Let's take a picture with the fountain

I am satisfied.
"Hi Satisfied, I'm not gonna do the Dad joke."
That was on point.
I thought in my head “ I hope it was worth it” thinking I would never get to know but I am very satisfied to see the results were amazing.
Totally worth it. It was a great photo that she went all in for.
I've seen bunches of these types of photos. This one looks horrible, her hair is in a few clumps. It looks like she's whipping a few greasy dreads through the air.
Her hair is supposed to be in a big glorious fan with water droplets coming off the tips. This photo does not have that.
It would have worked better if she put more of her hair into the water, not just the tip.
I don't think the photo was that good at all. What's asthetically pleasing about it?
You seem like a nice person.
She won a cool prize
Still not sure it's worth the dysentery.
Not really.
I mean, look at that quality of the picture though.
It’s actually not even that good. But I love the commitment and effort this took. She followed through no matter what it took. They should go a take 2 though.
Ewwwwww....... public park fountain water....enjoy your naegleria fowleri
So my sister was a model, and there was this great looking shot of her crawling in a mud puddle. I asked what they used for mud, and she was like "oh we just pulled over on the side of the road" 🤢,f_auto,h_959,w_640/v1397200905/user-97995/profile/oqss4p8rem0d9vlcrbzj.jpg
You must be so fun at parties.
This made my fucking day. Let’s go!
At least her face broke her fall.
An imitation shot at best
Not really. The end result sucks.
Not really. It's supposed to look more like this.[email protected]/8876862216
And now she has Naegleria Fowleri and will die in two weeks.
Oh Jesus brain eating ameoba.
Oi noi! I cont believe you’ve done this!
And the picture’s not good too lmao
I hate social media.
Me too, but I'm worried it might be necessary to.get back on it to start dating...
She didn’t even achieve what she was going for.
So no one told you life was gonna be this wayyyyyyyyyyy
That picture is terrible. The quality is very nice, but the content is not good.
it wasnt even that cool of a picture
Lol... the end result...
Skåne110? Fan, är du kanske nån man känner?
Hmm, det kan man tro, om man bor i Skåne, men det är nog inte så stor chans att ni känner varandra.
I hear that’s how you get pink eye
Worth it
Well, it was a good picture.
I mean... it worked
begone thot
What's the stupid game?
Genius girl.
It's hard work, she just want to cool it off
The photographer must have been way happier with that than they expected to be.
Knew exactly where this was headed, still ridiculously satisfied seeing it played out.
That's still a stupid picture
Maybe you need to take a brake from reddit.
ER Dr : ‘I’m sorry, you caught Legionnaires disease from doing what exactly?’
Totally worth it as the shot was great, being wet doesn't last and really isn't that big of a deal.
That looks like England in the winter. I bet that water was chilly!
Anyone have a link to the photo?
Double dipped.
Beautifully done.
Not even that good of a picture
A small price to pay for salvation
I am amazed by her ability to stand on her toes like that. I have seen some ballet dancers do that and almost broke my toes trying to do that once
Sometimes you gotta lay out to complete a touchdown pass
Picture still came out shitty. Hair look like the dude off "Nightmare before Christmas" fingers
I like the part where she fell in.
No pain. No gain.
Here is your gif!
I am a bot.
Not even that cool of a picture
I always wanted to see the photo that resulted from this lol.
She then got stuck. Probably
Face down
I mean, she got what she wanted out of it.
Now this is the kind of wholesome content I enjoy!
was looking like an idiot worth looking like an idiot?
Fountain water is super disgusting, filled with all kinds of algae, bacteria, pathogens and animal droppings.....holy hell there's a lot of animal droppings.
I used to do fountain maintenance as a part time job.
Worth it.
I would like to see a picture of her faceplant into the fountain.
I mean, as far as prizes go, that was a tight picture.
The picture was not that good imo
I was so ready to port this to the Scorpion subreddit. Darn it
It’s not stupid if it works.
Is there an
She still cute tho
These boomerangs are so last month
At least the pointe shoes didn’t get wet. Those damn things are expensive and don’t last.
well at least the picture turned out nice
At least they got the shot.
That's not how feet work at all.
Who the fuck stands that way?
beep. boop. I'm a bot that provides downloadable video links!
Mention me again if the download link is down
That’s pretty tame a splash of water
Worth it
The girl’s 14 btw
Pancake butt?
Why the hell does the camera guy always put the camera down when shit happens
Doxxing suxs
Anybody else get wood watching this? Made me SOOOO horn-eeeee! Where’s the Mrs.?
Crap, I wasn't ready babe
[That’s what I call love <3
But when I had teeth I was cute right!?!?!!!!
not a very graceful ballerina
Imagine being so skinny that she weight shift induced by your hair would make you trip
Safe to say she won the wet tshirt contest
That Medusa look at the end got me rock hard.
Damn that's crazy but I don't remember asking
She ain't got no ass tho.
Sexy outfit
Ngl that awesome picture was worth it
The shot looks like it was worth the blunder lmao
I mean the photo was kinda good
Mmm... Tasty
She thoisty...
Doesn’t fit the sub for me. It’s about people doing stupid things and getting an expected result. She was just trying to take a cool pic and fell.
Having your picture taken is stupid and is a symptom of a disgusting mental illness called "vanity". Get with the program, this is reddit
im so fucking confused is this slow mo or in real time
Majestic AF
The price of a perfect picture. Kudos baby Nice job!!!
Not gunna lie that was worth
What the shit?
Can we drug test this man?
If she can bend like that
Nailed it!
Nice picture though.
Worth it.
To be honest, she's trained, this was grounded, not some great, dangerous height, and would have been cool w.out the mishap. It might have been for her portfolio. Sucks.