[Weekly] Battle Cats Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Weekly Discussion thread. This discussion thread is for the purpose of containing content that doesn't belong in it's own post, such as "how do I beat X level" or "which of my cats should I upgrade next".

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Is the first chapter in EoC a nod to the first episode of gundam? "Gundam Rising" / "The Battle Cats Rising"
Now we need a Gundam collab.
I don't think so.
I finished Chapter 3 of the Empire of Cats (with all of the corresponding treasures at 100 percent) and tried to take down crazed Basic Cat on the event on Jan 3rd. Got slapped the fuck out. Any suggestions on any strats people used to take him down? Thanks.
c bahamut stacking. 2 will do but 3 is recommended. you can cheese it by hitting the enemy count so the crazed cat wont spawn. lots of guides in youtube for you to check out.
I have my seed, I’m just not sure how to read the ‘results’. Can anyone help me?
Seed: 1305344899
Read the cat cpu section..
If you do theee rare tickets You will get met cat, thief cat, and then tin cat
Also your legend rare is quite close only 50 slots away
Stuck on the Zombie outbreak of Moon EoC Chapter 3. I keep dying and I have no idea what to do. Current loadout: Crazed Cat, Wall Cat, Lumberjack Cat, Heavyweight Cat, Giraffe Cat, Skelecat, Jamiera Cat, Holy Valkyrie, Crazed Bahamut, Narita Kaihime. I don't really get the chance to use the more expensive units as I am unable to build up cash. :(
After completing a level in ITF on Switch some of my units got a stamp on them what does that mean?
Which Cat Cannon should I upgrade?
The best one is usually the normal one. Slow is prob the next. Thunderbolt is ok but not that good. Holy blast to fight Daboo and it’s rly helpful for outbreaks. Iron wall is not used much. Breaker blast helps more for cheesing and kbing to the base for later game. Waterblast isn’t used that much so I wouldn’t upgrade
Slow or freeze, useful in giving you an opening or to fix a mistake
When will the next flower cat awakens stage be available?
On the 22nd of January at 2:22-2:24 am/pm (whatever you want) in your timezone. Plus, you have to beat ITF 3
I have togeluga, anubis, maraudar, and hayabusa, which should I level up first?
toge without question, he's the best generalist in that set; also covers most of the niche Anubis fills (wave immune) while also being easier to defend and dealing a hecking lot more damage
Depends, if you’re looking for an attacker, go for toge but be sure to evolve him to true form at least. Otherwise i would say hayabusa or marauder for metal and anubis for generic use
Are twinstars good? I just got them from the gacha, and from what they do as well as their cost, they seem pretty good. I am also on itf and they are my second anti alien unit.
They’re pretty good against Black + Alien and is an okay rusher outside of that.
Imagine if they added talents to Jizo's mega-castle
Wouldn’t be that good, jizo is best as first form and first form wouldn’t get talents
How do I increase my max energy? I know you can upgrade it with xp, but I see some people with 900+ energy, which is way over the amount upgrading with xp can give you.
Treasures from all 9 chapters.
What is the most efficient way to get catseyes? I’ve used up all of my rare super Uber and legend rare catseyes already
I did a good thing by saving up lots of catamins and then spending them all on Gamatoto for Catseye Cave when it appears. I've maxxed out all my cats, and normal Gamatoto only brings me one catseye every 8 x-hour trips now; but the cave is a good way to go and good use of catamins. I easily acquired 10 gold catseyes this way in minutes (of course, I spent time on the catamin-gathering stages).
Well gamatoto. Heavenly tower, legend quest and user rank rewards are the only wasy to aquire them, so your best strategy is patience. A lot of patience. To hypermax all units i want ro hypermax i need probably 300 uber catseyes on top of the about 500 i already used in the last 8 months. To hypermax all my possible units i might need an additional 700 on top fotrthe units i currently have or will obtain within the next few weeks..
so i have three ubers wargod shingen, marimizu and wargod yoshimoto which uberset skould i wait for
Ultra souls
Just finished itf 3, is it worth rolling on the guaranteed elemental pixies, or should i wait for something else?
