[Match Thread] Manchester United Vs Aston Villa

Manchester United Starting 11 de Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Williams; Pereira, Fred; James, Mata, Rashford; Martial

We need to stop going full Messi with Grealish, please keep him of all set pieces from now
Draw at old trafford, I'll take that. Everton lost at the death lol
Disappointed to be honest.
Why we persistently tired so dramatically in the 2nd half I'll never know.
It definitely needs to be worked on.
Fitness, defensive mistakes and wasted set pieces from Grealish cost us the 3 points.
Onwards and upwards!
I'll take that. A pleasure as always fellas. UTV
Sound, I'll take that
I'll take a draw away, especially against VAR
funny that all the games been a draw today
Things can change very quickly...and it has
Leicester won 90+6 Iheanacho
Bummer, but I’ll take it.
Good point but a frustrating game
are we trying to win or are we trying to lose?
Wesley out
I thought Wesley did well to put himself about today
Injury time: ∞
I love Jack, but he really needs to not take any set pieces.
Have we scored from a corner this season?
With the squad we have we should be scoring way more
Luiz vs Bournemouth
Our last goal count?
Funny how last season so many of our goals came from corners and such.
we need a goal cmon
Late winner incoming
Honestly have you seen Wesley do anything this game? I honestly don't know why Kodjia is seeing 0 game time.
Please Nakamba come on
Just desperately winging balls forward on attack, that's not ever going to work.
This is killing me
cmon we need to counter
Need a Luiz banger
need a few of them, seems to have hurt himself earlier though?
What was the point of that McGinn?!
Grealish takes too many free kicks
we need a cracking last goal
That’s it deano! One more sub now, you don’t have to wait for someone to get injured before you bring them on, you can do it!
Henry Lansbury to come on in 91st minute with with 4 mins of injury time to make an impact. Calling it.
Lol FU Deano, you had to make me look like a prick didn't you.
Off by 10 mins ;)
close. was 81st minute
where is my marvelous nakamba.
He is my sunshine
Half assed tackle from McGinn there
fucking finally a sub
Our defenders need to learn to clear the ball, it's embarrassing.
What the fuck is this!!!!!!!! Make a god damn sub Deano
is that a substitution i hear? is it a villa sub? or is it just the attendance?
Wtf am I watching
Dean Smith nearly failed his medical when he joined us due to an allergy to substitutions
Has Nakamba ran over dean's dog? GET HIM ON THIS PITCH
fucking he’ll we were very lucky there wtf
Feel like we're just waiting for the inevitable again
We’re gassed! Sub!!
Can JT show Smith
They just turned off the match at my bar in the US for the NFL games. Anyone got a stream?
footy streamz on twitter
We are playing real deep right now. We always fuck it up when we do this
All I want for Christmas is a fucking sub!!!!
Smith still refuses to make subs. I don’t understand why this happens.
Hes a poor game manager
Fucking hell deano hates our bench
Good to see Ole bringing on some youth in the game now with that sub
If Lingard scores I'll be very cross
is that lingard coming on lol..?
Give Nakamba por favor
WTF, where are the subs? Come on, Deano.
mfw i hear /r/avfc talking shit
this. my one criticism of dean: the subs are so, so, so late.
United are shit. Come on Deano, make the changes now and take the game by the scruff of the neck
For Luiz. Not done too much in this much. Could say the same for Hourihane but I'd keep him on for set pieces.
My nails are bitten clean off let’s get some points boys!
When Grealish gets on the ball, things happen. Get it to him.
Stopped giving him the ball this half.
I love a redemption arc.
Stop its not hate what about the MINGS HATE ?
It's a great goal and it redeems his earlier error, but he's got a costly mistake in him almost every game this season. It's not hate, it's accurate criticism. I love Mings but he needs to stop dwelling on the ball.
The criticism is completly justified still. You can't be the cornerstone of our defence and make a huge error every game
Need to get Grealish on the ball more. Been starved a little this half.
Let's fucking do this.
Subs NOW!!!!!!
Mings making up for earlier! GET IN!
I'm so frustrated with the way we constantly come out and play second half to ANY game ?? wait mings just scored
Tyrone you made up for your error. Switch on now. No more mistakes.
Get in Tyrone
How bizzare! I had cracked it and walked away from the TV
Massively onside there
Get a grip
My god this is bananas
It should be a goal!
Our fitness is an embarrassment. Seriously, why are journalists not questioning this in press conferences? Every game after half time we drop off and every game after 55-60 minutes we’re in serious trouble.
Typical 2nd half display
Standard sky picking the wrong game
Head wrecking but so incredibly predictable
Another goal conceded at the back post
JFC what a horrible 60 seconds of play. Was always coming. We look shagged.
Gifting them shit goals. They don't even have to work for it.
Yup, can't spend 60 minutes a night in defense miss all your own chances and not get punished.
That’s just fucking typical
Fuck off United. You don't deserve anything
Nope, hasn’t changed anything before we went behind. Game after game after game.
oh you jack...
That's what happens in this league, miss a chance concede a goal
I wish I could say I was surprised.
