Weekly Discussion Thread - December 02, 2019

Welcome to the weekly discussion thread!

New poster to this forum and to award travel in general... I am looking to see if anyone has any additional advice.
I've been saving Chase URs in hopes of transferring to ANA for a business class redemption in mid-November 2020, and using the method outlined somewhere on this forum (sorry, I don't know how to link stuff on reddit).
I've been watching the United award travel calendar and so far there is nothing from either LAX or SFO to TYO that's operated by ANA for the early part of November (which is the farthest out I can look right now). I even checked departures from IAH and NYC just in case I want to waste a day on either end repositioning (I really don't, as my time off is limited) and there isn't anything out of those airports either.
I do read success stories occasionally of people actually being able to book this type of flight but I'm thinking it's not in the cards for me. Since there are many experts on this forum, I am wondering whether anyone either A) has any advice for me I haven't considered yet or B) has any suggestions on what any other reasonable redemptions would be if I cannot get this business class flight on ANA. I'm not a luxury traveler by any means so it won't break my heart if we cannot travel in business class but I had sort of gotten my hopes up.
I do have enough URs right now to book a coach flight on JAL through the Chase portal, which is generally not considered to be a good use of URs but I don' t know what else to do at this point.
Just in case this information is pertinent to my situation to answer the questions above:
Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thank you.
I just booked ANA F, LAX-TYO RT for me and a friend in October 2019. My first ever luxury international flight too, very excited about it. November should have good business class availability (until Nov 11 currently), and it should only cost 180,000 UR for 2 adults RT in biz.
The link in the side bar lays it out pretty well. Go to and select the following options in the advanced search menu:
Use the calendar to find your desired dates and confirm a non-stop flight on ANA is available via business saver. Write down the flight info.
Create a Virgin Atlantic account. Call Virgin Atlantic and tell them the flight info. You can immediately transfer UR-->Virgin or have the agent put the flight reservation on hold for 24 hours.
If you are flexible, you should be able to find what you're looking for. I would hold out for NH J versus booking something in Y. Don't forget that you can open-jaw the award so you can go IAH-TYO-LAX (for instance).
If you were booking for sometime in October, you could do something like IAH-HND / NRT-LAX on October 5 - 20. You've have to buy positioning flights on either end, but I can't imaging that'd be a problem. Just keep your hopes up!
Because you have to book round trip for the NH via VS method, some people book an outbound that they want and the soonest possible inbound and then pay $50 per ticket to change to the inbound that they want when it pops open. This might be something to consider.
So what's the whole opinion about that Westin Palm Desert for $299 for 4 nights (plus timeshare pitch)? Yay or nay? I keep receiving those invites and thought it would be a good change of pace this winter. I'm just not sure it's a good value, it's pretty far out there in dessert and the only things to do there are Joshua Tree and Salton Sea. Just sit in small room for 5 days? What do you think?
So I have been building miles (Alaska, AA, Chase, Amex, SW). Would like to do an Asian trip in the next yr. It will be three of us traveling (two adults and one four yr old). What is the standard award availability for each carrier? Looking for business or first when we do this. Home base is phoenix so would be leaving from west coast.
Have you done any searches at this point? That should answer your question as long as you're searching for the time frame you want to book. Where do you want to go and when?
Have a reservation for HND - MCO on 12/23 via JAL, then AA in the US. (It's actually GMP - HND - SFO - DFW - MCO....Xmas time travels.). If F space opens up on the JAL segment (HND - SFO) a few days before, what's the process for booking it, given we're in J?
Between P2 and I we have ~ 35k AA miles left -- that's who we booked through.
TIA for the help.
Is that enough AA miles to book F? It would be 40,000 for both of you, I think, to go from Saver J to Saver F on that route.
Regardless, you just call AA and ask them to put you in the higher class of service and then pay any additional miles and taxes.
I'm booking a stay at a Hilton for July 2020 but was planning on downgrading my Aspire soon, so I will lose Diamond status before that. Wondering if I will run into any issues if I book the stay now, get a room upgrade, and then lose status before actually staying.
Also wondering if a reservation made using the annual Aspire weekend night will be cancelled if the card is closed before the stay is completed.
The status you receive is your status at the time of arrival, not the time of booking. Not sure about the FNC, but I'd say it's probably revoked if you cancel.
I'm currently on a two-week IHG stay for work. I have a promotion where the 1st stay gets me 1000 points, 2nd stay 2x points, etc. This is my first stay within the promotion's period. Obviously I'd like a two-week stay to get me 2x points rather than just 1000 points.
I'm a Marriott refugee and have almost no experience with IHG. Thus the question: If I book a one-night stay at another nearby IHG property that overlaps with my two-week stay, will that one-night trigger the first tier of the promo, so upon checking out of the two-week stay, it triggers the second tier? Or as an overlapping stay will it not qualify for anything?
When I google this it seems that the one-night will probably not qualify for normal points on its own, but can't find anything definitive about its likelihood to still trigger the promo.
No, you need to checkout, spend a night somewhere else, then come back.
