How /r/niceguys responds to when they're on the receiving end of a list of perfectly acceptable dating preferences.

Lots of girls end highschool with a notch count higher than 5 ... honestly all this says to me is that the pool of women that are worth marrying is exceedingly small .
I've noticed that close knit communities do a good job at creating strong families and human bonds. Basically family values are reinforced by the whole community and if a woman starts to whore around she is ostracized.
Most of the West has abandoned the community aspect which i think causes a lot of issues. No sense of belonging, no common goals, less strong human bonds and probably other stuff i can't think off. All that contributes to the epidemic of whores.
Virtually nil, especially with how the laws favor them.
I'm in a gaming discord where this girl is 16, everyone ignores her because I kinda redpilled most of them. Anyway, her notch count was 35 last I heard. She's already damaged goods, she tries to send people pictures and she tries to join voice chats to get attention and everyone just ignores her. She has so many red flags I feel bad for her.
Feels bad man
Lots of girls enter high school with a notch count higher than five nowadays.
I was running the numbers the other day. I want a feminine, thin, social, smart chick - all those are must haves. Feminine, thin and smart are 1 out of 4s each, social 1 out of 2. So that's 1 out of 128 women meet these fundamentally minimal requirements.
And every guy wants these women. So the 3 women in my area that hit these attributes are in huge demand. FML.
I've been trying to make people understand this. It's been GAME ON for teenage girls for the last 10-15 years. Something significant happened like they changed what they're teaching or a critical mass was reached. I graduated high school in 2000 and even though those girls were slutty, modern girls put them to shame. I work with teenagers and most of the girls have an n count in the dozens by the time they graduate. There are no longer ANY social constraints on female behavior.
I can't help but feel there is a Venn Diagram begging to be made here for viable relationships where bot parties are happy (Men over 6' and Women < n5).
A girl who isn't a virgin, isn't wife material. Period. She may be a good lay, a good FWB, but she isn't wife material.
To be a good lay, you need to be clean of disease, maintain good personal hygiene and be enthusiastic in bed. Pretty easy. A low or moderate N-count won't affect this too badly.
However, to be a wife is to devote your sexuality in its entirety to your husband. In exchange for his lifelong commitment to protect and provide for you and the future children, you give him your entire sexuality! Not just your best years, but the whole thing. If all you can give him is sloppy seconds, thirds or fifteenths, you aren't giving him your all in terms of sexuality. You therefore don't deserve his all in terms of protection and provision commitment.
You made mistakes or were taken advantage of? Too bad. That's not his problem. He doesn't have to pay for your past mistakes or the mistakes of others. If he has bad credit or had all his possessions stolen or if he was beaten so badly, he became crippled, you wouldn't piss in his direction. Likewise, he needs not piss in the direction of your blown out pussy even if you only had one previous partner.
This my dear, is equality. True equality.
Yeah, requiring a virgin wife sounds unfair because nobody says it. Women have made it sound like you are eating their soul if you even mention chastity standards. Hell, even here there is a lot of opposition/lurkers against having high standards like this. I think it's just laughable that men basically feel like marrying a virgin bride is a fantasy in la-la-land, but that a man must take care of his wife at all costs is just the expectation, and especially bad if he leaves her after having a debilitating condition.
This made sense when everyone got married at 16-18
Good luck finding a virgin when you marry at age 33. And if she is a virgin, that’s goin to come with some insane emotional baggage because who the fuck is a virgin in their 30s
Didn't say anything about being fat; dude is a saint and still got complaints from women about "unfair standards". Clearly, listening to women is a futile endeavor.
I took the "healthy" requirement to encompass a healthy weight and lifestyle (to include absence of unhealthy habits), not just disease-free.
I'd bet that's what triggered their complaints. Fatties know they're unwanted.
Number of sexual partners has no bearing on a woman's ability to reproduce. BTW don't bother looking up PID, that is a conspiracy of the patriarchy to keep women down. Nope, no correlation between number of sexual partners and risk of infertility. Nope nope nope.
It is hard to discern tone in written form, but is there a '/s' missing from your comment?
TBF, they have a point when saying its hypocritical to demand a chaste woman while at the same time saying it's OK for men to sleep around because muh biology. Women follow were men lead, and you're debasing yourself and ruining you for your future wife. If we want women to stop being degenerate, men have to stop being degenerate too.
While I understand the view of hypocrisy, given the divorce law bias, men have every right to fear/avoid a woman who isn't loyal. Her n-count is clear evidence of her loyalty.
75% of divorces are initiated by a woman. It's her loyalty that is the problem.
Are you healthy? (Yes) Can you have babies? (Yes) Are your parents still together? (Yes) Have you ever been married or had children? (No) Are you a leftist or a feminist? (No) Do you have debt? (No) Do you have a useless college degree? (No) Do you have a history of sleeping around? (No)
A solid list of requirements. I would add:
Are you over 25? (No) Do you have any mental health diagnosis? (No)
Mental health is tricky. If one hasn’t been diagnosed it doesn’t mean they don’t have serious mental issues. So you will have to screen them yourself pretty much.
Have you dated a man with a man-bun? (No)
So the sub is women shaming men for their dating preferences?
The bigger picture is that sexual history is not an indication of relationship viability. They need this to stick because the premise of their sub is that men feel entitled to women and lash out when the woman denies them what they are 'owed'. Women want to have sexual liberation and the ultimate desirability that only a virgin has, so she shames anyone that considers that as a standard.
She manipulates the argument to be more about what is "fair" than what is reasonable from a man's standpoint. This way, she doesn't have to argue that sexual history doesn't matter, because men are doing whatever they are doing too, so they have no soapbox to stand on with their "demands" and she can go back to being an unrestrained whore.
You cannot turn a ho into a housewife. That is why no sane man should marry the modern female, she is a ho.
Personally the cut-off would be 1 partner for me. I don’t think that guys should have to conform their standards around society. If you want a virgin wife then go for it, no reason to raise the number to 5+ or whatever
If you want to hear screaming put a list of requirements in your OLD profile
Women: Autistic Screeching
I know plenty of girls who are virgins in their 20s, they're virgins for a reason. Actually know a virgin cute-ish looking blonde, she's a hermit, plays a lot of video games and doesn't go out much, very sweet. I still wouldn't give up my freedom and get married to her. What's the point honestly?
"Women do not instinctively sleep around like men". That's true, strictly speaking. But as we've seen over the past few decades, when the social expectations of celibacy (no sex outside marriage) are relaxed, women tend to sleep around, but in a different way from men. They sleep around trying to secure commitment from attractive men (Alphas). Meanwhile, those men have plenty of options so aren't going to give commitment - since they are following their own male sexual imperative.
Damn is that really the nice guy reddit damn they sound like a bunch of pussy worshippers.
Yeah screw those guys who want to have standards before committing to a woman. How dare they not want to make sure that the woman is worth investing in before investing in her.
Hey r-niceguys, where is the faking being nice part, the supposed premise of the sub? Or does it just exist to find any reason to ridicule men? Because that is clearly what it is these days. So many posts just feature men being awkward, lacking social tact, not having mind reading skills to know that a woman does not want to be approached or talked to, or in this case having standards that goes against the Leftist feminist imperative.
Top comment right now:
I love it.
He'll be eating those words in 15 years sitting in divorce court losing his kids and home
Thanks for posting
I like billy
Wow the comment section is way worse than the caption, if being against such opinions is being a leftard I'm Karl fucking Marx
Oh so it's not ok for men to have unattainable standards?
Weird, seems completely fine when women do it.
This subreddit is disgusting.