I thought my editing skill was flawless in 2011. Things I'd do for my mom.

I’m sure she loved it nonetheless
She was really proud of it, thankfully.
That’s not a blunder, that’s adorable.
Its blundorable.
Love for your momma ain't ever a blunder my friend. She knew you put your everything into this, and that's all that matters
graphic design is my passion
If you don’t have photoshop, I can show you how to do it on paint
Is that the teletubbies set?
Windows xp desktop
that was my thought too 😂
I'm laughing at the "~" on the end instead of an exclamation point or something lol.
It's kawaii
Happy mother's day (roughly)
I bet it’s still hanging on her fridge.
more feathering
This is so wholesome! I'm sure she loved it.
Why is this so adorable?!
This is wholesome as heck, and the comments are awesome. Love for your moms is never a blunder. 5 stars
I see no blunders, its the thought that counts.
Embarrassed looking back = blunder, but doesn’t make it any less wholesome!
That's really cute!
the best part of this is that YOU are in the front with a hilarious glamshot and shes in the back
The fact that you made this for your mom is so wholesome and sure she loved it and probably thought you were the best editor around.
This is so pro for 2011
Is your family Malaysian?
Ding ding ding! Correct hahah
Looks like it!
I think we all want to know what you loved though. Shirt is a real cliffhanger.
The t-shirt says "I <3 my family." it's a custom shirt made for family day.
My inner mom thought this was perfect!
I'm gonna print this and give to my mom because it's too wholesome and cute.
This is adorable tho
This... this is so pure.
I love how you cut off your shirt to say “I ❤️” hahaha
Loving your mom is never a blunder!
Awhh this is
That’s precious :) My mum still has the crappy mini card photo frame I bought and made up for her for Mother’s Day about 28 years ago
Wholesome af
I like how it’s supposed to be for your mom yet you made yourself take up the majority of the picture.
Usually when you give someone a gift it’s a picture of the giver not the recipient. What’s his mom going to do with a picture of herself?
As flawless as first graders with scissors
Half a decade before current-day YouTube thumbnails. Impressive.
Hol' up, this is photoshopped?
This is so cute. I am sure she loved it. No blunder when love like this is involved <3
Kinda wholesome not gonna lie
That's actually so cute
It's super cute though
Aww! You won Mother's day that year.
this is so wholesome and pure! kids try so hard to create something nice for their parents, getting gifts like this is the best feeling ever!
Hey man, at least you put in the effort for your momma. I know she loved it
They are flawless, mate.
That's really sweet
This is soooo cute
This is so wholesome
As a mom I can assure you that this is a precious memory and NOT a blunder. Your mom loves it and so do I.
They are flawless
I like how your photo is larger than hers, all emphasis on you lol!
This is adorably wholesome
Dude that's not cringe, that is very cute and sweet.
It’s like the cover of a homemade hip hop album from 2005.
I love this so much!
Lol that's cute af.
Man that’s so sweet
This is my favorite thing.
You're heart was in the right place.
Are you Indonesian bro?
What a sweet child
This is not a blunder this is amazing
Rich Brian
I drew a shitty heart on ms paint. This is far superior than what I did lmao.
For 11 this is good.
Wholesome though
Funny, i suppose you're from southeast asia
I can feel the love for your mom in this. I'm sure she did too. Well done.
Stop karma whoring. This is not even a blunder, it’s just a young kid doing their best with what they had to give thanks to their mom. Almost everyone (including myself) sees this and thinks it’s adorable and nice of you. Why do you post this on here.