What beer(s) are you drinking on Christmas Eve?

I love having a glass of The Mad Elf and Xocoveza on Christmas Eve. What does everyone else like to drink?

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout!
Ahhhh I see you don't like memories.
Regular imperial or their barrel aged?
Same, but I've aged mine for 3 years!
All of them, my wife's family is coming over.
I'm so glad my in-laws are fucking awesome.
This is the way
i feel you. i'm going to my girlfriend's family's xmas eve party and to avoid any incident with homophobic family members i am her "roommate" for the night lol.
we aren't bringing any beer for once so i hope SOMEONE does, but honestly i will be more than thrilled to drink anything.
This guy in-law's.
Then surely beer isn't strong enough. Time to break out the bourbon.
This can't be upvoted enough
Sierra Nevada Celebration and Founder's Breakfast stout.
Ditto on Celebration, that stuff is crazy tasty.
Celebration and Jubelale (from Deschutes) are the go to holiday beers for me.
I've got some CBS ready to go. No bad member of the Breakfast Stout family.
So happy I found SN's Celebration coming back to NorCal. I haven't seen it in the stores I visit in SoCal since it's release this year.
Tried to brew a celebration ale myself, I think I went crazy on the hops. Everybody thinks it's bitter, I love it!
Celebration is my personal favorite Christmas beer, hands down. About to crack open my second!
Great Lakes Christmas
The best Christmas ale ever! Do the cinnamon and sugar rim on the glass! Tops!
Love that stuff.
This is the way
This is the correct answer
Same! With an Edmund Fitzgerald or two mixed in.
Here here!
I work very close to the Tröegs brewery, tonight will be a crowler of their limited release 'dirty blonde' Barleywine, Perpetual Darkness while I wrap presents.
I tried to get my hands on some Cocoanator the other day, but missed out. Cheers!
Legit drinking troegs right now. Sunshine Pilsner is literal manna from heaven
With the dinner (smoked sheep) I will have Duchesse de Bourgogne.
I don't always drink sour ales, but when I do...
St. Bernardus Christmas Ale , then probably a Founders Backwoods Bastard, and maybe a Lost Forty Nighty Night 3xBA Imperial Stout to round out the evening!
Almost identical: St Bernardus Christmas Ale and a Founders KBS.
I see St. Bernardus Xmas Ale I upvote. As a Belgian the xmas beer period is my favorite time of the year: high alcohol dark beers with spices... so damn good.
I’m currently in Spain at my parents-in-law where I’m drinking the last bottles of my cellar over there... not a lot of dark beers, but had a couple a nice Spanish barrel aged barleywine.
Upvote for St. Bernardus Christmas Ale. That stuff is Christmas on speed
Sierra Nevada Celebration and Boulevard 2016 Saison Brett
Love me some Saison Brett!
Saison Brett holds up really well with age. A couple years back Boulevard did a tap take over at the local bottle shop and brought 4 different years of Saison Brett in kegs. Got to do small pours of each in one flight. Second oldest was my favorite, so your 2016 should be great!
Same here!
PBR. Lots of em.
Anchor Brewing Christmas ale
It's been almost impossible for me to find this year. Luckily, I found two sixers Sunday and snatched them both up.
I have a 2014. Think it's still good?
Tree House Brewing Company, And Miles to go Before I Sleep. I’ve been holding onto this for a while and I’m very excited.
Got one of those too I’m gonna open at some point. Those and some older Kane stuff
I just has Treehouse for the first time last week. My reddit secret Santa sent me a variety mix of of theirs and I fell in love with Alter Ego. I’m in MD but want to road trip up to visit the brewery!
Port Brewing Santas Little Helper, Speedway Stout, DFH Old School and North Coast Old Ale... all of which are circa 2017.
Oh man! Had an aged version last night. Amazing stuff!
Boon Geuze Marriage Parfait
Geuze is love, geuze is life.
Heady Topper, Focal Banger, Sip of Sunshine
(I'm in Vermont visiting my wife's family.)
I think I'm going to break into some cans of BA Ten Fidy variants, maybe some BCBS, a barley wine possibly. If it spent some time in a barrel, there's good odds it might be in my glass today.
I’ve got two Mad Elfs left in the beer fridge. Cheers!