I was looking to book my family of 4 plus infant LAX to LIR (Liberia Costa Rica) to visit Andaz Papagayo. (I’ve stayed there twice before if you have questions)
There’s an awesome nonstop flight on Alaska but limited award availability. I’ve been watching it for while. When I checked Thursday 2 seats opened up in lowest level award space. I booked two pax right away (13k avios each). I figured I would use UR to book the other two seats through CSR portal. Then I checked Friday to see if see if more availability opened up. Sure enough 2 more seats opened up. I booked those. Today I looked again and two more seats opened up.
Basically the pattern is that Alaska only opens two seats at a time. When they get booked they open up two more.
Is this a pattern just for this flight or have others noticed this on Hawaii routes or other routes?
I have noticed this on some short-haul routes. Not sure about Hawaii.
United vs Delta 2020?
Like boxing or fight to the death?
Cause in a fair fight I'd take Delta, in a no rules match you know United will fight dirty and win.
I'm having a hard time finding an answer to the following question. Help would be appreciated. Do travel award transatlantic flights on American Airlines listed as "Economy Web Special" come with a free checked bag? It will be AA Metal both ways.
No AA economy awards come with a free checked bag unless your status or credit card grants it.
Edit: I’m an idiot.
So I have to fly from seattle to hyderabad for work. My company will only pay for economy, and I can fly emirates. Is there a way to see how many points it would cost to upgrade from economy to business? Should I pay cash if points are not an option? I want to try business class on emirates.
Amazon's travel policies are the worst.
If you go through a dummy booking on the EK website, it'll show you exactly how many points you need to upgrade if there is availability.
Has anyone tried booking a partner flight through signapore with a drivers license number instead of a passport?
You can put in whatever number you want and either change it later, or if it's a domestic flight it won't matter.
How hard is it to find availability on Etihad first from LAX- AUH using AA miles? Like for October, Nov.. ? I tried to search on aa website and can’t find any availability.
Check for Guest First availability on the EY website and then call the AA New Zealand number once you've found it. They should be able to help you.
How good is Hilton Surpass credit card considering the 150k points + $100 credit going on right now? Just historically speaking.
It’s close to an all time high considering the $100 is probably worth 40k-50k Points
Hyatt Ziva charges extra points for kids. Has anyone tried just showing up with them?
They check passports for everyone checking in, so you'd have to hide the kid(s) somewhere, maybe an oversized piece of luggage. (Please don't do this)
Flying economy non-stop from US to Rome on AA Metal, How's the 777 compare to the 787-8? Trying to decide on best route for the 13-hour Flight
Both are very meh. 9 across on the 787 sucks, so does 10 on the 777.
Just pick the one with the best timing and has availability. It's econ, it will get you there. Neither are amazing.
Also, it's only 9-10 hours from any of AA's gateway cities. 9 hours is much easier to deal with than 13, especially in y.
SW just cancelled a ticket for me that wasn’t a duplicate. I had booked one ticket on the 21st and one on the 22nd of Dec from the same origin to destination. They just randomly cancelled my ticket for 22nd claiming it was a duplicate but it’s clearly not. Anyone experience this lately?
How can you say “wasn’t a duplicate”?
Were they the same route and were you planning on flying both of them?
I’m only 181 MQMs and $9 MQDs away from getting Silver Medallion status with Delta. Website only offers bundles of MQMs and MQDs to help reach status, but the lowest cost bundle offers more than I need. Delta has said me only options are the bundles or to take a cheap flight, which I don’t want to do. My question is: is it worth purchasing the bundle for $299 or should I just let the progress lapse and hope I meet the bar next year?
If you really want silver, take a quick flight. You just need one segment. What's your home airport?
Now, personally I wouldn't bother for silver. Just get a Delta Amex and get nearly the same benefits.
I’m looking to use my CSR UR points to book a motorcycle tour in India. Is it possible to book tours that don’t show up on the chase travel portal and still be able to use the 1.5cpp?
here’s the tour I’m considering
Hello. I'm one of the founders of this company. If you need any more information on the tours Red Panda Adventures offers, please feel free to PM me. Cheers!
No, but just wanted to say that this tour is in an absolutely gorgeous part of the country and that you're going to have a blast if you do it!
No it has to be bookable through Expedia to use UR.
I booked and paid for a basic economy ticket from LAX-LHR with my CSP on Hopper. I recently got approved of Barclay’s Aviator Red. Would it be possible for me to show them to card during check in to get free checked bags? Thanks in advance!
AA credit cards only give free checked bags on domestic flights.
Once the card is issued it should be linked to your aadvantage account. If you have your aadvantage number linked in the reservation it should then provide you with the free checked bag allowance.
Trying to book 2 RT flights from IAH to Tokyo in Ana via Virgin. Ideally I'd travel over thanksgivkng to save vacation. I recognize this may be difficult, but it's worth a shot. My main confusion is this:
When does ANA release partner availability? Is it 355 or 330 days out? It seems that if they release 355 via Ana and 330 for partners the likelihood of me finding a flight is super low and I should probably consider other options
There is a link on the sidebar that has the answer. Look for Virgin once you bring up the page.
Have a last minute booking from Tokyo to Vietnam (Hanoi) -- any good J redemptions you'd recommend? I have lots of United miles, MR, TYP, & Marriott I can use.
You could use TYP to transfer and book CX (25k) or EVA (25k) through their own programs. 36k TYP to Avianca would also get you a chance for ANA as well.
