Daily Discussion Thread: 02/02/2020

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CD2 is fun but John meadows is sadistic.
Anyone else have a medical condition but still try to keep fit? I have a stomabag after having my large intestine removed. Core exercises are not my friend lol.
At what point do you earn yourself a custom weight belt ?
whenever you damn well feel like paying for one. Don't let anyone gatekeep you!
I love and hate nSuns.
Running it rn haha me too.
On those adjustable benches they have a gap between the two pieces.
When I lay back my pelvis falls in the crack and creates instability.
Should I just buy a flat bench for pressing?
Sure, or roll up a small towel and jam it in there
Was there a lot less hype about the superbowl this year or is it just me? Not a single coworker/friend mentioned anything about it either before or after. I don't care about football whatsoever so it's fine, just seemed weird.
Entertainment and sports is wayyy more diversified than 10 or 20 years ago fam.
If your team isn't in it, more than likely there's gonna be no hype. It's science.
As someone in Boston it just wasn’t the same this year
Tons of hype.
At my work people talked about it a ton. Must just be your friends that aren't big into football.
Tried pause rep bench today cause I've seen some of you jerking it off and holy fuck, my chest is destroyed rn
Edit: this man doing tricep pushdowns next to me is slamming the weight after every set like he's deadlifting 405
Anyone know the context to this
Malcolm in the middle. That's piana over his right shoulder btw
What memes?
I don’t really give a shit about chalk but I can see why gyms ban it. Moron got it everywhere and didn’t bother cleaning any up.
hot take: 90% of guys who bash people who don’t touch the bar to their chest on bench trampoline the fuck out of all their reps
Everyone’s anatomy and limb length/levers are different. It is not 100% crucial to go all the way down. It’s just gym bro’s picking apart your shit cause they think they know what’s best
I'm just trying to measure how much force my sternum can take before cracking.
I once.met a guy who always did an insane bounce from his chest. I asked about it and it was obviously so he could bench more. The things is that he said that he even once fractured his rib from it...
Somebody is mad he got called out lol
90% of people don’t realise pause bench is king
Coke Zero Sugar or Diet Pepsi?
Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Diet A&W
Coke zero is good but it leaves this wacky feeling in your mouth literally hours after consumption, that pepsi doesnt
Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper
Coke Zero, my dude
The OG Diet Coke obvi
Lol my ass in freshly washed sweatpants could easily catfish 90% of dudes. Got that Apple bottom. No wonder why gay dudes love me.
I know mike ohearn gets a lot of shit. But watching his newest video with David laid was cool. He’s teaching him a lot of tips and tricks.
"And here's how to fall off stage..."
Annoying thing is, he does that with everybody.
He tries to teach Jay cutler and Larry wheels how to bench and stuff.
Dude just cant stop talking.
As far as I know most of the shit he gets is a result of him being a fake natty. Other than that I think I've heard he's a pretty nice guy.
I was lifting with me dad and while I was benching after I set this dude out 40 more pounds on the bar and started repping it... I mean he's been going to the gym for 20+ years so I expected it but still embarrassing lol
My mom did this to me a few years ago. She started going to the gym in the 80s because of Rachel Mclish and was super pumped when I told her I was prepping for a bodybuilding show. She was like 52 at the time and I took her to get a lift with me since she'd been only going to 2-3 crossfit classes a week and next thing I know she's warming up wth my working set weight for incline dumbbell bench. Thanks mom.
What's this dad you speak of? Isn't that the guy who lives with you're mom and goes on a 15 year quest for cigarettes?
I ate like shit this weekend and I felt like shit this weekend.
I am a clean boi from now on.
Is 0.7g PROTEIN per lb bodyweight really all I need for bulking muscle? Or have you guys had better results with more?
I dont recover if I'm not consistently at 1.5g/lb. Recently bumped it up to 1.75. If you believe the science you wont build any extra muscle but you'll definitely look and feel better with higher protein
The argument is that anything over 0.7g is (in most cases) unnecessary. You can eat more if you like it, but 0.7 is gonna have the same results as 1.5.
Go up to 1g if you aren't obese.
Are you talking about protein or
Guys, when did you get more attention from girls? When you were big or when you were lean?
Lean. No girl don’t a water bloated definitionless monster
Good size at 10-12%
You'll have abs but not be super depleted and look small.
Only ever got more attention from middle aged/older men :(
Oh well i'll take it.
