Get in my belly

I’d like to see more of this video
I’d like to see the guy in the car on a bicycle, instead.
He looks like a confused gorilla
Ends up being two children in a bear costume.
Not me, I couldn't bear it.
I’d like to see less of this video
It's still rendering.
That's all that remains
I work in Southeast Alaska and brown bears charge our trucks and busses every once in a while. This absolutely looks real. They false charge. He's trying to look bigger than he is. Probably recently got cut loose from momma and this tactic will scare other bears away too.
They bluff each other and all the time. They also bluff humans that get too close to their kill. You'll hear more people talk about being bluffed by bears than actually being attacked.
We had one actually slam into the side of the bus once. We were practically at a stop to take a sharp turn and he came out of the woods at a full charge. Small dent, he shook it off and stood there snorting at us as we drove off.
They also kill and eat each other all the time. Especially big boars taking out the younger ones. They kill cubs as a source of food but also to be able to mate with a sow. She's more likley to mate without any cubs to take care of.
Nature really is metal.
False charge? So it wouldn't actually attack if someone were to stand their ground?
That is so fucking scary. I've been hunting and had to scare some off but holy fuck if that came at me in the woods id shit bricks
I just got back from a trip to Alaska. Went on a couple hikes and always carried bear spray. Thank god this beef cake didn’t find us!
Working there sounds cool!
It looks fake to me, just the second charge looks cgi to me, also the shrubs are not shaken. But who knows. No wonder people mistake them for Sasquatch at times.
It was chasing a deer before it popped out of the forest. It went after the car because of the adrenaline. Just my professional opinion.
Perhaps they saw it earlier?
They did
People do not film without a reason, this subs name is stupid
If not,
“Daaaamn Nature, you scary!”
The way it kind of crawls is fucked
Damn look at that sum bitch go! He haulin ass!
Is that a first gen Blazer?
Never outrun a bear in that thing.
It appears to be, early 90s because the steering wheel, I think (not sure when they started using that one)
4 doors, 90s suburban. More than likely.
It is an early 90s Suburban. Since we can’t see the dash, we won’t be able to get the exact year.
It’s an ‘88 thru ~’94 Chevy or GMC suburban/Tahoe/full size blazer.
I really wish there was sound to this
Can't hear the bear, unfortunetly
I am guessing this was allegedly a bear? Why does it run like a primate? You know what else runs like that. A guy in a bear suit!
You know what else runs like that? TWO guys in a bear suit!
That’s how they run, they use theirs front feet like hands and run like gorillas almost. I was charged by a grizzly in Glacier National Park last summer and I can assure you it wasn’t a guy in a bear suit. 😭
it runs like that to seem bigger
I'm more scared of what the bear was running from.
He was running from the worst.
That boy was ready!
That is terrifying
The way the bear was walking.. I can’t breathe
Ski Free anyone??
Fuck I miss that game
Nobody noticed the deer in the woods? Looks like that's what he was originally charging.
This is genuinely terrifying
Me when mom says it's my turn on the xbox
Damn, just look at that posture. I’ve never seen a bear run and stand like that, all at once
Wow they Bearly escaped........I'll just leave and never speak again
Nice 3D bear! A little too well lit for the setting though
Hmmmm... now that you mention it...
Prove that it’s faked.
Had to scroll way too far down to find someone else that questioned this. Reddit, what is you doin?
Probably because they saw a bear? Jesus this sub is shit
Correction, this sub's mods are shit
What is that ropey stuff flying around the backseat? Somebody pooping themselves somehow?
That is definitely fishing poles, but I appreciate your creativity.
Probably had a cub near by
This is what I watch when I'm constipated.
Phew, you bearly made it!
Awe, he just wants a hug.
That went from 0 to 100 real quick
That bear is flexing!
He basically is...
Fuck I would shit my pants.
Hes getting ready to appear in smash bros.
This looks to me like “ Someone” in a bad bear costume. Look at the hind legs when it runs and the front paws... and it’s head is a little wobbly too.
I never knew bear ran that way. My cat used to do the same thing when he had too much catnip.
The bear looks a bit off like it not real
Its charging in an attack posture, it will look very different if hes just ambling along.
Do people not understand what his sub is? This isn’t even close to what should be on here. It’s obvious why they were filming, THEY SAW A HUGE FUCKING BEAR.