Had it
And that felt inevitable.
That was a BIG chance. Too casual from Grealish
Fucking hell it's like he panicked when he had the time to choose where to put it.
We won't get a better chance all game.
Big chance for Jack there. Should be burying that.
Please change something before we go behind...
Didn't listen to you.
Here we fucking go
Smith please bring on Nakamba. Luiz looks tired
I would sub McGinn and Luiz. Landsbury deserves a chance and Nakamba gets involved in everything
Fuck ya MINGS
Hourihane has been anonymous
Trezuguet running his heart out great to see
Lovely from big Wes
Come on your villa boys, they are there for the taking
I would've started Nakamba. His constant pressure would be great again this Man U side. Luiz is a bit absent
Wesley seems like he doesn't have a passion for scoring, we need him to step it up a gear if we want goals, not only for this game but through out the league
They've switched James to their left to run at Guilbert because he's on a booking he'll need to be careful
Luiz off Nakamba on
2nd half game plan should be pretty simple. Kick it out from the back, no short corners that lead to nothing. Press United hard and work their D. Shoot from anywhere when we get a sniff. Wes needs to liven up by at least 200%
I like mings long clearances. When he needs to
Gutted for El Ghazi. I still think we got this but can't make dumb mistakes, we've been the better side. UTV!!!!
Anyone know what's up with Nakamba? Luiz looks a little lost and I thought Marvelous was having a good run of games. Not sure why he isn't in.
Luiz offers more threat from passing. For all Nakamba strengths passing isn't one of them.
Let's just go and score some more goals.
Generally a very decent half but it’s hard to be too happy after giving away such a silly goal and looking like Guilbert and El Ghazi - who have both been playing well - will miss Chelsea.
A point here would still be a very good one, but I can see United becoming more threatening as our players tire.
I feel like we still have a big chance here UTV
Utd have done Sweet FA in this game and yet we are level with them.
Need to step up in the 2nd half and take our chances. The 3 pts are here for the taking.
We have been having them all half, we need to win this game! Ming should of just hooted it out that all he had to do but conceded a corner. We can win this game!
Really strong half other than a really frustrating series of mental mistakes to give up the goal. We can’t keep sucking second half all season...hope we keep pressing and stick two in.
Got to keep this going, I want points today
I have a sneaking suspicion whoever was pressing Heaton before that corner poked it out of his hands which should technically have been an indirect free kick for us but tbf the defending on the goal was lazy. We’ve been better we just have to keep it up and 3 points will surely be ours.
Trez needs to get his head right he seems like he is bothered he had to enter the game
Villa's worst enemy is themselves. Time and time again this season we've made silly mistakes and we ultimately get punished. let's hope we still manage to get something from this game.
We have to be switched on for the start of the half as we always seem to start slow. Hopefully the goal will wake them up.
Whatever happens I'm proud of this performance, hoping we can get at least a draw.
Absolutely dominate a half. Incompetent official rules out a second by going against protocol and putting his flag up, Jack’s off in the end but not the point.
Then in absolutely predictable fashion Tyrone Mings has an error that lets the other team in for no reason and kills our momentum, and potentially the game. Same dumbass mistake with Newcastle last week, they just didn’t capitalize because they and Steve Bruce are dogshit. Heaton could do better, but what in the absolute fuck is that from Mings an England international.
Hoping for at least a point.
We can't really complain about not being given a goal if he was offside...
Looks like Guilbert is suspended next match
Good news: we've looked significantly better than them
Bad news: we're tied, on the road, and second half Villa is coming
Obviously it's disappointing we aren't winning at half time, but I think we have been the better team here.
If we can go out and play the same way in the second half I'd certainly expect us to score another goal and hopefully come away with at least a point.
That’s our season, better team and no or little points
U still believe in WESLEY now ??
This Wesley hate need to stop, he been playing very well this game, holding the ball and passing it well. He been playing well!
Fuck off, he’s great and we aren’t using him properly. He’s a pure passer, playmaker and NOT a standard striker. Needs to be paired with a goal scorer exactly like Neal Maupay
Nah mate he's tracking back better and bullying the midfield while also showing classy touches and passes. If he does the same in the final third I can see a goal coming. Showing us way more than usual
That’s a clear fucking dive
I’m sorry, but Mings makes 1 or 2 completely needless mistakes like that every game. He had 5 chances to clear the ball. The points he costs us are starting to rack up.
Every. Fucking. Game.
Which CB doesn't? He probably has the most touches of any of our player.
he should have taken the first opportunity to clear the ball, instead tried to be smart with it and it cost us a goal
Who else would u use there
But He has made some smooth ones. Today
Yeah think it might be time for a Konsa/Engels pairing
No way
I really like Mings, but I think we have to try this.
He often shows absolutely brilliant and brave defending. Then just just turns off, and it's all for nothing.
He needs a kick up the arse.
Time to bench Mings I reckon
Agreed, starting to become a liability.
it's not the first time one of his defensive errors had cost us a goal this season
We concede way to many goals like that, sleeping on the back post
Anyone got a stream link gents?