Where's all the good Ausies?

Ya, nothing but citizenship. Next thing you know you’re on the hook for this dump$ter fire of a situation. Is there a simp on earth that would go for it? Man I’d love to spend a few minutes poking around that brain.
You can't even marry into citizenship anymore in the US. My buddy met a Korean girl from Canada about... god, I guess 12, 13 years ago, on Guildwars 1 (of all things.) She was his guild's healer, and they hit it off really well. She ended up breaking up with the dude she was with about a year after my buddy met her, and her and my buddy eventually decided to start dating.
When it came time to decide who moves to what country, she agreed to move to the US to be with him. They thought they could just marry and that's it, she's a citizen. NOPE!
It actually took them like 3 years before she could even get citizenship into the country. Them getting married didn't do a damn thing for getting her into the country any faster. She had to go through ALL of the standard immigration methods.
They had a kid like five or so years ago... and are still together and pretty damn happy.
Given that she weighs less than the majority of women, she will have eyes on her for exactly that. Try to imagine yourself as a preprogrammed drone designed to support and take agency for women. It isn't that those men are so negligent with their resources as they are instructed and encouraged to be taken advantage of. They are being exploited and you should be concerned that it happens behind the shroud of female deception rather than looking for some fault the man displays and acts upon based on his own biological imperatives.
Is there a simp on earth that would go for it!!????
Simple answer is a resounding, absolute YESSSSS!!!!!!
While I hate social media in general, I think everyone on this site will agree its' one main upside is that due to women's narcissitic, selfish and conniving nature, it has exposed them for what they truly are in nature so that others, especially the younger men, can truly see what they are in real life and how they think.
I don't hate women and neither should anyone. They just are what they are.. But now the light, through Social Media and their own doing and words, has been thrown on them through their own thoughts and actions for all men to see how they truly think and act, like in this post.
Remember, you can either love women old school style OR truly understand them. But you can't do both because once you TRULY understand them, you can't love them like you did in the past.
Its fucking impossible.
“Man I’d love to spend a few minutes poking around in that brain.”
You would be lonely.
Not me. Interacting with women is like interacting with the Ferengi. If you have to do so, be very careful.
But ultimately, it's best not to do so. lol
Not to mention that its fraud in the USA to enter into a sham marriage for citizenship. Probably a felony too.
Is there a simp on earth that would go for it?
Are there any poor simps left? Find out next time on Dragonball Z.
Just read
Damn, are the wildfires that bad?
That dumpster fire is still smoldering.
Looking for an Aussie suggests she's trying to get into the country, because she's drawn to wildfires such as herself.
She's a shining example of the classic joke "What do you call all of the skin and flesh that surrounds a vagina?"
A "c*nt".
I have a friend in Iran that I'd be glad to hook you up with.
Just enter the USA, and you will be showered with all sorts of benefits from the oppressive male dominated country. Ask any feminists and she will tell you.
I’ve been in America my whole life and any groceries and housing I’ve had to pay for myself! And if I don’t go to work, I’ll lose what little I have.
Disgusting. How can a person have such a low mentality? How can she not feel ashamed of doing that?
Wasn't women supposed to be emotional? Does she feel nothing? Neither for those children nor for herself?
Guided only by greed and Chad cock.
Blood is ticker than wine. No amount of Chad cock will ever be able to give her even 1% of what a family with an ugly, humble, and hard working man can.
She will go from alpha cock to alpha cock, until she is forced to settle for a beta male. And then she will divorce him. And be left with nothing.
Single mothers are in survival mode and women don't care about the welfare of anyone but themselves. That is why they are so dangerous, like a hungry, rabid dog there is no difference between the meat in your hand and your hand.
To feel ashamed for something, you have to think that it's wrong. Women however, want to be taken care of. This is just a bigger form of taking care of her. This is in her nature, there is nothing that will make her ashamed here.
I'm nice kind and loving. And now watch in awe as I successfully attempt to totally and utterly contradict my first sentence
Illegal looking for love. Pre-made family, looking for a daddy to pay for it all. Must be citizen of English speaking country. Prefer Austrialian, but USA, Canada or UK will do.
I have not skills, but by vagina works, just fine.
Must be 6' or taller (NO EXCEPTIONS)
how dare you underestimate single mothers?
In almost every post, someone will come and scream fake. If you have concrete evidence or a good argument to say that it's fake, great. Otherwise, shut up and assume that everything on the internet is fake.
Not fake, I've come across a few in Melbourne... Literally and figuratively.