JAL Sky Suites, transfer MR to BA.
38,750 Avios + $ 64.48
Plenty of last min. availability.
What option would you pick for a 7 hour red eye flight, assuming they both cost the same miles and had same arrival time? This is from Tokyo to Singapore.
Malaysia A350 F + 1 hr low budget carrier connecting flight.
Singapore A350 J (2018 regional lie flat seat).
Korean air is showing award availability for delta ATL-EZE, but when I called into VS last night to book, they only saw availability on one of the dates I checked.
Is this a HUCA situation or does VS have less availability than SkyTeam for DL awards?
Use EF to search for VS partner availability awards on DL
First time triyng to do a CX redemption in J with AS miles. Looking to pick the brains of the seasoned pros. I'm trying to make a redemption for JFK to MEL with a stopover in HKG. I've used the BA and QF sites to verify availability on JFK to HKG on Oct 26 and 27 (BA shows 3 and 4 seats respectively) but when I called in to book with AS, they are showing 0 availability in J. They can see the same number of Premium Economy seats on the BA site, but none for J which is quite perplexing. Anything im doing wrong?
Also I am aware that HKG to MEL is all in Y right now, but hoping that it opens up closer to.
AS just has different availability on CX than oneworld partners do. That doesn't mean you're stuck without any options, but you'll have to be more flexible.
I believe CX doesn't release the same number of seats to all of its partners, so while BA might show 3 available, AS might only have access to 1 (for example). Others can correct me if I'm wrong...
If I book a multi-leg United award trip in biz and one of the legs is in economy, if space becomes available in biz will I be able to call in and have that leg upgraded? I've done this countless times for AA, but unclear about United's policy.
Looks like it can be done for legs on united metal. My leg of interest is on Air Canada metal - any insight if I am SOL? The leg is 5 hours of a planned 15+ total travel time, so still worth booking, but would be great to have options.
Okay, So when I am booking an award flight for alaskanair with krisflyer miles. I have to call in. when i call in do i have to give each individual flight number? i called and just said ORD-OGG and she said there was nothing available but on alaskan it says there are multiple award flights available for redemption on the dates I am looking. I am new to going after a sweet spot and just confused with how to book the flight.
Airlines such Alaska makes multiple levels of awards available. Only the lowest cost awards, commonly referred to as Savers, are sometimes made available to partners.
To get an indication of whether an award is available to book via SQ, take a look at
Read the Basic reading section on the sidebar. It should give you good starter knowledge.
Anyone have suggestions for booking flights from east coast to Auckland?
Tried to look for New Zealand award on United.. super difficult like the bloggers said...
Got enough for 2 ppl in biz class with points in AA, Chase and Amex.
I am willing to position on any of the non stop locations like LAX/San Fran/Chicago/Houston
Or even willing to position from Tokyo/HK.
Edit: looking at dec 18, 2020 week one way with Auckland being either the last or first destination depending on what is available. Dates are a bit flexible.
Have you looked at ANA J and connecting in Tokyo?
I went ORD-SYD for 115k MR in J about a month ago...booked about this time last year.
Read the sidebar. The NZ article covers this in detail. Not a whole lot more to add.
I am trying to go ORD to OGG. I’m still unsure about award flights. I found a flight on alaskan 1stop there 1 stop back. According to award hacker it should cost 25k krisflyer miles round trip. Can i book an award flight that has a layover? Or is it considered 2 flights so i need double miles?
I have 70k UR and need 2 round trip tickets to OGG from ORD
JAL F vs. CX F! My fiancee and I are considering either Thailand or Japan for our honeymoon. I managed to put a hold on 2 seats in First on JAL, which seemed like good luck. I'm sure that flight (SFO-HND) would be incredible (we're based on the east coast and would spend a couple of nights in SF first), but I'm also looking at JFK-HKG-BKK on CX and thinking about booking one seat in F and one in J, in the hopes that a second F seat would open up closer to departure. That's a bit of a gamble, but if we ended up in different cabins it would be OK. Could be amazing if it worked though. Thoughts?
Edit: I'll get to compare these myself! I'm keeping my JL booking on the outbound, and I just booked NRT-HKG-JFK on CX with Alaska miles for the return (one of us in F, the other in J for now). Now I just have to wait 10 months. Pretty psyched.
As someone that just booked a CX flight with one seat in J and one in F, I'd go with the 2x JL F for now on your honeymoon.
You can always change it later if availability pops up.
Another thing to consider is the cost for CX is 30k more.
I've also tried both and strongly prefer Cathay. I was able to upgrade the second J flight into F and we had seats 1A and 2A. Obviously there's no guarantee and I can't say for sure whether I'd pick a confirmed 2 seat F on JL vs a 1/1 scenario on CX. It would probably depend on the connecting flight with JL. I also am a huge fan of the F lounges in HK. The JL F lounges are nice, but don't compare in my opinion.
I tried both and I prefer JL. The service and food is incredible. They do tend to keep the cabin warm though if that's a problem.
Hello, I am in a bit of a complicated situation, which normally I would find fun, but it is difficult to figure out.
