who can relATE to never going to those parties where kids mixed a bunch random pills in a bowl 👍

Lol, I've never even heard of a party like that. This is me IRL because I've done this to rando pills I've found, and they've always been bullshit.
Pharm parties or so I’ve heard
well you'd always hear about it on the local news, or from your worried parents whenever going to a friend's house lol
We called them dr parties cause 1 person got a sugar pill and the rest got fucked but no one knew what was what
Happened to me a couple days ago going through old prescriptions. All I found was guanfacine
Fishbowl party, I mean.. uuh.. idk what they’re called
Yeah I was never a kid in a CW show and I feel cheated.
Can I talk to you outside for a second?
Where are all the free-ass drugs school/DARE said I was gonna be offered?
I had a mate who decided to spend his drinking money on an E. We were at a park and he randomly threw up, and as quickly as he regurgitated it he started scooping the vomit up and eating it.
“I don’t want to lose my pill bro that cost me $50”
Reminds me of my dog who eats her own vomit right after puking
He decided to spend $50 worth of drinking money on X? What a dummy
Hahahahahahahahahahha that’s so fucked
$50 dollars thats crazy money for one E.
At most I would spend 10 euro on a pill and often would get it for a decent amount cheaper.
When I was addicted to opiates I did this with an Oxy 80 in my grandmas driveway. They were $60 a pop when I did that. No other drug could ever have me searching my vomit like opiates.
Where the fuck do you live that pills are $50?! Bro definitely got scammed, why would you pay more than like $5?
50... He got ripped off.....I need to become a drug Lord in au
Where in the fuck does a pill of E cost 50 bucks
Just dig through it and find the pill. Geesh, gross.
you can just call it E. “An E” sounds weird
YoU gUyS ARe GeTTiNG InVItEd tO paRtieS?
I ate what looked like an m&m off of a subway platform when I was 7 spoiler alert it wasn’t candy
What was it
that sounds like rich person stuff. When we had drugs as a kid we'd hoard them to ourselves and sometimes steal other people's.
Peasantry pageantry by h0ser
Went to a party where kids were doing this and called my mom and went home. I was that lame.
nah, you're just that smart lol, I'd do the same
It is a thing? When I saw in in CSI New York I thought it would be hilarious to bring laxative and that everybody would bring laxative. How many pills that makes you go high do people have at home anyway? It will probably end with bowl of pills against stomach ulcers.
It's quite horrifying. People can have a lot of left-over meds; in my parents' med drawer you would find anything from laxatives, through hay-fever pills, heartburn meds, something homeopathic, all kinds of stuff for cold/flu, a random forgotten antibiotic, codeine, some ointments and inhalers, to freaking xanax. And they're just regular people.
The latest thing where I live for kids to play with is paracetamol mixed with an energy drink (no idea why), and huffing deodorant cans - upgrade, as it used to be glue and paint.
I've got an 11 year old and even though I don't seriously think he'd be this dumb or this desperate, I've been remaining vigilant.
Is it a thing?*
I've never been to parties lol
Literally no one did that
Nah people do that for sure. I've definitely done it lmao
You've been going to the wrong parties. Hosted 3 magic parties myself playing shot roulette with magic and vodka.
I love how this crosspost and original have roughly the same number of upvotes and comments. It's like a yin/yang or eating too much food with your shrooms.
They called it “trail mix” in my health class
Our school had an assembly about “skittles parties” and everyone there was like wtf none of us do this
A friend of mine took me to a rich kid's party where everyone was doing Xanax and she made the mistake to say out loud that those are my depression meds (not exactly Tru tho) and suddenly there was like 20 kids asking me to sell it for them. Never went to a party with her again lol
Either way, still paying too much (if you meant Australian dollar). I paid $15 USD for some amazing stuff back in the day (8 years ago)
I take Ritalin so I don’t need the random floor pill but I can relate
Our local newspaper made up that kids are going to these parties and taking all of their prescription drugs and throwing them into a bowl. They called them “skittle parties”. We had a very small high school and I never anyone actually doing this, and the newspaper got in trouble for just making shit up a couple of months later. I don’t think this is a common party thing, I think it was just a popularized idea to scare parents
... can someone explain the title? do you mean like prescription medicine? was this some dumb trend?
Out of all the druggie kids I’ve known, they never did something dumb like this.
All the ones I've known wouldn't have wanted to share a random bowl of pills, nor would any of them have enough money to fill a random bowl with pills in the first place.
What, do you expect us to just magically know what each and every pill that gets you high looks like? Thats like hundreds of different pills. How else are you going to identify it?
It seems to me like OP does not understand
long as you don’t change the title to asking “who else has done this.” then yes, i also wasn’t a pill popper for the thrills.
Lmao this has nothing to do with drugs in a bowl but ok
This was also me irl when I was a teenager. Pills were found in grandmas medicine cabinet. Google search was done on grandmas computer. History was not cleared. Teenage me got caught.
thats called a skittle party or some shit
When you say pills you mean like random pills from the medicine cabinet that treat random ailments? That’s stupid AF.
No it’s common for someone to lie what they sold you. With a pill press someone can press anything into a Xanax pill for example, people will put a little Xanax and probably cut it with other benzos. So you might not get as high with another benzo and a small amount of Xanax. I get the feeling this post is about mdma though or some sort of opiate.