You’re The Worst - S05E13 - “Pancakes” (SERIES FINALE)

On the day of their wedding, Jimmy and Gretchen grapple with the meaning of marriage. Written by Stephen Falk; Directed by Stephen Falk.

Absolutely brilliant, satisfying, I'd put it in the top 3 finales I've ever seen. I can't gather my thoughts yet to praise everything in this episode yet so I'll just say: I LOVE that they decided to use No Children as the final song in a goddamn romantic comedy, I mean Jesus Christ, that's such a perfect thing for this show to do. And finally I can associate that song with something other than Moral Orel.
edit: Hello, future commenter who's read through these discussion threads all the way to the end after finding this show which has surely become a cult classic in your time! There's a lot of great finales, now that I've thought about it, but I'd still say it's in the top... 7, for sure.
Moral Orel using it was so fucking good. I try to tell people about that show, the whole hunting trip saga, and then the episode where Orel kept killing himself in the hospital, eventually reaching enlightenment: "I AM A CHURCH!", until it's beaten out of him. Fantastic show by Starburns.
Lord Jesus, are you me? When no children started I was so damn stoked, it matched them and the whole montage perfectly. I sang along and was happy to even see it used let alone used so well. I also only even know of the band because of morel orel and how well they used that song in their emotional ending. That was honestly the highlight of both shows finales for me. I'm probably going to rewatch both as unofficial music videos for that song when I want to hear it.
How did I watch this show for five years and never once associate Jimmy and Gretchen with the Alpha Couple until tonight?
i liked this episode a ton, even though i thought this was a pretty bad season overall, but i'm such a big mountain goats fan that it was the best part of the episode for me lol
Hours after watching it I'm still thinking about it. I just love how we got to see the characters sincerely feel, especially Jimmy. We've spent seasons seeing them be cynical and existential, and in the final scenes, we get to see Jimmy expressedly gutted and deeply sad by Gretchen not writing her vows and he tries to grapple with what that might mean. And as cheesy as his final 'choose' speech in the diner could have been, it felt right and romantic following their realizations. And it also felt right that he said it to Gretchen, and she agreed and was satisfied with the deal, and didn't say, 'I choose you, too.' Ultimately, I'm just satisfied with how realistically messy this whole relationship was. You don't have to give up on someone because they make a mistake or have flaws. If you actually do love each other, you work through it, and find solutions that are just right for the two of you. I will miss this show but it ended so right! That final montage is still playing in my head and I feel so good about it. 💜
I’ve always said that the mountain goats are equal parts wanting to die alone/ want to die at the exact second your loved one does. You’re the worst captures the same feels.
honestly i was expecting the finale to be either very cheesy, dark or over the top happy ending, but im glad they went in the direction that they did. it kept everything interesting till the end and felt like realistic way for the characters to behave considering everything. 10/10 final episode
The best possible ending!! IMO the only way we could experience a happy ending without Gretchen and Jimmy betraying who they are and buying in to the stereotypical happily ever after. Also would like to mention there are some real cynics in this sub not wanting Jimmy and Gretchen to end up together... I get that they’re the worst and all, but their flaws are independent of each other and saying that they’re terrible FOR each other subscribed to this idea that having issues makes u less deserving of love and less capable of giving love, which again in my personal opinion, goes against a lot of what this show has stood for. Big props to Stephen Falk and the cast for this wonderful, multidimensional, realistic portrayal of love in the 21st century ❤️❤️❤️
I love this, thanks for finding the words for why this show means so much to me!
The consistency of characters is flawless through the whole show. Wonderful writing and wonderful finale.
Ultimately what this show is, well said.
I'm really, really gonna miss this show. What a high note to go out on.
That was perfect—I can't believe the
Everyone was in top form. Jimmy being aware that his wedding would be heavily scrutinized because he "successfully heckled" so many other events, Lindsay tearing up over Gretchen's Lindsay-face pajamas, Ben Folds' alcoholism, Paul trying to find his table, Becca's squishiness (?!), Vernon's absolute joy at being Jimmy's his best friend's best man.
Considering how few scenes Gretchen and Edgar had together over the series, I was surprised how hard their talk a few episodes ago landed. Here, where she's actually reflecting over how she allegedly thought about him over the last few years, it was just as devastating. Hurt more when I realized I was more upset about it than Edgar—either he didn't believe what she was saying, or more likely, they were never actually that close.
