Congratulations to El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie!

Awesome, well earned. I know other fans weren’t as satisfied with this film but to me it was perfect and deeply satisfying. I didn’t realize how much I needed to see Jesse’s story tied up until I actually watched this film.
I liked it, but there were several leaps in logic required to enjoy it.
These "Other fans" expected Walter Jr to be a drug lord and main villain of the movie that sends over 30 corrupt officers after Jesse to kill him as vengeance for him having sex with Wendy
But then Mike would come back from the dead and turns out he was alive all along and he actually switched bodies with walter white who now married Marie and kills everyone so Jesse can escape and start working with Gus fring's long lost daughter in Mexico trying to find a way to resuscitate Jane
That's what these brain dead fans expected lmao 😂😂😂😂
Here’s the list of nominees for TV MOVIE Category:
Why was Marriage Story not nominated?
Wow. All bad movies. No wonder this won. Like choosing between a rock and a hard place.
I thought it ruled...watched it and didn't understand the negativity I'd heard about it.
i liked it too. it was old school breaking bad. pinkman using his wits when the odds were against him.
i just didnt like it that much because nothing very impacting or consequential happened. It seemed like more of a fill in the blanks for jesses character that didnt really deepen anything
It was a lot of fun and a really satisfying epilogue. I feel like people who thought it was too small-stakes don't really understand the point of an epilogue. Like, the meth story is done, guys.
Also, the film goes full on cheesy western at the end with the standoff and the guys hiding on the sidelines. All that was missing was a guy poking his head out of a barrel. I loved that shit.
The part where the thieves just let Jesse keep a share of the money, yeah I don't believe it.
However some parts are excellent. Like when Jesse has the gun and points it at USS Callister dude. That was good.
It was boring as hell and lacked substance
Probably a stupid question, but why did this film qualify as made for tv but not something like The Irishman or Marriage Story?
It aired on AMC would be my guess as to the difference
Those were shown at theaters too so that they'd be eligible for traditional awards.
So that'd be my guess. But clearly the difference is blurring quickly.
Wasn't much a fan of it, honestly. I felt like the story wasn't really driven by any overarching themes(e.g. how to deal with suffered trauma) but instead just dealt with the practicalities(him trying to get the necessary money). It added to his story, but I don't feel like it added to Jessies' arc.
İ didnt really liked the movie
That movie was boring. There was no climax, just filler until it ended.
I don't get why Aaron paul wasn't nominated for best actor
He wasn’t. ☹️ Although Jesse Plemons was. Here’s his nomination:
It was absolutely dire, not impressive tbh.
Shit, i forgot about this film. I still need to watch it!
Has anyone heard about this being one of 3 films, or was that just some made-up rumor?
It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t necessary. Defeated the purpose of the show and I didn’t care for it
How did it defeat the purpose of the show? JT May have been unnecessary but it didn’t defeat the purpose of BB
Critics sure do love Vince work
What the hell was up with the cowboy duel was just not needed...
Let me tell you what THAT was:
THAT was for Jesse to get vengeance from an A$$hole who knew Jesse was chained, kept as a prisoner, abused and tortured, and yet he didn’t do a DAMN THING ABOUT IT!
THAT’S what THAT was.
A bit slow but a great movie still
Wtf that’s not deserving at all
I put off watching it...and I don’t know why.
I finally sat down and enjoyed the hell of it.
Didn’t know how much I missed that world.
Are you watching Better Call Saul? It's really good.
It actually released in theaters and Netflix
*Confused in Netflix*
Jesse has his Harrison Ford going on in that header photo.
I thought it was good. Not great. Part of that was I think I got too hyped for it, to the point that I was expecting it to be absolutely amazing. Therefore, it was a small letdown that it wasn't amazing, but it was still quite a good conclusion to Jessie's story.
I made the mistake of having my expectations way too high for this movie. With that being said, was anybody else expecting an intense BREAKING BAD chase movie instead of a JESSE PINKMAN movie?
Let's be honest, only reason it won is because most of the movies in that category are average at best.
Really? The movie was a major disappointment in my opinion. It didn’t add anything nor close jessie’s story.
Like wtf were those flashbacks in felina? They didn’t even touch up on that! A bunch of fan service and filler in the movie and he gets to the Alaska border and that’s it?? No scene of him doing his carpenter thing like in felina?
I think it closed jesse’s story. At the end of felina his fate is very much still in question. This movie showed that he was able to escape the police and get out of ABQ without getting killed in the immediate wake of walts death. It explained why he wanted to go to alaska, and i dont think any more carpentry scenes were necessary. We know that he had a passion for it and we can safely imagine that he pursues it in his new life. Instead of barely making it out of torture, tragedy and death this film gave him a real fresh start and a blank slate.
I guess that’s why it’s called “Critics’ Choice” and not “MrBig562’s Choice.”
It was a callback to season four when Jesse discussed that he really enjoyed woodshop class. He talks about it at the group therapy sessions I believe.
That’s a weird sticking point to focus on though ngl
I think a lot of people agree with you. I was disappointed too.
It won, but honestly, what was it's competition?
Can’t win them all.
Agree 100%, people liked this movie because they thought they were supposed to like it.
Goddamn cock suckers.
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This was surely deserve he did playing role as Jessie even though some didn’t like the movie I personally enjoyed the movie it is perfect end to breaking bad series although it left me wanting more after watching the movie 😃