Just like a human mom playing with her baby.

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They are just so freaking cute!!
I love how baby elephants always look drunk
Human babies are like that, too. Tiny drunk people who shit their pants, trip over nothing, and babble incoherently. But they're adorable.
"Gootchy gootchy gooooo!"
Awww, momma loves her baby and the baby loves momma!
I wish I could be this happy again.
Elephants are just the best
If possible, adopt a pet.
You can be
Who woulda thunk.
Baby elephants like 'I'm gonna get that durn trunk!'
Yes I fondly remember chasing my human moms trunk
Trans-species is a thing.
I fondly remember chasing my dad's trunk.
I like elephants! There, i said it, it's out there.
We should all be so brave...
Misread your comment because of your username as "I hate elephants!" and I was so ready to wage an internet crusade in their honor
Be careful online! Some news organization may dig up your reddit posts about baby elephants to embarrass you later on.
Mama gave baby a wet willy.
No one could resist ears that big.
Now this got me sad thinking of the movie Dumbo.
Aaayyy man it's too early for these feels. That scene makes me insta-cry.
I know what this is without clicking on the link and I refuse to watch it. The whole movie is like emotional tear gas.
DON'T START WITH THE DUMBO. Egad, I saw it like 60 years ago and the very thought of trunk scene...omg, I need to get tissues RIGHT NOW.
Man I remember the good ol days when my mom used to rub me with her massive elongated nose appendage. Good times.
Me too.
Source: Italian ancestry.
T_Peg, is that you? The typing elephant :3. Tell us more :3.
For some reason I just love elephant knees
Gosh darn that's cute.
I love elephants so much
" I got your ear "
Oh my God I am going to cry...
Are mother elephants aggressively protective of their babies like a mother bear? Could a human interact with a mother and baby elephant without getting killed like you would if you tried to play with a mother and baby bear?
Anyone who supports the killing or mistreatment of these animals is an awful human. The population in Africa is expected to double by 2050. There is already almost no habitat left for the elephants. I shudder to think what the coming decades are going to be like. We're currently in the Sixth Great Extinction and human overpopulation is to blame. It could be stopped if people would stop having so many children.
You touched on so many weird ideas. First, another billion people born in Africa by 2050 will most likely live in coastal regions or cities, new cities aren't exactly being built on the Savannah afaik. Also Africa is fucking huge, the US and Australia fit within the continental borders easily. It's not so simple to just tell developing nations to stop having so many children.
Or stopped supporting factory farms
You should look into the reasons as to why developing nations tend to have higher birth rates. Like many things, it's not as simple as it seems. Here's a good place to start:
Elephants get more love from their mothers than I do
Well, their mothers probably don't even know you exist.
"Ay piss off mum"
This is better than humans, the mom doesn't have her face in her phone
You got downvoted by moms who are on their phone
"Mom! Leave me alone. You're making me look weird in front of my friends! STOP MOM!"
I have strong feelings about wanting to protect elephants now.
I love elephants so much! So cute
For some reason i dont like how it says human mom. Sounds forced
Put some fur on the baby elephant and make mama elephant's nose a little smaller and this is me and my cat when I'm drunk and trying to pass out on the floor and she won't let me.
The little trunk, the floppy ears, the shuffling baby feet... I can't take this much cuteness!
Much cute !
That's how my dad used to play with me!
I've never rubbed my body in my mom's nose.
I'm convinced elephants are just big people with weird noses. Or people are small elephants with weird trunks.
If they had opposable thumbs- paws even, they'd probably be rivaling our accomplishments.
Imagine them doing this in the wild.
you should see monkeys man
I can't stop thinking about Dumbo
Elephants are too pure for this world
Baby elephants are so freaking cute...
TIL human moms have massive noses.
Baby Elephants are so sweet and playful.... not so different from humans! They need to be kept safe from harm in their natural habitat.
I don't know how many times I said, but again I love elephants!!!
Absolutely adorable..BUT..that is not the MOM..its more than likely the Moms previous baby..so its a bigger brother or sister...the size of the larger one is only about half the height of an adult, you see? Still..it demonstrates a sweet aspect of the elephants family dynamic..EVERYONE plays with the baby..and protects it...the elephant herd is made of of mostly related females with their young of various ages...the adult females will have a new calf about every 5 to 8 years. Gestation is 2 years long itself and then they will not come into 'estrus' until the baby is about 3 to 5 years old...so, when they have a new baby..there is always a "big brother or sister" waiting to play with them!
Okay, so now wait a minute. . . is he/she TEASING the cute little one? Nahhh. . . only humans and other primates are horrible to their siblings.
I love this baby
Feel like this mom's too young to have a baby.
The older you get, the younger they look. It always seems like babies having babies.
LOL. omg, that made me laugh. Thanks :3
There's less cigaretts then I remember
"Just like a human mom playing with her baby"
Does your mom have the same amount of junk in her trunk?
I always used to like it when my mom made me chase her trunk like that when I was a baby.
An Asian mother elephant would need a belt or a clothes hanger in her trunk