Would you rather be the richest person alive, or have the perfect body no matter how poorly you treated yourself but you had to still work?

You'd be able to hire someone to make your meal plan, with multiple options that all hit your macros and a chef to cook the food. Literally all you'd have to do is spend an hour or two in the gym each day and spend the rest of your time enjoying your money.
See: Jeff Bezos
This is a sound argument for the money.
Richest person alive. For once I'd like to know what it feels like to be far above minimum wage. Live for once not worrying about the few dollars in my bank account.
Does having the perfect body also means you're completely healthy no matter what you do? Can I eat cake nonstop without risking diabetes?
The latter
That’s been my choice too. I could work anywhere as long as I could eat pizza at work all day, come home and drink as many beers as I want and still look amazing.
Perfect body.
Richest person alive sounds good but I would imagine it comes with a hell of alot of problems. With the perfect body, it could open up modeling opportunities and I could make a very good living doing that. Plus, I wouldn't have to look like me.
Hollywood glorifies this bullshit all the time. Life will always be filled with problems, but it's relative.
Poor Person's problems:
Middle Class Problems:
[Real] Rich Person "Problems":
Having a perfect body by what standards though? And having a perfect body doesn't guarantee you can model. Such a small percentage of men and women are actually successful at modeling.
Richest person alive. That unlocks far more opportunities than being in invincible shape. Plus, you could design your own personal mega gym with a 24/7 training staff and dieticians - and a free smoothie bar.
Can't beat free smoothies.
And hookers
Second one. Would be amazing to eat Doritos all the time and still, have a great shape!
u need mony to get mor doritos
Money, for sure--I have a wife to take care of, and we could finally afford a house and kids, not to mention that as others have said being the richest means I'm free to devote the time I would have to work to getting and staying as fit as I choose, plus being able to get the best medical care for things that exercise wouldn't be able to fix.
I will take "perfect body" to mean no serious injuries, deformities, or illnesses. In which case, that one. Plus pretty person privilege would make working in any job super easy and I'd need to fill my days with something
Do you feel like Bezos has a hard time filling his days?
Perfect Body, and quick question if it may change my answer. Could I eat whatever I want if I had the perfect body, like cake, chips and pie?
Yeah, you could do whatever
I see a lot of good arguments here, personally leaning towards being the richest man alive since i actually like working out and eating healthy.
But my question is, does having the perfect body protect you from getting cancer and other diseases? If so that's a no-brainer imo.
Yeah I should have clarified better. You will have perfect health as well. So you would get a good 85-90 years healthy and happy so long as you didn’t have any horrible accidents.
Probably be the richest person alive; I'd spend all the money undermining all the other billionaire by pushing technologies and legal reforms which undercut the choke points in the economy that they exploit at the expense of all the rest of humanity.
Probably make myself richer by doing so, too. And frankly, if you're rich it doesn't matter what you look like. Health would be taken care of by the best health care that money could buy -- or even better, by the best health care that power can buy.
With the perfect body you could earn a fair bit as a fitness model, at least enough to get by, so the money wouldn't be an issue anyway.
And think of the people you'd sleep with...
Does the perfect body also include a perfectly working/healthy body?? That would be my choice
Perfect body.
Perfect body no contest.
Second option, for me being severely rich is one of those scenarios where ideally it sounds great but in reality can be dull. If i was able to go on vacation all the time it wouldnt be nearly as enjoyable as when i had to save money to get this luxury. Its about the path there essentially, not actually attaining it.
Option 2
Richest person. I love to workout and that's a process with rewards, not just the reward. It would ruin the feeling of accomplishment for me
Perfect body no matter how poorly i treat it means I would never need to eat therefore never need to pay for food, save up all that food money, become richest person alive
It’s all subjective. So if that’s what you want, that’s what you get!
I would definitely pick the perfect body one, if my body is truly perfect, im immortal, and that would be more than inough to make more than inough money
Perfect body. At the end of the day your health is all that matters, especially when you're turning old. It would also be interesting to see what an objectively perfect human body looks like
Body bitches
Money, I'd have enough time to work out, and I'd also be so busy doing shit I wouldnt be thinking about eating every second. However if you told me that I'd never have any conditions or illnesses then the scale may start to tip.
OP said "no matter how poorly you treated yourself".........I could be a superhero that doesn't get hurt. I think the perfect body is where it's at. But then again, with the money option, I could make a super suit and be a superhero. I don't know why I'm thinking about superheroes.
I'd much rather have money and be able to travel all over the world and experience new cultures and see things I'll never be able to see now. Who cares if you have a perfect body if you're still miserable working all day? Sure, you can emotionally eat and suffer no consequences but... that's it really. I could help others with money as well as myself. I could actually afford to eat healthy food that doesn't taste like shit and I'd be far more active because I could afford to go out and do fun things instead of being stuck inside of my home or limited to my neighborhood. Literally any hobby I've ever wanted to try but couldn't afford to put the money into it could be done. I find most people don't have the body they want because they feel they don't have the time to achieve it between going to work and then coming home to take care of stuff around the home. Most people don't want to work out or take the time to cook a healthy meal after working and running errands. I'd much rather never have to worry about my bills being paid ever again and have all the time in the world to do what I want.