They were recording because they saw a bear on the road:
This is 100% not real. Look at where the sun is compared to where the bear’s shadow is
Pretty sure I can see the plants move when the bear goes through them, so I think it's real
You’re the type of guy that won’t believe it’s raining until he walks out and gets wet.
Maybe they were filming because they saw a fucking bear what the fuck even is this sub anymore
Let's just rename the sub videos_2
Maybe they were filming the nature
Hey. That’s my truck. Same god awful red interior
I have a 91 Silverado with that same interior I fucking love it.
Thank god I was already on the toilet when I saw this.
Huh. Stretchy arms...
Coming in hotttt
Holy fak
Horror movie which ended a tad too short
I cant believe that the 1990 suburban could outrun a grizzly
RKO out of no where
This looks like maybe it’s a mother protecting her cubs? The car was clearly driving slower to film and she might have felt threatened if she had babies
He looks like a human trying to walk like a bear
Pedal on the right, foot hard down, manipulate clutch as needed.
Dudes lucky he was driving instead of jogging. That bear looked like it was ready to demolish something.
Yeah, sometimes I forget these things are really in the woods.
Must have seen the bear cross the road in front of them. Out comes the camera..
Ahhh the great Alaskan wil..... Holy Fuckin Shit!!!
Yogi is pissed.
Wtf is happening in the back? First I thought it were wipers flying off but then it looked like a whip? I'm confused...
Fishing Rods
Why does that bear look like a human in a bear costume
I legitimately had this exact same thing happen to me driving through Yellowstone in a red Suburban with the same interior as this one…what a trip!
This is exactly why I'm most scared of bears in the wild.
Now imagine if you were riding a bike.
They weere filming becuase the original video was a baby bear crossing the street. As they drove by mama wasn't happy with that.
What is the black shit shooting over his shoulder
SWEET BABY JESUS I would’ve shat myself
No! This ended way too soon!
I keep playing out in my head, me being in the woods and that bear coming at me. That’s terrifying
That bear was cute tho
Wtf is in their car?!
Why is he driving so slow after that?!
My dog when anybody comes to the door
Bear: "I'll be back. Going to the maul."
Das a fake bear
That bear chargin like a silverback!
That’s the strangest looking deer I ever saw!
Is no one going to point out the bear was trying to tackle two deers but instead got the surprise of a road when he missed?
This some skyrim shit
Is that bear bow-legged? Why does he run so bow-legged??
This is literally my biggest fear
That is terrifying
Jesus, I've never seen a bear move like that.
There is a time and a place for everything. This is the place you should be carrying a firearm if you are on foot. Even then, nope.
why the fuck does it looks like cgi
A hungry dangerous animal comes
All I could think of
I want my baby bavk baby back bsby back ribs
That’s unusual behaviour for a bear must be a mama with her cubs
I'm a bear, put your head in my mouth!
I can not stop watching this.
damn nature, you scary!
Shrek who made you a bear?
These yao guai are getting out of hand
the real scare is the upholstery
I feel like the bear sees the car and realizes it wasn’t food and then kept running to look like s/he didn’t make a mistake.
Just go reverse and ram it.
Just go reverse and ram it.
A lack of research before animating is a decent explanation. Compositing though is very well done
that's...TOOOOOO terrifying
Spider Bear, Spider Bear does whatever a Spider Bear does. Is he fast? Listen Bud, he's got the radioactive blood! Ohhhh yeahhh there goes the Bpider Bear
lmao that looks so fake it could be a Snapchat filter
Probably because they knew there was a bear in the woods??
That’s looks like some bad Jumanji animation. If that’s a real bear, I’ll .... no need to specify, it ain’t real.
That’s so fake. Notice how if the interior of the car isn’t made of clay like Gromit
That’s a whole bear suit
Why does the way this bear runs out of the Forrest remind me of my brother
This sub is getting dumb. Most of these are so easy to explain why someone was filming but people upvote the content of the video
That is so fucking fake, thing is the size of a small black bear and doesn't run like a normal bear at all. Plus it's clearly animated and badly done at that. Edit: lol just watch it a few more times, as someone who has seen quite a few bears it definitely doesn't look right.
You complete tool. Have a guess what fucking sub you wrote that in?
That bear is cgi
Prove it. Because it isn’t.
Wait people think this actually real?
You’re sure it isn’t?
There’s like seven different links to a video on National Geographic proving it’s real.
Fake AF