P2 has to get to Singapore (we are based in the US near chicago) in the last week of April. Plan is after her one week trip that she will spend time in S. Korea until the last week of May where I meet her. After several days in S. Korea we would like to fly to hong kong or tokyo and at the end of that week we would both like to fly back to the US. Preferably we would like this all to be accomplished in Business Class.
Ultimate Goal: Flying business over the Pacific. We can pay cash to other countries, but if we can get it included with points we would love that too.
AMEX Points: Barely any 100k
Chase Points: ~300k
Thoughts: My thoughts are that we initially could use chase to transfer to virgin and fly to Tokyo. Then from Tokyo we could either do some sort of award redemption or pay cash for flights. Our main goal is just using business (to lie flat) during longest portions of the flight. Notably however I think this is hard to coordinate (usually I have to book out around 10 months to fly ANA business). I am well versed in AMEX points but not chase. The second option I thought was using Virgin Atlantic Points to redeem on Delta One Suites which may be possible to get to S. Korea and from there we pay cash to singapore/hong kong/tokyo. Last thought is to burn miles on Singapore, but I think that is a waste of points?
The answer to your question 100% is related to availability. You also left out United as a good option.
If I buy a Delta flight for P2's trip on my Delta Biz Gold card, would she still be paying for checked bags?
I won't be with her on the trip, I'd be just buying her ticket on the card and using her SkyMiles number for her own rewards.
She still has to pay. It'll only be free if the card is tied to her Skymiles account, or if you (the Skymiles member with the card) are also on the reservation. The terms are pretty clearly stated
Not exactly award travel question, but through the AA mobile app I put in a bid to be voluntarily bumped from my flight into BWI from ORD tomorrow evening. My question is if I do get chosen to be bumped, would AA be able to accommodate a request of flying into either DCA or Dulles on Friday evening instead of waiting to fly into BWI on Saturday? I don't particularly care what airport I fly into in the Washington DC area. Just curious if this is a scenario the gate agent would even entertain
They typically do entertain such requests, however the compensation may be lower since you'd be arriving Friday night instead of Sat morning.
It's possible, never hurts to ask. Had a recent Delta flight to JFK delayed by a day due to weather. Since all flights to JFK next day were so overbooked Delta offered LaGuardia or Newark as an option. I took a nonstop to LGA.
In my understanding, as long as my itinerary originates in Japan, it reduces YQ for the entire itinerary to $160 or whatever is the limit? Or $160 per segment?
Looking to fly Avios or Asia miles and eliminate YQ on those rogue BA, Iberia, and Qatar flights.
Have an itinerary booked through AA CLT-JFK-HND all in F (JFK-HND route on JAL). Will I have AA lounge access in CLT? I arrive at JFk at midnight so JFK lounge access (which I assume I'd have access to) is moot.
I am looking at booking two nights at the Hilton Osaka. When I select one guest, it shows a charge of 55K points per night but when I increase it to two guests it goes to 61K per night. If it's normal I'll just book it but it's the first time I see the cost increase for the exact same room considering that 2nd guest stays free with Hilton.
On a side question, is it ever possible to book the Conrad Osaka in one night increments, was going to use my weekend night cert. on it but no standard room award for single nights.
Same deal when I booked it (for next September): 60k for one person, 65k for two. Planning on just adding a person at the desk.
Also on the lookout for space at the Conrad but looks like they're stingy AF with base award room space. Pretty sure their only 95k-eligible room is an accessible one.
This is how it always works in Japanese Hiltons. Just book for one and add one at checkin. I've personally done this and there is discussion about it on FT. Here are the terms:
A second guest stays free in the Member's room on qualifying stays at hotels when there are additional charges for double occupancy. This benefit excludes stays at any hotel when the rate includes additional components (e.g., meals, activities, parking), or specialized rates (e.g. package rates, bed & breakfast rates) that are quoted as a per-person or per-room charg
Since 2nd guest stays free with Hilton, I would just book 1 guest and add the 2nd guest at check in.
I stayed at the Conrad about a year and a half ago using a weekend certificate for a single night. Not sure if things have changed since then.
Looking to plan a trip for 2 persons out of 80k MR points. I know its pretty less and difficult to get 2 persons within that budget, but I want to use them as quickly as possible (I am about to close the only card that earns MR). I am okay to pay some cash (about $100 a ticket) along with the points to have a decent trip.
I know these type of questions get shot down pretty consistently, so I did my bit of research to search for award availability for where we might like going. Looked only for economy which is what I can get for that budget for 2 persons. We will be flying out of SEA and are open to any destination outside the US. So checked out Delta, Singapore and Flying Blue programs for a destination out of the US that would fit two persons within that budget, but nothing came up.
At this point, I feel using the amextravel might make sense to get 2 tickets out of that budget plus some extra. Or transfer to a airline which can help me book domestic flights easily and cheaply (seems Singapore/Delta but not sure). Looking for suggestions and pointers from the community since there is a lot of knowledge here on these type of things.
I would save your points, apply for more CCs, get more signup bonuses (I'd suggest focusing on Chase and/or small biz cards), accumulate more points, and plan a real trip. In the mean time, pay cash.
The standard -- and best -- advice is to apply for an Amex Business Blue plus, a zero AF card that keeps your MR.