Would i always be the richest person alive whatever happens? Or would i become the richest person alive at this moment and be able to lose all of the money and be poor again. You could donate billions to charities if you kept becoming the richest person and completely wreck the economy.
With a perfect body I'm assuming that it's at the peak of human performance. Do run the fastest lift the most active.
This is a good one. Younger me would’ve said richest person but now I’d probably go with perfect body.
The money for sure, it should be really nice for not being afraid of being homeless a day, afford a house where you can grow your own vegetables and have chicken... BTW I've been ugly for all my life, what the hell would I do with a perfect body?
Perfect body, but does this mean I get stronger and other advantages like stamina (not superhuman type but if I can't ran fast right now will I be able to I the new body)
The money, so that way you wont have to work, and will have plenty of time to work out!
Richest person alive, duh
Would you die sooner by being unhealthy, or is part of having the perfect body being healthy?
The former. It would solve most of my problems and causes of depression
The latter
Being the richest person alive has more benefits than having the perfect body. Personally, the option for an early retirement where I can do and afford whatever I want for the rest of my life is far more appealing than looking or feeling good. However, if I could have all the time and money I could possibly want for the rest of my life, and having a perfect body was really that important to me, then I would have all the time and money to throw at that problem. There's no question.
I believe you'd gain more than enough time for self maintenance to no longer prevent you from doing things you'd rather be doing. I mean, you'd REALLY have to hate working out to choose option #2, which you wouldn't if you had the perfect body. Working out would be easy for you and a nice ego boost.
Does the perfect body include health, despite any amount of abuse you put it through?
Yes it does. I really should have written this better. You could still die from an accident, but good health would be in your future no matter what you did. No heart disease. No cancers. Nothing negative.
Richest person alive because I could then just pay to have plastic surgery to acheive my perfect body, on top of having financial power I'd also have sexual power, and then I'd rule the world.
Perfect body. With a perfect body (including face I assume) I could get anywhere easily and make millions that way. Plus I could still work via being a model/making so much that I could just buy a company of my own and make bank that way.
does perfect body just include fittness? or health in general, like eternal youth and immunity to deseas and sickness?
I like the discipline it requires to stay fit and I love exercise. If I was rich I could do much more of it, better!
Richest person alive, no contest at all. Hell I'd take just a million over a perfect body. Even being someone with a tendency to gain weight, dieting a bit and exercising is not that big of a deal.
Perfect body, I'm pretty intelligent, and make a decent living, with alot better looks, I think it would open doors for me that have never been available before.
Does this mean you will feel health and amazing all the time or just look it?
Richest person alive - I already like my body 🤷🏻‍♀️ I could have enough money to pay off my parent’s house, pay off my student loans, travel the world, start charities and businesses, build my dream house, etc.
Perfect body sort of implies that you’d be partially immortal, so I’d pick that one. You could be a model, or a weightlifter, or a super soldier, probably more too.
Rich. I'd look a lot better just from not having to get up so early to go to work.
Definitely the Richest Person alive. Because then I wouldn't have to work & could spend more time on working on my body to get it to a more satisfying place.
richest person alive, cuz i can pay all sorts of medications and treatments that can help me live and also use the money for good deeds n shit
As a woman who has pain conditions...and was at the side of very good friends who won the lottery...I'll take the body please.
Richerst person for sure, I go to the gym and stuff now, so I could now go to the gym with money
Perfect body, because I’d be biologically immortal
If the perfect body also include the perfect face, then I pick the body one
How could anyone possibly vote perfect body? If you're unlimitedly rich you can just hire a personal trainer and nutritionist and use a small portion of the time you no longer have to spend working to work out. Then you have an effectively perfect body and unlimited money which essentially means unlimited opportunity to go wherever you want and do whatever you want with whoever you want.
Rather just have an income of a few million a year (realistically I'd only spend a few hundred thousand, and that's trying my absolute hardest to spend as much as possible), than be the literal richest.
perfect body, there are a few flaws about my body, just like everyone does
and i would much rather have my physical impractabilities be no longer a problem than to be a little too rich and probably become unhappy
we are told to embrace our physical body dispite our flaws, and i do but there are some things that get in the way of doing certain things and wearing certain clothes
sometimes they're purely just anoying (eg, spots and blemishes)
Why wouldn't I choose this? Since this wasn't specific enough, just means I have an invincible body, which I can use however I want. I'll just work as some kind of attraction, because I'm pretty sure I'll make a lot of money that way. Money can buy the best doctors, but can't buy good health.
I would be the richest guy ever. I would learn new languages, learn instruments. Make a hockey arena in my home- with ice girls. Have a swimming pool, a laser tag arena, a gator pit, a lion cage and a movie theater. Plus 10 of the coolest cars ever.
I would have a chef for every meal and 5 maids, a ride on lawnmower. I would have fun 24/7.
Richest person. Could afford a trainer, dietician, etc and get the body I wanted. Could also do a ton of good with my money. Having a great body wouldn't change my day to day life enough for it to matter, especially since I have no interest in using my body to really make a living.
