimated around 44 minutes max.
But what really saves me time both at the gym and at home is doing super sets. My god, I get through it so fast sometimes I feel like I didn't work out at all...until the next day of course. If you guys haven't tried it, do it!
May I ask if you have noticed a change in your physique after switching to bw/kb training?
Personally, I'm in a very good position because I have a great gym 5 minutes away and I get there first thing before work so I never have to wait for anything. So currently I'd save little time with home workouts.
It's just that I'm getting a little bored of barbells and dumbbells. I feel like switching it up but I don't want to lose gains.
If anything ive gotten more consistent since I work out in my room itself. So I just wake up and start. Not missed a workout for 3 months (3 times a week). Whereas with the gym I'd miss 1 workout a week very often. Sticking to the main movements ie compound movements (pushup, pullup, KB swings, Goblet squats, KB Rows, clean and jerks and dips) and being consistent has ensured my physique has remained just fine and is always improving. The best workouts are the ones you do consistently in the end.
actually not much, since my office is at a trainstation there is also a gym I go to, its on the way no additional travel time etc.
I love going to the gym. It's $100 per year when Planet Fitness runs their end year special. It's a ten min drive there and back, and it takes me less than five mins to get ready. I eventually want to get workout equipment when I get a home. I'd probably work out all of the time if I could go in the basement and lift weights or go on the treadmill.
Let me tell you about how much time and effort I spend on being able to work out.
I used to train at home. I have a lovely decked out training space in my basement which I love. I used to get up early before my daughter and have my wonderful meditational training for an hour 45 before she got up, and then I had alllll the rest of the day to live life.
Then I had my second child. He wakes up for the day at 6. There’s no getting up earlier enough for that. So I go to a gym with a top notch child care program that provides classes like music, ballet, tumbling, and art for my kids while I get my training in. But it is What We Do. I gotta pack us all lunches and have all our shit together. Doesn’t sound that hard but for me, a 5 year old, and a 1 year old, plus actually wrangling them to get breakfasted and dressed and make it there before we run into naptime. I start the night before, every night, getting lunches and clothes and stuff ready after they’re in bed. I’m starting breakfast before they’re up. Omg it’s a treadmill race.
But I get my damn training in. I’m a psychopath without it.
Wow, great job! Are you a single parent? Can’t SO help with packing lunches?
The gym I went to for years is a 20 min drive away. Working out at home two to three times a week really makes a difference. But the biggest reasons I like to work out in my attic, are that I can listen to my own music, and not be distracted by or having to wait on other people.
I save about 30 minutes per work out. Plus I save money. The gym costs about 100 bucks per month + 200 of registration fees. I bought myself a nice rack and a few dumbells and other small equipments for about 300 and I have all I need.
100% of my time? Lol I jog within our subdivision and use the stationary bike, elliptical bike, and air glider inside the house. Maybe the only time I'll need to go to the gym is when I decide to have toned arms, 'cause we don't have the equipments for that at home.
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I looove going to the gym!
Working out at home, just isn't the same. I try much harder when other people are watching.
I listen to music and watch YouTube in between sets. So I've probably save about - 3 hours a week.
What workout you do n what app you use?
I actually don't save time, I have a super close gym with a really great functional area at 10 min from my home.
I actually save time going there and showering before work while at home my resting times tend to get wider, with the gym I am super strict.
I prep/cook dinner in between set. Tons of time save
Absolutely none. My gym is a few hundred feet from my work. I go five times a week and do accessory work and light recovery at my house.
I was paying $90 a month for 4 sessions at a hot yoga studio. Now I'm using a mop handle and two chairs for rows and I'm in better shape and my toddler works as resistance weight. He climbs on my back when I do lunges. You don't get that at a studio/gym. No drive time, only about 30min 4-5 days a week and get to spend time with the kids while I workout.
I have never felt successful at a gym workout because one of my goals in working out is to get out of my head and go on a kind of auto pilot, but being at a gym makes me more self aware and self conscious. I do my exercising at home, run on the beach in the early AM.
Literally days of time. Because I then procrastinate and don’t workout.
My work rate is higher compared to going to the gym the only thing I need is a treadmill at this point. You're right the gym is a waste of time and money in the grand scheme of things the only thing that keeps me going to the gym is women and the socialize with different people since I personally don't go out much.
Haha. Ya the socialising is the thing I miss a bit. I like separating my workouts from the socialising though. Let's me complete my workouts quickly and efficiently. How long do your actual workouts take now?
My experience is that the only thing at-home-trainers save is gains 😂 sorry haha. I'd never have the discipline to train at home, this would only work if I'd be rich and have a workout-room. Otherwise... Nope.
Probably 2 hours a day...because I used to have a 15 min drive there after work. Then I would take 5 mins or so to change into my gym clothes. Then since I was at the gym I created these really long work outs, and I took too many rest breaks and I would have to wait for certain weights or machines. Which would make the gym session even longer.
