You wake up in a cold cave, not remembering who you are. (2.0. last one locked after 6 months!)

after 44610 comments my last thread died, with two people still playing. so lets keep it going, anyone else is welcome to join from the start if they want. the other stuff might have spoilers. I'll be here. PM me if I miss a post after more then a day and you want to keep playing. anyway..

female, caucasian, 5'2", 102 lbs., green eyes, blonde hair. I move towards the torch to warm my hands before I walk over to the bag.
The torch fails utterly to warm your hands at all. you aren't sure.. but it's cold
you check the bag. it is partly filled and covers a note.
you can read the words
I'm sorry for wha...
Male, Caucasian, 27 years old. Just graduated from mechanical engineering and lookinb for a job.
Last thing I remember I had teaponded to a job listing. The location seemed ofd but I was desperate. Next thing I know I am waking up here.
Confusion floods me as I look at my surrounds. Slowly I get up and make my way to check out the bag.
(Issue. you don't remember anything, from a job, to a job listing, or that you are a mechanical engineer! you might have those skills but you can't remember anything about yourself)
you look the bag and notice a note under it.
but the bag has ten unmarked blue coins inside
I hold my head as the pain subsides. I blink as the world swims into focus and I fumble around instinctively for my glasses.
(Male, White, 6ft7, Brown hair, Brown eyes, poor eyesight without glasses)
If I find the my glasses I put them on and get up - If not I'll start searching on the floor near me
you search for glasses and can't find them. you need them to see... wait you.. can see?
you can see that your glasses aren't here.
Male, Asian, 170cm, Black hair, black eyes.
I look through the bag.
you find 10 blue coins inside, smooth and unmarked.
a note sits under the bag you didn't see before
(this thread is from a past player, and would make no sense in context. and may spoil the rp. read at your own risk! if you must read it won't make any sense I bet)
"She isn't an active reaper anymore. her house was lost, along with the one she named."
Library bot gladly helps you check it out.
(Seriously, listen to the OP! Bunch of spoilers, which at the same time won't mean much is going on here!)
I feel a little sting in my heart purely from emphaty.
"Maybe... I shouldn't talk to her. Thank you still for the offer." I say.
She probably has enough to deal with without random strangers coming for selfish reasons...
"I believe that is all I was going to ask you, thank you Vi-ta-la."
I teleport to my study.
I scry on my flux machine, the fluxes, and check Abbie's location from my map.
I open up the book on demon classes and get learning.
New player! No spoilers here! Also I'm a 3.5 player, if you're 5e I'll do my best to get my skills right.
I'm female, half-elf, an awkward elfish build, young adult, light red hair with some platinums trying their hardest to shine through and some freckles over my nose, a elf would call my looks disappointing - not quite the delicate features you would expect, my head, my shoulders, and my hips are too big. One request is that I'm mildly clumsy. Like a large dog that never quite learned how to handle it's own size.
As I awake on the cold floor I shiver. My instincts tell me that if I'm sleeping I should have a blanket and I begin to reach around me for something. I find nothing but empty air and more cold. I groggily open my eyes and sit up wincing at the pain as it fades away. I take in my surroundings and at first accept all to calmly that I've woken up in a cave...
Then suddenly it hits me like a sack of potatoes. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Where am I? What am I wearing? Is there anyone here? Why is it so freaking cold? What happened? I don't know! I don't know? Oh my goodness! I have no idea how I... Who I... What... Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh.... Crap. (internal monologue)
I look around to get a better look at the room and my surroundings still seated. Specifically worrying is this room safe. Spot/Listen or Perception check
!roll 1d20
(ok wow we have a very basic miss understanding here. this is set systemless world where you are a human. there are no dice.
so being an elf wouldn't really make sense, in fact you haven't heard of a real elf. your from a modern world!)
(although your writing is fine, and I understood how your internal monologue was convared, if you don't want to join I understand, if you do feel free to edit or make a new post)
Rolling dice...
Thank you for making a simple bot very happy!
Female, caucasian, green-blue eyes, silvery blonde hair, somewhat elf-like.
I go to look into the bag, is there anything in it? Anything at all?
You look inside and see ten blue coins. huh.
as you picked up the bag you noticed a note under it.
Asian male, 4'11", black-haired, green-eyed.
I feel around in the ground for a second for something that feels missing before I give up and get up. The words echo around in my head for a very long time as I slowly stand and wander over to the bag.
I turn it inside out looking for food and dumping all inedible contents unceremoniously onto the table.
you wander over to the bag. it has a note under it, but you don't care becuse you want food.
you dump the bag out and find nothing but ten perfectly inedible blue coins, with no markings
(interesting style of thoughts. I normally just use italics)
male, white, six foot, brown hair, brown eyes, glasses
I get up and pry the torch off of the pillar
I hold it at arms length next to the bag on the table to see if I can identify anything strange about it
you don't have to pry it. it's built to be removed. the blue flame gives off no heat
the bag doesn't have anything strange, but it does have a note under it.
Male, Caucasian, 6'2", dark brown hair, bright blue/grey eyes.
I'll try to remove the torch from the pillar, unless it's nailed to it, in which case I will open the bag gently and cautiously.
you remove the torch with the strange blue flames with ease
5 foot 7 male, 165 LBS, brown hair, brown hairs.
I check out the blue torch, I want to know if it's giving off heat, or just light. If it's not giving off heat, I'll stick my hand near, not in, it, to check for sure.
After that, I'll check out the bag, and open it if it doesn't look dangerous.
just light. you put your hand as near as you can safely. no heat at all
the bag has ten blue coins. there is a note under it.
(this thread is from a past player, and would make no sense in context. and may spoil the rp. read at your own risk! if you must read it won't make any sense I bet)
"that sounds good.. anything I don't like won't go to waste.. right?"
shockingly, you don't have any mail and order food without any issue
(sup, world)
I nod, "I'll eat anything you don't want! Easy enough, right?"
"Now, how about we get cleaned up and head back to the others?"
I collect all the food in my bag and blink back to the others