Found black Nicolas Cage, and his barber skills are awesome!

Nicolas Fades
Clipolas Cage
Nicholas Beige
Give me the bob Ross.
Say no more happy little fam.
Kinda funny imagine a black persons refereeing to an Afro as a “bob ross”
What a gorgeous, happy smile on that little guy!
His smile at the end cheered me right up!
Kid should be a model
I think the barber beaming in the mirror got me even more.
His hair was pretty awesome to start with.
Agreed, but still a good result and a great smile.
Maybe Nicolas Cage is the white version of this guy? 🤔
There is no 'H' in Nicolas Cage.
That hair was, Gone in 60 Seconds.
Well spank my ass and call me Mandy. He chopped about 8mm worth of hair, and clipped so quick i thought he was gonna take the kids Face/off. That man is a National Treasure. What brand of clippers do you think he was using? Conair? Hands were solid as the Rock.
Take this upvote and love it.
Truly a National Treasure
Just when I thought that kid couldn’t look happier or cuter? Out come the mirrored sunglasses!!
Woah he really does look like Nic Cage!
I see we got a lot of non Black people in here that have never been in a Black barbershop. If you're Black you see people pick out and line up fros everytime you're there.
Sometimes I wish my hair was rigid enough to grow one but all I get is this really weak Jewy wave thing. It’s pretty sad. I don’t have good hair, I don’t have bad hair, I just have sad hair.
Hey I’ll have you know I’ve seen all the barbershop movies, does that count?
Guilty... and impressed
That's beautiful
Real life Huey Freeman
As a guy with a fro, these skills are tight!
What an artist!!!
Clean af
He's looking for the clues for the Declaration of Independence in his hair tho.
All for the low low price of $200,
Seriously why does it cost so much to shape up my wife's natural hair when I can get a trim for $20. I'd do it myself but she's right not to let me.
Women place a higher premium on their hair and salons like expanding clientele.
His name is Babu. He has a barber shop were i live and i actually got my dreads done there. Dope place to get your hair and beard done especially if you're black.
That kid will never be able to take off his shirt again
Give me the 1970's fro please!
Cooler than Freddy Jackson sippin a milkshake in a snow storm.
What is the purpose of the white strip at the end?
I think to get the stray hairs off.
Is there a sub for this? There should be - for people who look like other-race versions of someone well known
The perfect Afro. 😎
Great work! Glad to see a video from Brazil that’s not related death, shootings or poverty.
The man is a National Treasure. I'll show myself out.
i liked lil dude's hair better at the beginning. the end cut is way too clinical/boring looking for him.
"I'm going to take his hair OFF"
Underrated comment.
That's really going to suck when he tries to go to sleep though
Salutations brother! Always pleased to see a fellow disciple!
His smile at the end :)
An impeccable afro
Looks like someone slipped out of the multiverse.
Barber you say? Take me to him
I'm so happy after watching this!
Omg. So cute, my heart
How much effort is required to maintain that in the morning?
The shades at the end for the win
That was cute! Thanks for sharing.
Stop calling folks the black versions of white people... like they the standard
That’s one cute kid! Nice cut!!
That Bob Ross cut 👌🏿
Why is he black Nick Cage?
Black Nic Cage presents lil Bobby Ross
That little boy has seen some shit
Ok so how do you sleep without ruining that marvelous creation
What a glorious afro.
That's a smooth afro, man. Impressive.
That hair is fucking incredible!
It looks more perfect than if it were CGI.
He ready for roll bounce 2
so round!
Idk if it’s the lighting or camera or something but he has a beautiful hair color
I saw this yesterday and didnt even notice his face...damn he really does look like NC
no Soul Glow?
That is the cutest kid ever
Why is he so attractive tho? Would love to be his sugar baby 🤷🏽‍♀️
How does he look like Nicolas Cage?
EDIT: Why did I get voted down for this? That's literally what that sub is for.
I just spent like 10 minutes thinking of a stupid portmanteau of "black" and "Nicholas Cage", and i managed to find something close, but I don't want to share it, and it starts with an "N"...
There is no 'H' in Nicolas Cage.
Is this you
Outstanding work. Good post, OP!
Lol.. Kinda looks like he's gardening and cutting hedges or a fuzzy bonzay tree..
I honestly saw it and immediately heard in my head, "Chuh Chuh Chuh CHIA!"
It is a perfect fro though. Really skilled barber.
Is that child sedated?
This whole experience honestly looks like satire
Blockolas Cage
He's better looking though.
ugh that's hideous. Kid only needed a line up, you're not supposed to make it level lol
I've never wanted to touch a black guy's hair so badly
I know the hair for black people is super maintenance intensive and probably blows ass but shit do I want that kids hair. Rocks it so well.
i like the nappy precut version.