I wish 3 Floyds were available in S. Florida
Celebration, Southern Tier 2XMAS, and Troeg’s Double Blizzard.
Blue Light and Stella for my in-laws.
Well, my dad decided to ball out and buy a Utopia, and the family is all here tonight, kinda excited!
My local Kroger surprisingly has one. Honestly considered spending my fantasy football winnings on it.
Guinness Draught
Good choice I am too !
Some lone pine from Portland. 4 different cans to try
Lone Pine is good stuff
I'm stuck at the Houston airport for a few more hours, so I've been enjoying Hopadillo.
Pennsylvania Tuxedo and a 2017 Coffee Cinnamon Fremont B-Bomb I've been saving.
Hardywood GBS!
Had this for the first time today and was rewarded. Met all my expectations after I heard how good it was.
Just had it recently! It was delicious, especially for the price. Blew away my expectations.
Not beer today, just Jaeger
I know the holidays are depressing man, but don't make it worse
I bought my parents some barrel aged Ten-Fidy, so hopefully that
My personal home brew: chocolate peanut butter stout
Celebration time, come on!
Sierra Nevada Celebration
Love all the replies everyone! Merry Christmas!
Just poured some MBC Second Dinner
Flying Dog K9 Winter Warmer and Flying Dog Family Drama
Have a The Bruery Geburtstagskranz chilling in the fridge for later tonight. Have to fly out on Xmas morning at 7 AM to see my family.
My father in-laws homemade christmas kolsch. It's awesome
i also have SN Celebration. i have to look in the fridge to see what else might appeal.
Firestone Anniversary Ale 23, and Weihenstephan Vitus.
Toppling Goliath - King Sue for me!
Same here!
Lagunitas Brown Shugga
Rhinegeist Dad Red and Upland Teddy Bear Kisses
Which one of the TBK is your favorite? I haven’t tried the polar bear kisses yet.
That giant bottle stone made with ale smith...fomo dopplebock..gunna share it with the whole fam lol and some other random beers as well
That case of DDH King Sue ain't gonna drink itself! Also heavy on the Transient BA stuff. Kentuckly, Junie, etc.
Found some Founders Imperial Stout... first time trying it, pretty excited.
Griswald’s from Red Rock Brewing.
Burial's skillet doughnut stout
Industrial Arts Impact Wrench triple IPA, Stone Fear Movie Lions double IPA, and a hoppy homebrew, cheers!
Shiner Cheer! Good for those who like slightly fruity beers, it has an apricot taste.
My brother and I usually do a flight of Bourbon County and record it to see how drunk we are by the end. I have 14-19 locked and ready to go.
Big Ditch Hayburner
I had a few great lakes Christmas ales, decided adding some markers was a good idea. After kids go down will open up the grand Cru mad elf.
Sun King Hop Tickler and spotted cow.
Also some sour ale with a bunch of berry and Cinnamon from sun king. Haven't opened it yet, but I will soon!
So far today:
Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
Four Hands Chocolate Milk Stout
Half Acre Original Reaper
Still to come:
Goose Island Bourbon County Cafe De Olla
Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale
Lindeman’s Lambic Framboise, I started a tradition of it years ago. Also Torpedo just because I like it.
Pliny the Elder, Maine Another One, and Bottle Logic's Fundamental Observation (2019)
Should be a tasty night!
Cuvee des jacobins rouge/prestige, vanderghinste oud Bruin
My favorite beers 😍
Kalamazoo stouts, a couple Treehouse growlers, and a few Almanac sours. A good mix for the day and night!
Prairie- the guava sour and the rainbow sherbet sour.
Gonna go straight for one of my OH triple mylar bags, I need a triple IPA once I get home from work ASAP. Then probably move to stouts as the night goes on.
Home brewed Oatmeal Stout.
Alpha Klaus! Merry Christmas
Dugges This is Beer London. Tonka is love, tonka is life.
An expired deep Ellum Dallas blonde. Lesson is to bring your own brews.
Nothing - driving early tomorrow, but have 30 assorted German and Belgian beers in the shed for when I get home.
Trying out Barrel Bothers Naughty Hops IPA. Then on to Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig from Russian River. Should be a solid day.
Reissdorf Kolsch for me!