Singapore Air would get you to Hawaii or Canada on UA/AS if that counts for you.
Transferring to Virgin Atlantic with their 30% current bonus, if targeted, gets you in striking distance of Tokyo if you have 16K UR to transfer.
What's the etiquette with mixing and matching the Western and Japanese menus on ANA F? In
Is this blogger treatment, or is ANA very liberal with what you can order/mix and match? I want to enjoy myself, but don't want to gaijin too hard.
Depending on meal availability they will say yes or no.
On JAL F I asked (politely) for the caviar with the Japanese meal, and they replied warmly in the affirmative. They likely would do that regardless of what they thought but it really didn't seem to be an issue.
Wow those seats look BOMB. I don't know about ANA, but I've made a similar request on JAL in J once. I wanted to sub the main course of my Japanese meal to the wagyu on the international meal. Was (very politely) told no.
Does anyone know or have experience booking theme park tickets through hilton timeshare "expedia desk"?
Have $150 ticket credit i can call in for to use but wondering if the posting charge would be from the hilton timeshare property (able to use aspire credit) or charged via expedia (anything else not able to stack credit)
Want to make sure I'm not missing anything... I plan to book a flight using Delta SkyMiles for my sister and my nephew to come visit me in Philadelphia next summer. Nephew is 10. Any issues to look out for? I can just book a flight using his name like I would an adult, correct? Sorry if this is a dumb question, never booked a flight for a minor before.
As long as your nephew is flying with an adult (your sister or someone else) then there are no issues. Book them on the same reservation.
If you plan on having your minor nephew fly alone then most airlines add a ~$100+ "unaccompanied minor fee" so that safeguards can be in place for the minor to be accompanied by an adult airline employee at all times to/from the aircraft. And sometimes on the aircraft they'll have a separate seat/row for the minor to sit in away from other adults (if space allows) and even the flight crew is made aware of the unaccompanied minor so that they can be extra vigilant during the flight.
2 hours enough to clear immigration + customs at JFK and make another flight?
Bleh, alright, I won't push it. Different airlines... ANA in, Delta out. I'll book the later flight out. Thanks all.
Separate reservation but different or same airline? Also what airline(s)? Some, like Delta, will protect you over two separate reservations if both flights are theirs. Others, like AA, will tell you to pound sand.
At 2 hours you have as good of a chance of making it as your inbound flight's ontime percent. So if the flight's ontime percent is 75% you have a 75% chance of making it. Beyond that, it's hard to tell. Personally I'd like more time, and I'm usually one to push tight connections. I hate waiting in airport.
2h is greater than most JFK MCT. I would be comfortable doing this on one ticket, not comfortable on separate tickets.
Got bags?
I have 200,000 UR points and want to do a week (give or take) in Santorini in 2020. We are in West Michigan so I am assuming we need to fly CHI to...Athens maybe? I know roughly the type of hotel I want (19-25,000 points/day) and I see flights that would cost a total of 158,000 out of ORD on Turkish (so I will def. have to spend some of my own cash as well). Are there better options I should consider? Right now I'm mainly stuck on figuring out the best way to fly there for a reasonable amount.
Timing would be like May ideally, but honestly we're flexible...just have to plan ahead for childcare while we're gone.
You will be bored as all hell doing a week in santorini
Not using the portal might make the airfare a touch cheaper. Read the side bar beginner article for more details.
Is anyone seeing JAL space on AA's website? They were there a few days ago but I don't see anything besides AA metal to Asia now.
I just saw a bunch of F space for ~12/18 earlier today
Yes. This was asked 2 days ago, and there were plenty. I just checked, and they are still there.
To be specific, Sep 17 2020 from SFO-TOK
Hello - I recently received an eVoucher from AA that expires in one year. Most of my travel in the next year is domestic, and I have companion pass, so I have a feeling I will primarily be flying SWA and I'm not sure I will have an opportunity to use this voucher.
From what I have read on AA's website, it sounds like family and friends are allowed to use this voucher. In the event that I, nor any of my friends or family, are able to use this voucher, is there a safe/recommended way to sell/liquidate the voucher? Ideally I'd like to get something for it, because instead of issuing me a check directly, this was AA's way of reimbursing me for a portion of non-refundable expenses that I did not have itemized receipts for that I incurred during a recent nightmare experience with AA.
Going to be booking ANA RTW in a few months for 2021. A lot of the countries SO and I want to visit are in Asia, so I figured instead of using up most of our stops in Asia, we can hit a few and then just have one country be a hub and use the rest of our stops in Europe. We'll use a different point currency to make short hops to all these different countries. For example, we want to visit Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, as we have friends and family all over there.
From the looks of it, it might be best to keep a long stopover in Thailand and use that as our hub to hop to the other countries but I'm not sure if there are better options. Also, what airline currency would be best for this plan? I remember reading that BA is really cheap for intra-Asia flights but idk if thats still the case. Maybe a stockpile of AA miles? Or if anything, I can always transfer UR to BA. And would I run into any problems with the ANA RTW rules with this?
Instead of being a hub, I would use an open jaw, it will reduce your flights by at least one.
Avios for intra asia business class on CX is great value. Using hong kong as a hub would be good. If you want to use another city as a hub look into iberia's table and see if Asia is viable. They charge total mileage and not the mileage per segment like BA.