Leg press is to bench press as squats are to weighted dips. Change my mind.
I like the analogy but you didn't say it right. It's leg press is to squats what bench press is to being attractive.
Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?
So just like one question.
Say what now?
Im trying to understand, please standby
Horizontal stripes = Bulking Vertical stripes = Cutting
I forgot to pull the weights off the barbell to put them back after doing my bench presses today. Some guy told me nicely, but patronizingly that it was better if everyone just put in some effort to keep the gym organized.
Normally I'm very good about cleaning up after myself. I even walk around picking up random weights and put them back during my breaks. It's not a big deal, but I beat myself up about it. I felt like a scolded child.
Just tell him sorry all the blood was in your 13 inch cock after hitting such a nice set and you forgot.
I've noticed my legs get MUCH more sore after an explosive bodyweight leg workout. Do bodyweight legs workouts have a place in bodybuilding?
Remember that muscle soreness does not necessarily indicate a more effective workout, but rather a workout that is unfamiliar to the muscle. I agree with others here who have recommended focusing more on weight training and using bodyweight exercises as accessory work.
super weird, something's wrong
Usually bodyweight exercises, if ever used, are supersetted with a weighted one.
Or to warm up
Like bodyweight lunges after machine leg curls.
They're good for cardio if you're doing HIIT-style circuits, but unless you're a newbie they're not going to do much at all for muscle stimulus/breakdown.
The whole workout using your bodyweight? No. One bodyweight exercise on an otherwise heavy leg day? Sure.
Did some weighted seated leg tucks and now my balls feel fucking loaded? Wtf lmao
Physique today after half a pizza yesterday and Chinese food on Friday + Saturday.
After cutting and being flat for months feels pretty good.
I mean no disrespect but that physique is 3 stars.
mmmm bb
There’s this grocery store close to me that sells whey protein powder bulk @ $6.50 a pound and then right next to it is bulk instant coco mix and powdered banana mix. Someone’s thinking here.
Careful, protein powder + hot water is no Bueno
yeah science bitch
Protein powder w cocoa and cinnamon every time
Im in the second week of my second cycle of BBB. Today was squats and i had to AMRAP 77,5 kg. Got 7 reps. Feels like im starting to plateau early. During the second week of my first cycle, i had to AMRAP 72,5 kg and got 12 reps. And during my third week of my first cycle, i only got 7 reps with 75 kg. It was only a 2,5 kg increase yet i got way less reps than when i did 72,5 kg. Could this be CNS fatigue? Yes, im loading on carbs, protein and water. Plus im on creatine as well. I didnt take the deload week when i fnished my first cycle. I immediately began my second cycle. But my ohp/bench/deadlift is still progressing. It’s only squats im having problem with. Next week i have to amrap 80 kg and i have to get atleast 5 reps, which i probably will. But after that, my TM will increase from 85 to 90 kg. I really have a feeling i will stall during my third cycle.
You’re overthinking it. The third week your goal is 1+. If you hit more than one, congrats you completed your goal. Week to week and month to month sometimes you’ll hit a rep PR and sometimes you won’t. The main focus is the consistent progression of the 5+/3+/1+ sets. Worrying about getting 7 reps one week, 8 reps another week, etc is not worth your time imo
Your on a cycle even though you cant even do 2pl8 squat?
Edit: I'm a moron
Cut started, so that means my morning oats are cut in half. The only light that comes from this is that I finish it faster, which means getting to my eggs faster.
Puffed wheat can add some volume to your bowl, with few calories
May I recommend eggo chocolatey chip waffles for breakfast
Srs question, I’m in college and sometimes when I sit behind girls they do this 0.5second turn in my direction, sometimes 5+ times during a class
Idk if it’s me being autistic but is this legit something girls do that show they’re interested? I’ve only seen this turn thing happen, they never try to say anything to me before or after class which makes me feel like I’m imagining it and being autistic
No one knows, could be anything so don't think anything about it
Itsa me, Autismo!
Probably wondering why you are staring holes in the back of her head while your autistic ass is doing mental calculus trying to rain man your way in to her heart.
In all seriousness, everyone is different. She may be interested, she may be checking to see if anyone noticed her fart multiple times, she might be worried you’re a serial killer, options are limitless here chief.
Wide stance leg press with toes 45deg out is the only accessory I do to specifically target the abductors. My high bar squat hits them enough for growth.
