Just a grocery run, nothing to see here!

Where did you get this meme of my two year old?
This and the comment above made me howl Edit: oh the comment orders changed lol
Rushing so you don’t pass out before you get in the house
Honest to Yoba, thought this was in
I love seeing SDV referenced here!
Just last night I made my character a witch’s hat and tried to theme my house to be more witchy so the timing of this is surprisingly good to me hah
The Gif we all came to see.
Thank you! I was mentally formulating the google search string I'd use as I scrolled alllll the way to the end of the comments. Monty Python skit from way way back, right? You're the best!
This is pretty much me when it rains here in Southern California.
"Curse the fiends, their children too... Their children, forever true."
I'm relatively new to this whole thing, but doesn't cursing someone or putting a hex involve a lot of negative karma coming back to you in some sort of way?
“Blasphemous murderers... blood crazed fiends...”
"A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea... Accepting of all that there is, and can be..."
Can I just point out that cursing peoples decedents is a really mean thing to do. Apparently my family was on the receiving end of what is now close to a 200 year old inter-generational curse and whatever feud was the original cause of it must be well and truly gone by now. I don't even know what I am supposed to be paying for!
Oh Amygdala, oh Amygdala... Have mercy on the poor bastard...
Grant us eyes!
Relatable content.
A whole vibe
You're beautiful and enchanting!
I was lazy this month and just sat outside and stared at it in between the passing clouds. The clouds gave the light a whole stained glass effect. So, I just sat and really appreciated the beauty of it. Said a few words of encouragement and positivity to this weird fucking reality and called it a night.
How.did you get this pic of me?
I'm genuinely curious about this. My best friend has been making jars of what are clearly related small items, typically with some sort of connection that seems to be more derived from mood and impression than obvious surface-level function. Very art-like in the way it seemed to prioritize feeling and a sort of inspired and emotionally centering ritual and I honestly thought it was a comforting notion.
Is this a common thing? And is it as inspiration driven as it felt like making these would be? I get the distinct impression that intent and focus on the task would create an almost meditative state that sounds really therapeutic.
As a guy it seems like these sort of rituals are so culturally female-centric that I admittedly feel a little uncomfortable asking questions about it, so I'd like to thank you for letting me speak in this space.
I am entirely a beginner witch, so take my words with like 50 grains of salt, haha. I think those are jar spells.
Also, men can absolutely be witches. Idk if you've seen that before but thought I'd say it.
Sorry if that was..uh..something.
Lmao I thought this was
Hell yes, been there. Thanks for sharing.
Once I dropped a ziplock bag filled with acorns in grocery store and they just flew all over the place. The woman in the deli helped me pick them up but I could feel the judgement in her eyes.
The video that screenshot is from is genuinely creepy to me, but hilarious. Anyone have it?
Me, stocking up for my period before the new moon.
Actual footage
These days a huge tree branch fell off near my house. Fortunately it didn’t hurt anyone, but it scratched the back of a car and a motorcycle.
Hours after I came back there to pick up the pieces of the branch. Girl needs a new staff 😂
This video creeps me out
Think bag will be safe
Omfg the truth in this 😂🙌🙌
Good visual.