I am really excited and crazy hyped for next Assassin's creed.

I really don't know about you guys, but I am really excited for next Assassin's creed, I couldn't get in to Vikings TV shows before, I really tried, but I found them boring, with the hype of next ac I couldn't hold the excitement so I rewatched the Viking and finished it, then I heard and watched the last kingdom too, now I really want ac Vikings. Ubisoft give me ac kingdom or whatever it called. Anyone hyped

I never cared about vikings.
But then again I never cared about ancient egypt and pirates either, but ashraf's team made those games top 5 ac games for me.
I have hope
Yeah, Origins and Black Flag are definitely in my top 15 Assassin's Creed games, idk about you all.
Ashraf should be in charge of AC altogether. At least maybe he would do his best to delay a game if He felt it wasn't ready
I haven't really liked an Assassin's Creed game in years. I want to, I have a history degree and I love the settings, but the characters and story are always so boring.. Please have the characters give a shit about the historical events going around them.
Bayek barely commented on the Romans in his country, and worst of all in Unity you walk through the Estates General and don't even care because you're chasing some thugs or some dumb shit.
Ancient Egypt and Vikings are two of my favorite historical topics (as well as the Revolutionary War and WWII).
If it wasn't for Origins being in ancient Egypt, I probably wouldn't have gotten back into AC games. I haven't played since Black Flag apart from brief work through Unity, but I didn't like it very much.
I need to get Odyssey but I have a backlog of games I need to complete before I do that.
I too am super hoping for an AC Vikings. I think that would be amazing. Have yuh out played hellblade? It's not ac or anything but it is Norse lore and hella good. I would also like ubisoft to make a Japanese AC set around the time of the fall of the samurai. Man that would be good. Or they could set it back in feudal Japan....either or.
Keep your eyes on Ghost of Tsushima.
Wow feudal Japan! Never heard that idea before.
Vikings and then Japan or China is next I believe the rumor is?
Which would be awesome because I've been hoping for that since basically AC3 when I first realized they would do very different eras. I've been waiting for years!
I think the height of the samurai era would be so good with how they did odyssey. Stealth build as a ninja, damage build as a samurai. The mercenaries could be other competing samurai. More factions with special rewards.
It’s already confirmed that the next AC will be Vikings
If you're on Playstation, try God of War. Beautiful game, beautiful story, and takes on Norse Mythology. My personal favorite game of 2018.
Great game if you've played the franchise before but if not, I think you could still enjoy it.
I'd also like to add Hellblade to that. It's about psychosis and mental health in general through the lens of norse mythology and celtic history, so it's a bit of a different spin on that kind of setting. It's quite a harrowing game, so it's not for everyone, but if you're trying to scratch that norse itch, as it were, it's definitely worth looking into. I'm currently part way through it myself.
Played it, it has good lore but nothing beats ac I prefer open world games like ac
Will be interesting to see how much they layer in the supernatural/mythical elements; norse mythology is fascinating and pretty dark.
After picking up Odyssey having not finished an AC game since Black Flag, it hooked me and played for 70hours. Definitely looking forward to the next game.
Did you play Origins yet?!?
I understand what you mean on Odyssey. I went through half of 2018 playing all of tune AC games from 2 all the way through Syndicate. All great games in my opinion. Still need to replay 1. I went on this crusade after origins came out and wanted to know the backstory before playing. I didn't play but my buddy picked it up and would play when he came over ago I saw bits and peices over the course of a year. I did pick up origins when I finished the series and did not enjoy myself as it felt too much like a game that was AC by name only. I stopped after about 5-10 hrs and haven't been back. After Odyssey came out I didn't want it thinking it was not what I was used to (also didn't help that I raised to pay full price for a game in 2019). I did but the game with all the DLC pass and started it for like 40$. I then spent the next +300hrs getting everything in game minus the DLC stuff. It hooked me and now I want to go back and play origins to see if I was wrong.
Watch Vinland Saga if ya want more viking themed television, it's one of the best.
That show is what's making me hyped for this new AC
couldnt agree more 24 episodes only atm. astonishing show I would suggest anyone watch the anime that is Vinland Saga
Definitely hyped for a Vikings AC.
Big fan of Skyrim, Hellblade, Rune, and the Vikings TV series (while it centered on Ragnar). Also a huge fan of Origins & Odyssey, so combining the two together... should be a very interesting E3.