Just completed a transfer from Citi to Lifemiles to extend my points expiration, but the date is still showing Dec 31, 2019... Are points transfers no longer a valid way to extend your expiration timeline?
Takes about 24-48hours after transfer posting for the new date to reflect:
Have a Delta Vacations flight/hotel booked in January for Disney World. Looks like I will be down earlier than planned. Would skipping the flights cancel the Disney hotel, or are they not connected?
taking a last minute trip for a funeral. Booking a Hilton Garden Inn standard room. How likely is a HGI to upgrade to a suite with me having diamond access?
This is very property dependant. Some openly don't follow the rules, others follow them more.
My condolences. Depends on availability. I would check the mobile app when you land and see if the suite is bookable with cash. If so, you can request and insist on a Diamond upgrade to the suite since it is available. YMMV though.
Is the ultimate source of truth for ANA RTW seat availability calling the agents and checking manually for each leg? Does Expertflyer show non-saver business availability? It's super confusing because I see seats on Expertflyer but when I check, those show up as unavailable.
Nothing is the ultimate truth with award travel. There have been agent “user errors” that necessitate HUCA so they are even not 100%. 99% of the time for ANA, Star Alliance partner award space that follows ANA’s routing rules is bookable with ANA.
Buy the tickets via Chase Portal, using URs. Heck, buy a package include hotel as well.
Where do you want to go? With that many UR, you can just purchase two business tickets outright. They can get cheap around Christmas for the right dates.
For transferring TYP to TK miles & smiles, do you have to add TK in front of the number like it is on the TK website, or do you just put the numbers after it?
If you can find paid space on any DFW-OGG route they should be able to rebook you on it even if theres no award availability.
Hey y'all,
I'm new here and not fully able-bodied and need to fly from PDX to NYC to get a medical procedure done (staying with friends for 3 days, 12/11-12/13 or 12/14 and to get a medication that cannot be filled across state lines (thanks, evil DEA). Because of my not-able-bodiedness, does anyone have advice (in addition to your great listed resources - I need to set a weekend aside and get well versed in that) on how to get affordable-ish seats? Ideally I would Fly PDX --> NYC --> Sacramento (visit to consider moving there for healthcare) --> back to PDX
what points or miles do you have? This sub is not how to buy cheap tickets.
Would you pay an additional 25k AA miles to upgrade to F from J for a 7 hour leg from NRT to KUL? What if it was an overnight flight?
Edit: This would be on Malaysia airlines. The F route is also saves a 10hr overnight layover compared to the J option.
The new Malaysian F product looks great and is available on that route, I would go for it!
I would do it just to avoid the 10 hour overnight layover.
Have you flown JL F? Do you want to? Seems like a good opportunity for some fun if you have AA miles to burn and are consistently replenishing them.
Has anyone used the Chase Portal to book a one-way ticket with a stopover (which may just be a multi-city ticket in Chase Portal parlance) and had the dollar price be somewhat close to booking directly with the airline? The specific routing I'm wondering about is HAN/SGN-SIN (1 or 2 nights)-NYC. Thank you.
Does the pricing show up correctly on Google Flights? You just need to find a fare that allows those routing rules.
How difficult is it to combine Marriott reservations - all reservation being under the same person - either by booking over the phone, calling after booking, or when checking in at the hotel?
I have 2 free night certs and enough points for another 2 free nights but overall I need 7 nights (Seoul in March at the Courtyard Namdaemun). My problem is that I can't combine the free night certs, and my points, and cash on the same reservation online. Is this a relatively painless problem to resolve?
I just tried to do it and it was possible to put it all on one reservation. You have to choose customize cash and points and choose cash for the cheapest nights then pick your certificates and the reservation page:
Customize Payments RATE DETAILS 1 room(s) for 7 night(s) Prices in KRW Monday, March 16, 2020 160,720 Tuesday, March 17, 2020 155,820 Wednesday, March 18, 2020 E-certificate used25,000 Points Thursday, March 19, 2020 25,000 Points Friday, March 20, 2020 25,000 Points Saturday, March 21, 2020 E-certificate used30,000 Points Sunday, March 22, 2020 131,320 Total cash rate 447,860 Total points rate 50,000 points Estimated government taxes and fees44,786Total for stay in hotel's currency492,646 KRW + 50,000 Points
It is pointless to try and combine them beforehand. Just mention it upon check in and they will effortlessly take care of it nearly 100% of the time.
Oh, and I’ve actually done this at the Namdaemun CY.
Flying ORD-ATL-LIR-ATL-ORD next week in DL Y booked through Delta Vacations with my P2.
Currently have no status with any airline. Is it worth buying a trial of Platinum Medallion off eBay for $100 for the possibility of an upgrade?
I would not recommend buying trial status off of ebay. Those are typically scammers that are not authorized to be selling status. Delta does not sell trial status, and in many cases gives it away for free to targeted customers.
Seats aren't anything special on a 737, it'll just be typical domestic first class.