Jimmy's "vows" were beautiful. It felt like a callback to one of their earlier talks:
I really disliked Paul for most of the series, but he won me over this season. Wasn't too keen on them getting back together, but Lindsay seemed genuinely happy.
When season 4 ended, I'd kind of hoped the show would skip past the wedding and show what their lives together would be like, so I'm glad we got the montage, and that it wasn't a fairy-tale ending (though
Folds out, motherfucker.
I feel like in that gif when they started laughing super hard, I feel like the laugh was a blooper, but they kept it because it just works so damn well. At least I hope so.
i think it's important to keep in mind that it's the day of her wedding which he tried to torpedo less than 24 hours ago. I think she's enraged and saying things that have a kernel of truth to them but are extremely unkind and not actually how she feels about him on a regular basis.
that was fucking.....BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have no complaints, I am so happy with how everything went down and how it let the characters stay true to themselves until the very end. Choosing to love someone every morning is obviously much more powerful than relying on a promise (not that they're mutually exclusive, but it made sense here.)
I love love love that the flashforward showed Gretch with a post-partum episode, emphasizing again the life-long nature of mental illness.
I love that Edgar's attempt to intervene, though easily rationalized as in good-faith and logical, was shown ultimately to have been subconsciously driven by his desire to end his toxic relationship with Jimmy. This is so true to life.
Most critically, I love that the ultimate message of the show is that even if you feel and seem undeserving and unworthy of love, you can and will have it. You just have to try real hard.
I'm so fucking grateful for this show. Thank you writers, actors, producers, everyone involved. What an incredible, special, inimitable ride <3
Airbnbvan- So well put! Really liked your assessment of the finale- why and how it worked so well. Agree 💯%. I was also going comment on the bit about showing that Gretchen's suffering from either (most likely) post-partum dep. or another depressive episode in the future...w/ Jimmy blissfully sleeping through both her and the baby's cries b/c he's still Jimmy who can be selfish, willfully ignorant, and lazy. Love and their version of a HEA didn't magically turn him into a Prince, or her a Princess who's no longer ill. At least Gretchen stayed in the House to cry ;)
I'm crying like a baby after seeing that montage. It was so on point and yet still showed the ways that the characters have matured. Legitimately the best ending I could have ever imagined.
That montage at the end was awesome!! And the gag that you thought she was giving him a hand job but really rocking the baby 😂 honestly makes me wish we got another season just to see all the craziness that would ensue with the kids and everyone’s future. But that’s a good thing.... go out on top and leave you wanting more! Bravo
Bby headphone while mommy and daddy are having sex was pretty hilarious as well
One of my favorite shots. Showing you can be a mom but still be a person grappling with your inherent messed-up-ness.
I also loved the shot of the two of them in the shower with the baby. So good.
I’m just saying that when I had my son, I went through that. I can’t tell you just how many times I was up in the middle of the night crying for whatever reasons while my husband slept blissfully on. Having a baby is hard and it’s a huge life change. Even though you love them more than life itself, you still mourn the life you had before and are also under so much pressure. Getting only a couple of hours of sleep and night adds to everything as well!
Add to that the final shot in the restaurant when they're getting served. For some reason it was ridiculously good. The simplicity of it, i don't know man. I thought it was amazing.
YESSSSS! It's something so real and so common but it's never ever shown in the picture/movies unless it the whole plot of the story. The silent struggles that mums go through are hidden away. Guaranteed that 99% of mums have had a crying episode like that, whether they are clinically depressed or not. But in the flash forwards Gretchen and Felicity are well and happy so we know they both got through it, so 5 seconds of footage tells the story of years of perseverance and overcoming the struggles of being a new parent. Argh I love the writing on this show so much.
Jimmy and Gretchen running away from their wedding together is the best ending for this show. God damnit. I'm so damn pleased with this.
Is that what that was? Holy shit. Lol.
Damn, that boy has never had a chance at a normal life, has he?
I think it's not stated enough that one of the bigger themes becoming more apparent by the end of the finale is timing. Timing, really, is extremely important for a relationship to work out.
Lindsay admitted early on in the series that she rushed her marriage to Paul - she was just trying to beat Becca - but after really processing, she ended up in the same place and she was happier.