Thanks for the advice guys! Decided to roll and ended up getting bora and lumina!
they help with COTC but they're not mandatory
Yes it will help a lot in Cotc
I wonder whens the next User Survey... I really wanna do it! The last time I did it, I was still not that good at the game and was kindof winging everything. But now that Ive progress much further and gained more knowledge of the game, I can finally voice out my opinions!
Probably down in spring or summer.
I think Catfruit Buffet is broken... I went in with 122/128 Catfruit storage, theres total of 6 stages in Catfruit Buffet, including Catfruit Jubilee. But when I finished. Its only filled to 125/128 Storage instead of 128/128. Is the game throwing away my catfruits without my consent???
It’s luck. The stages don’t guarantee you a Catfruit/Seed.
It’s just luck in this case, where you only got three catfruit because of rng
is hayabusa tf a good anti zombie?
Good with knockbacks and slow ability, he's a good crowd controller and will even help you with certain zombie stages like the zyclone stages, especially the last stage, he's not exactly a zombie killer but that ability is useful incase he gets the last hit, outside of zombies he's useless but is otherwise a great zombie unit
Somewhat. Personally i use him sometimes when zamelle is present
Just wait
Does playing Catfruit Buffet gives u a higher chance of getting nothing? I swear I got nothing from at least one stage each time I play Catfruit Buffet.
Seeds are more common even if you play the insane one's idk but that shit seems rigged
Just finished empire of cats chpt. 3 and got crazed bahamut. Not sure what to do or continue on now. Maybe planning on doing crazed cats. Advise?
Start Into the Future and SoL. At one point you’ll get stuck in Stories of Legend and that’s fine. Just continue in itF and start getting crazed units.
Here check this
Hi all, I can’t seem to find a way to get to the 25A LR in my seed, 3825350585, is it truly locked(Step gacha/guaranteed/etc. won’t help)?
It's funny that the addition of new rares was supposed to lower the chance of dupe rares, but it seems like in your part of the seed it's caused all of them. It is possible that certain events, that is to say Busters or Collabs, will change some of the rares so that the dupes are gone, but there's no way to know for sure until the next one.
Until one of those events happens, all you can do is use a platinum ticket on either 23a or 24a.
Why does my posts always gets removed cuz of rule 4 cuz apparently it was screenshot, and thus, considered a “low quality post” But yet I see a bunch of posts that are screenshots of bad reviews on Battle Cats and dissing them...
Rule 4 is ok if its popular enough i guess either way there's a fine line what mods consided low quality those review diss one's definelty qualify for it
We have any events and gacha event data for first half of January yet? If so please link
Soon, probably like 3 or 4 days
Is there a tier list for NP upgrades?
Not exactly but SilumanTomcat has some great videos on quite a few of them and they can really help decide what to invest in
Is there any schedule to the uber events? I want to ration my catfood to have enough saved up to get the ubers I want when they are available
There’s not a schedule but dataminers can find the next few uber events. You can find them by following
How often does epicfest/ uberfest/ best of the best/ banners appear? I know it uberfest just ended and im sad to have missed it and hope not to wait too long
Uberfest is at the beginning of every month and Epicfest is in the middle.
BotB is every six months or so I believe.
In my JP BC, I am UR 5817. Should I get Kai or Chronos?
Well, I did Kai, but my tracker says I can ALSO get Chronos tomorrow for 19 tickets. I'm quite tempted as I have 18.
I like Kai because she gives me that defense combo with sumo cat. I can use that with Vigler for defense + research, or either of those with the Cool Japan combo. Very useful.
What cats do you have? Overall, I’d say Chronos. She is basically Mitama but with a better ability(Freeze>Slow IMO) but much worse uptime.Even if you struggle with floating stages, Kai won’t help that much on most of the harder ones. If you have Mitama AND you’re struggling with floating, then MAYBE Kai.
