Massage guns are they worth it

As an older guy, 49 in a couple of months I suffer aches and slow recovery despite not overtraining or being overly ambitious in the gym. At the moment I need a good couple if days for any muscle group to recover and even then soreness can sometimes persist. I tore a hamstring quite severely a few months back and even now am still experiencing discomfort at the injury site. Dies anyone use these guns or is it a case of sticking to the foam rollers?

My wife has a hitachi massage wand and seems much happier after using it
I mean, having a multi-purpose tool like the Hitachi around is actually not a bad idea...
Too bad all they sell new are the knockoff half-power ones no longer made by Hitachi.
While it's a good joke it is also true, I sell sex toys and have sold many wands to gym people with aches and older people with arthritis
She's exercising a very particular muscle.
100%. Don't get a theragun though. Ridiculously loud and expensive. I have a hypervolt and love it
Do you have experience with the G3? Their website just says that it’s significantly less loud
I love my hypervolt as well
May I ask what specifically leads you to Rx the hypervolt over the theragun?
Is it the price/function ratio plus the loudness? Does the hypervolt do all that the theragun will do for less money? Or do you need to buy additional accessories to match the functionality?
I love my hypervolt too!
The hypervolt is such a waste of money. There is no research supporting it's use.
I’m on a cut, so it takes days for my muscles to recover after a workout too. If you have genuine medical concerns about your recovery time/injury, talk to your doctor, but if you just want something to make natural muscle ache go away, I can’t recommend the hypervolt enough. It doesn’t wipe the pain out entirely, but it makes a world of difference for me at least!
Cheers , you are in the same boat as me by the sounds of it.
The pain reduction is largely a placebo and relying on gimmicky nonsense like this reduces self efficacy. Movement, heat, and Tylenol on the other hand do have a real anaglesic effect.
But honestly, if you are getting so sore you need to take Tylenol... You need to adjust your workload, not buy a vibrator.
No. I shoulda bought a theracane.
A foam roller with bumps in and a lacrosse ball Is way way way better.
Just attach the lacrosse ball to a Sawzall.
Yes to the theracane! Then pick up the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook to show you where to use it to relieve pain.
Love my Theracane, and my most recent addition, the Pso-Rite! Two of my favorite torture devices.
I hate the foam rollers with the bumps! I can never line up the bumps where I need them lol
You are 100% right. I've spent my life around college and professional athletes and the roller + lacrosse ball combo is the way to go.
Theracanes are highly useful. Gotta be a bit careful with them, as they let you use quite a lot of force, but very helpful.
Have you seen anyone for the hamstring injury? Like a physical therapist? Depending on the nature of it they would have good insight into the tools to use pre and post workout. Foam rollers are great, but something like a lacrosse ball is better for localized soft tissue trigger point release. Massage guns have been shown to relieve DOMS, if you’re in a place financially to afford it, it could prove worth it!
I've seen a PT and was given the generic advice plus I had already bought a selection of foam rollers, balls that I was using for targeted pressure application. They work but am curious as to whether there was a quicker way to recover and help rehab my hamstring. (Getting old sucks!) Thanks for the advice though , and the same to everyone who has replied and provided me with some of their personal insight.
Hypervolt shills working hard
There's no gimmicky tool that's going to compensate for hard work. It's much more likely OP has APT or is under-hydrated, than some muscle rigidity, and is certainly where they should focus their efforts. If OP doesn't know how to use a lacrosse ball and simple massage techniques, then some $250 vibrator isn't going to help
This. Save 95% of your money by investing in some rollers/balls while gaining/maintaining the flexibility to comfortably massage any part of your body. Done and done.
Wow, a bunch of the accounts praising it are only a few months old or have less than 50 comment karma. You're not kidding :|
what is APT?
As someone with tight muscles and joint issues and chronic pain, I don't own a gun but will likely get one. I use a lacrosse ball daily and they serve two entirely different purposes. The relief you get from a gun is when you are suffering from DOMS or just general muscle soreness. The type of massage you get is less so focuses on concentrated myofascial release(lacrosse ball) and more for breaking up lactic acid build up(quick massage vibrations). I like them both and I say if someone wants to get it they should. Take it from someone who has to manage chronic pain, there is no one solution, and if it works/gives you relief then go for it.
massage therapist here, for a minor tear, something like a foam roller is too large to access the injury site to help with the repair, try sitting on a chair with a tennis ball / racquet ball / or wooden ball, under the injury site and roll it around in a circle / transversely at the site to help it to recover.
A lacrosse ball and some stretches / exercises after consulting an osteopath sorted some long term issues in my shoulder.
Can't stress enough that these products are gimmicks and anyone with issues should seek a therapist / specialist as the issue can usually be rehabilitated.
