One gallon of change. How much is in here?

On the way to the bank with a suitcase full of change....
And this is what was in the gallon!
Edit: lots of lowish guesses. I always put change in no matter what it was, and I didn't use quarters for laundry or anything like that. I think once I got $16 in Sacajawea dollars from a post office vending machine and I (very begrudgingly) dumped them in the jar. $38 in pennies that was payment for a bet was not included, and not in the jar!
But did you check to make sure you didn't have any silver quarters? (1964 and older) They're worth about 3 bucks a piece. Or dimes? Worth about $1.20 a piece.
Or Press Y to cancel and spit the change back out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Wow reddit was very close with the estimations.
Damn, I thought it was going to be much more than $500! But hey, still an extra $500! Nice!
I used to collect change in a large pickle jar. We cached it in 2 or 3 times, and it was pretty close to the same amount each time (around $50-$55). I'll have to see how big the jar is and see how well that amount scales to a 1 gallon jug.
Is that Titty Bank?
edit: TD Bank.
I think you were closest.
Around $550
I keep a handle of tequila as my change jar. The last three times I filled it up it had $180, $210, and $190. If you extrapolate the data up to the full gallon I think you should have around $400-$420.
2.163 handles (1.75L) in a Gallon, so the actual amount would range from $389.34-$454.23 based on your numbers
Randall Munroe says that it's about $468 if you don't use the quarters for other things, but it looks like you do, so he says it'll be about $336 a gallon. If there were no pennies in there, it'd be about $611.
"if you don't use the quarters for other things" ?
Do you have the link? I assume this is from a What If, but quick searching turned up nothing =)
Supposedly the average of your guesses will give the best estimate.
I'm going to the bank in an hour to have it counted!
On the way to the bank
Final total + 4 euros
About $350.
1 dollar bob
RemindMe! 1 hour "how much change????"
Does the person who guessed closest to the right answer get the money?
197.32 !!!
How much How much!?
It's going to be around $300
You can stack about 100 coins vertically and the circumference seems to be about 20 or so so the area is around 30, you average out the value of all 4 types of coin to about 10 cents, and you get something around $300.
About a gallon
You can buy Tabasco by the gallon?
Fuck yeah. This is actually my third gallon.
I did the math for all the different combinations of change you can get, from $.01-$.99 a while back.
If you assume each amount of change from 1 cent to 99 cents is equally likely to occur, then it comes out to about $12/lb. if you weigh it, and subtract the weight of the glass jar, that would be a decent ballpark
But I feel like there's going to be more prevalence of getting certain amounts of change back. Things priced at $x.99, (in a sales tax-free state) will bring a lot of pennies your way.
I used to buy a grande black coffee that was $2.24 every day, so I ended up with an overwhelming amount of quarters.
There are so many subjective factors!
Must be cargo shorts day!!
Don't think I don't want to go buy some calzones with all this change.
I think there is probably about $585.44 in there; just a shot in the dark.
I see what you did there
That's Numberwang
Fun fact: All non-penny US coins weigh the same amount per dollar. So if there were no pennies in there and you knew the weight of the jug, you could determine the exact value with a scale.
Edit: It's not true! I looked up and posted weights below.
For real? Because, because I separate out pennies.
That's awesome. There sadly are some pennies in there. Also Sacajawea they count?
That's not true. Dimes and quarters only.
Well, you could get a range.
1 gallon / volume of a penny / 100 = Minimum amount in dollars
1 gallon / volume of the largest value coin in the jar / 100 / value of the coin = maximum amount in dollars
412.37 ....
I just cashed in a jar almost that full, and it was $250, so yours might be close to $300 I'd guess
My quart pickle jar averages around $100 if it hasn't been high-graded (ie had all the quarters picked out). Obviously yours would be hard to raid, so I'd guess a little over $400, maybe $450.
My guess is $347.52! Just shooting of rando numbers...
I just cashed in a 5 gallon water jug I've been saving for 12+ years and got $1641 but I did have a lot quarters. So I'd think you have in the neighborhood of $400-$500. Good on ya.
You may be interested in seeing this crazy fuck down that gallon brand new, full of red hot death.
That's a lot more than I expected, good on you for saving it up.
A small coffee can of change at my house gets on average, about 50 bucks.
Raymond: 153.87... definitely, definitely 153.87.
Aw, come on, man. Let me just have some. I’ll tell you what, you guess how much I want, if you said “a handful” you are correct.
How did you get the change out of the jar?
Cash it in at the casino ... They don't charge for sorting as long as your playing so spending 5$ in a machine on your way out should be worth it, since u are American there are no loonies or toonies so my bet would be somewhere in the 450$ range I have a jar like that about 1/3 full and it's about 2000 but it's all loonies and toonies
Edit...just saw you posted your results, happy to see my guess was close
One million dollars
Careful transporting that jug. Super easy to break when they're full of change and super shitty to separate your change from the glass if it does. Voice of experience.
Jesus dick, I didn't think it'd be nearly that much. I had a Culligan bottle full of loose change that landed me almost $70, so I was kinda basing it on that haha
Just goes to show that saving that loose change really pays off! :D
I would've guessed about $400-$450. I'd reason that out based on the time I took a 5-gallon jug that was just under half full in, and it was $979. I'm thinking there was slightly more than 2 gallons of change in there, and this would be half of that..
I'd say approximately 128 ounces by volume.
I was going to say about $475. So I was a little more than a $100 off.
Enough to party.
One gallon.
Obama needs more change
How long did it take you to fill that jar?
Make sure he sees you giving the tip
Wow, 6 hours up and I'm the first person to say that this post isn't at all related to the point of this sub. I mean, I like a "guess how many coins in the jar" game as much as the right guy, I just think this is really indicative of this sub scraping the bottom of the barrel.
bout tree fiddy.
A couple hundred bucks
about tree fiddy
edit: Umad?
About 3.50