I'm like 37 and have nothing to offer, BUT, I want men younger then me, but young men dont want me and older guys who are doing younger women are gross and dont want me. WTF do I do ?

A tale as old as third wave feminism time.
28 and 29 are "young" when you can smell the wall.
There's always a bigger fish tighter vagina
Haha.. so true. The hypocricy is pretty astounding.
Yeah right, run hamster run!!
Well that could be because you still think that you are 28 or 29. Newsflash...the wall done smacked you hard enough to rattle your brain a little.
Just can't be a dating profile/post without the obligatory "He was abusive comment". Probably told her to grow up one time too many.
DUH. They are looking to pump and dump as many women as they can before they settle down for the divorce rape proceedings. Most will decide to never marry so fuck you very much.
Ha Ha Ha Bwahhahahahahaha. You are attracted to the Chad's that used to use you when you were in your 20's. They can still get women in their 20's. You have hit the wall. Accept that you might find a guy in his 40's to date you, but you likely won't ever be married. Most of us 40 something guys have learned our lessons and won't do that again. OR you can subscribe to the box wine of the month club and the Feline Times.
YES you are beating that dead horse like Ike Turner. You missed your chance about 17 years ago. Actions have consequences, learn to live with yours.
Guys who want to fuck a woman will tell her she looks younger than she actually is. She hasn’t figured that out yet.
Sometimes I think, "these can't be real". But the more I follow the progression of their thought and ideologies they have ascribed to, the more I conclude that truth is just stranger than fiction. No, I'm willing to accept that she really does believe she has a 28 year old body and should be able to get a 25 year old fuckboy to commit to her. Fully willing to believe this after spending so much time on these apps, dating sites and blogs. Maybe the universe is just a simulation and these beasts are created to throw us off the trail or something.
Every chick I ever knew claimed her ex was 'abusive'. That usually means he got tired of her shit, and GTFO. It's NEVER a wahmen's fault a relationship ended.
Box wine of the month won’t delivery often enough for the crushing realization she will have. Box of wine a weekend is a better option.
Heres what you aren't getting. The younger generation aren't more fickle. She has just lost her value and men who might otherwise stick around are leaving quickly because she is just a gross old cougar.
I'm 31 and everyone thinks I'm 18!
... but I ain't a chick.
"Same place as me"- infertile, used up slut who no man will pick as awife or mother as his kids...cause no pair bondibg mechanism left, delusions and mental issues and infertility( kid would have recessive genetic disorders , down syndrone, severe autism, aspergers, stillbirths, disfigured, or at minimum a very weak immune system for whole life... If she managed to get pregnant or not miscarry to bevin thanks)
She is insanely delusional and what she calls fickle is 3 million years of evolutionary biology at work. Is she mentally insane or just pretending to have an IQ of 60?
Clueless woman asks: "Am I flogging a dead horse here?"
Internet answers: "Honey, YOU are the dead horse!"
"No, John. You are the demons."
Who knew I was ahead of the curve when I dated.
Lady, they’re not fickle, they just see red flags and bail. Idiots stay in declining relationships, like staying invested in a declining stock.
They’re not moving on to the “next best thing”, that sounds like passive victim rejection.
I never rejected a woman for another, at worst I’d just fuck both. I just got rid of you because you started shootings red flags out of your ass. Not because I found someone better. You just became worse lady. Just. Worse.
I guess you have to couch rejection like that because you used to monkey branch so you think guys have that ability. No. Guys don’t monkey branch and rarely have that opportunity. I guess you must really have been fucking a lot of bad boys for the tingles.
And now it’s abuse right? With your little whining language? Your weeny abuses, you just were rejected.
This. All the this.
Actually I fucked both before, having two girlfriends at the same time, then I dumped one for the other. (Because I didn't want to get knifed when one of them found out).
Funny thing was, it wasn't intended that way. I went on 2 dates in December of 2016, having been on 50 dates the previous 6 months post-divorce (some of which resulted in sex, but none in relationships). I figured since only 20% of first dates resulted in second dates (according to my results) so I figured little chance in getting 2nd dates with BOTH of them. In retrospect, my error was in not realizing how the coming holiday season would affect those odds...
The white woman put out on the 2nd date, but the Asian-born woman did not. I started tearing up the one's pussy but she still did not yet consider me an official boyfriend; ironically in that time period, the Asian gf started calling me boyfriend (apparently its a Vietnamese thing -- I googled it) but didn't put out until right about when the white woman started considering me a boyfriend.
