S05 E01 - Episode discussion


NOOOOOOOOOO. I am so devastated that this is how Charles finds out.
I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! when we got the news of s6, I fully expected that to be the cliffhanger but I am not complaining. he obviously forgives her but now I’m even more curious how Diana will react - will she know too by next week??
Seriously. The only good thing is that we can see how it pans out this season, instead of it being a cliffhanger which is what I originally thought it would be when he secret finally does come out.
Diana just gets more lovable as the seasons pass
Season One Diana was just enthusiastically mean. Season Four Diana was a lot more friendly. It's so nice watching her warm up.
"A year ago I wouldn't have trusted myself around one of these things..."
That's a bizarrely dark joke, Pauline/Younger TV writers.
It was a bit dark, yes. But I got the feeling that Pauline left Charles to go find herself. So doesn't that joke miss the point a little bit?
I had to do a double take and check myself that she really said that!
I was kind of shocked they said it and then blew past it like it was nothing 😳
"Rising skills, falling breasts. Am I right?"
"... Okay."
"We just didn't want to believe our Golden Goose was a Horny Toad."
Omg I LOVE her
OMFG Sutton's reaction to lawyer Bill walking into the room was PHYSICAL COMEDY GOLD.
"Were you... triggered?"
ROFL I love Diana so much.
Damn Sutton. Body be banging. I need your workout plan. (Or genetics.)
I imagine a lot of intense dancing.
OK, no way Charles would announce it right then and there... But I'm actually kind of glad that some people in the audience were clapping.
I was irritated that Liza had the nerve to act shocked. Like, GURL wtf did you think would happen?! You know that man is low-key in love with you. Urgh! 😖😤
Omigod, the bait and switch with the lawyer friend and L.L. Moore! I always thought he’d find out from the friend.
Also, Zane is getting on my nerves already. Even if he had real feelings for Kelsey, how would anyone know? Everything he says comes off as manipulative.
And rolling his eyes in Times Square in the end, like everything is a competition. He should be happy if they're all succeeding.
Yea Zane is getting annoying. I like how they’re creating an equal for Kelsey to play off of, I just hope he’s not solely so cocky and manipulative. They need to create more depth moving forward
“wasn’t talking about me” ooops liza
😂😂😂😂 “Could destroy the company, but we’ll support you.”
Oh wow. Charles is such a good guy. Sending him back to the sky was so funny. 😂
I was almost sure that Charles was going to find out in the last minute with all their teasers, but not in that way. This is a terrible way for him to find out. Also they said we were gonna find out what he said in the voicemail and we never did?!
I thought so too, but I thought it would have to do something with Bob, not Moore. I hate that he called her a con artist.
According to the Younger podcast with Peter I listened to this morning, the voicemail was about the LL Moore thing. But that must've been cut because I don't remember hearing that.
THIS!!! I came here searching for this to see if I missed the voicemail! I NEED TO KNOW! Unless his voicemail just had something to do with Moore!?
More saying that she’s a divorced 40-something housewife from New Jersey is just putting the worst possible light on Liza, I’m so interested to see how Charles responds/recovers from this!
He also said she's bankrupt. Good grief, poor Liza :'(
Is she actually divorced though? I was so confused by that statement because part of the storyline in Season 3 was that she put the wrong birth year when they signed them the first time and then the next time she was supposed to sign she broke her collar bone. I dont remember the divorce every being finalized. Im wondering if we are just now supposed to assume they were signed?
Part of me was like, this isn't a very fun storyline... The other part was like, no, yeah, this is a huge deal in TV/publishing right now, so it makes total sense to cover it.
the fact that we don’t think it’s very fun just shows we’ve all become desensitized to this behavior 😓
“he said my vagina spoke dreams to him at night”
Maaaaan, Charles hurt and confusion playing out on his face was real. What a fucked up way to find out. It would have been one thing to hear it from Liza herself but he so did not see this kind of revelation coming... and to be mocked by Moore about it... Jeez.
This show needs to be a hour, the commercials take up the whole show it seems.
