Need I say more..

I paid for the airbags too
Yessirrrr now you’re getting it!
Momma ain't raise no spoiled little bitch
In this case women are technically right, but are they really..?
I also paid for the engine temperature gauge. I'll be doing this speed in first gear next. Edit: grammar
But you paid for all gears too
I paid for a large bucket, does that not mean i get a large soda?
Yes, large soda for you.. unless you live in NY, where I don’t think you can buy a soda larger than 42oz. I maybe wrong but yeah
What? 120mph are just 190kmh? Laughs in German Autobahn
People in America can't handle 80 MPH for more than about 20 minutes before it fries their brain. Source: American, in Texas no less.
I’m so lucky I live in a place where I can just hit 5th gear in a Mazda Speed3 because the roads are so curvy. Fast in a straight like is fun and all but after a bit it’s kinda boring.
This looks like the speedometer on a 4th-gen V6 Mustang - they only counted up to 120
Found him outspeeding a tailgater
Hahaha I thought that was only a jersey thing
Well damn it looks like I'm a girl by this logic!
Only pussies want to live!
For real, if you find putting your life and the lives of others in danger exciting or enthralling, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you are a neanderthal.
This is a Chevy Silverado dashboard. This makes sense in a stereotype-following kind of way.
I find it hard to believe that any car would only be at 3K at 120mph.
Mu dad has a saying.
When the car passes 80 Jesus jumps out for safety.
The rules of the sub says has to feature a guy, i don't see a guy in the pic.
I know so many girls who do this. It’s not just guys smh
I know so many women who drive like they’re in nascar, this is bogus lol
Americans discovering that cars can go faster than the speed limit ep 2137
And yet, women still cause more accidents
I paid health insurance so im gonna use it
the post does not meet the sub's rules. but since it got so many upvotes im not gonna be an asshole and delete it, but pls next time post according to the rules :3
Sorry abt that, won’t happen again
It just had to be a boys vs girls meme didn't it
Used to have a fairly tuned Mitsubishi FTO (in UK, Jap import). Not the fastest car ever but quick enough at the time, the clock went to 120mph, used to love getting it up to bounce off the needle somewhere past it.
Is that like a GTO? If they're the same (or if you made a typo) then you must have had the most reliable one made for it to survive that, everyone I know who has owned one always drove it gently because they were so fragile.
Nothing unusual here in Germany.
This one should be in
No sexist, women cause more car accidents
It's the opposite in my family lol.
You’ve clearly never seen me drive if you think girls act like that lol
My mom drives like 15 miles per hour faster than me on any road.
Pfft... Probs a small car, small engine with turbo. Maxed out at 120? Lol
120? Driving a shit box I see /s
Doing 120mph but under 3k revs? Nice try but yeah I don’t think so.
I like to say it like speedo meeter. Sounds so silly. But not as silly as this behavior!
My dad used to do this kind of thing too. He died young, but from something else dumb and reckless. Don’t smoke kids.
Too bad women near me just drive worse and more distracted
I mean, you're not wrong, but by that logic this entire sub is "pointlessly gendered" since women also occasionally do stupid shit and die early... just trying to laugh at dudes being stupid, that's all
Well, men are more likely to drive recklessly sooooo
Bro it’s just a meme relax
You’re on the wrong sub to complain about this.
I agree. Half the women I know are speed demons. It's shitty facebook humor anyway.
People here are just gender nazis and dont care about the people who disagrees with their ideas, its fine just forget it