What’s the difference between Uber Rare cats and ??? Rare cats?
??? Rare Cats are Legend Rare Cats. They’re basically ubers with 0.3% drop rate. They’ve been pretty underwhelming for that drop rate so don’t worry too much about them, they’re not worth it.
There's only one Legendary rare per set (compared to 4-8 ubers), and there's only a .3% chance to get them as opposed to 5% for ubers.
They also don't show up in fests.
Why is new years neneko shown five times in godfat's tracker for the new years uber pool? Does it matter which one you choose or will it effect the seed?
Sometimes cats have increased chance to drop in special pools and will show up with multiple instances in the seed finder.
It can make it a bit tougher to find your seed; best bet is roll 10 and if Neneko shows up, only put in the first 9 cats. Then select each of the different Nenekos, and when it selects the 10th cat correctly you should have your seed.
Any advice for time enough for cats floating continent? I'm having trouble because Gaia and Aphrodite are my alien killers but the boss moves my tanks too much. Using titan Simba macho and wall cat for tanks
Which Floating Continent? ItF 1,2 or 3
Black defense? I have Takeda Shingen, Wargod Kenshin, Imagawa Yoshimoto, and Vars (I got a dupe if him but sold it
None. Get Bombercat.
You created a new comment
I have way too many blue catfruits. While I was doing Catfruit Buffet, on Blue Illusions, I got an epic catfruit. 2 birds one stone.
Warlord, thy progress is astounding.
Has anyone tried entering Catfruit Buffet with not enough catfruit storage? What happens?
In Heavenly tower, you can enter in to a stage with some storage but not enough storage (since the levels give you five fruit) and still get the cat fruit and you'll just go over the limit, and it will block you from doing the next level or any other catfruit stage.
I imagine Buffet works the same way.
I believe it will simply not allow you to start the stage by showcasing a message that says “catfruit storage full!” or something like that
Is the uberfest 11 draw with no guarantee worth it? I dont have much rares and only two ubers should i do the 11 draw if there isnt a guarantee
Use your rare tickets on ir
Sure the 9% is tempting but you're better off not wasting any catfood that could be invested in potential ubers, save for a guaranteed, upcoming is galaxy gals, pixes and welcome to 2020, so yeah roll at which ever you'd like
Hi there, i have not played for years and recently decided to get back into the game. So much has changed. Mainly id like to know if there are any collaboration/limited cats that define the meta, or will the current obtainable cats be enough to do the all late game content?
The ubers listed below, with the exception of Blanka and the rest of Street Fighter, are rumored to be coming back this summer because their associated properties have new content coming out.
I recommend trying to get them.
Ubers aren't neccesary but they do help out alot late game to people who don't exactly have high leveled cats but i don't think that they're is any game changing collab uber besides unit 00 as the perfect waveblocker and unit 02 as a red nuker, saber as a great suicidal unit against floating and mami tomoe as a great angel sniper, and the most recent is blanka as a unique suicidal alien killer the current cats late game are great but high levels are required to make it more bearable, collab ubers are mostly trash units and no better than just collectables to look at so you're at no disadvantage, the one's i mentioned are good but not game breaking, the normal uber banners are where the expetional ubers are anyways, some of the late game stuff gets pretty hard without ubers or ultramaxed units.
Is Orbital Annihilator Ragnarok useful? It seems like its massive damage against traited enemies would be useful, but I seldom see it mentioned in line-ups.
He’s good, but there’s a pretty noticeable downside to him. His long attack animation. Most of them time the enemies are already knockbacked before Ragnarok lands his hit. You probably don’t see him in lineups because A) People don’t have him B) They’re trying to do No-Gacha C) He isn’t good on that stage.
