A Witchy Skipping Rhyme

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Blessed be! ✨
Morbid. Clean justice. Medieval. Rhyming. A+
“Jarl Ulfric beat the high king in fair combat, there was no murder!”
Welp I was never taught the fun rhymes apparently lol
Yeah fuck Miss Mary Mack
Girls skipping rhymes should definitely be more empowering.
I hope I have kids to teach this too... Who don't think skipping rope is lame, lol
If I have a girl, I’m def teaching her empowering rhymes for sure! Let’s start a trend of this!
This is a balm to this survivor-who-will-never-see-justice’s soul.
For us all.
May we all one day heal.
Oh god, I'm so sorry. I wish you more strength in your heart, and peace in your mind.
Came here to say the same! It was soothing to read
Time to dust off my jump rope :)
(just a sidenote: jump rope is excellent cardio.)
Well that’s fucking metal
We can all read more on the twitter of the author
Thank you for sharing that! I still like the rhyme but it makes more sense that it’s not really a traditional one.
mary had a little lamb
its heart was black as coal
it crept into her room one night
and ate her fucking soul
Black Philip, Black Philip
A crown grows out his head
Black Philip, Black Philip
To Nanny Queen is wed
Jump to the fence post
Running in the stall
Black Philip, Black Philip
King of all
Black Philip, Black Philip
King of sky and land
Black Philip, Black Philip
King of sea and sand
We are ye servants
We are ye men
Black Philip eats the lions
From the lions den
The disembodied black heart crept into her room?
I like this one way better than Ring Around the Rosey
I agree. Ring around the Rosey is just about senseless death. I need more motivation in the death if I'm going to enjoy children's verse. Same reason rockabye baby doesn't do it for me.
Interesting, I've never heard it called Ring Around A Rosey before. Always ring a ring o' roses (as in make a ring of roses)
It’s smart too, I think the ground there is less likely to float up a body in the rain or a flood because of the root system.
Anyone else read this in the "dradel dradel dradel" rhythm?
Hell yeah.
Medieval problems require medieval solutions.
It's not really a traditional one, but I love this witchy rhyme from A Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss:
Maple, maypole,
Catch and carry,
Ash and ember,
Woolen, woman,
Moon at night,
Willow, window,
Fallow farrow,
Ask and oak,
Bide and borrow,
Chimney smoke,
Barrel, barley,
Stone and stave,
Wind and water,
That first line is a bit of a tongue twister!
I mean, they don’t really grow twisted unless you bonsai the f outta them. Very resilient little plants, but very thirsty.
Also very insistent on claiming my entire back yard. Grrr.
Why did I read this to the tune of “I Have a Little Dreidel” lol
To the tune of "Convoy."
I think it speaks volumes to the fact there are quite a bit of dark "skipping rhymes" when one would assume they were passed down by word of mouth from one girl to another (as skipping and rhyming has long been relegated as a "girly" activity) whether it be an older sister , mother or older female relative. Almost like a spell handed down through generations. Neat!
It works to the tune of
“Sing a song of six pence,
pocket full of rye
Four and twenty black birds
baked in a pie
When the pie was opened,
the birds began to sing
Wasn’t that a dainty dish
To set before a king?”
I love how it fits with the "Consent: Its as simple as Tea" metaphor.
Now i want to grow a poison garden! For reasons.
Okay I love to skip randomly so I'm using this.
Cool rhyme. Still murder.
I'm teaching this to my fucking daughter when/if I have one
Guess what I'm teaching my students at recess this week. Bring out the jump ropes!
I like how this acknowledges sexual harassment/assault and states its wrong and can be done by respectable, well connected persons. It's a good message, bar the veiled murder. Wonder clergy abuse was the inspo for it, it's surprising people would imagine a vicar's son doing that out of the blue.
I absolutely love this.
totally saving this
I always thought nightshade was this cool mysterious flower, then I learned tomato’s, potatoes and Jimsonweed are all Nightshade too...
BRB, teaching this to my niece and all the neighborhood children.
Yes. Ma’am. Love this.
We were pouring like an avalanche, Coming down the mountain
Kind of fits to the tune of cool for cats.
Honestly, I think it's reprehensible to glorify retributive vigilante "justice" like this. Especially capital punishment. Yeah it's just a joke, yeah it's punching up, but still, the entire idea of getting back at someone who wronged you by putting them into the ground seems awfully patriarchal to me. I'm not a big fan of "but it's okay when we do it because we have to fight fire with fire" as a justification.
Edit: I'll take my lumps for failing to acknowledge that our heroine was fully justified in defending herself
What other recourse would a girl or woman have had in those days? Vicars were the spiritual center of the town and, as a result, they and their families were untouchable. I read it more as someone who was attacked (and possibly raped) stopping that person from ever hurting themselves or others ever again.
Clergy abusing their position of authority to prey on women and young girls (not to mention boys) has been a tradition as long as there have been "holy men".
Edit: typo
I dont see self-defense as vigilantism. And folk songs and lore are full of murder, not in a glorifying way, just that interesting things get talked about longer.
But this rhyme, specifically, seems like a joke instead of a call to arms.
She should've got the vicar too
Rape is inexcusable. Murder is only excusable as immediate self-defence. "Revenge" or "punishment" murder is also inexcusable.
I assumed this was meaning a self-defence killing. So I liked it. But if I thought it was killing as "revenge" I would agree with you.
How on Earth is a woman attacking a man patriarchal? I don't disagree, vigilantism is not preferable, but under what circumstance is a woman attacking a man for assaulting her part of the patriarchy?
One of the problems with capital punishment is that you don't know for sure whether or not the accused is the right person. You do here.