You awaken in a room of doors, with a key.

*(Last* time I tried this, I left it unattended for too long, and someone else took it up. I'm trying again, with a slightly different setup)

I shout out, "Hello? What the hell is this?" I start to inspect the door for any non obvious differences.
The room is empty, and spotlessly clean. The walls seem to all but absorb your voice, and the only thing that seems to happen in response is a brief vibration from the key, like a single cell phone bzzz.
What is this key? I take a close look at it.
The key is an
I read what the note with the small key says.
It says
Gonna see if I can take a photo or an etching of the key, just in case I run into a locksmith later. It looks neat.
With that done, I'll go up to the weathered green door, knock, and if no one answers, open her up.
You don't have a phone or camera, nor any kind of implement to draw, etch, or trace with. You, in fact, do not seem to have any pockets - your outfit is a
Knocking on the door, you hear a voice on the other side. You don't make out the first few words, but the ending of the speech is "...'s a damn fool, I'll get the door for you, scrape your boots off on your way in." You then hear the door unlocking.
I go sit in the lotus position and begin meditating.
You are able to peacefully meditate for several hours, at which point the key gives a small bzzz sound, like a text on vibrate.
I attempt to tear the "one use only" tag off the key by snapping the thread that connects the two. If that doesn't work, I try to tear the tag where its connected to the thread.
The string rips off the key without any fuss whatsoever.
I unlock door 204 and heedlessly burst inside with great urgency. “I’m here” I announce.
The room before you is an ordinary apartment room, only unusual in its lack of windows and lack of sufficient lighting. The air lingers with the aura of college.
"Holy crap, dude!" comes a voice, "No need to yell! Is that the pizza guy?"
I use the key on the old wooden door.
The door is now locked. Apparently it was already unlocked.
Holding the key in my hand, I walk towards door 6.
Door 6 is still there.
“Anyone there?” I ask as I go door to door frantically knocking on each door; not really sure if I want a response.
Knocking on the first door, there is no response.
The second door, you think you hear a voice saying something like "I'm busy, you idiot!" or possibly "Arrest the bastard!"
Third door, you clearly hear "You're not fooling anyone this time, [you can't make out this word], the pizza's already here."
Fourth door, no response, although you think you might hear some voices on the other side.
Fifth door, no response.
Sixth door, no response.
Seventh door, you hear faint echoey shouting, although you can't be sure, and it doesn't seem to be directed at you.
I attempt to break down the glass door by kicking it.
The door holds. Must be plexiglass or something.
Your foot is now lightly bruised.
I first take inventory of everything I have, what I'm wearing, anything and everything in the room. I also inspect all the walls, the floor and the ceiling before I look at the doors individually. When looking at the doors I run my hands over every inch of each of them and also putting my ear against them to see if I hear anything.
You have a key.
Your outfit is a
The room is empty, and spotlessly clean. The walls seem to all but absorb any sound, and the walls, floor, and ceiling seem to be made of the same smooth, featureless substance.
The doors appear exactly as they did before. None of them have done a handstand yet.
Listening at each one, you think you might hear voices from the third, fourth, and seventh ones, but you're not completely sure.
The key momentarily vibrates, like a single ring on a muted phone. Bzzz.
I inspect myself and what I have on me. Then I inspect the key. Lastly I take a good look at all the doors, bringing the key up to each keyhole to see if there's any reaction by either the doors or the key.
You have a key.
The doors all seem to have no secret hidden depth to them, and are all more-or-less what they appear on the surface. You think you might hear voices behind a few of the doors, especially the fourth and seventh, but you can't be sure.
The key doesn't seem to react to any of the doors in particular, but you notice that after 'inspecting' the last door, the key briefly vibrates, like a muted cell phone.
I dial 911 and tell the dispatcher that I've been abducted. I don't know the location, but they can trace the call to find me.
You search for your phone, and find not only no phone, but no pockets. While you were out your clothes were switched for a
“Well this is weird but I won’t get anywhere just standing here” I walk up to the shiny metal door and check if it’s locked. If it is I use the key.
The door is not, in fact, locked.
I eat the key
It doesn't seem to fit in your mouth very well, and while trying, it buzzes loudly.
“Ok, let’s do this.” I turn around, facing directly away from the row of doors and begin walking.
The key buzzes a few times. Maybe it's excited!