Then I would have to make the 45 min drive home.
Yup. This was me.. 45 mins on travel/getting ready. +30 mins on rest/convos/waiting. Gone from allocating 2 hours to just 45 mins. Now working out is no longer something I dread. It's just something I know I have to do and it doesn't take up too much time either.
I work out at 4 am in the morning and no gym is open at that time where I live. So I can't even imagine how much time I have saved by working out at home.
A good 30 mins 3per week Avg for the last 6 years, because no need to commute to the gym (definitely 30 min when you acct for traffic) (30x3x52x6)/60/24=19.5 days total/6=3.25 days per year.
I've never actually gone to the gym, at least not in the last few years. I started my fitness journey just over a year ago and my gym is in my backyard. I sometimes even take my rings on my upper body days out to the park and hang them in a tree to give myself a little more leg room and space.
I went to the gym a few times when I was younger but was always turned off the by the guy dude bro culture (I was in the military) I kept seeing so when I wanted to take my fitness seriously I knew I needed to do an at home option.
I got my gymnastic rings, kettle bells, deadlift, squats, and a few other assorted bits and bobs and its done me wonders at home!
Before: 20 minutes to prepare for going to the gym 15 to reach the gym 5 minutes to change 40 minutes weight training 15 minutes cardio 30 minutes sauna 15 minutes to shower and change 15 minutes to reach home 5 minutes to unpack
Total: 2 hours and 40 minutes for a workout
Now: I've installed gymnastic rings in my living room. You can train for every muscle group with them. I also have resistance bands and a weight vest for the extra kick. But just a pair of gym rings is enough. I train one muscle group per day and use a tabata timer.
30 seconds to hang 1 minute to change 7 minutes for a solid workout. 2 minutes for a shower
Total: 10 minutes altogether.
I never miss a workout and i train before going to work in the morning. It's changed my life. Would recommend it to everybody.
This sounds amazing. Would you mind sharing your routines?
A few hours a week minimum. There's also the money. Unfortunately there's someone in my family who signs up for a gym membership every other year and stops going after a few months. It's a lesson we've learned and forgotten off and on for nearly 10 years now.
Around 300 hours a year, and a lot of gas money
None, spent a good 4 hours just procrastinating on getting my workout gear on.
I used to work out at home but I am starting to work out at a gym at the beginning of the next year after trying out few different ones over the last couple of weeks. Sure, working out saves time, but at the same time I think that limited equipment can slow down your progress, especially when it comes to training legs. I just don't have the space to put a squat rack in my apartment..
I used to workout before work/school so when it was crowded, chances are I’d have to miss some of my exercises. Also, I live in a cold climate so willing myself to get out of bed, go outside, start the car, stuff my face, go back outside, and drive to the gym was tough. I used to hate working out after work but then I discovered, I don’t hate it. I hate feeling like I have to make another stop before I go home. By and large I like working out at home. But if I wanna do specific classes, I’ll go to the correct gym for it.
My gym is walkable from my apartment. So a few minutes a day, but I enjoy the walk.
It might save time but the actual workout itself won’t be as productive (in my opinion). Being surrounded by others also exercising is sort of sub conscious motivation.
Working out at home has actually gotten me back to working out. Pre-kids, the 75 minute round trip to and from the gym was no big deal. But then came the kids, and now there is homework/girl scouts/bedtime etc to worry about and I just didn't have the time to spare.
Started feeling older and more creaky. Back acting up, etc.
It took awhile, but I finally got a decent squat rack, olympic bar and weights. Game changer. With that and my Concept 2 rower, the gym is in the basement. No excuses. Consistently getting down there 4-5 times a week.
Amazing how much better I feel now that I am working core exercises again.
Yesterday I woke up late, stayed in my pajamas, walked into my workshop and knocked out squats, overhead press, and barbell row. Got ready for work, and still made it on time. No excuses.
Honestly, not much. I bought a rack and some plates and I powerlift in my garage. Before I bought it, I had tried a few gym memberships over the years but gave up on them because of the time, the hassle, and the crowds. So really, I don’t think I have saved any time because I wasn’t doing anything consistently.
I just go to the gym at 2am, it's pretty free then.
I work at UPS so I get a workout no matter what (without wasting time) but I try and go to the gym 5 days a week too. Not home because I have neither a pull up bar or dip bar which are two of the most fun exercises.
Saved? Mostly saved time and frustration. I'm alway's spending money on my home gym so it's not really a savings in the short or medium term. Maybe over 10 years it will payoff.
Home gym life is best life. We had a baby 5 months ago and NO WAY would we be able to go to the gym but now that it's 50 feet away it's much more doable. Just lift while baby naps or after bedtime. We bought a squat rack, cable machine, free weights, mats, barbells, plates a treadmill and benches used for less than the cost of a year gym membership.