For your question, just read the other reply. For the lack of lineups, the reasoning is because most (good) guide makers you find on YT or online will try to use no Ubers unless they have to. In the case of Ragnarok, he is extremely useful, but most strats will replace him with C. Bahamut for more accessibility. As he is an Uber, many people don’t have him. When the better guide makers do use Ubers it is usually 1) a challenge or 2) showcase one that can (almost) solo a stage
Yeah he's powerful, easily around 100k damage at lvl.40 others agree that he's great but to me its not really, he attacks pretty fast and has almost the same damage as bahamut pre trueform but unlike bahamut he attacks without pause and is able to fit about 3 attacks before bahamut attacks so naturally his dps is 3 times higher than bahamut, to summarize he's a bahamut that attacks only traits and attacks 3x faster, the downside imo is his range, its garbage, his attack windup is kinda long and he takes up like 2/3 of the screen with that damn explosion so he'll be blocking view of both bottom and top makes it annoying and makes it harder to track your cats visually and you'll have to guess how many cats you have left before you have to send more, the other is the range again, he just doesn't seem to hit anything because his range is almost point blank so the enemies have to be sorta pushing to be effective so if you are pushing hard too he'll miss often aswell, pretty solid generalist and great trueform unlike the other iron legion
I need help with creating a lineup for Las Vegas ITF chap 1. Can't seem to get past those 6 Shadow Boxers Units: Macho to Mythical Titan cat lvl 20 no TF yet Miss Moneko lvl 20 Brah cats lvl 20 Valk lvl 20 Bahamut lvl 20 Solar Cat lvl 20 Rover Cat lvl 17 Artist Cat lvl 17+1 Bishop Cat Lvl 1 Fortune Teller Lvl 1 Mer Cat lvl 1 Welterweight Cat lvl 1 Kotatsu Cat lvl 9 Vaulter Cat lvl 1 Kai lvl 1 Megidora lvl 5
Go farm some exp,
You are seriously underleved, Get rid of moneko, brah cats and bishop, fortune teller and whelterweight and never use lvl.1's because they'll get you nowhere, upgrade some more like a whole lot, also you have some nice ubers so level up kai if possible and megidora, use meatsheilds like tank cat and use artist alongside, if you don't have all the treasures at 100% go get them they'll help you out alot.
Should I do the 11 draw in epicfest? It’s about to end and I don’t really have any specific ubers I need at the moment. I somehow have almost every non event rare gacha cat EXCEPT Paris, so I think that it would definitely benefit me. I’ve also heard that the epicfest exclusive ubers are godly, so idk what to do.
The chances are small to even get them and some take years to even get them exlusives, even if you're still aiming for nothing try to get something rather than regret it later so try rolling on the guaranteed events, you'll atleast get an uber that might serve you later on.
Now is uberfest not epicfest
Paris vs sexy legs vs dragon , all around level 20+3. Should I be using 1 over the others? And what’s usually the thought process in choosing each one?
Paris is spammable, dragon has greater range.
Stuck in Dark Nemesis. My first few runs I had a problem with the Bun Bun rush, and by the time I defeat him, Kurosawah would be right behind and kill everyone. My lineup was Crazed Macho, Crazed Wall, Eraser, Sadako, Hip Hop, Cyborg, King Dragon, D'artanyan, Aw. Bahamut, Ururun. I just got Dark Lazer and Jizo, would they be really helpful for this stage?
Tutorial for river styx without severely boosted units?
What cats do you have? I had another strat without high level boosted island cats but required very replaceable ubers
Hi Senpais! I heard that collabs may be in the works. Do you guys think rolling Cybergirls for waifus is a bad idea? Can get Twinstars, Kuu, and Thundia. Hehehehe. I don't think I necessarily NEEED them for their attributes. Have Jizo, Catman, and Pai Pai to fill their niches. But waiiiifus.
Is there any details on the next set of rolls perhaps?
None of the waifu in Cybergals are really that useful except Kalisa,Kai and Thundia.So you better save some catfoods for future rolls that features more potential Ubers and like you mention there's a possibility of a collabs to happen.
