Daily VeChain Discussion - October 25, 2019


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I've been accepted as an exchange student for a university in Singapore... VeChain has an office there, right? Is it possible to go and give them a visit?
I guess it could be, perhaps a polite phone call beforehand would be advisable. If it happens you could do a wee write up for us, and maybe slip in a few requests (50k vechain hoodies for the reddit community for example)
540M Vet to Binance (click transfers) or watch on vechainstats
These things are something that you should message the moderators about if you have complaints/feedback. That comment was removed for violating rule 1, which is definitely the rule we have to enforce the most.
Let the mods do what they do, make their judgements. After all this time it's pretty clear to me they are making fair calls
Insane that btc pumps over China.
China said they want to be the leading blockchain country for supply chain and food safety. They specifically said NOT bitcoin.
We are solid.
Watch the hands, not the mouth.
Big guys selling alts for btc and for usdt to buy btc with that usdt.
They need btc to break ath before eoy or before halving. Then we will see new capital flow into crypto again and new pleb fomo.
Temporary alts suffering is for greater good. If bitcoin won’t break ath I don’t see 2020 as big fomo year. But if it will, the new bull market will emerge and alts will have their share of new money.
All part of the plan.
PS Always laughing at pleb narrative that altcoins can “decouple” from btc.
Yes, our fundamentals are solid.
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Fcuking outrageous.
China says adapt blockchain.
What pumps? BTC
What should’ve pulled? VET Edit: pumped*
Fcuking outrageous.
Kings rule. News can be anything.
Damn this market is insane
wanted more BTC on the cheap cheap :'(
This is so annoying to read. Wasn’t 40% + correction from top enough for u? U wanted “cheap” btc? 6k? 3k?
I picked up a lot this morning. my luckiest buy yet.
Woah lol
Ok, now this is epic
Well this fun
Question is when to sell a portion of VET, and buy back lower? I've always wanted to try that but never really had the courage. This current big pump looks like the ideal opportunity 🤔🤔
The whole last year. Not anymore imo
January 2018 would like to speak to you.
I’ve been doing it for months. You are right, big fluctuations like this are a good time to stack some more. Be careful though and good luck
Edit: BTW I’ve only been trading between single sats as I don’t want the price to get too far away from me
If you have balls of steel go for it. I have just been DCAing 🤷‍♂️
Well well seems like btc got a little life rn. Interesting to see where this goes over the next 48 hours.
Is 36 sats the lowest we have ever gone? I predict we may dip lower over the next 48 hours.
Ahhh, of all the crypto newbies I love the arrogant ones the most.
We do lots of work for the VeChain Ecosystem. Currently, as we speak, we are spending a month here in silicon valley with Sunny Lu and Jay Zhang in private strategic meetings to further and clarify VeChain’s vision and growth outlook. We also write things down besides talking.
"We also write things down besides talking." Love this.
Why does everything i read makes me take my credit card...
lmao this crypto market never bores xD
Good to see happy people here
He has spoken:
Sunny says China started a 5 year block chain plan in 2016, My simple math tells me this could be fully implemented by 2021...
If the CEO knows details of the plan most would think he is somehow involved.
Edit: Also seems Sunny is in LA right now!
I don't mean to burst your bubble, but some context around Sunnys tweet may be useful (if not for you, then maybe others).
Sunny is referring to the 13th 5-Year Plan that China are implementing. They publish this (publicly) and the technologies that are mentioned in this latest comprehensive plan from 2016 are AI and Blockchain (I haven't read it myself, but I do tend to follow Sunny closely and he has made mention to it multiple times over the last 2.5 years in interviews and AMAs).
It's not a Blockchain plan specifically and there are no specific implementation timelines unfortunately. Sunnys tweet doesn't suggest he knows more detail than me or you could know, by simply reading the documents. Therefore, there is also no suggestion of involvement.
Saying that, this is great news for all of us here. 1+1=2, and with all the early 2018 news of National level partnerships, the future is most definitely bright for VeChain.
(I'm just waiting for Jim Breyer to next speak about Vechain. I'm betting that what he is involved in will be National level news to some extent)
I'm trying to avoid my brain tying VET to China but that's hard to ignore. That does make a pretty good case.