Jimmy proposed to Gretchen too soon after his dad died, which he couldn't process properly and led to him running away.
Jimmy and Gretchen were getting married way too soon for either of them, and marriage seems like a poor fit for them in general.
This is why I agree with Lindsay and Paul getting back together. They were wrong at the time. They did horrible things to each other. But now is there time. I believe that if you really have love for someone, you can overcome these things and I believe they truly did and began to understand each other.
Idk why but Ben Folds killed me.
"Folds out, mothafucka!"
He’s my favorite artist of all time. When he first appeared on the show I screamed. And when his silly mug showed up on screen again for this episode, I screamed even louder. He’s a goddamn gem.
That Vernon/Ben Folds interaction with the Trash Juice was perfect.
I knew i'd find you one day
The irony of trash juice in a flask! I mean, c'mon. Could there be a better farewell moment to Vernon's character?! The 'Milf' bit was just icing on the cake. So good, LOL.
"Hello everyone. Hello.
Best Man Vernon here. I don't want anyone to lose their shit, but we can't find the bride or groom. That really can only mean one thing. Jimmy and Gretchen are likely dead, or have been in a horrible accident, so starting to picture life without them is probably a smart move at this point!
Aya looks so beautiful in that dress. Hope she moves on to big things for the next part of her career.
I'd hit it! Like, I wasn't sure before but I would definitely hit that, Jimmy!
She deserves an Emmy for her acting...I think she has a supporting role in Fosse/ Verdon on FXX
All of them. I want good things for all of them (everyone connected with this show), so I can keep watching them/experiencing their work.
Ok more thoughts
fuck that was amazing and I already miss it so much.
Yes. All of these. I think that our culture is obsessed with happy and perfect endings, and the fact that this one ended without a wedding and it showed the struggles of a developing relationship instead of simply highlighting the cute picture perfect moments was liberating. The ending gravitated more towards the sentiment that all of the characters aren't perfect, but being an adult means constantly working towards your best self.
And Gretchen's pajamas that were covered in Lindsey's face was also on point.
Did anyone else catch Stephen Falk during the montage at the end?
Really great episode and great series, I’m gonna miss the show a ton. But I’ll still watch it again and again on Hulu of course.
Fantastic finale, only wish we had more Edgar and less fake detective Boyle
Ah! That's where he's from!
The series finale was perfect, it fit the tone of the series wonderfully! Had everything that made it feel REAL, not just giving us a fairy tale happy ending or a complete diaster ending, just in the middle, with (in my opinion,) a slight tilt to a fairy tale than the latter. This is one of the few shows I will truly miss and continue to think about throughout my life. So far only Psych, Community, Six Feet Under, and now, You're the Worst, are on this list. I will always think of these shows fondly and will always have tears coming out when I rewatch their finales! 😢
Although not exactly the same, add Happy Endings to that list. I do wish it got a happy ending (eh? nudge nudge) since it ended abruptly, it truly is amazing television, the 2nd season is so damn good it makes my heart hurt knowing it ended prematurely.
Also if you haven't you should watch Justified, give it a few episodes, you won't regret it. It will be on your top shows list, whether you want it to or not.
I have to watch Psych & Six Feet Under than as our lists are identical almost. Man Seeking Woman, Park & Rec & 30 Rock flirt ony maybe line. 😀
It wasn't perfect, but ultimately, it hit all the notes - time with all the characters we loved+loathed like Becca, Vernon, Paul, and Edgar, callbacks (Ben folds), and even Kether's wonderful voice. I loved it.
The only thing I didn't love was the weird flashforward reveal. There were too many emotions mixed up in that one scene - yes no no yes no lindsay + paul kid edgar kiss florist wtf is going on okay they're a couple schwew but also now I'm exhausted.
Vernon’s speech was awesome, in fact he was great this whole episode
Vernon was great the whole series. He carried a lot of the comedic weight at various times throughout.
I'm so glad that he finally gets his truck and goes back to being a doctor
Glad Sam and the boys showed up!
so Lindsay
I love noble Edgar but also kinda hate it lol
He low key ruined their wedding but also saved their couple.