Calm down jimmy-kun they're just digital drawings Kuu might be useful and has pretty good damage and thundia is a red nuker, even if you have pai she won't guarantee success against reds plus as a generalist she's not very good, its good to try and aim for thundia
Y’allllll I just started anew in battle cats and imma have enough cat food for the next guaranteed Uber pool! But I’m looking at the ubers and only a couple are pretty good 👀 right now I have dartanyan! Should I still spin 👀
If your new I would wait for the guaranteed ultra souls that will be coming soln
I suggest waiting and rolling during Elemental Pixies Guaranteed or Sengoku Wargods Guaranteed. EP for ItF when you get there, or SW for XP stages.
I just can't get past swim meet. i've tried the luring strategy by wuffa but everytime it ends with my attackers running into the calamary and dying after bahamyt attacks, is there a way to prevent that? also i just noticed I have little leaguer cat, is he useful?
morning rush hour, *snifs very deeply* aaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH- how do i beat it.
my normal cats are on average level 50, i have every non collab rare except washu cat. i don´t have toaster nor nymph cat, i have every crazed cat and my manic cats are: cat,tank,gros,fish and titan cat. my ubers are: anubis, queen reika, aphrodity, takida shingen, shishilan pasalan the BRIDGE OF LIFE AND DEATH, cat machine, narita, thundia, sarukani, megidora, splendid, bebe, guile, blanka, lil valkery and lil valkery dark mode edition.
valkery, behamuth, cat god and red riding mina are level 30, megidora, aphrodity, shishilan pasalan the BRIDGE OF LIFE AND DEATH, blanka, takida and queen reika are third form or at least level 30. the two sisters are level 40 and PLOT TWIST shishilan pasalan the BRIDGE OF LIFE AND DEATH is level 31 (yes i love this unit) and i have icat, the third form of pirate cat, can can cat and every (what do you call them?) event stage cat exept that version of boogie cat (or was that a limited offer? idk and idc) and is it worth mentoning that i am in CotC 3? this is probably not enough detail so ask away if i have a certain third form or something.
You have Thundia bring four meatshields with ramen. Just save for Thundia. Wait for her it wreck the capies and then send ramens to kill the sunfish. You can bring a Bahamut to make it quicker. The key is just constant meatshieldinf. Bring more if you have to. ALSO, bring all 75 cost meatshields don’t waste money on erasers because they all get ones hotter.
I remember this name of level because I was so hard. Literally any other level I would have to search up.
Is the new Uber lasvoss good? I just got him in Uber fest so I wanted to know
Not rly he’s decent
I just got the first crazed cat, and I think I over-prepared for it. I went into the fight with 2 true formed rare cats, and it only took like 5 minutes, and I also got it on the first try. How much harder is the crazed tank compared to the crazed cat? Should I be fine since the crazed cat wasn’t too hard?
idk how much harder, but it has a LOT more hp and if you don´t have a long ranged unit besides behamuth it would be a pain. if you have paris or cyborg cat and keep meatshielding with some rangy cats in the back and some skill, the only enemy is your patience
EDIT:when i battled the stage it took 45 minutes to beat
Should I exchange my extra backhoe for np or get a +1 on him?
NP because much more harder to get. Upgrade better with catseyes.
Even though he is stat based, if I got a dupe, I would exchange becausr I don’t use him at all. If you use him go +1 him. If you don’t I think it’s better to np
Just unlocked my first crazed cat! I've now aquired 'Crazed Cat' yay me! However I have a question.
During the fight a dude appeared with a massive 'too slow try again' sign. I almost quit but as I had the upper hand I thought I'd at least destroy the base first. Turns out I still got the unlock, so what was the point of the sign?
It usually means you’ve taken >15 on a stage, hence “Too Long Try Harder Next Time”
They don’t usually mean anything. They don’t do damage. They are literally just there to tell you that it’s been a long time and if you aren’t getting anywhere then you should just try again. Sometimes they warn you that like an assassin bear is about to come out because you are too slow. A lot of the time, people use them to cheese stages by waiting for 10 of them to come out and fill the limit so they don’t have to fight the boss like the crazed tank. However this strat takes over an hour with a speed up.
