Roadside checkpoint.

I love the pretend charging. So adorable.
And then followed by the “Oof, I’m tired lie down”!
Bluff charge followed by gimme some attention pls
Imma gonna flip this Jeep OVER! Imma little badass! MOM! AUNTIE! Come here!
If I was the driver I would have been tempted to back up a bit to build his little ego.
I don't know if you'd want to reinforce that behavior considering these cute fellas eventually grow up to be pretty big.
Play with me, please.
How are their trunks so fucking derpy and cute?
It’s like when your sitting in a waiting room and some random kid starts talking to you and you’re looking to the mom for help but she is busy signing in at the receptionist desk.
Oh god. This is the most relatable comment I’ve seen this year.
Such goof. Awww...
He/she's a cutie pie and so confident. Hurts my heart to think anyone can harm them.
Grabbing the stick lol. Like the puppy gif that has his/her attention distracted by everything
Baby Elephants act just like my Mom's 1-year old lab "puppy."
They look so cute. They seem like they just want to play, but are very nervous. Something about that mixture makes them seem so damn intelligent.
I mean. They are incredibly intelligent.... that’s been proven time and time again lol
Let me see if your vehicle is regulation...... hmmm yes it has these big round things here.......... oh and the pole thing there...... and the back looks pretty good over there.... alright let me just check underneath mhm yep my ears are telling me everything is in order
I’m gonna have a nap
They're just like puppies. "I'm charging I'm checking out these I'm charging you again...I can RUN! ...I'm so tired I will lie in the dust...Oooo, what's this? A big STICK!". All in the span of 60 seconds.
Terrifying little goofball
God I really just want to hug it.
Can.. can I have him?
Gets bigger with age
Baby elephants are such little goobers.
I was waiting for the huge terrifying mother to make an appearance..
How little it is.
Explaining baby elephants to mediaeval England, people would think you've gone crazy.
Can you imagine the sheer horror of the Romans when the Carthaginians rode elephants to battle? And apparently elephants were a big part of Carthaginian culture, given their use as a beast of burden for them. No wonder mythological monsters are so prevalent - if they did not exist elephants would certainly be thought of as one of them.
There's quite a few drawings from monks in medieval Europe who had just had elephants described to then and were like "I can totally draw that". They're hilarious.
Medieval England knew of elephants. Chester cathedral has some really intricate carving of exotic animals in the misericords, one of which is an elephant.
Buuut, very few people had actually seen an elephant so the craftsman ended up carving a large goat with a worm for a trunk.
Source: was a tour guide for a while.
Not the worst checkpoint you could encounter in Africa.
This video removes the terror of the spider video I just watched. Thank you.
I just came from there too lmao
Adorable little derp.
Oh the fighting a nap stage. I can’t stop watching this video.
"oh shit a stick!"
Elephants are like if you took the intelligence of a cat and the playfulness of a dog and mixed it in a hippo-like beasts body.
Im thinking that the average adult elephant is waaaaaay smarter than a cat.
Cats are actually pretty dumb
I wanna pet him so bad
It walks around like a little kid telling a story!
What I would give to be where this is filmed.
I feel like it's probably a bad idea to get out and starting playing with her?
I dont think I have the will power to stop myself from getting out and trying to play with / hug them if I was in this situation.
Me neither, but the fear of it’s mom might restrain me.
"Im big and scary, see!!.... see!!!!?.. see??? Ah screw it im tired.. he look a stick"
I'm so scared, shaking rn.
I wanna touch its trunk ;-;
This needs to go to
Do baby elephants think we're cute? I remember reading that adult elephants think we are. So do the babies? Like, human toddlers think things are cute but I have no idea if that logic carries here.
He seems to go from inspectioning the car, to giving directions, to checking the consistency of the sand on the road, to trying to clear the brush, to lying down for a break lol
All of that big-boy work made him sleepy.
holy shit i think this is the cutest thing ive ever seen in my life
This needs a post in
“I’m gonna need to see some documents, gentlemen.” 😂
"All right you hoomans. Pretty soon my mama is gonna pass by here. You are to be on your best behavior. Nobody cross this line I am drawing or I'll stuff your face in the sand like so."
Ohh ohh I hear her coming... Maybe I should pick up this stick to show everyone I mean business. Shit it slipped. Forget it just gonna sit here and act tough.
"I got my eye on you hoomans. All hail my mighty mama."
Reaally wish to upvote this
At the end of the video.
You, you, and you get out.
Is there a cut on his/her forehead/scalp? Right in the center there...
It's his third eye. He's the all-seeing, all-knowing, hefalump.
Looks like a really deep forehead wrinkle.
1 word: DERP!
So cute
Awww. He's trying to be scary! How adorable.
Where are your papers??
How poachers ever hunted these things I'll never understand
"Don't play with the humans Eleonore"
Because they are little badasses!
You're so intimidating! Yes you are! Yes you are!
It's like watching Simba trying to rawr, but instead he's trying to charge <3
Probably not a good idea to be that close to a wild elephant baby.
He’s so full of life and playful. I wish I could see one live someday.
Pretty sure they are practicing false charging.
it would never happen because i live in north america, but if i ever ran into a baby elephant in the wild i think my heart would explode.
It’d be great if someone could make a text gif version.
Banana bribes? 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive (thanks to their potassium content)- but the level of radiation is not high enough to cause harm.
I'm a Bot bleep bloop |
That’s not a checkpoint, that’s a chonkpoint
too cute
Im a baby bad ass! Better move along or I’ll flip this Jeep! Mooooommmm!
Roadside derp-point. Ahh, baby elephant, keep being weird.
This is the cutest thing I've seen in a while... Made my day.
A hug would change the elephants mind. It has probly seen some messed up shit humans have done and remembers.
Adorbs city
Baby elephants are one of the most goofy animal babies out there
And people like to shoot these creatures. Incomprehensible
Im terrified to ask, but who was that filming? They appeared to have handkerchiefs over their faces? Please tell me that it was not isis? That was my first thought.
I would think the bandanas are to help with all the sand.