ICONIC 😂 - “Hello, everyone. Hello...SHUT UP! Best man Vernon here. I don’t want anyone to lose their shit, but we can’t find the bride or groom. That really can only mean one thing: Jimmy and Gretchen are likely dead, or have been in a horrible accident so starting to picture life without them is probably a smart move at this point!”
“The Very Last Dick”
I wish one of my friends had written that song for me on my wedding day 😭😍
Ben Folds!! Lol and Killian. So many great little cameos. They really went all out for the fans and it shows.
Oh it's coming on again? K I'll watch it again.
Yep my second watch now. Lol probably watch a few more times after even
A lot of people in this sub need to eat their shoes for saying this season was going to be shit in the first half.
The writers knew exactly how to sum up each of the character's flaws and how to fix them. Jimmy and Gretchen figured out a way to love each other without the pressure of a marriage that would have made Gretchen collapse. Vernon has his truck, Becca finally learned to stop drinking while pregnant, Edgar finally found the confidence to strike out on his own (and repaired his relationship with Jimmy), and they all came back to celebrate Lindsay and Paul's wedding.
That's my only real gripe with this ending, though. In the start of the series, Lindsay is clearly a mess who can't do anything without Paul caring for her. I wanted her to find her inner adult and be able to balance that with her natural bubbly stupidity, and up until the days before the wedding, she was eating her boss' ass and got fired for stealing confidential documents.
I really wanted to see her find a partner that challenges her to continue finding her self-dependence, and going back to Paul isn't it. It's not the worst case scenario: Paul definitely got dragged down from his dignity perch closer to Lindsay, and Lindsay has of course made her own strides. They seem genuinely happy together, and hopefully they can make their marriage work the second go around. But I don't have the same confidence there as I do with Jimmy and Gretchen.
But everything else: wonderful. Great bits of cinematography scattered throughout, fun callbacks, dialogue that's simple but devastating. Falk set out to tell a story asking if two toxic humans can survive together, and their solution, just like them, is unique and satisfying. It's a shame that this show has been slept on for much of its broadcast run, either because the core age demo doesn't have cable and the age bracket that does might be turned off by just how disgusting the jokes were in season 1. But holy hell, people are going to binge the shit out of this.
Bravo, Stephen. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
That was really satisfying. They threaded the needle of happy ending and realistic for the characters. Everything was beautifully foreshadowed. I liked that Jimmy didn't accept Gretchen's depression as an answer and that he was just as freaked out as her. One of the best endings of a show I've ever seen.
"I'm not your lyft, ben folds!" - my new catch phrase
Question with spoiler
Was it ever explained why jimmys car was scratched up and why he didn’t fix/replace it?
honestly? probably just some punk kids or some random incident, maybe a red-herring flew into it.
They're a couple of careless assholes, why WOULDN'T they treat their car like shit? I think Tallulah's lost/damaged eye needs more of a backstory myself.
I didn't catch that either!
I'm also curious about how well Edgar and Felicity were getting on for that being the fist time Edgar had seem Jimmy since the wedding. It's possible that she loves her Uncle Edgar because Gretchen told him to, or that they just became super tight playing before the reception. BUT STILL.
This is it, we are finally here. The episode is out there if people want to watch.
Vernon is on fire tonight. “MILF alert! MILF alert! GOD!”
Well, it's over... And I loved it!
They managed to keep it faithful to the characters. I kind of expected it, given the great writing in previous episodes, but was also a tiny bit afraid.
Edit: Oh, btw I loved
Anybody else craving pancakes now?
Ugh I want breakfast so bad now, you’re not the only one. I honestly loved how they got that food first thing after dipping from the wedding.
I watched it early and loved it! Now I can say this is one of my favorite shows, since it didn't pull a How I Met Your Mother and have a bad ending.
5 years later and I am STILL mad about how HIMYM ended. 😂😂😂
Oh my goodness, same. HIMYM attempted to give their characters a "realistic" romantic ending, but failed in doing so by undoing so much character development. Meanwhile, YTW depicted two dysfunctional people functioning so well in their dysfunctional relationship, depicting an unconventional, actually realistic but still romantic ending for their characters. Now THAT is how you "realistically" end a romcom show!
Wow. That flash forward segueway of Jimmy walking out the door had my heart pounding. They really pushed our emotions with a fake out and then a switch up. Then back into present time. Very well done. I was just about to start trying to accept the fact they were not going to end up together.