It didn't make sense to dump the white woman who I was having sex with for an Asian woman that only called me boyfriend but didn't put out, but it didn't make sense to dump the Asian woman who called me boyfriend because I didn't want to punish her for being less slutty and I wanted to "give her a test ride" before deciding which one I wanted to keep.
So for a few months I had two girlfriends. Occasionally I'd bang them in the same day. I banged them in separate beds in my house, because it seemed kind of cheesy to use the same bed, plus I didn't want to risk "wrong-colored hair" being found by the other. (Wavy blond hair vs straight black hair would be pretty obvious)
I've told every woman ive ever been with "if I leave you, it isn't for another woman, its for me."
It's interesting the level of projection of these women. They believe we do the same monkey branching as they do. Total lack of introspection and knowledge of the opposite sex.
She's beating a wooden horse here.
"Is it wrong that I'm not that attracted to men over 32/33?"
I don't know if it's wrong, but in your situation it's like saying you're starving, but don't find food appealing.
More like she's starving and poor - insists on gourmet and refuses the fast food she can afford. She's going to die from starvation with a very confused look on her face.
It all depends on what she is after. Many women claim to want commitment but their choices actively says different. She might be trying to make the youth spray her walls while she "forgets" her BC and voila, an oopsie baby. Then she can complain about her baby daddy / tinder "date" being irresponsible on social media...
Adopt some cats. You're done for most men now.
Maybe she could adopt a tiger, and then she could have a cat and get dick.
Says the one who hasn't succeeded in finding a suitable husband during 19 years of adulthood.
Can these people even hear themselves? Can they perceive how they look to others? This has to be the most solipsistic generation in history.
This female's mind is damaged beyond repair and her perception of reality on par with a schizophrenic. Why would any sane man in his 20's want a beaten up [email protected] and nagging b1tch in her late 30's? It will only get worse from here on out. You are at the bottom of the totem pole b1tch, get used to it!
What 20yo man with options doesn't want a almost 40yo with a high chance of baby rabies?
So she's 37, and looks 37, but she's an easy lay for thirsty dudes to take the edge off. But they won't hang around because she's used goods.
That's not a horse, it's just your skin, babe.
You're told you look 28 or 29 by people being nice but 28 or 29 isn't exactly peak years for women. The thing is older guys would probably find her attractive if they are 10 years older than her but guys her age prefer younger women than someone their own age that they can easily get but not so easily get rid of.
Are you flogging a dead horse? Yes, yes you are. Accept the fact that you're invisible to desirable men and adjust your expectations or learn to live alone.
It’s crazy that reading your sentence, it just comes off as harsh, but helpful advice, yet anyone you could conceivably give the advice to would take offense to it.
So when her girlfriends were getting married from 25 to 35 She was riding the carousel. But then came the wall and now she can’t bag anymore Chads and the reality of being alone has come crashing down. She desperately is holding on to the delusion that she looks younger than she is. Her only value is a 2am hook up and a one night stand and she’s tired of that Sunday morning Uber ride home. She’s had 49 cocks to date and expects Prince Charming to want to settle down and marry her. This shit is sad but it is real. Her choices will be 3 cats or the occasional casual fuck that she want to turn into something more but it’s just a cum dump and run.
“I speak my mind” = I’m an insufferable bitch who never shuts up.
She looks younger, LOL.
Only Asian women do that magic trick.
Meh, you can still tell the approx. age of asian women as they get older. They're just less wrinkly than others and are deathly afraid of getting fat bc its so frowned upon in most asian societies.
Not true. Most black women can pull that off too and I've even seen some white women pull it off.
These young 20 something Chads aren’t fickle they’re smart! They see an old 37 year old slut to use for batting practice. They tell her she looks young and whatever to get free sex. One they fuck they bail. She is too full of herself to accept the fact that she’s been pumped and dumped.
i love watching their hamster running in circles, there is never a realization, they just keep coming up with rationalizations and excuses lol ahahahahahhahaah
Lol, mad that the men she attracts behave exactly like her. Young men not hanging around for a bump in the road, like her not hanging around the 10 year older man? Just reading through her bs, I can see she ain't a catch
hardworking = code for career woman who will put her job before her husband and kids
realize the value of good friends = she will be out with the girls, but get mad at boys nights out
speak my mind = code for a loud obnoxious argumentative cunt, who will ware thin your last nerve til you want to punch her face in like a man, but remember if you did so, it;d ruin your life so you walk out and don't stay for the "bump in the road"
still like a laugh = I want you to be my monkey to entertain me constantly which wll involve taking her to plays, films, movies, and endless expensive mindless dates
occasional fun night = notice she did not say with who? Not her boyfriend or her husband? With her side chad cawk she still intends to chase.