I got me a 12pk of the 16oz Coors Light cans to last through two celebrations today and three tomorrow.
I might have to break into the liquor cabinet tomorrow.... 😁
Everyday sippin’ beer: Golden Road Mango Cart, Modern Times (Costco variety pack), Modelo Especial, Corona
Beer for me, my cousins and brothers: Beachwood Hazer’s Edge, Delirium Noel, Sugaree Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie Specialty Ale, BA Darkstar November
New England Brewing Co. Fuzzy Baby Ducks.
Troegs Cranberry & Blood Orange Tart Ale!
I'm a huge Sours fan, and this one strikes a great flavor balance.
Hi-wire lo pitch ipa for the most part.
Free Will Kragle, Sloop Juice Bomb, Troegs Blizard of Hops, 2 hearted
St Bernardus Christmas Ale, and then a Prairie Christmas Bomb.
I paid €4 per draft for that beer at a hostel in Belgium. World class beer.
Literally the beer that made me love beer..
Zombie Dust
Colt 45
Two Hearted and some homebrews (cider and barleywine).
Prairie Christmas Bomb and some pFriem Pils
Normally my go to is Southern Tier Winter but for some reason I can no longer find it in Wisconsin. Idk if they discontinued it or what bit I loved that beer around this time of year
Coors Banquet Stubbies and Tallboys
A local brew, Marianas Trench, a mint chocolate stout. By Lazy Beach Brewery.
Great Lakes Christmas Ale with a cinnamon-sugar rimjob
On call for work (means sober-ish) so I just picked the beer that needs to be had as soon as possible; Can-o-bliss hazy by Oscar Blues. A cloudy west coast ipa, wasn’t what I was expecting and quite standard fare.
Sam Adams Winter Lager
Élan, my spelt heavy French saison and 유, a white IPA with yujacha.
Other Half Velvet Magnum III and Other Half BA Double Drupe
Found a 4 pack of Founder’s CBS after being told it was gone. Also drinking Lagunitas Willetized stout. Love the BBA stouts during colorado winter.
stella artois midnight lager, but i’m headed to a brewery after dinner. maybe more schwartzbier there, tbd.
My dad got me a four pack of Founders Espresso KBS, so I’ll probably have one (or two) (or three) of those
Pike Brewing Kilt Lifter my daughter brought me from Seattle, yummy.
In Norway for Christmas, so LOTS of juleøl is on the menu.
Quite like the tradition of Christmas beer, and well, Christmas everything in Norway. Every company goes all out to make a Christmas version of whatever it is they’re selling.
My uncles coming over, so PBR. Which is fine by me. I like my one or two microbrews a week, and I also like pounding domestics with him once or twice a year.
Already had one of those 1.5L bottles of Grolsch. It wasn't bad. Will probably get into some Propeller brewing London Porter or maybe some Russian Imperial Stout.
Might even say screw the beer and break out the Dr Pepper and spiced rum.
I love popping open a Grolsch.
Foothills Frostbite Black IPA.
Start Hill variety pack I picked up for Xmas eve dinner at the house. We have family over all day for the feast of the seven fishes. I have a few ommegang limited releases for after dinner.
Starting off with a corona for dinner with our tacos, moving onto Boulevard Nutcracker Ale to round the evening off
Stone Woot Stout if I can find it near me. Will probably only drink 2......maybe 6.
Lots of Trillium
Lord Chesterfield Ale
Lagunitas Willettized Rye Coffee Stout and Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown. Tomorrow will be '19 BCBS.
i'll match you
A bottle of Bishop's Finger. The last of my Secret Santa beer.
I have some Mother Road Tower Station IPA and 2qst Ammendment IPA (forget which, we got a topless pilgrim on the box).
My fiance and I are moving cross country on Friday so I threw in for some west coast funk before I go.
Great Basin Holiday Wassail
Right now Fingers of Gold Murky IPA.
Today will just be some Okocim lagers with my side of the family in NJ, then we embark on the traditional morning drive from NJ to NH for my wife's family.