Place a watermelon between your thighs and squeeze for time.
Maybe sumo stance squats
What program gave you the best results in your early career?
Powerlifting program tbh. Blew up my back and arms/forearms.
I blew up on PHAT.
PPL but only because I was consistently in the gym 6 days a week.
What is the low cal protein people take on cuts?
white fish?
Like a whey isolate?
Squidgirl has had a new account for 3 hours and has already mentioned being a cuck, his loli Asian fetish, and has only downvoted comments.
Why do my arms look DYEL from the front but decent from the side? And how do I fix this?
Triceps make em look thicker from the front and back. Long head + medial head give you that "width"
Get bigger
Man, the more and more I am invested into lifting the more frustrated I get.. Like every fucking compound lifts form is just so damn hard. There is not a single compound exercise that makes me want to leave the gym after one set because I feel it's impossible to have decent form. Squats? Feels like only my right leg presses. Benchpress? Only my left triceps and right pec press. Deadlift? One weird mess, my hamstrings are so tight I cant even grab the bar properly. Row? One elbow flares out like a retard. OHP? Lowerback arches so much I get backpain the entire next week and I tried literally everything against that
People forget there is a huge element of skill and technique that takes time to hone. No one picks up a guitar and expects themselves to sound like Jimmi Hendrix. Put in the time and effort and it will come.
Just wanted to say that people really get frustrated with this , as well as not seeing progress, not liking the process. My mans out there that are struggling. Have you guys ever been an athlete? Do you know how hard it is to push your body to the maximum every day? Nobody does this. Yes the exercises are going to be hard , the training itself, the everyday struggle , the pain , being alone in the gym without motivation. You all have to pass these stages to see results. I mean you can of course go every day at the gym and give it your 50%. Huge rest times, no warmups, no proper technique as being demonstrated by your comment. You say you have tight hamstrings, do you stretch every day or do you warmup? Your lower back is another weak link because you didn't take proper time to learn and grow balanced. People you won't progress if all you give in this sport is your 50-60% . Y'all might as well get a good pair of running shoes and start running half hour a day and it will give you more results than half assing everything and it will keep you fit (which 3x5 quarter reps of squats won't). Push yourfuckingselves, put goals , learn first (proper form, volume, periodization, progressive loading ) and then use the knowledge in the gym. Stop with the damn excuses.
When you hit 225 bench press, how much were you dumbbell pressing?
I wasn’t doing db back when I hit 225. I’m at 225 for 6 now and I’ve done 90s for 14 and 100s for 7. This is at very slight incline though not completely flat (easier to get into position this way).
Only ever do incline DB press, but if I recall it was 70s for like 8-10.
80 for 6-8
Since I started really activating my lats I find I can't really slouch in my chair any more.
I suppose this is a sign that working out really is good for your health
Any tips for activating lats? I can get a good lat pump but i cant seem to really destroy them like I can with any other muscles
Lol imagine working out for your health rather than for aesthetics 😂 😂
8 more weeks of bulk, we up to 3325 cal, 180 comin, kill your lifts this week yall!
Fellas don’t be an asshole to yourself
Eat clean, drink water, train till failure, and fuck those milfs
Dats it mang
FUCK my bro, i have not to long time done, like this, means "MLIF", wish to do
only >3 month past, have done 1x with women indian, of more of 40 year old, of this style, howver was inferior
now u make me dream of this today
for anyone else that detests fish how do you get around it in sense of nutrition?
yeah yeah ik i need to grow up and eat it but i just cant
Don't eat fish? It's not the only thing that you can eat.
Maybe try eating white fish such as tilapia with a dill sauce alongside something you enjoy. Basically acquire the taste gradually as you move up to stronger tasting fish.
You probably never had real fresh wild caught and well cooked fish.
Yo last week I asked for assistance with my knees cause they were killing bad enough that I couldn’t lift or barely play basketball. so I went to my sports chiropractor and he worked for 30 minutes on what and how to get my glutes and hamstrings to fire because apparently I’m quad dominant
Why tf are Scandinavian women all so god damn beautiful
Because the Vikings stole all them hot girls from the UK
I have to say, i have noticed this because of the exchange students. Only the french and italian ones are attractive and even they are of mixed quality
But im not that attracted to the popular blonde girl, i think they look a bit basic
Because they never bred with guys like you
Solutions to lower back hair?