For the next AC game, I’m just most concerned about what direction they’ll go with the game engine and controls. If they continue with what they have done with Origins and Odyssey.. I really hope they improve on animations and revamp it a bit. Even just adding back in the ability to counter attack would be great. And something to help reduce the floaty feeling during combat. And mid-combat kill animations. Make AC combat cinematic again.
Last time they waited two years we went from sydicate to origins
Vikings are year 1000 so it should definitely be a proper AC game
I am too, if for no other reason than this game is likely being developed by Ashraf Ismail and his team, who have made two of my favorite AC games ever in Black Flag and Origins.
As much as I am excited and hyped for next AC, the wait is pain.. I need new trailer or something
Even just a like 5 second teaser that showed something would be amazing rn. Main character, title, a screenshot or two
Just got an Xbox one playing unity right now can't wait to play them all I played all of them on the 360 I'm playing current gen now!
Best ac game
As long as Layla whatever her name is don't return, I'm will to give it a shot. But the origin saga of Ac games are my least favorite. Favorite being the Ac 2 trilogy with a terrific underlying narrative to connect the games.
I can't stand her. She is extremely unlikable.
She's obviously going to return so the Layla trilogy will be complete.
I hope they use new assets for this, so that it doesn't look like a Odyssey clone with Viking theme.
And i for one don't 'hate' RPG mechanics for AC, its just how can they blend the AC with RPG is what matters, that's why Origins felt right for me.
I hope the male protagonist has a great beard!
It’d be cool if the male protagonist is Kristofer Hivju.
I am hyped I'm hoping for multiplayer like unity (except with more variety) and some great customization (Unity/ Odyssey) I don't know about you, but who else misses the old eagle vision? Ikaros and Senu always skip items. And of course some naval combat. Definitely no Layla kill her off I'm not against the idea of a female protagonist in fact I'd love one just don't make her annoying like Layla or Bishop. Go with Shaun or Rebecca maybe even William just please god no Layla.
I miss urbanistic settings, but I guess ancient history is a nice way to reboot the series.
As long as it doesn't have a dull colour palette as Skyrim I will be happy.
Not me, will probably have rpg elements again.
I dont care about Vikings at all, I just wanted Ancient Rome, but still I do want the next game to be cool af.
I was hoping for Ancient Rome too. I did read somewhere that the next ac was gonna be called Legion and set in Ancient Rome, but that was a while back before all the Ragnarok leaks. Still sounds like a great setting tho.
I am praying that this game is not a return to form, or a continuation of the previous two games' style.
Ubisoft needs to change something, and my main concern is the modern day. AC's modern day has gotten so shit since AC3 and they need to get back on track or retcon the last couple games.
I am hyped as hell tho for the vikings setting, just less RPGy stuff (hated odyssey), maybe a perfect blend of origins and unity
I really don’t see how it cannot be a continuation of what we’ve seen. Vikings were warriors first and foremost. I don’t see a great Templar presence there, so need of an assassin presence seems out of place. I sense an Odyssey-esque RPG game, not an assassin game. The way the Vikings travelled and raided, it seems foolhardy to go in as a lone wolf assassin. I am really curious how they will reconcile all of these strange elements into an engaging game.
Agreed. While I've loved every entry since 2, I want something slighty different, but not new. I want a mix of unity and origins would be perfect, with a bit more puzzles thrown in.
Me too! I'm so hyped, I even combined the
This is just Ancestors Legacy video ...?
That was great!
Wow man... That is awesome...
You made this? If so it looks amazing.
My tag says it all.
Odyssey does actually have a lot of historically authentic content. It’s just overshadowed by all of the mythological content.
Same here, the RPG combat would fit really well for vikings.
i’m really looking forward to try the new game, i really hope it brings some fun elements and isn’t just repetitive like odyssey, also, when do you think it’ll release? Some said Feb of this year, is that true?
Feb as in next month? That's not likely at all. Anyway, I don't believe AC releases that early in the year.
I'm still hoping the Vikings thing is a misinterpretation of dudes with round shields and instead the game is set in the 5th century instead of the 9th.
I'd love a game set during the collapse of the Westerm Empire as Europe transitions to successor kingdoms...
It will be serviceable
Would be pretty cool to play as Uhtred lol. God I love that show.
I know everyone wants an ac viking but who wants an ac philippines
i am excited sure but also worried. If its like AC origins or black flag ac2 ac bro ac rev i will be happy good story writing good characters solid game play. if its like Syndicate or odyssey it will be a massive disappointment. As odyssey had grindy game play sponge like enemies terrible writing and story tossed lore out a 30 story building window. Syndicate was just poorly written.