In general, I'm assuming there are better hotel awards for certain regions. I know Marriott is pretty good in South America and Hilton/IHG for Asia. Does anyone have a full mapping of that? Especially curious about Europe
Sidebar. Awardmapper
Hi all! This is more of a general question and maybe a long shot, but has anyone on here ever used points for spa services? We're headed to Paris in Dec/Jan and I've racked up some points with Chase UR and was curious to see if there was any way to book a spa day at a hotel using points. Our lodging is already arranged through AirBnB, but we would consider buying a night at a hotel if it let us use our points towards a spa day. I've clicked through various hotels and haven't seen where I can add anything on, but maybe I'm just missing it.
Edit: Just a thought, but maybe this is possible by transferring points to Marriott Bonvoy or Hyatt?
Each get the Aspire and you have $500 to spend towards spa at Trianon Palace Versailles, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
Does anyone know if the expiration date on Cathay Pacific miles is a travel by date or book by date? I looked through the T&C but it wasn't explicit.
some person
I'm looking at staying at a Hilton in Madrid next May. I was trying to get the 5th night free on award stays deal, but encountering trouble. Each individual night has a standard room available (60k pts) but when I search for a 5 night stay, the price jumps way up (2-300k per night) and only shows premium room availability. Any workaround to this? If I book 4 nights individually at a standard rate, can I call and have them add the 5th night free? I may also want to use a FNC as one of the 4 "points" nights, will that work as well?
Doesn’t hurt to book five nights then call in and try to combine the reservations. You will not be able to use a FNC as one of your four nights if you’re doing fifth night free.
Friends, some advice needed:
Currently I have an ANA F Roundtrip booked in their new F Product JFK-NRT using Lifemiles. The original plan was one leg in JAL F and the other in ANA F to try both, however when JAL space went missing I made the choice to do both legs in ANA to secure the dates I wanted. I spent 360k Lifemiles - not the best, I know.
Now, a JAL F award has opened up for my outbound date. I have 400k AA miles, which is why it was my desired currency to use in the first place. I am thinking of canceling my outbound ANA F (which sadly would cost $400 in fees for both tickets, but the pro would be 180k Lifemiles returned to my accout), and booking the JAL flight.
I know Avianca is in some financial trouble which makes me hesitant to park my miles there. Any concern on this?On the other hand, this would give a chance to try both F products and burn some of my excessive AA stock, while gaining the 180K Lifemiles for future trips.
The new ANA F sure seems juicy though, but not a lot of info on them yet. It may just be a step above JAL and I should stay put. It's relative, but do you think this switch is worth it? Advice and perspectives appreciated!
United is the holder of a large loan to Avianca*. The airlines is not going to disappear overnight.
Keep the flights. Plenty of other uses for AA.
Hi there! I'm a total noob here, though I've read the suggested articles.
I have 500k Chase UR points. I'm in Miami (MIA, FTL, WPB) and my son's dream is for the two of us to spend a week hiking in Switzerland. Ideally we'd land in Geneva or Basel, though Zurich isn't out of the question.
We are very flexible on days, but late June/early July would be ideal. Economy is fine. Now let me throw a wrench in it:
We'd like to get to Israel after Switzerland (the trip's codename: Switzrael) and then back to Miami. Again, very flexible on specific dates; I can work remotely during the summer so we can spend two to three weeks traveling pretty easily.
Swiss has good availability business class to Zurich. You can book on united. Idk if Israel is in the same zone, but you may be able to use excursionist perk to get to TLV.
I have some Virgin Atlantic miles to burn to due cancellation of a flight to Hawaii I booked then cancelled. I'd like to rebook to Hawaii later this year. They typical rate is 20k miles for economy (40k RT), if there is Delta availability. And I can find that rate in the next few months. But as I look forward toward the fall, the cheapest rate is 32.5k, one way. Any idea if this is a permanent increase, or does it have to do with when Delta releases partner availability?
Sounds like you had originally booked a direct flight and now you are looking at flights with connections. What was/is the routings?
Looking for trip advice/feedback on redemption - I'd like to take my parents on a trip to Europe/Australia, someplace they'd never go by themselves. Using my 268k AA miles, I'm considering AA Off-Peak to Europe by March 14th.
The best redemption with your miles (especially in economy) is going where you want to go. If your parents (and you) have an interest in Italian art, food, and history, I'd recommend going there. It's a great place to spend 10 days. Maybe try Venice, Florence, Rome instead of shoehorning Milan in there unless you absolutely must see the Last Supper.
If it were your first time flying a nice and long (+9 hr) business or first class flight, would you book it to take place during the day (so you can enjoy it) or at night (so you can sleep well on the lie down bed)?
Typically meal service/takeoff and landing takes up the first and last 2 hours of the flight so day or night, you'll get to enjoy it for at least 4 hours. I'd pick the night time flight so you can sleep.
If it's a flight for a vacation, I look to maximize my time on vacation over prioritizing either a night or a morning flight.
Night (Assuming you arrive in the AM). Sleep is the biggest benefit of upper class to me, and you get all the other benefits (food, entertainment, etc) in the 2-3hrs before/after sleep.
Called in last night to redeem Aspire free weekend night cert at WA Maldives. Reservation hasn't posted yet, does it usually take 24 hours to show up? Rep didn't really know what she was doing and had to put me on hold several times to get the cert to take, said we also needed to throw down a ridiculous $3k deposit/hold. Thoughts?