As soon as Jimmy asked "How was New York?" I audibly said "Wait, what is going on?!"
Brilliant fake out.
Trash juice returns!! I really wish I could try some
Man they should make an official recipe book for all the food and drinks. Maybe even include champons.
I broke down in tears at the diner scene moving in to the montage. I'm STILL crying. Fuck.
It sounded a lot like Dorothy in Edgar's podcast, I might be wrong though. No Honey Nutz return, I'm guessing the actor wasn't available any longer which is why he was replaced or something?
Edit: Found a quote about Honey Nutz:
It was beautiful, too, and she looked so lovely in it.
No one here ever guessed she’d become the nanny lol. That’s SO Gretchen for approving that lol
The nanny twist was hilarious. I was thinking that it would be REALLY weird if Jimmy somehow didn't end up with Gretchen AND managed to get together with a random florist who essed his dee a long time ago.
The froyo guy makes a comeback!
He's probably broke because people keep abusing his free sample system!
I need a full version of Lindsay’s song ASAP lol 😂 hopefully they release a full music video version or something
I'm so glad we at least got to hear the first verse 😂😂
That ending was perfect. Exactly what this show has been all along. Not perfect, messy, dysfunctional, but brutally honest.
This was an absolutely amazing finale. The ending shot was not exactly what I was expecting, but it was without a doubt the most romantic thing I've ever seen. It just encapsulated everything about their relationship without a single word spoken and it had me laughing and near tears, man.
The only thing that didn't sit with me was that there was no Honey Nutz 1.0! I don't know why, I think I just wanted an interaction between the two Honey Nutz's and see how that situation would've played out, but other than that very small thing I'm extremely satisfied
This was such a good series finale. There were so many callbacks and attention to detail and, most importantly, it stayed SO true to the show. The show all along has always been about two people who don't really know how to be in love falling in love and making it work, whether it be through mutually assured destruction or choosing to be with each other every day. Everything felt realistic to the characters, their growth, and their inherent "worstness." I love this show so much. I love its message. Even if "you're the worst," despite your issues and mistakes, you are deserving of love, and you can find it even in the most unconventional of ways.
I’m going to need some more time to soak this finale and season and the history of the show in. But I can say that overall, it was a pretty fantastic ride. It was real. It was raw. It was messy. It was life. The writers, actors, etc. did a fantastic job at portraying modern relationships, and it will go down as one of the best modern comedies (dramaedy??) at least in my opinion. I can’t wait to see what the cast goes to do next!
Fuck, and the Mountain Goats. God damnit. Best finale ever.
“I rhyme Horatio and fel...” 😆
(spoilers) I cried when Gretchen kissed Jimmy. When for those few minutes I thought they didn't end up together, I felt betrayed, angry, sad and anxious, and that kiss was just was such a relief.
I don't know if I've ever connected more in my life with two characters than these two.
An absolutely perfect ending to a beautiful show.
Jimlet: 2 1/2 gin, 1/2 oz fresh lime juice, 1/2 simple syrup, lime wheel garnish.
Gretcharita: 3 oz tequila, 2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice, 1 oz simply syrup, 1/2 to 1 tsp orange liqueur, 1 tbs lime salt-sugar.
[spoiler] The one thing I don't like is how
I think at the moment he understood that she was just trying to tear him down because she was spiraling. He didn't really believe her. Probably thought that trying to explain himself would just make things worse. He wasn't trying to cause a scene. He just wanted to be there for Jimmy just in case.
I think the way he treated her about the pills shows he clearly cared about her but you need to be a special kind of close to tell someone not to get married.
i see what you're saying and it was quite harsh but i think considering how heightened the tensions were and that Gretchen told him to not say a word, it makes sense that he just kept his mouth shut and continued doing what he was doing.
in the end he was Jimmy's friend first and foremost. He could see through the bullshit Jimmy put forth, he knew that Jimmy truly loved him.
Edgar was making a complicated reverse psychology play, both for himself, and Jimmy/Gretchen. By telling Jimmy to not get married and being the easy out escape ride all day, he pretty much guaranteed that Jimmy would not run away (or at least not take the Edgar escape route, because pride). And he knew that telling Jimmy to not marry Gretchen would torpedo the friendship, making him lash out. That way Edgar could no longer feel indebted to Jimmy and thus it would be easier to move on and start over in NYC.