And omg Liza! I think Charles is going to hold on to her secret but end up backing up Moore for it.
I’ve been saying this since the beginning. 1 hour shows have me so spoiled. Just when you’re getting into it, it ends!
"I don't hear anyone criticizing Wonder Woman's costume."
Then you haven't been listening, Zane.
he’s too busy stealing ideas to listen
Seriously! Male writers & creating vs female!
Ughhhhh that ending!!! I hate how many commercials this damn show has, give me more of the show! I can’t believe she got out-ed by Moore!
Just watch online the min it’s done airing with 0 ads
only 22 mins of air time. super lame.
Ughhh, Moore with his whole "I only wanted to fuck her if she was 20 years younger" bullshit makes me madder than I ever expected to be made by this show.
Same!! His character is revolting.
BWAHAHAHAHA that Teachers/Younger ad.
Poor Nadine from Tallahassee...
What an episode! Great start to the season. I can't wait to see Charles' reaction to the news and how he handles it. I thought the #metoo tie in was appropriate, given the lecherous behavior he was doing a few seasons ago. Zane is pissing me off. He's a total douche. Last season he was cocky, but not over the top. But this episode he was just cut throat, rude, and mean. I understand why Kelsey was so pissed about the Empirical name on the book, but she could have handled that situation far better.
To clarify, Bob is married to Julia, who is also Pauline's sister, right? We learned that last season I think.
I don't think she is Pauline's sister, just a friend. P.s I hate Zane too.
I binged watched the entire show on Hulu early this year, and this is the first time I’ve had to wait a week in between episodes... I don’t know how you guys do it, I’m FREAKING OUT.
I’ve avoided teasers to go into this season blind and definitely DID NOT see that ending coming. I’m so heartbroken that Charles found out that way from Moore, that old bastard. I was rooting for Liza to come clean to him for ages, and the look of betrayal on his face was just so hard to watch.
Looking forward to watching this new season with y’all!
Erp. What Charles did (i.e., not giving Kelsey a courtesy heads-up) was wrong, but the way she's sassing him?! THAT IS YOUR BOSS, WOMAN. AND A REALLY NICE/HOT GUY.
Oh boy!! Already, on the edge of my seat!
Except Zane is off putting because he reminds me exactly of a classmate of mine who's now trying to be an actor; they look almost the same #weird.
How awful, you must give me his phone number immediately so I can.. uh... tell him off...
The way that this show handled sexual harassment was incredibly mature few shows have been able to do so with the accuracy and tact that this show did
The interesting thing is they had portrayed this Moore character as a creep for a long time already, wayb before Weinstein's fall IIRC
This is why we can't have nice things
Woah that was fast. Didnt expect Charles to know truth too soon! I think he will be fine with it though from watching the trailers of this season they posted. He will probably carry the burden of keeping Liza s secret.
Ugh, the only thing I hate more than LL Moore is that Charles had to find out about Liza from him.
Poor. Charles must be questioning everything. I hope he gives Liza a chance to explain
Ugh. That actually really pisses me off. Stealing her book isn’t a promotion.
Oh shoot
Does Moore know about Liza’s age?? I forgot
Is there a trailer for 5x02?
No, they did a “On this season of Younger” type thing in lieu of a sneak peek at 05X02.
They had one up on their instagram yesterday for a couple of hours and then took it down. Maybe its coming today or tomorrow?
excellent premiere.. but can't they make it an hour tv series. 20mins is way too short. it's over before you know it!
Here we gooooooooooo!
Yay! I’m so excite!
Oh my gosh... this is too close for comfort! something is indeed going to happen
Oh my god the teaaaaaaaaa
Thank you, angel of the internet.
What did the voicemail say? I totally missed it, apparently.
This show! I wasn't sure what they were going to do this season after that tease with the office almost-sex and Pauline and the writers just tackled it heads on and killed it. Hahaha, Sutton is so adorable at being the butt of the joke, I just love her. Love how they just go ahead with the #metoo and #Russiancollusion.
So excited to see what they are going to do with Charles now in the know.