Friendly reminder that the most peaceful perfect prophet ordered and watched the beheading of of all male Jews in a entire tribe and enslaving of the women and children

But that's just a metaphor!
Now, when god said "don't masturbate or have gay sex", he was totally telling it like it is
Did he actually say either of those?
Dude, that's nothing, God drowned everyone on the fucking planet.
Not everyone. Sheesh!
Don't forget when god sent an angry bear to kill a bunch of orphans, for being orphans
This is a real massacre committed by Muslims.
But God is made up and Muhammed was an evil warlord born hundreds of years after Jesus, Buddha, Socrates and Marcus Aurelius.
Except one group of genetically similar people. Congrats, we are all the product of holy incest!
With 30 days and 30 nights of rain, like, go to Scotland, we call that March... Or January... Well any month not called February really.
Ah yes and then came incest
Historically speaking the world back then to a human chronicling the flood would consist of an entire civilization alongside a river like the Euphrates/Tigris. A singular year in which that river/set of rivers flooded horribly would be seen as the world being drowned in a flood.
If we look back at Roman times, Britain seemed like the edge of the world, when it clearly is not.
I’m so confused. Do we genocide or not?
That depends. Are you a prophet,
Someone needs to compile a list of God psycho-killers.
That would get a ton of attention. Look at the popularity of movies and tv shows about crime!
Bruh, that's just common courtesy.
I mean Moses did the same to the people of Jericho, the Caanites, the amorites, and everyone else who was living in the area when he reached israel
3000 of his own people waiting for him at the base of Mt. Sinai. Not to mention the Egyptian slaveowner he murdered at the beginning of his story.
This is like correcting someone arguing about Harry Potter, but technically Joshua slaughtered everyone in Canaan. Moses dropped dead on Mt Nebo; he never entered the promised land according to canon.
Is Moses ever given as the best example of moral conduct and a mercy to all of mankind?
I think the most interesting part of the Golden Calf story is that the bible describes how religions come into existence. It also mentions that the bible itself does not describe history, but rather doctored history, from the point of view of the victor; Moses mentions that he omits elements he does not favor.
Moses was born a thousand years before and his actions are likely myth.
Muhammed was a child rapist and warlord whose army of incels raped the civilized world and created Muslim civilization.
Yahweh is far more brutal
Ok, that's a valid criticism, but we'll get there when we talk about Judaism/Christianity.
Right now, we're not talking about that.
You don't need to specify that other religions did something, too, when you criticize Christianity, why shouldn't Islam be held to the same standard?
Do not suffer a witch to live is always a good one.
So it was like the Salem witch trials where ignorance caused them to believe the victims where abominations yes?
and marrying the wife of one of the Jewish leader (killed by the peaceful prophet) who was daughter of another tribe's leader (him too killed by the peaceful prophet)
Geez......You make him sound like a monster.....This crucial piece of information humanizes him (in the eyes of his most peaceful followers)
There's a 'morality' tale in Islam about an old woman. She and her husband had many sons together, but he died before her. Her sons were successful and had many sons themselves and she was their matriarch. She wielded tribal power like a man and brought her family to great prosperity. She was beloved by her family in all things.
So clearly the only right thing do for such an atrocity was to attack her tribe, kill all her sons and grandsons one by one in front of her and then have her pulled apart by four horses.
I read that story and added it to the giant pile of 'why I don't trust religious people'.
Need source because this is interesting
Umm what?
Yeah this is one of the reasons that made me leave Islam.
And think, this is just a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg of death and destruction caused by one of many religions.
It's a religion of peace! Peace... once women are totally subserviant to men and anyone different from the religion has been destroyed or enslaved.
Mohammed was a nasty piece of work and Islam is a religion based on violence and misogyny. It is certainly not the peaceful religion with the loving prophet that many Muslims try to make it out to be.
Idk how you can call it a Religion of Peace when it's texts clearly states to spread the religion with a sword
Peaceful is a relative term when dealing with religious figures.
A perfect example of Islams cruelty.
Lots of examples of cruelty of Christians
The victors write the history books. The OT is a story of Jewish warlords and their conquest of every tribe they met. The qur'an and hadiths is a story of a Muslim warlord and his conquest of every tribe he met. "Peaceful" had nothing to do with either of them.
That's Biblical
''Religion of peace''
While everyone is dissing on religion, I feel I should add my 2 cents: First, there is no historical proof of Moses. Even Freud wrote a book about this. Second, while we are dissing Islam and Sharia, never forget that Muhammad was a pedophile, banging chicks as young as 9. Finally, there is an extremist christian conspiracy called the 7 Mountain Dominionists that should be being outed on a daily basis around the entire world! Dominionist Law is the christian version of Sharia Law. Beware the seditious Dominionists! They have infiltrated the US government in a conspiracy to convert our secular, constitutional democracy into a totalitarian theocracy. They are the real power behind Trump. Trump is just their diversionary meat-puppet. So, spread the word, far and wide, beware the seditious Dominionists! They are all guilty of treason and belong in prison!