I feel that he was looking out for Gretchen more than Jimmy. I agree he behaved differently near the end, I would have liked if they got in his car and told him that he was right, then he dropped them off at the diner.
while i don't disagree that it was tough, I think it was meant to be a totally different thing for edgar - Falk explains here
Maybe I misunderstood, but didn't he say at the end (chronologically) something to the effect of "that was the only way I could get away from you?" I took that to mean that he wasn't actually trying to break them up, he was trying to do something to burn that bridge completely so he could move on with his life.
Well I’m good with that ending.
Vernon is so adorable receiving bestmanship
I've been wanting to check out the spoilers in here since I checked in at 10:00, but have been (barely) fighting off the urge. Now that I've seen the finale, I can say that I am a fan of how it ends. Vernon's over-reaction was perfect.
You know what? I'll take it. It's an ending that makes sense given everything we have seen from them over the last five seasons.
It was cool to see Becca finally not drink while pregnant. Nice to see the growth. I think I got all my cries out with Gretchen confronting her mom in the last episode so im glad there wasn't any real moments I cried here. I love how Jimmy loves Gretchen and I've definitely felt connected with their story through the whole show. Gretchen's mental illness and Jimmy not really understanding it but eventually accepting it and not having that be an issue was much like my own relationship. Gretchen being messed up because of her upbringing. Jimmy and Gretchen roasting people together. I'm going to miss them both. I was kinda with everyone last week who didn't want Lindsay back with Paul, but now that I got to see it I'm happy they got it right the second time, sometimes that's what it takes. Plus they've grown a lot while they weren't married. Vernon deserved to be happy so I'm glad that happened. I love how it's over, but I'm not too sad because I saw everything I could want to see. Now if only my boyfriend would catch up so I can talk to him about it too.
Edgar is such a fucking bro
“Catch me!” 😆
I love that Edgar is getting a fresh start in New York. That really makes me happy.
Also, am I the only person in the world who thinks Linds did not have enough character growth to accept she would remarry Paul? Like, I know they did the whole hair cut reconnect thing but what could possibly have changed in Linds that that would happen? Even knowing they're both the worst it was the only thing I couldn't really buy from the finale.
I think Paul just brings out Lindsay’s absolute sweet side. I think she’s grown enough to be comfortable with that. She’s not obsessing over being a trophy wife with an affluent husband and getting her mouth wired shut to try to keep up with the other wives. She’s comfortable in her own skin now. That’s why I loved when Paul gave her the ring this time, she was eating a potato chip, looking happy as fuck❤️
I would have liked to see Lindsey be content with being single.
i think what Lindsay was lacking in her first go around with Paul is the understanding of both the harsh and the dope realities of adult life - the satisfaction you get from handling your own shit but also the drag of having to deal with it. I feel she learned that well.
Paul didn't know Lindsay at all in their first marriage and he got a few harsh lessons through all that lead to their divorce. This is emphasized in this episode when he tells Jimmy "She won't ever change!" The opressive "nice guy" thing was also worked out during his little menininst streak.
I personally don't love that Lindsay ended up with Paul in the end, but from a character growth perspective, I think it makes sense. They're going into this again eyes wide open, with no illusions of what to expect from one another and no need to lie about who they are.
as much as it may be a cop-out, we did not see what happened in those years after their
I wonder if I can buy a set of Lindsay-face pajamas...
All good, it's just a shame we won't get to see Lindsay and Paul's second marriage implode like a compromised submarine.
I expected to be a lot more emotional but I was pleasantly satisfied. Although, I definitely did tear up a bit when Jimmy was talking about choosing to love Gretchen fully and wholeheartedly every day haha
What an utterly masterful hour of TV. Well played, Stephen Falk. Well played.
Paul and table 13 😂😂😂 they are so mean to him lol
Yeah those season 4 brows were a surprise cameo!
Lmfao final reference of Trash Juice
When I heard the spoiler that the little girl was named "Felicity", I knew it was a Jimmy name. That made me even more sure they would end up together, when I was already leaning that way from how there seemed to be red herrings all over the place.
Another was the florist, and lol how did I not think of that (or anyone else) holy shit.