Me after choosing option 2 :
-Kars is- -No! -He's turning his back on the sun... and bathing in its light! -This is bad! Terrible!
Perfect body, mainly cos I fucking love eating.
The 2nd one. I'd like to achieve the first on my own
Bod. I’ve struggled with staying fit these past few years, I love my work, but don’t have time for working out like I did before. If I could shed the extra weight get my fit body back, and still have the time dedicated to doing what I love I’d be really happy.
Perfect body. I assume I will also get perfect health
Perfect body. Didnt even need to think. I would rather look good and work than not have to work. Plus modeling contract?? Yes!
Perfect body. Free and easy transition, here I come.
I would choose having a perfect body.
No more chronic pain. I'd imagine I would still feel normal pain (like cutting my finger) and I'd imagine that I wouldn't live much longer than normally possible (like 90 or 100). But I wouldn't be sore all the time! I wouldn't be weak, I wouldn't get sick 10 times a year, and I wouldn't have a hard time sleeping.
And if I had a perfect body, I could pursue my dream job, so I wouldn't care if I had to work.
Also, I know being the richest person alive is a high advantage for most people, but I wouldn't choose it. For one, I would get bored, pretty much having everything, there would be nothing left to strive for. (I do have other reasons, but I'm not gonna ramble about it)
Richest person alive, I can help all my friends and family, and then use some of my wealth to bang high price escorts.
Definitely the richest person alive
I'm gonna go with the second one but I feel like with money I could just get plastic surgery.
I would be the richest person alive and just work out. Easy
Body, rich people get attention that I would not want, I'm also trying to get in shape right now.
Richest person alive..... I'm just thinking of those 150 million dollar mega mansions in Bel Air and Hollywood. Anyone here live there? What's it like?
Richest person alive... also you never said that our bodies wouldn't be perfect if we were rich
If you have the perfect body, how would your health be? Would it be perfectly balanced with it?
Pretty sure I would choose the first option. With that, it won't be particularly hard to get a good body.
I can do sit ups but if it turns out you're in a perfectly healthy body at the age of 150, I would definitely prefer the lowkey immortality.
The richest person alive. I could just work for a perfect body.
Richest so that way I can hire a workout coach and get a gym membership.
Easily best body
Rich. I could always buy enough plastic surgery for a perfect body.
Richest easy choice. I could always get a personal trainer and nutritionist, but also I don't have a bad body to begin with
This is a no brainer, unless you’re completely vein. My physical appearance is not even on the list of things going wrong in my life (and I’m not good looking) But becoming wealthy would fix close to every issue I’m currently facing.
Gimmie that money!
Richest person alive.. I already have a great metabolism and work to much.
Perfect body. I'd always be healthy, so I could dedicate more time to making my own success.
Perfect body
I have a non-physical disability so I don't have to work anyway. I'm at risk for heart disease, which is a concern of mine, so I'll take the perfect body.
I choose money every time.
Perfect body.
This doesn't include physique, guys. People don't realize that. It also means perfect mental health due to the brain being in the body, hand dexterity, acne, etc.
Perfect body Ez
Perfect body and it would make my goal of pro ball basically guaranteed
I would rather be the richest person alive. Tbh I enjoy working out! I love swimming, tennis and volleyball as well. That helps me to stay in shape. I don't want or need "the perfect body" to be happy! I would spend my time (and money) traveling the world, flipping houses and helping animals/people in need!
Easily the latter. I get bored when I don't have work to do, I can't see ever enjoying retirement.
Haven't ye heard of the saying ''riches brings bitches''?
Richest person alive cos I could afford to live healthily
If by perfect body, you include health, fitness, no pain and the ability to eat what I want without worrying about massive stomach cramps or headaches, I'm totally for the body. I like working, and not being constantly tired or in pain would make that all the easier.
I’ll take the perfect body. Do a few underwear shoots each year. Perfect health makes me nearly immortal. Or would I be immortal because, I have a perfect body no matter what? Oh, I am too high for this shit.
Richest person alive , considering I'd have around 100+ billion I'd donate all but around 500k to climate change , world hunger , the bushfires , the wuhang coranavirus stuff etc . Mainly because I see that people just don't donate much money anymore (bar bill gates etc) and I think that much money would help a lot , hopefully.
rich man,I will clean the world,literally
Already have a good body lmao
Perfect body no question
Id go with the perfect body. You cant die if all your organs stay in perfect condition.
Richest person alive. I can then pay for anything I would need to have the perfect body.
Richest person. I would say that I’m pretty self confident in my looks so it doesn’t matter. But being the richest person sounds like a lot more perks.
I know it's wrong, but I'm going to say perfect body. Damn you, EDNOS. Damn you...
Edit: allow me to tell you what my "perfect body" is:
I'd have curves for days. Fair skin and Auburn red hair, just enough boobage and overall be very healthy.
I hate being a twig.
Richest alive
I could retire right now and devote all the time I would spend working to my body, and that enough time would make me healthy enough for my satisfaction. Then I’ll have money AND health.
I feel like it would be hard to monetize a perfect body considering I don’t have the grace to be a model, and a perfect body doesn’t necessarily mean I could be a professional athlete