Baby elephant enjoying some cool bathing

ITT: people thinking they are seeing a panicked baby elephant, but are unaware that baby elephants just have crazy ass eyes regardless.
The handler knows way more than any of us about what's going on here and they aren't worried at all. Calm down.
Also more than likely there are adult elephants somewhere and if it were panicking they’d be flipping out to help it. If separated, they’d probably be making noise.
No, I have seen 50 baby elephant gifs by now so I'm basically an expert when it comes to elephants, he is scared. /s
The first time I saw a bebe elephants eyes I thought there was something wrong with it. The more I lurked I realized this is just how they look....also, they act like drunk, incapable beings in all scenarios....but only bc its fun!
How would you know? Your not a elephant handler!
I can't tell if he's enjoying it, or he's in total panic and trying to escape
Not the same elephant, but you get the idea.
I feel like he’s panicking, maybe he can’t get upright.
This is one of my worst fears, not being able to stand up, constantly slipping so you're tired, and unable to breathe properly.
It's basically waterboarding yourself
Completely agree
He’s smiling though
Elephants love lying on their side, with mud baths.
Even the adults can act in the manner if this baby.
The movements would be less choppy in mud.
So, no worries the baby is excited not scared.
Everyone calm down, it is a happy elephant that is just playing around. Elephants would go extinct so hard if they were unable to stand up in a foot of water.
The hero we've been crying out for.
Looking at
What's the first?
Yeah baby!
ITT: People who are evidently new to this sub and don't know baby elephant enjoyment when they see it. The white eyes, the squirming is not panic. Calm your collective tits.
Babyele’s eyes be like, ಠᴗಠ
Oh? I'll have you know I learned everything I know from intuition, human empathy, and anthropomorphism. What makes you so qualified, huh? Research? Prior experience? Hah!
I wish I could use this phrase at work. I have many suitable situations.
But no.
I'm really glad you said this, I don't know shit about elephants and I wasn't sure. Glad to know he's enjoying himself! :)
Concern trolls
Looks like it’s in a big blue solo cup.
Came here to say this, but depressed after reading all of the other shit...
Thank God he has a built-in snorkel.
That he may not know how to use yet! 😳 apparently it takes a few years to learn to properly control thousands of muscles...
Rub a dub dub....elephant in a tub.
That's pure joy right there.
Proof that toddlers of any species cannot take a bath without splashing water everywhere
he's enjoying it,
After reading all the comments, I’m unsure if everyone that may have seen an elephant once in their life knows more than the elephants caregiver. This is such a quandary!
I guess I should not be this way but it infuriates me newcomers getting to this sub and trying to teach us what body language baby elephants have. Just lurk a bit before giving us your expert opinion and you'll realize that it's pretty common for baby elephants to play this way in the water.
If you photoshopped this the right way it could look like a man is peeing on the elephant and it's writhing in horror.
Me trying to get fully submerged in my bathtub.
That's a huge quarter sized Solo cup.
I'll be honest, I don't think I ever knew elephants had white parts of their eyes until I saw this.
The company that makes that tub needs to use this as advertising.
Here's your Reddit Silver, Ibleedcarrots!
Do their eyes just look like that from below? I feel like I've seen that look even when it's just an elephant on his own splashing in a watering hole
I think it's just what happens when they're wet.
Kind of looks like Mr. T
🎵🎶🎵 splish splash i was takin a bath 🎵🎶🎵
me when i try to shower drunk
Is it me or does it look like that babyphant is drowning
Yes it does. WTF? I assume the water was clean when the baby elephant got in. Now it's brown as it has shit itself in fear. 😡 (Or maybe it's just a dirty baby having a fun bath) 😃 WTF do I know?
Crazed* baby elephant enjoying some cool bathing
Like me trying to run from danger in a nightmare.
You can read in baby elephant eyes?
Wrong actually
He is actually
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Omg what an adorable spaz
TIL oversized Dixie cups are blue.
I swear the derpy baby elephant eyes get me every time. They are so cute!
Or hanging on for dear life
Sell that shit to the highest bidder
That is an african american elephant
That baby is breathtaking
My girlfriend just now: “Dumbass... I love him. Coincidentally, that’s the same thing I say about you.”
He is so deeply! I love it!
I want one.
This is so weird looking. I’m not high but this is like a fucking alien or some shit
Baby elephant deserves a bigger tub! So cute!!!!
I can't believe people can kill these magnificent creatures. Really shows the spectrum of the human brain.
First of all is anyone looking at how small that damm pool is .. no wonder the baby is struggling having fun or not would you put your pet in and too small bucket pool cage whatever it’s not safe or Cool for any animal have to struggle like this nonsense for this
Soooo cute
I went to YouTube & looked at a few videos of baby elephants taking a bath & they all pretty much looked like this: a wee phunt flailing around in the water.
I don’t know, though, this looks like he can’t get up. 😕
Huh what a coincidence
The poor elephant is getting waterboarded.
Oh my god someone help him!
Congratulations. You just waterboarded a baby elephant :-|
Meanwhile, said baby elephant is actually screaming " WHY?! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DROWN ME, HUMAN?!"
Not saying that that's what is going on here, but it seems like it would be simpler and just as enjoyable to the baby to just use the hose while its standing/sitting naturally.
Yea he's pretty obviously trying to get his legs under him
He is constantly trying to get up but slips and his head falls into the tub. He is trying to avoid drowning. At 0:12
...or desperately trying to stand back up but can't because it's too slippery.
That elephant is struggling
No it is not.
Who's the joker who put googly eyes on this poor creature??
The more I watch this, the more I think he is freaking out...
It really does seem that way.
No it's drowning. Stop water boarding this poor creature
It looks terrified somebody help that thing Jesus
you realize elephants can breathe through their trunks right... and this baby easily brings his/her trunk out of the water multiple times.
Elephants love water and are excellent swimmers.