Second "mark" in performance file for sleeping at my desk during work.


If the sleep thing is a big issue for you, go get a sleep test done (get a referral from a GP to the Woolcock Institute if you're in Sydney).
I used to sleep in the bathrooms and the gym changing rooms at work. Turns out I have narcolepsy and now I have a doctors note that says I have to take naps. I even got my own little dedicated room at work now with all my blankets and pillows for kips.
You might think it's not a big deal because you're so used to it, but for a lot of people, sleeping at work or napping outside of home is just so weird and incomprehensible.
Also the culture at your workplace sounds fucked. I'd bounce if I was you.
That's so adorable it's a room with pillows and blankets. I'm happy for you that you got such a healthy outcome over a chronic illness!
Look, man, I don't know, but sleeping at work isn't a good look.
If you are sleeping at your desk in the context of already getting pulled up for making mistakes, it's probably not a good look.
Being so tired you need to sleep in your office chair at work is also probably a health issue, mental or physical that may require attention. Or a lifestyle issue.
I hope things improve for you.
EDIT: I gave out some advice about healthy living on this sub recently (non medical) because I have a background in that area, and am happy to give you some tips if you want to PM me, but keep in mind it's general nutrition, exercise and lifestyle guidelines to help you operate better, not medical advice.
Assuming this isn’t bullshit, they’re laying the groundwork for your dismissal. Start looking for work. Sorry.
Fuck. This is what I was worried about. I had a feeling and I jsut knew it. It took me so long to find a job and my grades werent that great, so I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I knew someone who often slept under her desk at lunch. It was regarded as an amusing quirk.
The response almost certainly would have been different had she been a fresh articled clerk, rather than an experienced and popular practitioner.
The latter can get away with a lot more, as they are already valued and respected for their contributions - quirks clearly do not interfere with their ability to perform their work.
Someone who is new and/or already in the gun can get away with a lot less; every aspect of their behaviour is on trial, and negative impressions stick.
It’s frustrating, it’s not ethical, it’s bad management. But it’s reality. Long-standing employees or respected lawyers can get away with a LOT more than junior lawyers or even more senior lawyers who are recently employed. Act like you are still on probation for your first 2-3 years... be cautious.
Aw I know the struggles. Honestly if they liked you it wouldn't matter that you fell asleep. That is the sad truth.
In any event, I do think you are being treated unfairly and it's creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of messing up. You need to find another job ASAP. You probably have stockholm syndrome at the moment but your workplace is full of bullies.
Unfortunately no one is going to coddle you here as you have to remember a bunch of people in this subreddit would probably happily bully you too. We are a reflection of the real world sadly. There are a lot of dicks in this industry.
However, there are nice people and nice workplaces too. Don't quit, if they performance manage you out so be it but leave on your own time. Stop caring so much about your current job, I think career advancement is not going to happen. You need to use this job as a stepping stone. Don't be afraid to branch out into another area.
There are probably a bunch of things you are good at and you just don't know it yet. Chin up and good luck. This is just one job of many that you will have.
This is a great post. I think it is very thoughtful and helpful and I wish someone said this to me when I was starting out.
Actually. I find this useful to me even now.
Which is why law is so bizzare.
Every job I've ever had for the last 15 years has had designated meal breaks, whether salaried or hourly.
I have an hour for lunch at my firm. I occasionally work through it, but only to make up hours if I've needed to leave early/come in late or had an appointment during the work day.
Once or twice a week I have lunch with one of the partners of the firm on them for the hour.
And I'm prepared to resist any suggestion that I work that time for free.
Having that break through the day makes me much more productive as well as I get to take my mind off the work for a bit, get some fresh air and come back in the right frame of mind.
Tbf I’ve worked at firms with a designated lunch break
I'm not a troll. People on this Sub are too ready to accuse people of that. I've been told I can have lunch between only 12 to 2 for a maximum of 1 hour. As in we can only get back at 2pm at the latest, from having lunch at 1. If we don't leave at 1 on the dot, then we can only have a shortened break and come back at 2. As in, if we leave at 1:15, you only get 45 minutes. You don't get to come back at 2:15. They do an "office check" after lunch. We can't leave for lunch past 2pm.
I’m convinced this is a troll. Nobody gets through law school thinking you can develop Autism.