Help with a lineup for March to death against Daboo?
Some parts are glitched and not all my cats are there so if there is a specific cat, just ask because I probably have it. Also, I will get paladin tomorrow
You have lord gao? You can try play until luck and hes one shoted the seal. Don't now his stats but i think if this not enough, few crits by another cats and seal will be defeated. Also recommend upgrade and get pair rope jump cats tf, it have resist to metals and can stall the seal. And i sure some leveled paladin can do it.
Commenting to follow :( Because I'm stuck too... The crit RNG is driving me insane.
How do I beat itf chapter 3. I have wargod shingen, catman, and oni Hayabusa as anti alien ubers. Also have crazed macho cat, crazed wall, and seafarer. All normal cats are true formed.
tbh when i fought behamuth i was dissapointed with how easy it was, just get your treasures, use 4 meatshields and use sea boy and the ubers and your only enemy is alpacky
Where are you actually stuck? The moon stage is easy if you bring 4 meatshields (macho, crazed macho, wall, crazed wall) so you can infinitely stall the Bahamut while you hit it with whatever you have, specially if they outrange Bahamut. That. That coupled with Seafarer freeze and those Ubers it should not be very hard.
What do you guys think I should true form first?
Tecoluga, Togeluga, Keiji, Akira, Aer, Mighty Rekon Korps, Baby Cat, Catman or Twinstars?
My only true forms are Seafarer and Can Can and I just beat all ITF and I'm starting CoTC.
I have Amaterasu as a good generalist already.
If you're starting CotC, then Aer might be a good candidate for never caring about barriers again. The pixies in general destroy CotC so if you have the opportunity you could consider getting Aervanta, though he won't be too helpful outside of alien stages (other than his LD).
Tecoluga, Togeluga, Keiji, and Baby Cat get significantly better in TF, so definitely consider them as first priorities too. Mighty Rekon Korps is a great uber in general, but as you already have Amaterasu, he might be lower priority.
Baby cat, Tecoluga and Togeluga.
How can I get an epic seed?
Ah! It came out today at noon for me (central time). I TF'd Cat Clan! In TF, he is really awesome on that stage AND it's flash stage.
Play Growing Epic, that appeared at 11-14.00 at Saturday and 18-21.00 at Sunday. There 2 stages with some relic enemies, both deadly difficulty. You can get epic seed after clearing 2nd stage.
I finally beat Dark Souls and i'm really proud of myself
Im stuck with cli one in itf c1 :(( my lineup: crazed macho cat, macho cat, crazed tank, samba, nobiluga, bahamut, paris, castaway, rover, psychocat. u can see that this is a meatshield lineup, which means that ive got to beat this stage in under 6 mins or elizabeth's shockwave will wipe me out. i use nobi to try to outrange cli one, but he always get in range and get hit :( i also have solar cat, but i didnt put him in cause i thought it was too expensive ( i wanna make full use of cpu). Any ideas?
Try replacing Rover with another damage dealer, like Jamiera. Do you have other anti-Alien Uber? Nobiluga is quite meh.
For the monthly missions like "Defeat Ursa Major in Into the Future" for example, do I have to defeat Ursa Major before beating the stage or do I just have to beat the stage?
Note that if the target enemy is present on the battlefield but you destroy the base first, it will still count as defeating that enemy. But you have to wait for them to show up first.
Defeat ursa major and the stage
Also when can we expect the new monlthy gacha pool leaks? After the 6th?
Most likely . They are usually two -3 days before the preceding one ends
Two questions about talents:
1.What talents should I go for first?
I have 290 NP, only have waves lv4 for pizza, done with cotc3/heavenly tower 40/cat purse coast. I have most super rares/rares and Uber wise I have: ice/baby/nurse/keiji/thundia/Kai/Momotaro/jizo/mekako/white rabbit/aphro/Amaterasu/chronos/bomburr/rekon/Volta/chunli/blanka/asi/lufa/toge/s.gao/Mitama/d’ark.
