Reddit moment

You gotta give him credit for not completely shitting on Fortnite and worshipping Minecraft
good boy points
Of course!
Worshipping Minecraft over Fortnite is a respectable opinion though
"I'm so glad I didn't spend my summers playing video game, but rather spent them playing other video game"
Your game not good as my game
Halo is redpilled
Despite making up 10% of the covenant, Brutes commit 52% of the crimes
All jokes aside, I have some good childhood memories playing Halo with my friends
A lot of us played sports, particularly for our schools, and managed to get on Halo 3 or Modern Warfare 2 on weekends. It would’ve been a shock to not have MW2 in 2009/2010.
Zoomer here, all jokes aside I have some good childhood memories of playing Fortnite with my friends.
Ain’t it funny how it happens?
Tf2 circa summer of '13 was also tits
Man I miss its heyday
Tf2 is disgusting
Can people learn that you can have your own opinions? And that you can like Fortnite too?
No, you're not allowed to like the thing I don't like.
You'll never beat a childhood summer of going out to play with your mates in the real world
What if we did both? ;p
unironically this is true
I never had friends because of my social anxiety and I still don't
siiiip yup... upvoted
My fondest memories are playing video games 8 hrs a day and eating Doritos while the rest of the kids in my neighborhood played outside!!! And my obesity is just genetics bro
You can do this as a kid and not be a fat fuck.
Everytime I see that dumbass sub icon with that retarded smile, I know I'm gonna see some lame shit.
Had the same thought but couldn't quite put it into words the way you did, thanks
Halo 1 with my bro unironically good memories but mostly because I was playing with ether my mates or my bro not because of the game. Something tells me most redditors this is not the case
Those are just millenials. 1982-1995.
There's no such thing as cringey 30 year old boomers. We don't know how to be embarrassed so we don't cringe. One day you'll get there too and figure out that grilling and listening to the Tony Hawks pro skater soundtrack is a pretty sweet way to spend your afternoon.
Yeah because it's impossible to be under 30 and still think people like this are pathetic.
"30-year-old boomers"
lmfao ok zoomer
I’m only 18 lol.
People are unironically hating on fortnite? There was literally no difference between you and your cringy friends playing Halo than fortnite players.
Welcome to reddit
Why can’t we just let people enjoy things rather than something having to be objectively good and bad
Aight I don’t like fuckin Burger King, I ain’t gonna run around the streets yelling
Why do the same on the internet Makes these people more immature than the kids they joke about
The guy in the screenshot is literally just relating nostalgia. "Yeah fortnite is ok" isnt "FUCK FORTNITE HALO BETTER HAHA". Wow, people prefer nostalgic games from their childhood to modern games that have notoriously young audiences? What a shock.
Oh what is that? You play a game that I do not like? Disgusting. I will now relentlessly bully you using my epic REDDIT MEMES!! And then you will fall into a state of depression. You should be ashamed that you play a game that I don’t play.
Not really a reddit moment but ok
It’s a Reddit moment because it’s a shitty “my childhood good, yours bad” circle-jerk post and it made it to the front page
if i know how people react to new inventions, and i know pretty well, then yes. someone will always like the old thing over the new thing regardless of quality.
Sounds just like the "boomers" that some redditors shit on.
are these people actually retarded or is there some sort of comedic distance here? do they actually not realize their memories of the game is colored by their subjective experiences of being a child and nostalgia?
Guys can someone please please shop the Nazi flag on there and send it to me please guys I really need it
Alright thanks
Halo 2
This comment section is a battleground between Zoomers and Boomers
I just wanted to lament the passing of Tribes 2.
Please reddit, stop recommending this entitled elitist sub to me
Children enjoy video games? How monstrous
I wonder if halo fans shitted on minecraft when it was popular
I think it's cheating to post
I'm so glad that I didn't consume product #5135, but at the same time I feel proud for consuming product #698
I was banned from
He’s got a point though.
I mean, he's right
He’s right though
Is it bad that I can hear this image?
I played way too much Halo when I was younger.
Hajahah 🤗😇😂😂 get itttt? Beecause fortnight baaaaaad!!!1!1!1!¡¡!!1!1🤞🏾😎🙏🙏🙏😇😂😂😂😂😅😅😅🗿☢️☢️☢️
Don't spend all day inside playing vidya. Spend all day inside playing older vidya.
Played a lot of video games as a kid, also hung out with friends a lot.
Still regret playing as many video games as I did
Ya'll baby gamers will never ever experience the thrill if zerg rushing some scrub while spamming
In chat.
Also when are we getting the PC remastered version of this
Halo MCC is coming to Steam soon so I'm guessing 2020?
They definitely didn’t play halo as kids they just played Minecraft and whatever pewdiepie told them to play
I think me seeing my friends in real life and enjoying the outdoors would beat that
Halo 2 was way better than Fortnite fam. No question
Even as someone who plays alot of games, halos alright. Fortnite has way better mechanics and is overall way more fun so 🤷‍♂️
Bullshit, the gunplay in halo is still unmatched, as it blended classic arena shooter mechanics(speed, lots of weapons...) while also pioneering a listing the things people take for granted in "tactical" shooters. Fortnite is milquetoast shooting that has no weight or power behind it, with a neat build mechanic
That’s debatable.
What mechanics do you like more?