I've applied two FNCs at the WA Maldives and both times the reservation showed up in under two hours. I'd call back in. Did you call into the Diamond line or the front line reps?
Looking to rent a car from the PITT airport in the near future and currently have a cash-booking reservation w/ Hertz for $86 for the Economy car, unlimited mileage, CDW. Will use CSR to pay.
Was looking through the Chase portal and found an equivalent car through Alamo with unlimited miles for 6,692 UR.
Most CSR benefits do apply to UR points bookings, double check the benefit terms for the CDW but I did get trip delay protection to kick in on a points booking. It takes a lot of calls to the benefit services provider because they just don't handle points claims very often and tier 1 doesn't know how to do it.
Re:cpp, UR can always be redeemed at 1.5 cpp through the portal, which is why we consider that the minimum. No idea how your even seeing a 1.25cpp listing.
Aeroplan Question:
Does anyone know about hidden restrictions on one-way Aeroplan bookings? I was trying to search routes from CAI to DEL last night, and it was telling me "This itinerary is not eligible for a One-Way Reward." I got the same error trying CAI to other places is India and Colombo, as well as TLV to India.
However, the following all appear eligible and bookable: CAI-DEL (on a return booking), IST-DEL, CAI-BKK, FRA-DEL. In other words, I can book return flights on the route I want, I can book one-ways from Cairo to a different AP zone, and I can book one-ways to Delhi (with a different AP zone point of origin).
Obviously there's no way I'm getting hold of AP anytime soon to ask what's going on, so curious if anyone else has experience with something like this?
If I use Alaska miles to book a Cathay Award, would Air New Zealand flight that is a Cathay code share be accessible to the Alaska award booking?
No. If has to be CX metal. This applies to other award programs too.
I'm planning a trip from LAX to Tokyo using Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points.
• ⁠Does ANA business or Delta One Suite cost fewer MR points?
I know ANA has a new award chart out now. And there's a 30% bonus right now for transfers.
first time booking, thanks!
If you go to the VS website they have their partner award charts. Rarely will you find DL and NH award space at the same time since NH is beginning of the schedule and DL is frequently more random.
NH J round trip with VS miles will cost less than DL J round trip. NH F will cost the same as DL J round trip.
Anyone have guesses as to when AC will be opening their long-haul J awards to partners again? I've been waiting for MAD-YYZ to open back up to push back the final leg of my ANA RTW for months now, but they haven't had any availability since August.
Is this related to Amadeus issues?
Air Tahiti Nui just released a TON of business award space today from LAX-PPT roundtrip. I was able to upgrade my econ flights to biz using AA miles so now my wife and I are going roundtrip LAX-PPT in July 2020 for 9 nights staying at the Hilton Moorea on award redemption and Intercontinental Moorea on award redemption as well.
Congrats! But maybe split the stay between Moorea and BB? It would be a shame to be so close to paradise and miss it...
Did they release space just in July or other dates as well?
What’s your guys favorite airline search engine? I’ve found the United “calendar shop” tool to be really useful
Nope. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck.
Are you sure you missed it? Chase is 115 days to hit bonus.
I have two award flights booked through UA for this weekend, but I have to cancel for a family emergency. Anyone know how quickly the miles will be redeposited in my account and available for use after notifying United?
Usually immediately.
Question about searching for ANA award availability on UA. Is there anyway to search only for ANA operated flights? What's the best way for me to find it.
I am in this same boat myself and it's very annoying! And each time you change the date you have to unselect the "with stops" box again.
Not looking good for when my window opens up in less than 2 weeks. Right now there is nothing out of LAX or SFO to Tokyo.
No. You can search for nonstop flights which often will only bring up NH + one other carrier.
I'm seeing AA web specials for flights operated by oneworld partners now. This looks new. Doesn't allow for changes after booking. I didn't know AA was going this route with partners too.
20k jfk-lax-hnd in Y.
Any recommendations for nice hotels in downtown Chicago? I have about 150k Marriott points. Looking to have a mini-getaway with my SO around NYE. Thanks for any help!
I’m a fan of the MC for the hard product and novelty of it. Cheap parking garage nearly next door. We enjoyed our stay. Not recommended for any more than a couple though.
Highly recommend Chicago Athletic Association if you have UR. Book through Hyatt for 15k/night.
It's on Michigan Ave and right across the street from Millennium Park (the bean). Not a far walk from River North, where you'll find all of the nicer rooftop bars.
I live in Chicago and still visit some of the bars in CAA. Milk Room and Cindy's are both great.
If you have Hyatt or UR, Thompson or Athletic association.
Cash may be cheaper in Winter, YMMV.
Not Marriott, but I thought the IC Chicago was pretty nice. Bed/pillows/linens were super comfortable. My only complaint was they didn't have umbrellas in every room, and the front desk ran out. And my Uber driver dropped me off underneath the hotel.
The Gwen. Also check cash rates if you are flexible in your dates. Can usually get good deals in Chicago in the winter.
Want to go somewhere in the Caribbean for my bday with my SO. It’s on dec 30, so anywhere I go would also be my NYE destination. Anyone with experience spending NYE out there that can suggest me something. I have a CP and plenty pts with Chase, Marriott and Amex. Flying out of CLT