More the point. Nobody can get through law school or even into paid employment with this many spelling mistakes. Every single post has a ridiculous spelling mistake ...
In real life, I am the very last one to be annoyed about spelling, but reading OP's comments... the amount of typos in nearly every single post is more than just magical.
I think it is intentional.
(EDIT: I am wondering that is all ... this is not a Grand Inquisition.)
It is sad that a genuine and thoughtful push on this sub to be more accomodating towards those with real life work/life management issues ... is [EDIT: possibly] being subverted.
If you are genuine. Then mate, let me tell you. If your spelling is so bad that people think you are pulling their leg, you have problems. See a counsellor, not this bunch.
If you are a troll. You will have to try harder to wear down the nice people that accomodated you. Amusing, but also pathetic.
Same. When people are calling you out on lack of attention to detail, you proof read posts.
Really? I met a lot of dumb effers in law school. One still puts anti-vax stuff on FB.
Ironic, because
It was a genuine question I aksed out of curiosity. I don't mean to troll. I just thought external factors could influence my psychological statr to that point. I have a law degree, but not a background in science or mediceine.
Mate I'll be really frank. You're lucky you haven't been sacked yet. It's very possible they haven't done so because HR or whoever is being cautious about giving you the sack due to what might be a disability that you have.
If you're not enjoying the work and the work itself is what's causing your condition, you really are better off leaving and having a break. Your brain is like any other part of your body - put it through too much stress and you'll hurt yourself. Your mental health comes before your career. Yes, a job is important but if you leave your mental health on the backburner, your job will come at a sacrifice too. Take a break and look after yourself mate.
Do you think accidentally sending an email is grounds for dismissal?
Mate. This shit is wild - you can not be sleeping at work, especially the day after you got reprimanded!
But hey - to go down a different track, you should go and get your snoring checked out because you may have sleep apnea.
Is it only the proximity to my repriman, or is it bad in general? Because I thought I could do what we wanted at lunch.
Don't take this the wrong way, but do you work for HWLE?
Also for work, and possibly for posting on this sub too, you may want to download the Grammarly app. It may help you improve your spelling.
No, I'm not sure I would last their. I heard bad things.
I like the idea of an app- maybe I can get it thanks!
Sounds like you’re in a horrible situation dude, sorry to hear. If you were fortunate enough to have a gig surrounded by supportive colleagues where performance wasn’t an issue, you probably would be able to get away with the odd quick-nap under the desk at lunch.
In present circumstances however, it sounds like they’re gunning for you. You can have a frank discussion with your supervising partner or a trusted SA to gauge their views on whether the situation is salvageable. Tbh it sounds quite unpleasant and you may be happier searching for greener pastures. Best of luck.
You present as dyslexic and maybe on the spectrum... as are some of my best friends who are lawyers.
One of my best friends really struggles with her spelling and she is an outstanding lawyer.
Don’t listen to anyone advocating self harm, for they are lacking in relevance.
It is time to think of moving on. Sleeping at work not good. If it is your social life, you have some thinking and prioritising to do. If it is medical get a diagnosis. If it is stress related because you aren’t sleeping at night look at getting help. I am an owl by nature but under stress I get about two hours sleep a night
You can’t afford to be paralysed by fear.
You will come through this
I used to go and have a nap in my car, would tell my boss just in case, but for the most point they didn't care.
Then I changed to nightfill job that had a 1hr lunch break, and would nap with my head on the table in the break room. At the end of the day, what you do on your break is your business but there are appropriate places to do things.
Nah, fuck it it's your lunch break if your contract says you get an hour "unpaid lunch break" it's your time. You can use that time whatever purposes you see fit as long as you don't bring the employment relationship into disrepute. Fuck em if a principal was doing that no one from HR would bat an eyelid. If you get the sack about it that would be the most comical Unfair Dismissal I have ever heard.
Exactly this. I'm in a competitive firm, technically have an hours lunch each day. Sometimes I go for lunch, sometimes I work through it, often I eat a sandwich furtively at my desk. If I decided to take a quick nap at noon I'd be incensed if anyone gave me grief on it.
Australian law seems to have sold itself into some seriously unhealthy work expectations.
This incident in isolation - sure. But looking at the other posts, it's more understandable why they'd be irritated.