For reference i had constant neck and shoulder pain. Turns out i just needed to build up my back muscles. So rowing exercises ultimately fixed the problem. Along side this i had constant pins and needles sensation in my right hand. Osteo fixed it almost on the spot (this was after trying many other things)
I bought a TimTam on prime day. 100% worth every penny.
I feel close to perfect after using it for just a couple of minutes.
I feel like the TimTam hits the neck and traps better than I ever got with a lacross ball or foam roller. Otherwise I felt like the ball and roller combo did fine.
Having used the HyperVolt, I think it's really nice but also a complete luxury. It's a quick massage, but it's not truly making a difference (and so far I haven't found anything research related that really backs up the value of these massagers). I'd go for one of the HyperVolt knockoffs, they seem to be around $150 or less.
I got the knock off and my friend has the real one, you can not tell any difference.
If you want a message gun on the cheap get a black & decker jigsaw and just buy the ball attachment. That's what I did and it was like $100. I love using the gun on my legs after a workout or before a nice stretch session.
Came here to say this, massage guns are just jigsaws. You can get a jigsaw for like 20 bucks if you know where to look and the attachments are available on eBay.
Make your own massage gun
I have a hypervolt. Used it quite a bit for a couple months but wasn’t getting too much improvement from it. If you have someone willing to use it on your back it may be more worth it.
If I could do it again I’d build my own from a jigsaw.
Hey there! Massage guns might HELP but passive tools like these don’t usually address the root cause. It might help buy you time so you can train more though. Same with foam rollers, just more intensity. I will add though, some people have bodies that respond better with a lighter approach.
How’s your diet and sleep?
Have you seen a physio about your hamstring injury? Usually that takes time to rehab. Your body wants to keep the injury site immobilized but oftentimes it ends up being an overreaction, and the immobilization ultimately holds you back once the injury heals. What kind of work are you doing for it now? Are you doing any mobility/strength drills?
Yep mobilty and flexibilty drills every other day, almost at palms to floor in standing pike and doing one leg hamstring curls , bulgarian squats and deadlifts to improve the strength aspect. So far it is going well. 4 x the immediate post injury strength but still weaker than the uninjured side. Sleep, never great tbh but good enough approx 6 hours average, diet definetely on point , tracking micro and macronutrients on the fitbit app. I can gain or lose weight on command.My Fitbit Ionic is the best present I have recieved in years.😁
47 year old here and I train 3 days a week and work as a mail carrier with 30 plus miles of walking a week. Listen to your body. If your back is sore do legs. Legs sore do chest. Working opposite sides keeps the blood flowing and helps a lot more than not training. Also contrast hot/cold showers and stretch in the evenings (especially the hips/glutes). This is what has worked for me and I can still school those youngsters on the basketball courts (sometimes😉). I also don't imbibe often and do intermittent fasting daily 16/8. Feel better man and keep at it.
Have you been seeing a PT? If you still have pain at an injury site, it might be best to see a medical professional rather than relying on internet advice
But a $50 black and decker sawzall and epoxy a golf ball into the Blade. Worked well for me
Please file down the sawblade beforehand!
I was gifted the G3. I think of it the same way as foam rolling or stretching. It provides short term, temporary relief, but it does not fix any problems. For that, you need a PT and strength training.
The guns are quicker and easier to use than a foam roller, and I feel they get a little deeper and at spots I can't get with a roller.
Do they shorten recovery time? No. If you are tight and look for a little bit of mobility in the morning to get moving, it's some quick relief.
Ref noise: it makes some. Nothing insane or off putting though. The only thing I really notice is that the intensity sometime can be felt in my skull, and I have to control my teeth from chattering.
For the price, I probably would not buy one again. Since I have it, I will continue to use it.
Get a lacrosse ball first. The theracane trigger point stick thing (30 bucks?) is great for getting into the back
If you suffer from poor form, you'll develop muscle imbalances and resultant tightness and soreness. Perhaps have your form checked
Those guns aren't really designed for layman use, but as adjuncts to professional masseuses, to save their fingers.
Also theragun isn't that great, doesn't vary in speed and it's really loud.
Sounds like you started exercising your leg too soon. A severe hamstring injury needs several months to recover. Suggest you get reassessment before you do anything. And also take the advice of the doctor on the thread. When you go back to training find someone to look at the form of your training with you. It’s easy to lose technique and cause muscle ache unintentionally. It’s also good to train with someone once in a while.
Eat more. Also do physical therapy on the tear. Just time won't heal it, you got to move.
The older you are the slower your recovery will be. A couple days per muscle group seems as expected to me honestly.
Cheers dude 😁
😂😂 To the point !love it. You sir are winning.