HOLY SHIT, THEY DID IT! They pulled it all together. I'm even OK with Lindsey and Paul! Are they all that good, or am I just easy???
Wait, is it both? It's both. Never mind.
Holy shit. Holy shit. Nothing new to add, but I will say that this finale was perfect for me. I'd found the season lackluster overall, but this finale was everything I could have ever wanted and more. I went through three cry-dry cycles in 20 minutes: Gretchen telling Edgar to leave, the reveal of their future selves and the payoff of the flash-forward twists, then the entire final montage over that Mountain Goats song...just a slobbering, blubbering mess for the entire thing. How Falk can cut from an implied airport handjob revealed to be Gretchen rocking a baby, making me laugh out loud, to them having sex with the baby wearing earmuffs, to Gretchen sobbing in And damn Paul Baribeau's "Ten Things" is one of my favorite songs and always gets me in a "live your life fearlessly" kind of mood.
I absolutely adore every one on this show and it kind of pains me that I can't tell each of them individually how much this show has meant to me, and how much it's helped me understand and work on my own self issues. I am going to miss it so much.
I love that Talulah missing an eye was actually a thing that they kept, without ever explaining it.
That eating scene was excellent.
Also, was that a new new Honeynutz??
I really loved that moment when Jimmy walked out of the wedding venue and it was the future all of a sudden.
That was a BRILLIANT storytelling device
I think Paul and Lindsay ending up together is going to be controversial to many here, but it makes sense to me. They both have done some insanely fucked up things to each other, but you can tell the love is real. They are both going to work together to become one again and I think it’s perfect for what this show was always about. I think over the last five years they both have grown tremendously. I’m rooting for them!
I loved it. Gretchens dressing down on Edgar in the car was brutal! Using the florist as the nanny so they could mislead in the flash forwards was a little cheap and not 100% sold on Lindsey and Paul getting back together. But overall fantastic ending. Can't wait until it's all on Hulu so I can binge through the whole thing.
Considering Gretchen & Jimmy's past. I think it's very on brand for the florist to be the nanny and yes the scene between Edgar/Gretchen & Linds/Edgar made me tear up a bit. Mainly because it needed to happen for Edgar to finally move on from this group. Which is very relatable as far as "adult friends" go
best series finale i’ve ever seen
Vernon lmao I wish we got more of him
Aw it's over. 😭😭 I liked it. 💔
It was a marriage to the present, not to the future or for society’s sake.
Who’d a thunk the show that aires after the hyped MARRIED lasted 5 seasons.
I went into this fully expecting to be heart broken. The show completely fooled me. What a fantastic end to this show. I'm excited to rewatch the series now.
fuck, finals are always sad, my best for everyone
I remember having this conversation with my best friend a few years ago, I said the same words that Jimmy does about choice, always a choice - almost feels like someone recorded me then and put it here.
I don't think any other ending could have made sense, for any of them.
And now, I wait for my Jimmy.
One of my best friends for the last 20 years recently had a kid. He'd been dating a girl for a few years, but I didn't know the extent of the relationship because he lives on the other side of the country. When he called me to tell me the news, I asked if he and his girlfriend would very get married, and he said probably not. I'd known that he was always kind of anti-marriage, from legal standpoint, but figured he'd give in. And after we talked awhile, I told him that the conversation made me actually respect his choice more than the decision to get married because they "feel like they should," because if two people decide to stay together because they want to, without it being defined by law, then who's to say that relationship is any less strong than a marriage? In my opinion, it's maybe stronger.
People who stay together because they choose to, without
That flash-forward montage of everyone dancing at Lindsey's/Paul's wedding, especially the slow-mo pan to Gretchen and Jimmy smiling at each other, melts my heart! <3
edit: i just rewatched the montage scene until credits, and the feels really hit this time, especially when listening to Roosevelt's Fever lyrics :( everyone grew up in their own way, gretchen+jimmy still seem to love each other deeply, gretchen still has depression, flashback to edgar leaving the group after he kind of was the catalyst to them ending.... gosh. i just realized that despite how everything worked out for everyone - we are never going to see them again. i can't deal 😭 i'm going to miss this show so much. it was such a comfort being able to see a part of myself in gretchen dealing with her mental illness, navigating adulthood/relationships whilst fucking up often.
thank you, cast and crew, for such a beautiful, heart-wrenching, real, and fun story. it was truly a blessing to be able to witness and experience this show.
