Am I the only one who thinks the cashier is a dumbass? Or is this just staged

I saw this on Tik Tok. Apparently this lady slides the wrong amount of change and when he goes to pick it up, she runs off with the liquor. He was filming to catch her and he said “it was worth the clean up”.
His entire account is filming staged versions of things that actually happen at his work.
Uhh how many times does he let her get away with it? I'd imagine you'd ban someone from the store after once.
Real shit? You saw this on tiktok?
Thanks mate for the context.
Lmao. Epic logic
Then it turned into assault.
can we just ban tiktok?
Just block the people who repost and post shit like tiktok vids.
Thnk you reddit for letting us block ppl.
Staged 100%!
two random beers are placed, not even scanned, and the dude just know the total of those two together?
If this is NOT staged, that is one dumb cashier. I mean, he's just made a mess that he's gonna have to clean up.
Even if she was giving the wrong change; the smart thing to do would be to take the bottles from her, while you count it; less mess that way.
Is that what happened I wasn't sure
The cashier says they recreate things that have happened, in the comments they say they’d rather clavan up the mess than deal with the thief
Better than having her steal a bunch of shit.
So your saying that this isn't staged at all because he didn't get any consent to film or that he nee the exact price of the bottles when she put them on the counter?
staged. Apparently though, this happens in his store anyway, the woman slides in the wrong change then runs off with the liquor when he goes to pick it up
Usually the woman will do this with the wrong amount of change, then when the cashier goes to pick it up, she runs off with the alcohol.
Boss: why’d you make a mess with this women’s drink?
Cashier: it was for a tik tok
Boss: ...
Boss: you’re fired
I read that last bit as the boss telling himself, in third-person, that he was fired...
Who here actually thinks that 95% (or higher) of the gifs on Reddit aren't staged?
Nothing. Ever. Happens.
Believe it or not, the original purpose of the sub was to highlight the suspiciousness of why someone was filming randomly.
Thanos did nothing wrong
He didn't even scan the beer. Just announced a price.
To be fair, when people buy the same shit all the time you can remember the price
Fake as fuck
The only interesting thing about this post is that all of OP's replies have like 3000 downvotes 😂
As soon as I read this I looked for all those replies....and downvoted them more 😂
Is it just me or does this look like a cutscene from a FPS game?
Doesn’t the cashier know that he would have to clean that up.
Of course this is staged, but honestly if this happened to me I would do this and just clean the mess afterwards myself.
Yes, it’s staged, but it’s to demonstrate how people will not have the correct amount of money to pay for their alcohol, so a trick they use is to push it off the side of the counter so that when the cashier bends over to pick the money up, the customer can grab the bottles and run.
It's staged. Her tiktok is filled with videos like this
The only dumbasses here are the ones that cant tell its staged...
Ok that’s why I posted it here.
I’m gonna go with NTA
You're the only one who thinks the cashier isn't completely justified!
Yep, I would have done the same thing.
That’s dumb as shit, you cleaning that now
So funny
Kick rocks you twat
I mean... why did she throw that shit? You gonna be petty, petty gonna be you back
Staged. It has to be
I like how every single comment of OP has minus votes lmao
She was smiling when she pushed the money and when she lunged at the guy so I'm inclined to believe it's staged, if it's not I admire the dudes non-existent bullshit tolerance
Literally the fakest shit I’ve ever seen. Shouldn’t have 2k upvotes on this subreddit
so it's a common trick that people drop the change and when they pick up the change she takes the beer and run
It’s staged. He’s got 100 of these
The idea I kinda got from it that I think everyone is missing is she was acting like people that do that and he was just making a funny video. It was staged BUT he wasn’t trying to act like it was real. He was showing well this is what it’s like when you shove the money all over the floor at me.
I dont think anyone is missing that, people are missing the point of posting it here
I would of grab the beer started drinking it and told her to Get out of my store and don’t ever come back.
Hero cashier
Yeah its fake, and unfortunately there are many more videos exactly like this. Fake grocery store cashier cam videos are kind of it's own subgenre on tik tok.
Oh. I posted this a few hours ago thinking I was first lol. Whoops
I had a customer throw a candy bar at a cashier and start yelling because he didn’t have enough cash to pay for his bottle of booze AND candy. He then starts yelling about his receipt which was in his bag. It quickly escalated to “you people” which pissed me off like there was some kind of conspiracy involved.
This cashier was refusing the sale which is within our right as we are trained. The method of refusal is extreme, but I wish I had thought of it because the bastard I had to deal with would have had it coming. Alcohol sales aren’t worth the hassle we go through as retailers some days.
Nope this is fake
pretty sure it's a new trend on tiktok since i've seen 3 virtually identical videos of this thing
cant see the woman smiling ?
It is TikTok so it’s probably staged. I think it’s in the TOS or something...
Maybe she shouldn’t be a bitch and throw the change
Why doesn’t she just bolt when he turns down to look at the change? (Apparently even though he knows what will happen).
Seemed like a First POV cut scene from a video game.
A lot of accidents happening at this 7-11
Alcohol abuse :(
Clearly staged
Honestly that was thug
"I film all my customers. I've got a 10tb card in my phone."
This most likely real and the cashier dealt with her before. Then it turned to be a shitty week planning on quitting due to the customers are penises and the boss is a dick. This lady was the last draw mentally thinking "you see how it feels bitch" Oops.
He doesn't even ring it up just blurts out a price
You’re the only one. That cunt deserved it.
Staged but if not the cashier is right the customer is a fucking asshole
This is such a North Carolina vibe
Minecraft villager sounds at the end
It's a tik tok account that fakes heaps of these.
What did she do stab him
You get what you fucking deserve
Man you had no idea
You worked yourself into a shoot you jabroni mark.
wtf did I just watch?
Poorly staged video. Fake internet points and all that Jazz...
It's obviously staged
You are in fact a dumbass, this is staged.
They’re staged - there are tonnes of videos of the same thing happening
Lol. This had literally 1.5k upvotes, until I downvoted it.
Edit: 1.5k, not 5k.
Damn bro why u have to do that to me
Obviously staged. How would he know the total before even ringing up any of the items? Plus the tax.
This is a legit scam! When cashier bends down to get $, you lift the item you wanted.
But this vid was staged.
i like how one inpolite slide of money causes him to knock over her bevrage
she was planning on running away with the liquor
It’s staged the entire account is dumb staged bullshit
Lmfao even if it isn’t staged it’s still pretty funny. I wouldn’t mind cleaning it up if I made the mess myself and it’s slow.
Right, no women has ever bought a beer
Just ger her money back and take the alchohol
How are tik tock, vine, and the Ke$ha song different?
Nah he did the right thing...
Not staged, and people like this throw less thank enough money on the ground and when they bend over to pick it up, they run off with the product
Nobody is pointing out that he didn’t even ring the drinks up and knew what it was plus tax for those two specific items (which in the US, EVERY county is different making this a somewhat annoying thing). Most places use barcodes
You must not work in retail or any type of sales job for that matter. When you ring in certain pairs 100s of times, you know the subtotal of the items without even ringing them up.
She threw the money over so when he went to pick it up she could run with the drinks. Since she already had the money in her hand the cashier probably knew something was up or she has done this before and that's why he started recording.
Except she didnt run off, because it was staged
He took the money tho