Has everyone forgotten our marine who now sits in a Mexican prison because we have a president too incompetent or too lazy to make a call? - 20 Oct 2014

Pretty much everyday I come to this subreddit, screenshot the tweet and context in the comments then send it to my friend who is obsessed with our President. He refuses to believe they are real lol
Does he respond with FAKE NEWS?
Have you tried sending him links to the actual tweets themselves instead of screenshotting it?
Send him this pile of shit then. No screen shot, direct links to impotus verbal diarrhea account.
Don't send a screenshot. Send an actual link to the tweet.
You could always go to Trump's twitter and screenshot those.
I read that this is why T_D only posts article headline screenshots. Because Trump contradicts himself so often that even posting a right-leaning article may look the OP look like a Trump critic which is bannable.
That and they don't read but you get the point.
Had a dude literally say that the tweet trump made about striking the 52 Iranians sites was a fake tweet. So I screenshot it under other previous tweets and I'm sure he still didn't believe it. It's actually sad how mentally unstable some people are.
Include links directly to trump's twitter
So his Twitter is now a deepfake?
Congrats on having enough energy to be friends with a trump supporter. That takes guts kid.
Link the tweets
I do this to my brother now!!!
Seriously? Most are still up; he could look them up on Trump's Twitter feed himself! How can you be friends with someone so willfully ignorant?!
You don't send links to the tweets?
The neat thing about this sub, is that it links to the actual tweet. Send him links from now on
Same! I send him proof of this clowns lunacy and he acts as though I’m the world’s greatest photoshop person. It’s weird.
Dude that’s not health for your friendship
Trump viciously attacked Obama for months
In December 2018 Russia arrested former Marine
Since Paul Whelan's arrest Trump has played golf at least 90 times. SAD!
Low energy!
But he pardoned that
It’s the last part. The puppet does not question it’s master.
So playing golf makes you bad? Wasting 100k on gender studies seems just as bad.
Kind of reminds me of the fact that there are two Canadian citizens who have been detained in China for over a year in retaliation to us putting a Chinese executive under house arrest in Vancouver at the US's request.
That’s why there’s a comedian who says that the US is like a loud, drunk guy at a party who goes around randomly swinging at people and picking fights. And Canada is his shy nerdy roommate who follows behind going “yeah! Take that, you! You’ll get more of the same!”
It's honestly hilarious when he makes tweets like this. Trump does not give a shit about any of these people. It's all just to either attack others (like Obama in this case) or to service himself.
"Hilarious" as in "haha I genuinely find this funny" or as in "life is a sad joke and I hate this timeline"?
Username checks out
bad image, abort
Why does this sub use the hardass Trump picture when there are so many much more representative pics out there?
I believe it defaults to that because it's his Twitter icon.
Is the second a real pic? I thought it was photoshopped
Pretty sure he has forgotten but it’s not his fault. Alzheimer’s is a mother fucker.
Another asshole gets in line for The King of Douchebags Award!!
Trump reminds me of Stryker from X Men. Always attempting to say something grand to get people on his side, then backpedals into a contradiction when he's caught in the middle
Wait... Your telling me they're still in there????