My gym is a 7 minute walk, or 3 minutes biking, so potentially I could've been saving at most about 8.5 hours a year
When I lifeguard at a YMCA, it was a lot easier because I could just change and walk down the hall after my shift. A workout would only add an hour or so to my schedule.
Problem is that I never did that. Not out of laziness. I have bad anxiety and ADHD, so walking into a charged room like a gym was just murder on my head. So I only worked out when I could follow along with a friend, which was once in a blue moon.
By switching to at-home workouts, I can be in the place I feel most comfortable AND I can shorten my rest times. I like to do on-the minute work, so I finish in exactly 40 minutes. 5 minute warmup, 20 minute main set, and a 15 minute cooldown and stretch (I'm working towards a split). And then I run 3x weekly on top of that (I'm trying to work towards a 10K endurance level because I love running 5K obstacle courses).
I once waited for over an hour for a squat rack to open up from one girl doing a booty workout. Never again! I probably save about an hour 3 times a week for the past 2+ years. Plus, nobody to bother me, get to use funky equipment like cinder blocks and every workout is curated by my own music/podcasts. Best decision ever.
I pay $10/month for access to the workout where my kid is training. I’m there 4 hrs a week anyway. I would be hard pressed to build a setup for less than $120/year.
What's .15 of an hour?
What equipment have you acquired for your workouts @ home? I am wanting to try & slowly build a small gym @ home but gym equipment even resale is expensive for decent/not terribly worn equipment.
I’ll raise you one and say I work out on the clock. Get a run in every other day. So I’m able to skip it at the end of the day and instead wind down (and not make excuses why I DONT want to work out)
SO MUCH, but the bigger point for me is how much more often I work out, and the fact that I can more conveniently schedule it.
My current gym is just the apartment gym, which is only like a 4 minute walk and since there's a pull-up bar I still pop-in a few times a week just for that, and the lat pull down machine.
Otherwise I just rock kettlebells and bodyweight stuff in my apartment, so while I'm not necessarily saving a ton of extra time, I don't have to put shoes on. (I just pop in for the pull up when I'm already walking my dog)
So, freaking, much. I would never be able to work out if I didn't know about bodyweight
I'm very intrigued. How are your gains with this?
My aim isn't to look like a body builder. Else I'd post on the fitness sub. Aim is an athletic build with lean muscle and low body fat. Got it and maintaining it easily.
Closest gym is 20 minutes so I'm saving 40 minutes to an hour
OP what does your workout routine look like?
Chinups with weight jacket on doorway pullup bar, Pushups with weight jacket on small pushup bars, dips on gymnastic rings under the doorway pull up bar, inclined rows via the gymnastic rings and swings, Goblet squats, clean and jerks with kettlebells. Basically all compound moves covering all movements ie vertical pull, horizontal push, vertical push, horizontal pull, hip hinges and squats.
I started out doing bodyweight at home, then moved on to the gym. I'm more focused when I'm there. I never felt like I wasted time at home, but my workouts get done much quicker.
What fitness app do you use?!
Jefit. It's a free app to record workouts.
I think gym are better and we just have to avoid distractions, or long chit chat
Haven't saved much time, the gym I went to was about five minutes away. I've saved a lot of money though
All the times we said we were going to start working out, but never made it to the gym. Now I can go downstairs and just do whatever I want whenever I want.
Think “How much money?” is the more relevant question, at least in my case…
Yup. I've bought small push up bars, a weight jacket, a doorway pullup bar, gymnastic rings and a 16 and 24 kg Kettlebell. Basically for around 250 dollars I've got everything I need lol
I started working out at home as I had three little kids. I now use the Jillian Michaels app, and do my workouts in 30-45 min and I’m sweating buckets. I like to be able to go full ball and not have to stop/start due to the reasons you listed above. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, have defined muscles and tone. I have weights at home and I also run. The app has so many different programs and settings it keeps me happy.
How does everyone here live so far from the gym ?
My work has 5 fitness facilities (though only three are full size gyms). So I save time by working out at work. Fortunately part of the company culture is taking time out of your work day to go workout.
If you enjoy workouts like Yoga & mainly bodyweight, then consider getting an online personal trainer. I had one for yoga & found it awesome. I could just get trained at my own time without having to leave my house. I personally preferred it more than following a video, since I get real time feedback.
Travel time to & from the gym always adds an extra 30 to 40 mins on my clock.
Do you have any suggestions for how to find a good online PT? I'd like to try it one day purely for the accountability but I wouldn't know where to look outside of the big names on YouTube.
I joined a local 24hr gym and paid for the whole year up front. I spent a year going and through some of this I did classes and PT sessions too to aid a charity white collar boxing event I was taking part in.