Uh, wut? How we gonna have that baby if we're "just friends"? Or maybe there's a special exception and we get to be "more than friends" when you're fertile and at all other times, hands off?
Or maybe by "have a baby" she means "you take care of some other dude's baby but I'm not going to have your baby"...
Nothing except you pay for her, for her womb filth, for her family who she will expect you to send money to and maybe bring to Australia, and for any kids she may deign to have with you. Such a deal!
A live, out in the open, fuck visa. Most try to mask it with 'love', 'family', etc.
Refers to a child as “it”.... even more evidence that offspring are only possessions to these narcissistic slags...
"Australian men start to run towards the fires"
1,411 Instagram photos???
Exactly. WTFFFFF?
I spend plenty of time with Australians. They're one of the most relaxed people, but they'd all have problems with simply "be friends and have a baby". Not even the guy who does shrooms would tap that...
Harry Potter and the Audacity of this Bitch.
Sounds completely ridiculous. Coming from a woman it must be true.
Australia is a beautiful country, but this beauty will ruin its natural beauty.
Sorry mate, but even a pink bikini won't make you pretty.
Just imagine the stench of an STD ridden, blown out pussy, covered in a pink bikini....
Ugh, no thanks.
She has been working the carousel pretty hard in search of that immigration status. If no one else happened to notice beyond the 2 kids...She is wearing a slut choker (while in her bathing suit) and her knees are pretty well jacked up from being on them quite a bit.
Seriously what the fuck. I have no words. she isn't even trying to hide the insanity.
Just be friends and have a baby? Apologies, does not compute.
She looks like not a damaged good, she looks like a destroyed good. Shapeless. Looks more like a kid than a woman.
i've seen buttered toast with more curves and appeal than her.
lmao, I love how she thinks it's that easy to get citizenship over here
Come on, low requirements here. Only nationality, no height, car or job requirements.
How can a slim chick with no random tattoo be so low level?
Next thing you know she's locked in your dunny, calling the cops and filing an AVO.
Wherever she goes, there she'll be.
North American hoes have some sort of complex about Australia. I guess Oz is exotic to trailer-trash (no offense to Oz meant).
is there a hidden meaning? preferably "Australian" meaning preferably "white"?
This crazy bitch, i hope she's willing to put up the nearly $8,000 in citizenship fees.
1411 Instagram pictures
How did her last marriage end ? 🤨🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I have seen a lot of crazy shit here, but I am calling BULL SHIT on this one. There is no FUCKING way this is real.
I see no reason to doubt it.
What do you see?
took me a moment
LMAo so direct
Where all ma’ white Aussies at? Stand up. Time for y’all to shine. Lol.
That's what my ex gf tried. All i need is you raking care of me as well as my kids with Greencard
I just blow a load conventionally or use Turkey Baster on this Sheiler?
She should move to the socialist paradise of Venezuela!
I want...someone who just wants to be friends and have a baby..." WTF?
Impregnate a girl in Australia? Might as well put yourself in the wood chipper feet first.
"Just be friend" then "nothing but a baby and the australian citizenship"? In over-the-top-feminist Australia? Kindly fuck off. Seriously.
I can’t even comprehend this one.
Crikey! That's a croc
I can't stop laughing
This can't be real life
I know a guy, who knows a guy that married a Swedish chick so she could go to university in the US (from my understanding). I never heard how it played out but thought she moved out of the US after graduating or maybe had enough years to apply as resident or citizen... but pretty sure they got divorced lol
See full custody would be a deal breaker for ms welfare
We're busy starting fires, we'll get right back to you - just wait for us to call.
I’m nice + I just divorced my husband = does not compute
What the fuck
She’d fit in well in Mount Druitt
Have you been to her land down under?
Haha. The fourteen hundred Instagram photos really complete the picture.
I’m pretty sure it’s just bad English. Am pretty sure young men of reddit doesn’t care and will burn her reproductive system in effigy anyway
She expects nothing of you except just citizenship to your country and to be the biological father to her child. And in return you get to be her friend. Come on, Aussie guys, how can you refuse this deal?
Nigga what.
I'm sorry for this kids, just because the mom is a whore who don't pay attention, they'll be probably be groomed by pedos, especially because they're so exposed.
She wouldn't get citizenship in Australia for just having a kid and even if she was to marry, it's still a tough process. You have to prove your relationship and the amount of time you've been together etc. I can go further into detail if people are curious.
She just got divorced and is looking for her next victim.