Once we're there, I'll melt into a festive blob with Industrial Arts Impact Wrench (TIPA), Old Foghorn, and whatever other folks are contributing (probably some Henniker and Spyglass)
Burley Oak. JREAMS
Had a pint of coors light and stratoparamen today :)
I have a couple more cans of Weldwerks From Mosaic with Love, and a bottle of Fremont Dark Star Chocolate/Vanilla/Maple, maybe a 3F Kriek if I still have it in me
Visiting family in South Carolina so drinking a local Westbrook IPA
Fat Head's Hop Juju. Saving the Dogfish Head 120 Min for New Year's Eve.
Bolero Snort Gingerbread Moochiatto stout, great for dinner out!
I'm in St Louis for the holiday. Picked up Schlafly oatmeal stout.
Union's Duckpin and Guinness, and probably a bloody mary outta tradition. Duckpin is something my grandfather has recently started stocking, I'm VERY surprised at his choice and not complaining at all!
Goose Island SPF
Untappd Dirtpunkgirl
Revolution Deth's Tar and Lakefront Cocoa Imperial Stout are on the menu
Deschutes Black Butte XXVIII. X-Mas eve is my excuse to pull out a beer I've been aging. Generally its hard to rationalize opening a beer I've put away for 3 plus years, but on X-Mas, why the hell not?
Christmas Bomb! I wish I could identify the characteristic Christmas spice taste so I could homebrew something similar.
Last year my local store had them for $7 each so I stocked up. Sadly this year I couldn't find that good a deal ($13 a bottle was all I found)
Upland Dragonfly IPA
Last minute shopping for beer at local BevMo. My goodness , have they just given up stocking their supply with new and interesting beers? It’s the same stuff that I could get at the local supermarket.
Gotta be some Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Had a Left Handed Giant Interlude to start, then 3 pints of Belhaven Best, then finished off with a Williams Brothers March of the Penguins before I had to catch my train. Will have a couple of my own Columbus Citra Ekuanot Mosaic NEIPA when I get home. Off work until the 6th of January. Life is good.
Oh, and then tomorrow I'll finally fire into the Kernel Cognac BA Export Stout that I've been holding onto for a year. Can't wait.
Did one Denver beer co peanut butter Graham cracker Porter but a little later an Anchor Christmas Ale (2019 is pretty good). Afterwards, I have quite a few holiday nut brown ales that I made (orange peel, nutmeg, Ginger, little cranberry juice) that I have to polish off
Trying an Almanac Love Hazy IPA, then Revision Sucka Fish, then I’ll switch to wine, and end the night with scotch....if I am still standing.
I’ve had a few but the nicest was a plumb Porter by St. Peter’s brewery, I really enjoyed its interesting flavour
Harpoon Winter Warmer and Siren Caribbean White Chocolate Cake... yum.
Jopen ex-girlfriend BA Jamaican Rum and Jopen Meesterstuk BA Auchroisk Whisky
I have a mix of Industrial Arts Pocket Wrench, Levante Cloudy and Cumbersome and Lawson's Super Session. I have to drive eventually so I'll probably have one of each and then eat a ton of food.
I have 3 bottles of hop stoopid by Lagunitas and I'm going to drink a shot of tequila, lemon juice, and hot water for my sore throat.
Labatt Blue. As much as I wanted to bring some of my Half Acre Big Hugs home, I know that's a horrible idea around my family.
Great Lakes Christmas Ale and Fat Heads Holly Jolly
Couple of cask Adnams bitters at the pub and then a couple at home, Samichlaus and some others
Currently Deschutes' Mirror Pond. Originally it was going to be just me, my wife, and the kids tomorrow, but now my father in law and his in-denial alcoholic wife are coming over so I think we're going to keep the drinking to a minimum.
NOLA Lemon Ginger Wheat
Today the wife and I are marathoning movies for my birthday. I started the day with an Erebus from Martin House Brewing. Then I switched to Martin House Sour Pickle Beer and Knob Creek (separate glasses of course).
Anderson Valley's Winter Solstice. Delicious winter warmer with slight hint of vanilla at the end
Gulden Draak Imperial Stout! Merry Christmas to all!
Old Nation M43
Mad Elf, Great Lakes Christmas, and Sierra Nevada Celebration
Anchor Brewing 2019 Christmas brew!
Modelo, coronas, Tecate and pacifico clara
DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus.
It’s not a beer I really think of as... y’know, good, but the name is apt.
After one of those I’ll pry nip into some other Christmas ales or maybe a KBS.