Here i come

Time to add "synchronized diving" to the list of reasons that I want a dog
I'm a fan of synchronized pooping myself.
My dog becomes VERY concerned when we are in the pool and dives in to "save" us. He's a 17 pound mutt.
I wonna sail with a dog
Where is this beach?
St. Peter’s Pool in Malta
The most important comment I see. I want to go to this beautiful spot!!
How do you know the dog is a girl?
I was in my pool once horsing around with my wife; my German Shepherd mistook my splashing for drowning and jumped in and swam right to me. I don’t know what his plans were after that I had to get him out of the pool.
he didn't like that you were slapping the pool
The first time my brother went on a pool and my dog saw it he thought he was drowning too.
Too bad he didn’t know what to do when he was next to him
He loves you so much he doesn't care about how, but if you're in danger he's going to help. Dogs rule.
A long time ago, a friend of mine had a German Shepard/black lab mix who was terrified of swimming. But if my friend swam out into the middle of the river and called to her, she would jump in and paddle out immediately.
Love that little pause before the jump. "Am I brave? Yes, I am brave."
And my dogs won't even walk in puddles...
Ankle biter?
Who paused in beginning ?
Upvoted Not Just Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool; However, I Do Concede That I Paused In The Beginning Because Girl Before Watching The Video And Then Pausing At The Beginning Again Because Girl
I watched all the way through, then went back and paused. Never know if an unknown hero comes in later to show that first one up.
Came here thinking this would be the top post
There are so many arses on the internet why do we feel the need to see that specific one?
Yep. Stopped, rewound to 0.5s, paused. Totally worth it. Thank goodness it's not just me!
Didn’t know you could that, thanks bruh
I think it's the same dog as in
It's Titti the jumping dog!
omg and he just picks up some trash while he's swimming back in??
12/10 good pupper
He's so amazing!!!🔥🔥🔥
Longer Source
I thought jumping might hurt the dog, but evidently that doggo loves it and does it daily!
que linda
ai q fofa
So how about that ass in the first frame?
It's was nice.
I’ve played with this dog before at St. Peter’s Pool! You can throw him a crumpled up plastic water bottle and he’ll chase after it. His hooman is a great guy, too.
Now why in the name of hockey night in Canada are you chucking plastic in the ocean?
That looks like a really nice spot if you were the only person there
I live very close by and agree 100% much nicer when I'm the only person there.
Do all animals understand concept of water - like you won't die if you jump?
My dog doesn't. She 100% believes she's going to die every time she gets a little wet. I tricked her into running into the ocean at the beach once, and the second she realized that the ocean is in fact made of water, she noped right out of there.
I like how everyone has a super high pitched ‘awww’ type scream when the doggo jumps because I would do the exact same
Whee, whatever, I've done this before. Humans love this shit, and they have food
This is malta! St. Peter’s pool. This dog and his owner are a local celebrity.
The collective gasps had me worried for a second.
All those high pitch squeals...
That ass
Here's a video about the dog and his owner.
I give the dog 10/10! Perfect fall!
the dog is a local
Started off as a zoomie, ended it as a legend.
Watched twice for ze booty
The best part of the video is before the 1 second mark.
Nice ass hahaha
That little bit of hesitation before the leap.... amazing
Nope. That was synchronization.
dat ass
holy crap
Good Boy !
So majestic
Oh to have the braveness of this dog
...Rougher than the rest of them / The best of them, tougher than leather.
I love how it just goes stiff while it’s airborne.
The dog doesn't know fear.!
I have a shorty jack too who seems to hate water lol
Is this somewhere in Spain?
This is the cutest thing i've seen all day! Thank you OP! I have the biggest smile on my face. :)
Are you vegan?
Where is this at??
If thats a jack russel my dog does the exact same thing in our pool
Isn't this the shooting stars dog?
This has to be in Malta.
That is a big ass leap for a little doggo.
1,2,3 WEEEEEE!
Is this the same place where a dude dives right into a boat? Looks just like it!
Why is everyone staring at the water and not enjoying it?
not that this water is the Atlantic, but have you ever tried swimming in the Atlantic ocean? even in the summer that water is fucking cold. i'd rather look at it than be in it.
Does anyone know where this is located?
It looks like Saint Peters pool in Malta, although I wouldn't put money on it.
Que Lindo
Fuck I wish I was still amused by things as the lady
Prefect form during the jump too 10/10
I loved the dogs held super hero form for the entire fall
This woman is speaking in toungues
Looks like Malta!
Looks like the cliffs near La Jolla
on a ipad there is no pause button. To pause just tap the video.
Can we get an enhance pic of that fine ass on stage right?
Is that Malta?
Wouldn’t that hurt the dog? It’s straight up belly flopping
Doesn't that hurt the dog?! They have no option but to belly flop.
My jack Russell can mountain bike 9 miles and jump into lakes. Rad little dude