Apple urges EU to halt the rise of patent trolls

Yes. Patent trolls are cancer to innovation and business.
patents are cancer to innovation and business
Apple is a cancer to innovation
Where can I read about this? this is before my time
They aren’t wrong. Between random dudes who have no ability to actually create their patent, to trolls patenting super generic shit, to large firms buying up patents to litigate.
Something has to change. Not defending Apple, but the system is pretty bad atm.
I agree with you for the other two examples but this one I think should still be protected. Having financial resources at the time of an invention should not disallow you from having your innovations protected. Imagine all the startup companies with great ideas but no financial resources to bring them to fruition. Companies like Apple back in the day.
Patents shouldn’t be transferable. They should only belong to individuals. They should expire after 20 years or the death of the same individual whichever is longer.
EU urges Apple to pay taxes...
can you people please shut up! apple is paying as many taxes as it legally has to
INB4 bUt aPpLe r PaTeNt TrOLlS tHeMsElVeS
Pay your taxes.
“Hello government entity we under pay to, spend more of your resources to fight for something in our favor. We have the resources to do it ourselves but want to save some of that sweet tax money. Thanks
Also we love the environment when it is in our interests. Also human rights matter but not when it comes at the cost of profits”.
Kind of irrelevant to this. Also, they did. They had an arrangement with Ireland. They paid what they were told. The EU disagreed, and now they are paying some more.
There is one that I know of for sure, the term
EU helps halt patent trolls and apple standardizes their phone charging connection to USB-C
Win Win
Why is this getting downvoted?
Lighting cable isn’t a patent troll?
Patent trolls are the parasites of technology, I swear. They are on par with those goddamn web domain hogs.
LOL. What about the square with rounded corners?
Since Apple actually produced devices using the patents and made significant income out of selling it. It would stupid to categorize that as patent troll.
That wasn't the full text of the patent.
Edit: you don’t think that matters? It kinda does, though, doesn’t it, when the actual patent was much more detailed. That makes statements like the comment above misleading at best.
Tell you what Apple;
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Choose either:
You literally cannot have both. They are provably mutually exclusive.
Lightning is better than USB-C. Don’t force them to use an inferior standard. Encryption and taxes is some good shit, though.
Citation needed for alleged "rise of patent trolls."