2021 is only 26 paychecks away.
2021 is growth phase according to VeChain’s timeline from a presentation a good while back now. 2019/2020 were regulatory navigation. 2025 is slated as technological maturity.
The switch of sentiment right now is insane. Happy bout it though.
Chinese government says, on record, that they want to be the leading ‘blockchain’ nation. Not crypto. Blockchain. They want to use it for supply chain and (food) safety. What solution does that?
Let’s narrow it down. There are only 197 companies allowed to provide blockchain solutions.
One of them in is a blockchain committee with Tencent, Alibaba and WeChat. And that same blockchain Allready has a solution working at the governments insurance company. And it also happens to provide solutions for food safety AND supply chain! How convenient.
That exact same solution happens to have partners that help and advise the Chinese government with their auditing, quality and control.
If all is being add up and PBOC is releasing their blockchain solution, a stablecoin designed by their ‘settlement Division’ next month this is probably the beginning of a new era. Let me remind you. China is NOT a free market. Government decides which company does what.
If I could only remember the name of this blockchain :(
Something with V.
Value city furniture?
Vandalay industries?
Also, only one of those companies is a public blockchain provider and has a crypto component. Not to add speculation or anything. Just an observation.
Very insightful documentation from the winner of the GDST hackathon
Especially, vechain seems to create their own IPFS.. this is very interesting and some completely new information
" It is envisaged that Sanitised Fish will use an API to upload the output file to the VeChain IPFS, but the IPFS is still a work in progress by VeChain, so for the purposes of this hackathon we are using local storage but replicating the interaction with IPFS as much as possible. "
Moreover they state , that their software can be used on any Blockchain, but this is a legit statement.
And in their challenges chapter you can read this: "API interaction with VeChain to share files" However, I wouldn't over - interprete this, since we don't know how many Blockchain APIs this team saw. ( given a limited time to learn vechain API as well)
Oh they buying buying today. Lol good stuff still needed to pack my bags a little more but its still a great buy so idc lol.
Congrats to those who were buying the dip yesterday :)
Thank you btc. You saved our asses.
Was my best timing yet
Thinking the same, pretty decent chance it was the bottom. Some big buys today could have confirmed that.
space exploration begins today
I would like to emphasize how much I appreciate all of you. Starting investing in Vechain beginning of Jan 2018 and past almost 2 years have been a rollercoaster. However even though most of us are down I feel like most of us keep a healthy skepticism & feedback to eachother. We are either all bagholders of one big shitshow or will be happy campers in a few years. I feel like most of you seem pretty educated & like to be believe the second scenario will pan out. Looking forward to the future Vechain Tesla gatherings ( yes tesla, not lambo).
Not joking about that btw, have a nice weekend everyone. I know I am a useless pile of shit for the community and do not contribute much yet, I strive towards changing that in the near future however (started with a python course).
Hey man. You just reaching out to to let us know you appreciate us is exactly the kind of thing I like to see in our community. A wholesome, compassionate, eager to learn person is not a 'useless pile of shit'. And if it is, then by golly we need more useless shit!
If I update the Vechain wallet app, will I have to reload the wallet?
BREAKING: Chinese President Xi Jinping just publicly supported China going all-in on blockchain technology across their economy.
Disclaimer edit: no specific mention of Vechain though :)
If you consider things, China started cracking down on crypto at the peak of the market 2017/2018, driving their hodlers out, and arguably protecting them from the great depression. This new support from Xi is awfully well-timed and close to the market bottom....
Could make us or rek us. I’m optimistic we have a better chance but Vechain and Ripple both, the more effort they put on being on the inside, there’s always the chance it totally blows up in their face when the nations create a government backed blockchain
Comrade Xi emphasizes on the importance of blockchain once again. The big plan.
Whats up with 0xc0c451ec1e47ec04b9ccbe51f9496acee70c6b2c
They just added 80M VET on top of the 24M they had.
I do not see any recent transfers in to that account?
540M vet was just transferred from:
Is this the one who just bought a lot from binance ?
Binance 71 million VET bought at 41 sat. wtf
Xi loading his bags ;)
Ballers lurk amongst us
Another 26 million 15 min later at 42
What a lucky person to have such an amount