Why should any man settle for her, she is not settling for anyone?
When you hit your later 20s you can read through this bs like a blind man reading braille.
20-something guys don't want women about to hit menopause? Whoda thunk that.
Ain't NOBODY telling you you're 29, when you're 37.
If anywhere close to reality, you're being fucked by verrrrrrrrry thirsty 20-ish year olds. Then dropped like a bad habit.
The older man is your only option. Even men your same age don't want you.
Chapelle dared say it, "there’s no such thing as good 36-year-old pussy"
Yes you are flogging a dead horse. You call it your vagina.
Makes me think of those cringey cougar type women who act like they’re in their 20s and get wasted at the club every weekend.
I think we found a good part of the problem.
"Same place as me"- infertile, used up slut who no man will pick as awife or mother as his kids...cause no pair bondibg mechanism left, delusions and mental issues and infertility( kid would have recessive genetic disorders , down syndrone, severe autism, aspergers, stillbirths, disfigured, or at minimum a very weak immune system for whole life... If she managed to get pregnant or not miscarry to bevin thanks)
She is insanely delusional and what she calls fickle is 3 million years of evolutionary biology at work. Is she mentally insane or just pretending to have an IQ of 60?
So let's say she gets her wish come true. Unlikely, but let's go hypothetical here.
She, at 37, meets a 24 year old guy who'll commit to more than a pump and dump.
In 15 years, she'll be 52, post menopause, wrinkly, fat, looking like an elderly lady. Her 39 year old boyfriend will be just cresting his peak SMV, max earning potential, and getting attention from 28-32 year old women afraid of the wall. He'll drop her like a hot rock.
This woman has no ability to envision the future whatsoever.
Lady better be prepared to invest in a nice breed of cat that wouldn't outlive her
"No parents should outlive their children"
You've gambled your eggs away on the wrong roulette table. Now buzz off, whore.
No, Honey, no...YOU'RE the dead horse. >:D
This pain is DELICIOUS. sips Ahhh...
The ol' "Speak my mind" = the obnoxiously loud white chick at the bar.
Wait I thought she was talking about men not women.....
My suggestion would would be getting a cat, buy TV dinners, boxed wine, and a subscription to Netflix (assuming she doesn't have all of these).
'I'm 37 but look younger' - yet it's her girl friends telling her then when their opinion counts for fuck all. But like women telling fat women 'you're great as you are' - when a big dose of reality would be more helpful.
Sure, every single guy in his early 30's wants to come home to a fight every night after work.
She could pass for 28-29 and that dress doesn't make her look fat... No wonder she's been in a bad relationship if she is so naive she believes flattery. And tbh, even if she would look 10y younger, she's still a few years late...
This is almost code for "mouthy bitch" as people who just have opinions (i.e. 100% of the population) don't tend to feel the need to advertise this. I think we've found the reason why she's single!
Why do they always name qualities men aren’t interested in? It’s like if a man said: I play lots of different videogames, I get black out drunk with my buddies on weekends and I follow every single sport. What on earth am I doing wrong?
Of course, it is highly likely she will "get a dude", but it will be one that is light years away from resembling the kind of man she really wants.
Am i having a stroke?
Yes. Yes you are.
She is not flogging a dead horse. She IS the dead horse.
Oh shit you mean to tell me that when there is a bump in the road that the guy bounces to look for something better? I don't know about you guys but I'm willing to bet that she was doing the exact same thing in her prime. Now she is getting a taste of her own medicine and don't like it.
You don’t look younger. That’s a lie we tell you to make you feel good
Unless she gets into interesting fetishes or a legit hobby, she has 0 chance. Unless she gets extremely lucky, 35+ (especially in combination of a bad diet/habits) this is the worst time period of a woman’s life.
Y’all are rude af
Truth hurts and nature isn't fair.
Kinda the point?
Who hurt you?