US... Secular. Riiiiiight
Never Forget! Ever!
"Three Jewish leaders from the tribe of Banu al-Nadir, three Jewish leaders from the tribe of Wa'il, and various other Jewish groups and leaders united and pressured Banu Qurayza to betray their agreement to Muhammad." Stab somebody in the back that's what you get. I don't think this is related to the religion. (Atheist here)
Yes. Hezbollah sympathisers still have a chant to which they refer to this brutality and remind jews that they would the same to todays jews.
The "most peaceful perfect prophet" was supposedly a warlord. Don't expect cuddles from a warlord if you are on the opposing team.
What I find peculiar (still) is that Jews, Christians and Muslims have the same god. Why would the one god order Jews to be killed and/or enslaved by Muslims (or any other combination)?
The notion of a god is so often used to motivate completely human-decided behavior, and as a rationalization often long after the occasion.
I sense religions get more grip over countries' politics, even where e.g. Christianity has been more or less stamped out from such control (and altogether). USA is a good example. Have all reasonable people gone into hiding?
Controversially (unless the above isn't controversial enough): Humans are masters at killing other humans. We are similar to rats in that regard: kill all males (that could threaten the home team), rape and capture all the females (so we spread our team's genes further). The rest is rationalization.
That’s how you conquer. We should have done that to the confederacy. We wouldn’t have the problems we are having today.
We could have given them a taste of their own medicine and enslaved them. But man I don’t know if that would have done the job. There’re always more idiots being made. It’s like stupidity is hardwired into human beings. And once we get comfortable “removing” the Stoopids from society we ourselves become less tolerant. It wouldn’t end well for anyone.
That religious oppression and ethnic cleansing, with slavery. If anything, Muhammad and muslims here are like confederacy but even much worse. Yet this is the only thing you have to say here? Basically praising what they are doing?
Isn't this about Islam? Did you mean Muslims?
But he loves you -George Carlin
" pffft! Amateur, hold my beer. " - Yahweh
well, i guess Hitler could be considered a prophet
When the Lord thy God hath delivered it [the city] unto thy hands, thou shalt smite every male therein with the edge of the sword: but the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself. Deuteronomy 20: 12.
So what.
Who cares.
People have been posting this same fucking idea for 25 years online and it’s made no dent in the number of god botherers.
He should've killed not just the men, but the women and the children too...
Well i suppose him and his men wouldn't have anything to stick their dicks into if they did that.
Islam is uniquely evil and by far the worst religion, according to the texts.
Muhammad was a psycho butcher and the entire Islamic world was founded on an almost industrial mass rape of conquered women.
For some reason this is considered racist now.
Jews also used to kill all the women and children of the cities they invaded so there would be no one left to seek revenge. See the old testament.
So basically how everyone did warfare back then?
Since it's a book of magic, I won't. My ethnicity is 'European Jew', I couldn't change it anymore than the pigmentation of my skin, not that I want to. Everything in those books is so backwards and childish, in fact, too removed from reality for kids. I knew I was an atheist when sitting in a childrens service at age 7, I questioned my mother bc none of it made sense. I didn't have a word for not believing, but there I was.
True, those fuckers have been busy.
No worries. The Catholic Church has cannonized hero saints who would make anyone's skin crawl.
Its just like i have always been saying, despite how christians want their religion to be viewed (as a peaceful, loving religion) they are actually a religion of death that worships death. Never let yourself be deceived, they are through and through a death cult.
Citation needed.
It's not nonsensical. Many questioning (and just outright believers who want to debate) come on the subreddit all the time. Having them see this might just push them a little more towards abandoning religion. Why do you get so pissed? This entire subreddit EXISTS to point and deal with flaws of religion.
Bullshit. We have reality on our side.
Except there's no evidence of a existence of a god. Does being an atheist make you better no it doesn't. No one said anything about being better than anyone else. They simply pointed out a flaw in their beliefs they simply look over. The perfectly peaceful prophet has just been proven not to be peaceful by its on book. You believe because you choose to believe without evidence on the validity of the claim. We all do get influenced by the world you just get influenced by something with no evidence behind it. We don't choose to not believe in a religion we lack the evidence of such a thing existing. Pointing fingers no that's just evidence of what happened whether you like it or not.