After a year I discovered Calisthenics and decided not to renew my membership as I had by then bought a few simple home equipment (pull-up bar, floor p-bars) and this was all I needed to get my baseline to a sufficient level.
Before I started the gym I was:56KG / 5.8" / age 35 body fat % according to multiple digital scales around 6.8% (fast metabolism) and a BMI of around 20.1 which was the lower end of average for my stats.
At the above level I could do maybe 3 bodyweight pull-ups with FRM. I could do 3-5 Russian style dips and maybe 6 or so push-ups.
At the end of the gym year I was 60.1KG and my body fat was 7% but these bodyweight moves numbers didn't change much even though I was squatting 60KG and bench pressing 30KG with good form. By this point I'd found Calisthenics and did a lot of reading and watching youtube videos. I realised isolation workouts were not working for me to build the kind of muscle and skills I wanted so slowly I started doing compound moves as shown by all the Calisthenics YouTubers and within 6 months saw those small numbers double and triple just from doing bodyweight stuff at home around twice a week for a couple of sets. This resulted in:
- 15 dips with 2 kitchen chairs back to back which later progressed onto the corner of my kitchen worktops and hall landing banisters lol- 10-15 deep push-ups on my p-bars chest going below the bars) whilst core is still in the hollow body position- 20-30s hold for pseudo tucked planche on the p-bars- 10 pull-ups on the door frame bar with legs angled in front of me, not quite L-sit pull-ups but full core activation
These are numbers I never thought I'd be able to do and compared to some, they are still small numbers but I think for my height, weight and skill level these are good progressions. I am now working on full planche and HSPU so building up even more shoulder and core strength to get there. All without a gym. I have also noticed that my physique has changed in a much better way using just my bodyweight than all those weights at the gym. My shoulders are broader, wings are more pronounced and biceps and
My nutrition hasn't changed either between changing from gym to Calisthenics. I eat 3 meals a day and have a home made smoothie which is 800 calories (Organic Spirulina, banana, apple, smooth peanut butter, milk, raisins, flaxseed, chia seed, walnut, Brazil nut, milk). My daily intake is around 2900 and I also walk 5 miles a day on average as I commute by foot.
I just cannot thank the bodyweight workout community enough for the near limitless amount of skill and knowledge sharing available online. I live in Portsmouth, UK where there is virtually no local Calisthenics scene and absolutely no workout park so everything has to be learned from home. My goal is once I have reached my peak, I want to start a Calisthenics movement in this area and start coaching people and build from there.
I am also working on one arm push-ups which I can do in incline progression so far with a rep range of 8 so am slowly increasing the lever until I can do 15, then moving onto building up finger and wrist strength with 2 finger push-ups. There is virtually no limit with bodyweight it's just amazing.
As a side note, I do these workouts in between other things I am doing around the house. It's often better to workout in the early evening after work so I bust out dips whilst making a meal, or boiling a tea etc, or if I'm going downstairs I will do some L-Sits on the stairway banister. I even do them
I don't take supplements or do any special workout preps as have been throughout all that and found them to be largely pointless waste of time for my personal stats. Just eat healthy and be consistent with quality workouts is the advice I have learned from the past year of reading and watching and that is the method of workout that seems to work for me so I will continue along that path!
I go to gym after work so I don't need to stretch or warm up much, I do that before at work to not waste time. I also don't do cardio and never sweat during normal training, so I don't take extra clothes or anything with me except the required gym shoes. Training time is 60-90 minutes. Gym is also 1 minute from my home. Minimum time wasted. Though I have a pull up stand, rings and weights at home where I mostly do calisthenics and some curls. But going to gym doesn't cost me anything anymore, since I bought life time membership. Used to live in a village, it sucked going anywhere
I actually enjoy going to them gym, so I choose a gym 300 meters from where we live instead of working out at home.
Also keeps the people who live below us happy (no bumps etc. when I fail an exercise and fall down...)
Personally I save time by working out in a different way. I beat my meat. I know what you’re all going to say, oh this guys a troll, he’s joking, bla bla bla. I’ve heard it all before. In all seriousness, you can lose a lot of weight, just by beating your meat. Here’s the kicker though, you have to beat it ferociously. I’m talking like 20-30 times a day. You end up losing so much body material that your body expends a massive amount of energy to keep refilling the semen reserves. It also gives you an incredible amount of clarity. To me, it almost feels like I’m exercising and meditating at the same time.
Jesus.. were do you live and why take so long getting ready I'm all about saving money and being efficient
But I have lived all over and I can't recall a time were a gym wasn't within a 10in drive or why it would take more than 10 min to get ready ( shorts shirt water bottle headphones )
Even a 10 minute drive back and forth and 10 mins to get ready is 30 mins. Add 15 mins for traffic and parking and wala. The post was more about the time wasted while in the gym though.
1 hour and 9 minutes?