They're useful though I'm not sure it will end your discomfort, we don't know exactly what is causing your pain.
I suggest taking up Pilates for a few months to rehabilitate your leg- the genuine Clincal/Classical Pilates studios, not the fitness-style Pilates found in gyms. They might ask you to visit your GP to get some scans to find out exactly what is causing the pain.
If Pilates interests you, I'm happy to help find a good studio. Please avoid Googling Pilates at-home resources, Pilates is no longer copyrighted and so there's a lot of fake results, I can link some good resources instead.
I just watched Game Changers on Netflix and it focuses on elite athletes who went plant based for eating and their recovery (and inflammation markers, cholesterol and BP) has improved many fold. Maybe that’s something to try for a week or 2 and see if you can support recovery from what you’re fuelling your body with. Good luck!
Ha funny thing is I ate vegetarian for a week and honestly I didn't notice much difference. So if anything it's definitely not hurting to try
Dr. Attia did a good write up on it. Layne Norton has another on the way. That documentary is garbage.
Switch up your diet for different recovery.
So my husband just uses his drill and an end piece like the theragun has. The piece was called a jigsaw massage adapter, it was about $30 and he loves it.
Unpopular opinion: Just sold my Hypervolt. It’s great if you use it often but I just didn’t use it as much as I thought I would.
Not completely certain if it helps my recovery but I think it helps some muscles. If I was more consistent I could probably get a better idea. It definitely feels great though.
Good to know
Has anybody owned the
Just got a Vybe pro premium. Love it. I’ve used a Hypervolt and it’s just as good and quiet and over $100 less. I do jiu jitsu 5+ times a week and am currently nursing two injuries, so I’m using several times a day. Nothing will ever beat and actual massage done by a knowledgeable pro, but massage guns are definitely a game changer imo.
I use a TENS unit. Tens units are like $30 and really do the trick. You can set and forgot.
I've used it when I had sore muscles. It is worth it in my opinion. Edit: You do NOT need an overpriced hypervolt. I have something like
I purchased the Hyperice Hypervolt Cordless Vibration Massager from REI and love it. Between this and yoga I've not needed regular massages and have been able to deal with acute tightness. Obviously it won't solve tightness or tension alone, but it has helped me make progress and, frankly, the relief it gives in such a short period of time sometimes feels magical.
Cheers, glad to hear it works .
The thing about pain and recovery is it can be very psychological as well. So it really is quite individual. There are some good physical therapists on social media with a lot of useful content on these types of matters. Personally, I’ve had good experiences with my massage gun, but it definitely is more of a luxury item. The bottom line is, I would try one out if you’re interested, and if you like it do it, and if not you’re not screwed in any way. Many gyms have guns you can test out now :)
I got a timtam massager; it’s loud but wonderful. I run or cycle 6 days a week and legs/IT band are always tight, even a quick 1 minute self massage makes me feel good. Makes my legs feel light and like the blood is moving around.
Also, I found changing my diet worked well for reducing inflammation. For me is was ditching animal products and adopting plant based diet. My ongoing IT band issues went away as soon as I did this.
I don't have much experience with other models, but I really like the hypervolt.
I would just stick with foam roller and spikey ball but try to do correctives and stretches before and after every session. If you have a pool or live near the beach I'd recommend taking a dip to help with recovery and DOMS
Which leg did the hamstring tear and do you know which one(s)?
Have you considered taking a programed approach to your recovery? Like programming in a rest week every fourth week or so?
What does your sleep look like? If you have sleep issues, that can exacerbate the recovery issues you are suffering.
Honestly I've never had a gadget help me as much as sleep and pre programmed rest weeks.
Buy the same massage gun that's unbranded from AliExpress for $50 instead of the $250
I have one that I NEVER use
I’m so achey today
Thank you for the reminder, I just went at it for like 25 minutes
I was thinking the same thing, if its crap then no harm done. Thanks
Absolutely not. They don't do anything physiologically aside from feeling good. None of the research backs up their claims about myofascial release or recovery either. It's a myth that these companies profit off of.
Save your money.
Had Bosch massage gun. Although I felt some relief after using it, I never felt a great difference. What really has made a difference in my recovery:
Good luck!
Thanks mate.
As others have mentioned foam rollers and pressure point balls are fantastic. A good massage therapist can help to increase range of motion and increase blood flow to the muscles you are wanting to recover faster (source: took 2 years of massage therapy) but if your not interested in spending the money/time to invest in finding a therapist who works well for you, pick up the book Becoming A Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett. I swear by it as it's helped me overcome a ton of muscular imbalances and reduce pain as a result (all with a foam roller, tennis ball and some cool unique stretches).