You're right, other people commit crimes all the time so I may as well be a douchebag too. How dare those law abiding citizens look down on me!
In order to have faith a person must first abandon reason.
There are healthy ways of dealing with the hardships of life without turning to alcoholism or religion. Alcoholics never banded together and murdered millions or oppressed half the species because of the drink they prefer. Religion teaches a person how to not think at all. To reject all evidence of truth, and just blindly believe in some prophet. It doesn't matter which religion, they all practice hatred of others and of themselves. Never being able to accept themselves because their god demands they be something no human is. Hating others because they don't follow the same made up rules used to control people, killing them in the name of this.
Religion is a plague. Do you worship cholera? You may as well.
Are you defending Muhammad (SBUH) here? If you are, reconsider your
Uhh, yes we are. Non-nazis are objectively better people than Nazis. People who do not treat a genocidal warlord as the perfect man are objectively better than those who do. And so on.
This sounds just like a MRA screeching about male rape on
Literally talked about a wartime invasion there. It's in the name.
Sure, you can say that it's barbaric compared to modern standards, but basically that's just you saying "I'm superior to some guy several centuries ago". Congratulations,
At least, until you have to make decisions under intense pressure. Remember, no atheists ever committed atrocities.
sweeps Mao, Hitler, etc. under the rug
Hitler wasn’t an atheist at least didn’t present himself as atheist he presented himself as a Christian and his regime as Christian regime. Whether he was a Christian or merely a psychopath using religion to control and motivated his people is an issue for somebody with the stomach to look into his history and his private writings.
Hey, we give Christians credit, too. Ever heard of the Taiping Rebellion? Or American foreign policy?
The Holocaust was perpetrated by Christians.
Well, on the bright side, the story is probably fiction
It's not some founding myth. It's what happened during the times of Muhammad. He even had raped a woman less than three days after he killed all her tribe, family and husband, with muslims using this as a sign of his generoty, though I don't remember if it was this one or another but it wasn't uncommon during his times or even after in the caliphates.
No it isn't. You must be holding a special grudge against Christianity that you have to deny the crimes committed by Muslims. If it didn't happen then explain Pakistan, the Islamic expansion, Andalusia etc.
The Banu Qurayza initially told the Muslims that they were allied to them during the Battle of the Trench, however, later they sided with the Pagan Arabs of Quraysh and their allies.[8][9] According to traditional sources,[10] Jewish leaders organized efforts against Muhammad and the Muslims. Three Jewish leaders from the tribe of Banu al-Nadir, three Jewish leaders from the tribe of Wa'il, and various other Jewish groups and leaders united and pressured Banu Qurayza to betray their agreement to Muhammad. Afzalur Rahman states that during the Battle of the Trench, when the Muslims were surrounded by a large hostile force, the Banu Qurayza joined the enemies of the Muslims and threatened the Muslims from within the town itself.[11] Waqidi claims that Muhammad had a treaty with the tribe which was torn apart. Norman Stillman and Watt believe such a treaty was "doubtful" to have existed, though Watt believes the Qurayza had agreed not to assist Muhammad's enemies against him.[12][13] According to Mubrakpuri, Peters, Stillman, Guillaume, Inamdar and Ibn Kathir, on the day of the Meccans' withdrawal Muhammad led his forces against Banu Qurayza. According to Muslim tradition he had been ordered to do so by God.[1][2][14][15][16][17]
My friend this is from the wiki page you attached LOL And they betrayed the prophet (pbuh) so they of course deserve it
Actually if you read Mohammed's biography after not getting any plundered goods from the battle, Mohammed needed to 'appease' his warriors. So Gabriel (voices in Mohammed's head) came to him and told him that the Banu Qurayza had betrayed him. That was the evidence used to massacre them...
Keep justifying whatever you want by this. My god XYZ says I should burn your homeland. Am I justified?
The nazis also said poland attacked them first.
Also as a reminder, Muhammad and muslim purposely did some ethnic/religious cleansing:
Umar ibn al-Khattab reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:
What's your point? All civilizations did the same during wars.
That he's not the most peaceful perfect prophet as he's seen by almost 2 billion people? Isn't the whole point of religion moral guidelines which separates the theists from the filthy rest, and that the most holy prophet should thus not be an enslaving warlord? I think that's the point.
So you agree that your "prophet" Muhammad is nothing more than a typical warlord seeking power, killing entire tribes and enslaving their women and children?
Women and children who were later used as sex slaves by his closest companions and he himself, he approved of that?
Most civilizations don't claim to be eternally guided by religion of peace.
What's your point?
Yeah this is kinda low tier tbh
Lol I'm sure you'd make the same comment if this was about Christianity...