2. How do the “target ___” ones work? Like do they just forever change and only attack that type of unit?? 😂😂 and either way, if you do unlock one of those talents, do all of their status affects also transfer over? Like if a unit freezes zombie and then targets floating... does it now freeze floating?
Few notables rare cats worth to spend NP on:
Sanzo cat- Target angel,Weaken,Survive (Total=240 NP)
Catasaurus- Crit up (Total=25 NP)
Rodeo- Target relic (Total=50 NP)
Cataur- Gain zKill,Target zombie (Total=100 NP)
Chill cat- Cost down,Atk up(Total=150 NP)
Ramen- Def up,Resist KB,Atk up (Total=225 NP)
Cameraman- Survive,Atk up (Total=150 NP)
Super rare cats worth to spend NP on:
Can can- Money up, Movement speed up,Atk up (Total=325 NP)
Roe cat- Def up,Cost down (Total=250 NP)
Cyberpunk- Slow up,Survive (Total=290 NP)
Fishman cat- Atk up,Movement speed up (Total=250 NP)
Juliet-Freeze up,Movement speed up (Total=250 NP)
Personally I would recommend that you unlock talents for Can Can first as he can deals ton of damage on his own.For rares focus on Sanzo,Ramen and Catasaurus because you will be using them more frequently than other rare cats in 4* restrictions.
The target ones are great, for example can can is a red targeter normally, but one of my first NP unlocks was the target Alien. It now does the same to RED and ALIEN, so twice the amount of uses.
I just got unlocked the true forms of Koi Cat, Madame Bride and Wrestler Cat. But I dont have any of them... XD
Did the same, ez 90 catfood and 3x energy
This might be better for celebration/rage thread
I for the life of me cannot beat "March To Death". I've tried so many times, and yet I just cannot beat it. Is there any way I can beat it with my cats?
My cats:
Did it today and oh, how i happy! I can't beat this with 30 lvls. I had give all my catseyes to verbena, get waitress tf and after some tries get amazing victory! My lineup Row 1 Cat Machine 35, Luminalia 37, Verbena 44, Miss moneko, C moneko Row 2 Catasaurus 31, Soba 31, M eraser 30, Noodle Cats 35, Catornado tf 36. And Holy blast 7 lvl. You must fire holy blast at start as many times as you can, and save when hippoes / seal appeared, to knockback daboo in right moment. Important save the distanse, better if daboo don't hit your base until seal appeared. Since daboo destroys everything, and what not destroyed has slowed forever and don't have enough range, i had put my hopes on lovely verbena, and she's finally defeated the hippoes, saved the distanse, defeated the seal and save the day! You can replace luminalia with Divine Kai or bring jamieras (mine is 20+22, and c titan lvl 1) so i haven't try, but high lvl is great here. You also have paladin. If you have rich cat & sniper cat, this a great help but this stage is very very very RNG, so you can lost much of this. Also, camera or m island crit can deal this if great luck. I think the answer is or try until luck, or just hypermax your critters.
You should be able to beat that stage, but it still requires a lot of luck. I personally have to use the same lineup at least 7 or more times before I finally beat it.
Should I start tracking? And how would I do so?
It takes a bit of excitement out of rolling... but honestly, it’s not even actually random so it doesn’t make sense not to track, for me. So I would say yes. Figuring out how to beat a stage on my own seems a lot more thrilling than getting “lucky” in the rare capsules. So if you’re gonna use the internet to expedite part of the game, I’d say start tracking, but do your best to beat stages on your own ;)
where are you in the game? just curious and here's where you track
I wish sifu cat had an evolution.
Give it a few months.