Edit to add on: the warmer and more activated your muscles are, the deeper and better the stretches/massage is going to be. A nice warm towel placed over the specific area for a minute or two will help to increase blood flow and loosen up the muscles but just be careful not to overdo it as a result.
Keep in mind that a little change consistantly over a longer period of time is better than big change inconsistently in the short term. You'll get there eventually
i got the turbotorp V2 at
Got my muscle massage gun from
Certainly feels like deep tissue massage and easier than those trigger point balls as you don't have to get into awkward position to use it.
My mom got one, (has has back problems from a car wreck when she was younger plus a weight lifting accident two years ago) and loooooves it. She then told her massage therapist (who she sees biweekly) and she got one and loved it. Then my moms massage therapist recommended it to three of her clients who have all loved it and purchased one as well.
Go see your friendly doctor. Get some blood work done.
FBC / Full Blood Count
Hormone Profile - LH, FSH, TSH, T3, T4, e2, SHBG, Total T, Free T, Cortisol, IGF-1
Serum copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, ceruloplasmin
Inflammatory markers (CK/CPK), cRP
When your testosterone level and IGF-1 comes back looking like it’s in the toilet, you’ll hopefully have testosterone replacement therapy and growth hormone therapy available to you.
I’m in your age bracket and it makes a world of difference. Your body recovers and responds like you’re twenty again.
Just saying, as a physician I would recommend talking to your doctor about your symptoms and getting their advice on how to proceed before asking for lab work and HRT. Like, maybe consider physical therapy or occupational therapy first especially if you had an injury in the last few months. Especially at your age group, demanding testosterone replacement can have serious side effects including accelerated heart disease and prostate cancer, but ymmv.
Also, it’s a small thing but even if you are totally normal there is a reasonable statistical likelihood that something will come back in the abnormal range if you order that many tests. A much better idea is to talk to your doctor before demanding that they chase down ‘zebras’ like Wilsons’s or other heavy metal toxicities. Instead focus on the ‘horses’ that would better explain your symptoms like diet, form, stretching, and active recovery. I’m not saying you these labs aren’t potentially helpful, but you almost need to be a sub specialized endocrinologist to be able to fully interpret the implications of their results and the side effects of future therapy.
Yes absolutely if you are having recovery problems it's best if you shoot testo in your ass. Eating more calories? What's that? Reducing volume? Nah fam, nothing better than a butt shot to go with your breakfast.
Id reco anyone feeling aches like this regardless of age do exactly what this guy is recommending. It could pick up a ton of problems u dont realize u havr
You are overtraining and overly ambitious. Massages cannot really help you a lot, massage gun sounds like a waste of money.
Your comment is totally pointless. OP said he does not overtrain. You assume otherwise. Obviously you do not have any knowledge to answer OP"s question.
buy from the manufacturer do not get scammed like my dad by a chinese knock off on amazon. He got a hypervolt for 40$ off and it was the exact same but the internals were different and it broke after a month. The company couldn't help us because it wasn't their product!
Old comment, but I tell people that all the time. You sometimes get what you pay for when you go cheap...a company that won't stand behind their product.
Just train through the soreness, you don't need to not be sore to train.
When you're his age I bet it's more complicated than that. This guy probably would've said the same thing if he's at your age hahaha
Many great comments. I would just advise to try lacrosse ball and foam rolling for manual massage. Also maybe review your diet and consider supplements to help with recovery. Adequate hydration and protein intake goes a long way in helping your (or anyone’s) body bounce back.
37 year old here, also dealing with far more aches and long recoveries than I did 20 years ago. I have a cheap generic "percussion massager". I find it definitely works for knots and that sharper kind of muscle pain. A couple of minutes of vibration against the area and the knot is usually either gone or feels substantially better. Since using it, I've found my recovery time (at least, until the soreness goes away) is probably about a day shorter.
No need to invest in the expensive name-brand ones. The only feature I think is worth paying for is a long handle, so you can reach your own back. I've heard that a random-orbit car buffer from the hardware store will do just as good a job, but you'll need someone else to use it on your back.
Is that the Wahl brand massager?
Absolutely. Don’t even think about it. Just buy a good one. You won’t regret it
You're 49 dude, who you tryin to impress, back off a little, don't hurt yourself, won't be satisfied till a stroke or heart attack. I'm 62 and workout every other day for 2 1/2 hrs. get a good sweat on but don't hurt yourself
Lol , I hear you , I listen to my body because if you don't listen to the whispers then by the time it shouts its too late. A question for you though, I have noticed I still can get stronger a lot quicker but....tendons so fricking slow to adapt. Front levers giving me crazy tendon pain at ribs and pelvis. Muscle pain average but tendon pain hell yes. Low blood flow means slow turnover and adaptation.What about you? You getting the same?