Wait what about the Mountain Goats song lyrics? That song is fucking fantastic. Also I agree, I loved how human this show as, it made me feel OK to be a fuckup sometimes, albeit not to the level that they were, but still.
They pulled it off. A great send off for a great show. Great job Stephen & co!
Another great show comes to an end. I couldn't have imagined a better ending myself.
So many roller coasters and the flashbacks and present time similarities were very well done. That twist I did not see coming.
Before this episode, I kinda agreed with Edgar. I thought Jimmy and gretchen were gonna crash and burn. Those flashbacks we got of her in the hotel room and telling the guy at the bar she was single, the house being sold. I was so sure they were gonna break up.
This was a perfect ending for people like me who didn't think Jimmy should marry Gretchen but at the same time really wanted them to be together, cause they're perfect for each other.
I think not getting married and living each day, one foot out the door, is so on brand for them. I liked that no info was spoon fed to us but it was also easy to follow along with the plot
In the end, those parallels where it looks like a sexual act but they're really just caring for a baby. Lol
is anyone else still crying?
Okay but is Lindsey like a mother to Paul’s Becca baby??? I wish they’d shown us some of that
No real podcast by that name that I could find. I imagine it’s a parody of Serial.
It was PERFECT!!
Man... so many emotions! Deep deep melancholy that it's ending. Happiness that it ended so perfectly. Fond memories of the show and of the person I was when I watched it.
I'll miss it so much and miss you all!
...the Germans probably have a word for this.
I am so happy with how they pulled this off. I sobbed.
I absolutely loved Edgar listening to a murder podcast and all his reactions lmao
I really loved the finale. It was perfect. AND THE MOTHER FLUFFING MOUNTAIN GOATS!
I’ve never been so fulfilled with a tv show.
What will I watch now?
Best fucking finale I've seen in a long time. Cared more about the outcome of this wedding than a few I've attended. So happy when they kissed outside the venue & the little girl was shown to be their daughter. Anyone else notice that Jimmy's vows said "live" when it should have said "life"? Selling the house because it's not kid-friendly makes sense. The main floor is not continuous, not much carpeting, and it's be a crime to cover all the wood flooring. Wonder how they ended up hiring the florist as a nanny. Maybe Gretchen sought her out specifically because the temptation is theoretically gone? What was the significance of the Lindsay PJs? Where the fuck was Dutch? Would've been funny to see him quit a great job. Might've been good to see their reactions to the pregnancy test, her water breaking, etc, but at least we got to see Trash Juice in a flask, older Tallulah with an eye patch, Becca preggers again, Gretchen eating pizza with mustard, and that *Width* had dimension-theme sequels.
Watching the opening credits one last time 😭😭
Holy shit, No Children.
Holy shit that was perfect.
What Paul Barbieau song is it?
I just started the finale and I'm already tearing up because it's the end and I don't know what to expect in the next few minutes.
I can’t believe we’re really here
Oh man just hearing the theme for the last time w/ new new just makes me so sad
Bringing the froyo guy back for a cameo was such a great touch lol. It’s the little things!
I was so confused for a second
I’m crying. I was really trying to not get my hopes up and was preparing for the worst, but they really delivered. Now gotta go rewatch the whole series.
i bawled like a baby at the montage, all 3 times I watched it 😭
This week I watched and will watch the final episodes of three of my favorite shows: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Broad City and You're the Worst. And, although I'm sad that I have to say goodbye to these great stories, I'm really glad they (Broad City and You're the Worst, so far) nailed the endings.
Gretchen and Jimmy's final resolution was perfect for these characters. I shed a few tears and smiled a lot during this episode, and honestly, I'm very happy that, for the years to come, I can look back on this show dearly, and that I can recommend it with clear conscience to people that can appreciate it.
I kept saying “oh god it’s over” over and over again in the last 5 minutes
Re watching it again now and i am quite impressed with the number of long takes they pulled off.
I don't even pity Edgar at this point, I just hate him. I don't think his character was redeemed at the end, despite Jimmy being okay with the situation.
Does anyone have the lines where they talked about having to choose you every day? My wife and I just looked at each other during that movement because we've been saying it for years now. After that scene my wife looked over at me and said "are there cameras in the house or something?"