I need something to fight relics. What should I use my np on? 870 np with most Uber’s
Vars’s Relic target and curse immunity at 200 NP total
Im on a pc with windows 10 and i was wondering where i need to go to install the battle cats. Sorry for the stupid question ):
it is NOT a stupid question, alwhite
Download the emulator app Bluestacks
What happened to the monthly schedule? And what happened to the announcements page on Bcen? I took a break for like a few months and it all went gone.
any way I can beat Realm of Carnage? my cats currently don't fit any of the wiki strategy's
my cat spreadsheet:
Hey get that megaphrodite to 40 and just watch wuffa
What do the clears mean? Like I’m trying to get the adult cat from the Happy New Years event. What is the point of doing the same thing on the two star section? Do the odds get better? Is there a way for me to see the stats for the two star stages? If I hit the info button it only shows the one star section.
I also clear them for the catfood, since the levels are ez
The drop rates get better and more stars means the enemies get stronger. In 1*, the enemies’s stats are 1x. In 2*, it’s 1.5x, and in 3* it’s 2x. 4* has specials and rares only restriction.
Step by step guide on how to defeat moon 3 eoc?
If u have all treasures it should be a breeze following the guides
lots of guides on youtube
How good is baby gao cuz I just got him
2nd best uber you can get your hands on (overall).
Oh ok
help on red rectangle chapter 3, good units for bore? i can deal with cyclone with volta
Try not to use icat in a bore level and restrict the same catagories as in red rectangle and strategize how to build up your money with the starting doges in an another level
So it's been a week since battle cats is not allowing me to watch ads. Tried everything from resetting ad ID, reinstalling, and just frantically trying to watch ads. Please help?
Where do you live? For me in scandinavia ads are not available. Mostly because ponos doesnt support ads there
A lot of people are having this problem. For me, the ads are having less problems on iOS than on Android, so maybe try that.
probably gonna try tracking, what should i choose between base evolved and true under the "name"?
Doesn’t matter. Just pick the one you’re most conformable with. I prefer true/evolved form because that’s what I see the most often when playing the game so it’ll be easier to tell.
Does not matter
What’s the ranking for elemental pixies from best to shit for carrying alien stages
For alien:
Bora, Voli, Aer, Mizil
For starred alien:
Aer, Bora, Voli, Mizil
For general use:
Aer, Mizil, Bora, Voli
(they’re pretty bad generalists though so don’t use them unless you have no other choice)
*Lumina would be #1 for all of them
Depends on stage but i think it’s something like
1.luminaria 2.bazibon 3.aer 4.volta
And blue garbage is dead last
how do I beat 50 degrees hotter 4 star?
I don't know how to zombie kill zamelle, as lil flying cat gets killed too easy and I cant use bahamut as it will hit the base and trigger all the brollows at once
I believe that a well timed hyper mr can z-kill the zamelle, good luck for that issue.
As for the brollows, don’t forget to bring a lot of spammable meatshields and cameraman and maybe sanzo. They come out in two waves of fifteen after some amount of damage to the base, so don’t hit too hard or both waves will appear. Hope you get out of that heckhole of a 4 star stage
at COTC 3 now, who would be better to tf, aer or voli?
Depends on what you have, because gigavolta is a crowd control freeze against alien and aer is a long distance unit(with bb so it’s good against a multitude of stages but it’s up to you who tho true form because both are good against alien anyways)
Does Blue Illusion (Insane) have a higher chance of epic catfruit drop than the wiki says? I played it 3 times, 2 times I got Epic Catfruit and 1 time I got nothing, and on the third try, I got to play Catfruit Jubilee, and I got another Epic Catfruit. I still didnt get a Blue Catfruit or a Blue Catfruit seed...
nah, ur just lucky i guess
I’m kinda new to the game. Im a bit stuck at ITF ch 1, I’ve been leveling up all my cats and have catman as my only Uber. I have tried some of the crazed cats but just keep getting destroyed. Here is my seed below and I have 8 rare tix and 2250 cat food. Should I keep grinding or do you see anything awesome in my seed that I’m missing?
Edit: thanks so much for all the help!!!!
Get all treasures and level up all the best units you have, not getting treasure is a mistake all new players do