Still learning

“You’re okay, baby. You’re alright.”
I love momma elephants just as much as baby elephants!
This baby is obviously not her first rodeo. "Yeah, you're okay."
You can even see another elephant run into frame to help. So sweet!
This is exactly what I was thinking. Mama elephants are so sweet and maternal even with calves that aren’t their own- like how both of those mamas turned to help the little guy. It’s kind of like how my friends and I mother each other’s little ones and look out for all of the kiddos like they’re our own.
Their baby ears are so pink on the back!
It must be straight out of the oven! No more than a few days old I’d say
He was going too crazy with his trunk and spun himself out!
That's exactly what happened! Silly little elephant.
It's so hilarious how they always seem so surprised about having that thing.
Still trying to figure out which muscles do what. "No, I think those are the side we wait that's the tubey thing...ok that's...the wrong stomper...ok...ok, here we go--OwwW! moooOOOM!?"
"Extend flaps! Retract flaps! Extend flaps! Re--whoaaa!"
Moooommmm 😂
Awww elephants are so cute and so carrying
I just love seeing the whole herd running to check if the baby was ok after a fall. So many videos of their caring nature.
So cute! Zero motor control :D
Precious. I could watch elephant videos all day.
Look at those flappy ears!!
Baby elephants are never not falling down
Do you think good mothers don’t pick up their human children when they fall? What nightmare did you grow up in?
Humanity definitely doesn’t need more helicopter parents.
This is so precious I can’t handle it!
Animal babies start to walk and all like after moment of being born. Which other species are like humans which require so much attention/learning after birth?
Blame our huge heads and bipedalism. If we cooked any longer we basically wouldn’t fit through the pelvis.
Well, there’s puppies and kittens, who are blind and deaf and utterly useless. Rodents and the like (hamsters, mice, rabbits) are bald, blind and deaf, although Guinea Pigs are born furry and moving around.
We have huge heads so we are born fairly undercooked. Helpless at birth.
Not all animal babies-- it's mainly the animals that are prey and need to be able to run from predators ASAP.
Humans are animal babies.
Humans have an INCREDIBLY short incubation period compared to nature.
This is just like my kids, except they would be transporting a bowl of oatmeal or high-staining cherries (over the white rug)
Momma looks like she needs some water.
This is the first time I’ve noticed the mammaries on an elephant. I assumed they would be positioned lower down like a dog but they are up on the rib cage like a human female. Makes them seem even more like us.
There is nothing better than mama elephants... baby elephants are just as good though. You can’t have one without the other after all
Love the way the mother elephant just pats him like 3 times with her trunk.
Elephantos are the best
I get the feeling she is checking for a predator around the legs/grass to ensure it was just a fall and not an attack.
How did the mother know that the baby had fallen?
It probably squeaked a bit.
Mother intuition or it cried in the most over the top way possible....not that I would know what that sounds like as a mother of three.... ;)
Mama elephants are the best
anyone notice ow he has his trunk in his mouth after the fall
Baby elephants suck on their trunks for comfort, like human babies do with their thumbs.
Baby: Yeah so this, I do th...this flap, f--this--shi--wait...yeah I got!
Mom: You're alright.
Baby: I got this mom! Jeeeez!
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The elders always rush over. Elephants are the best.
They are so Precious!
Babyelephant.exe something something
Experiencing some problems?
The day the last elephant dies I will fucking blow my brains out.
Well that's irrational as hell.
left foots right foots left foots oof
Elephants are so loving.
ooooo now thats adorable
Was way too prepared to see big mama elephant unknowingly dropping her shit onto the baby
walking.exe has stopped working
To think the Trump dimwit sons enjoy slaughtering these lovely creatures & holding up their cutoff tails! Fruit doesn’t fall far.
get up little one!
ugh, noobs. git gud!!
I like how his snoot floops around.
Two left feet?
Potato vision
The most relatable gif on Reddit for me.