Back hair trimmers exist. Basically just a razor attached to a long handle.
Get it waxed, it lasts longer than shaving.
Become a cave man
razor blade
Dude 185 is basically UNTRAINED. You are doing something, probably everything, horribly wrong if you can't get past that despite bulking and cutting for years.
It’s probably technique errors, or your not trying enough
There’s no way you’re strength training correctly. Squatting 185 isn’t enough to where a cut should be detrimental to strength gains. What kind of program or progression are you following?
Forgive me brothers for I have sinned. I've been slacking on leg day for the past 2 years. My momma gifted me with naturally big legs so I've been slacking. I promise I wont bullshit anymore.
pics of mum pls
My coworker just took a piss with his pants all the way down to the ankles.. I have so many questions but damn those were some joocy gloots
Matched with my gym’s receptionist on Tinder. Am I getting closer to making it yet?
Depends, is it gym's policy to have the receptionists to swipe right on the gym goers on tinder?
Dont worry she already quit her job
Happened to my buddy. Ended up with him changing gyms
Just walk through the front door sideways so she knows what you’re about.
Because she already made her decision. She picked that beta, not you.
The irony of calling someone beta when youre bitching about them online while hes knuckledeep and doesnt know you exist.
While you’re jacking yourself off that “beta” is balls deep
Fuck off SquidGirl
Check out John Meadows Omega Sentinel. High frequency broken up into 3 blocks. 4 weeks of legs/glutes 3x a week, 6 weeks of back 3x a week, 4 weeks of shoulders/legs/glutes 3x a week. Not bikini specifically, but it’s designed for a woman’s physique.
I’d say a standard program would work fine, but ideally you want a focus on your lower body in bikini. It’s mostly going to come down to dieting/posing better than the other women, though.
How to decide if I should bulk or cut when starting out as skinnyfat
Your best bet is to lean bulk but if youre really self concious and spend alot of time shirtless and just want to look ‘normal’ aka skinny as shit you can cut
Lean bulk if you are skinny fat. You need muscle mass.
Lmfao wtf
Go fuck yourself
What's your guys take on the importance of doms?
Purely my DYEL opinion but here goes.
Short opinion:
DOMS is a psuedo measurement of the combination of volume, intensity and recovery, but not a primary indicator of how your hypertrophic journey is going.
Long opinion:
If both training and recovery are going crazy good, DOMS mean jackshit.
However since maximum recovery is often difficult to achieve due to personal life, time constraint, etc, DOMS typically indicate to people that they hit a good intensity/volume landmark but with sub-optimal recovery. This is totally normal for even pros.
Its a good way to measure recovery for sure, currently doing mesocycles, and when i get to my last weeks and have 7 sets of curl, then another 7 sets of curls to do in one workout, with being 1 rep shy of failure every time, i get sore AF, if im not properly healed by the next workout, i know ive done too much and can cut some volume down.
Not important but does feel nice
I think it's an indication that you've hit the muscle in a way it hasn't been hit before, arguably signalling potential growth.
So.. become a fitness influencer?
I’m in
A wise choice, sir.
Is leg day going to get easier if I keep eating my own cum for extra protein?
I, too, recycle.
What happened to jailbaitwarrior? Would love to see some content from him, even if it's not using his alias.
I remember his beef with Chestbrah back in the day that caused Chestbrah to upload some of the most autismo response videos known to man
I'm 6'2 and 205lbs. Have been eating 2400kcal and 210g of protein for a week now in an attempt to cut. Now a week isnt long enough to say if it's working right? Because I havent lost any weight, my lifts went up though (I'm a beginner) and I think I look a little leaner..?
It should be enough to at least drop a good chunk of water weight.
I'd always wait two weeks before I adjust my cals. Also, make sure you're weighing yourself at the same time each day (ideally first thing in the morning) and if you want to be even more accurate you can hop on the scales each day and then take a weekly average. That'll help counter any wild fluctuations which might happen day to day.
Give it another week
Fucking DYEL instathot spending 10mins setting up her fucking tripod and iPhone and 30secs squatting 5kg bumper plates.
That's nothing compared to how long she spent later on composing a novel of a caption containing the word 'mindset' at least 27 times
maybe she can make a custom plan on how to set up your tripod ?
Gotta love seeing the "fitness influencers" at your gym, it's funny to see it happen in person
I know someone is gonna call
*wearing pull ups