I’m glad about the Vikings setting. I don’t think the Japan setting would be all that good considering how milked it’s been
I want the Vikings concept, however I don't.
I\m hyped, but also a little worried. This could be a very ambitious project, prone to things getting wrong. Fact that it's directed by Ashraf Ismail is calming... but only a little.
Also, I hope for 10th century setting, so if it happens in the period of Vikings series (overused), I will be a little disappointed.
BTW, if you are hyped for the setting, maybe try the Witcher 3. One of three major hubs there (Skellige) is heavily influenced by Norse lore.
Eh I can't be hyped when I know nothing.
Im hyped too, I guessed Vikings way back when Oddysey came out, now I've just been waiting!
I'm sooo hyyped
To replay II
I just hope they make it more grounded
Yea idk what it is but my hype for AC this year is extremely high. My only problem is I keep thinking of all these things I want in the game and I’m afraid I’m gonna be disappointed because of this false reality I’m creating
This would be a perfect opportunity for a side-quest in Iceland, Greenland, and North America as well as one in Russia and even Africa (due to the Vikings' very wide expansion across Europe and beyond).
To be completely honest I'm just excited because I really love winter/cold settings and the idea of kicking the shit out of enemies with Mjonir makes me giddy.
Plus we're definitely gonna fight Fenrir and the World Serpent.
Still hoping we get a more traditional AC tho.
Super excited, just hope it’s more mature, darker, and gets back to the Assassin v. Templar story in earnest.
Gamers have grown up since Altair first introduced us to this amazing world that set our imaginations ablaze. It’s time for AC to grow up a little as well.
I had just bought odyssey extensions and any other game I was missing (started collecting recently only). I couldn't hold myself and checked the next release. Won't it be awesome once again??
Not hyped at all. If there's not a good modern day story I'm not buying it. It'll be the first one of the series that I haven't bought. Maybe I'll play it when it's free or rent it. If in 2022 they release something like Assassin's Creed: 2022 (10 years later) I'd preorder automatically.
I'm always hyped for AC. I mean, I don't really care about where or when it takes place, I've loved every game.
Its gonna happen (at least by the leaks), apparently its called Assasin's Creed Ragnarok and based on vikings and nord mythology
Idc if thats gonna be a viking AC or whatever, i just want a new AC to spice things up. Just need some excitment in life
Is it still lvl ups like last 2 games?
I'm just hoping it's a less weeby Vinland saga
If it's like odyssey in good, dont need another one of those dumpster fires but Vikings sou d so cool.
Do you mean "RPG Creed"?
I'm hyped cause the leak said multiplayer, and that's what I need to get my friends into AC haha
I just read Rick Riordans Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard for the first time about 2 weeks ago and just finished ac:o and wanted to see what the new ac was gonna be, anyway I’m super hyped it’s probably going to be about Vikings and can’t wait for release now too. I hope it has a lot of similarities as that authors books are the same things and based strongly off of facts just set in present times pretty much and ofc shorter in book form
me too, i couldn't stand watching the tv shows, but a game, i am willing to buy the ultimate edition if it in vikings era
Me too. I still would've loved one set in Transylvania tho. So I'm eagerly expecting AC Kingdom and CyberPunk 2020, while hoping I don't get wiped out by the coronavirus before getting to play them
I just want it to be on Steam
Vikings was already an interesting concept to me, AND it'll be integrated with one of my favorite game franchises
I'm not super stoked, it seems to have come down to 'what mythology can we pillage for story ideas this time?'. It's no coincidence that Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and now Viking-era Scandinavia have distinct cultures that the team can just copy stories from I guess.
That's true for every AC game.
Wants a viking AC game but gets bored of an amazing vikings tv show. Thats very accurate to how they really lived. That just doesnt seem right to me you got bored and couldn't watch it then you rewatch it? Re word that better .
It will be oddysey 2.0
I'm excited for the setting but it probably won't have the major changes that it needs to make the series GOTY worthy once again.
I'm not. And I will be much more careful this time with the hype. I got blinded by Odyssey's and loved the game. Then the hyped disappeared and I clearly saw what a boring game it is.
being a huge Japan nerd, a year of AC that is not Japan is almost essentially a waste of time......and yet I still buy. Lol.