He fucking snored in his office. Some of you have some seriously weird concepts about what is and isn't acceptable behavior.
Everything about this whole situation just smells like shit, and I'd hate to work with someone so fundamentally incompetent as a human.
This has to be a piss take
It isn't 😔
I still don't understand why I am stupid for saying that. I thought QC's revered for interesitng and hard cases. Isn't that their point? What's wrong? Honestly, I'm not trollng I just want to know. And yes, I would love to be a QC one day.
Why are some posters trying to label the OP as being on the spectrum/dyslexic/having ADHD? There isn't enough information to make this kind of judgment, and it is unhelpful given that OP has indicated that he or she took the comments about ADHD seriously. To some, reading the comments trying to label the OP as having some diagnosis would provoke a similar reaction to lawyers seeing the US constitution being quoted in a thread asking for legal advice in Australia. Making posts that could be construed as medical advice is just as stupid as telling the OP to commit suicide.
If OP has medical concerns, he or she should see a doctor. A GP consultation is free with a medicare card.
I didn't have concerns until my S. A and this thread, now I don't know if I should get checked 😔
Well, it sometimes helps when people give you their input in this way. I constantly complained about concentration and attention span issues to my psychologist and GP and it never occurred to them that it could have been ADHD. I posted on a forum on the internet and someone suggested that it could be the inattentive form of ADHD. I spoke to my GP and psychologist and was ultimately tested, diagnosed and medicated. My life improved exponentially and nobody would have noticed if it wasn’t for that stranger on the internet who saw themselves in me.
I know self diagnosis isn’t always helpful but sometimes doctors and psychologists miss things and it helps to have someone providing their first hand experience to perhaps guide you in the right direction and give you suggestions.
In what universe, language or bubble is suggesting you may have a condition, likened to the same stupidity level as telling someone to kill themselves?
Are you that stupid yourself?
Fuck me sideways... some people...
It is messed up that you even think they are comparable.
I used to sleep all the time in the staff room at lunch. No one seemed to mind. I think the problem is that it appeared you were doing it while working which is obviously bad. If it’s obviously on break no one would care.
You sound under immense pressure. You are young, you have the nouse and work ethic to complete a law degree. You are stronger than you know. Hope you find some of the advice in this thread useful.
show HR one of those retarded books about naps improving productivity.... in some countries mid day naps are the norm
If this was a relationship subreddit, and your job was your SO, the advice you would be getting would be to GTFO. You aren't being treated respectfully, you are not having a positive time, and you are sticking with it for exterior motivations (money). If you really need the money, then start looking for another job.
Assuming this story is true, he/she presents as someone who has poor attention to detail and poor professionalism and is treating the firm's very reasonable reactions to manage these problems as the firm "hating" him/her. I mean, we're talking 3 of these "marks" just to get into a "supervised work stream", not even to be fired outright.
The requirement to submit a time sheet twice a day suggests the firm is very concerned about this person's use of time and probably with very good reason.
He/she should be more concerned with getting it together than with accusing the firm of being evil or thinking the grass will be greener somewhere else where the response to this behaviour will be sunshine and rainbows.
The Senior Associate doesn't sound dreadfully diplomatic, but so it goes.
Do you have dyslexia?
Lol my dude. All of that doesn't matter if you exceed your target. Based on what i have read you are not meeting your time it you are but it's nothing outstanding. This means your dispensable. To be honest, i would start looking else where. Are you an RP? if so then hold on for as long as you can to get that out of the way. If you're out of RP, find another job. Maybe another area of law? Or career?
You have dyslexia
I want to be silk :(
Dude, I'm sick of jaded people in the law who mock ambitoin. I don't care if you've lost spirit in what you do, or if you think no one is worthy enuogh, or even if you think you can judge my legal ability, analytical skill, or otherwise based on anyonmyous reddit posts. Yes, I have some problems, but I see silks as being at the height of their profession and exude talent and competence. Who wouldn't want that? All I'm saying when I want silk is that, some day, I hope I am that good enough. Because who wouldn't want to be extraordianrily good at their job? It's the thing keeping me working till late, residing and studying all the time, and keeping my fitr and passion burning. Mock me for having ambition, sure. Just keep it to yourself. I am not ashamed for having a dream and wanting to be good.
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