"The Democrats want to treat the illegals, with healthcare and with other things, better than they treat the citizens of our country. If you look at a coal miner that has black lung disease, you’re talking about people that get treated better than the coal miner." [2019-Jul-01]

Context: Trump frequently invokes coal miners as the primary beneficiaries from his fights with Democrats over energy policy, yet his administration is
Don't forget trying to refund the 9/11 first responders care.
Edit: yes, defund. Autocorrect
It actually did it again but I caught it this time.
Well hundreds of workers in Wyoming coal mines just lost their jobs after the heads of the company declared bankruptcy. They get the huge bonus but the miners no longer have to deal with black lung at least. Trump, shitting on the little guy.
Aren’t there like, only 8000 coal miners in the US anyway? His defense of coal isn’t about the workers, it’s for the wealthy owners.
And you know like maybe if we had a "national healthcare system" then those coal miners fighting black lung disease would be taken care of along with the rest of us!!! The problem with Trump talking out of both ends that that both sound like the same bullshit as always, and only one of those ends is supposed to spew it.
Well those coal miners are just going to have to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get a private provider. /s
Trump wouldn’t be caught dead shaking the hand of a coal miner or going inside a tunnel. He sees homeless as a “liberal” issue that occurred in the last 2 years and he wants to get rid of it because it’s “improper”.
There's so much more context than even this. He and his republican cronies are the ones trying to constantly gut healthcare here in the US. He wouldn't be able to say the Democrats want to treat illegal aliens with better healthcare than citizens if he and the other republicans *weren't trying to constantly stop us from implementing single payer universal healthcare for those very citizens.
The fucking level of gaslighting coming from this bag of shit is unreal.
It's ok. If you tell the miners this they won't believe you anyway. My city municipal utility company shut down a coal plant as they transition to more solar power. What is funnier they raised rates due to the increase maintenance cost in the remaining coal plant and all citizens got pissed over it. Kentucky is such a funny state. Mess with someone's taxes or raise someone's rates and they will put your head on the block.
Quality af comment
And it’s not like D’s don’t want healthcare for citizens also
Good point
Republicans have controlled congress 12 out of the last 16 years, my question is what was done for healthcare in those 14 years? Well other than try and destroy the ACA. Coal miners have insurance, until they’re laid off or company goes bankrupt, 60 minute interview showed many miners were using the ACA and if it was taken away they would have nothing.
“Never let facts ruin a good story” -republicunts
But, 60 minutes is fake news!!!! All those tax cuts were needed so coal miners can keep their jobs and coal companies can continue to provide health care for their workers. The best health care not socialist Obama care.
But we love the ACA! We need it! We just hate Obamacare.
This ties into why they are demonizing abortion. Between the over production of uneducated citizens, rising costs of healthcare, banning and attacking peaceful muslims; they are trying to make the military the only economically feasible option for everyone graduating high school so that we can have the numbers to fight Russia, China and the middle east Let our generation solve the problems with violence since they will not submit to a sensible, diplomatic solution.
They'd have something... Preexisting conditions.
Also, what have they done about immigration since they rage agains that issue.
12 out of 16 is wrong. Obama held office for 8. 12 out of 20 might be right though.
Edit: I now see the word "Congress".... My bad
Lol. Same dude thinks that universal healthcare is pure evil.
Lol. Dude doesn’t think. He lacks necessary equipment.
"No, it's the socialist Obamacare that's pure evil. The ACA is a Godsend, and those filthy democrats are trying to take it away!"
He mentioned in pre election interviews that, were he elected, everyone would have the best health care.
No one's held him to that claim yet.
Maybe were stupid for thinking that Republicans actually even want to repeal it. More money and power to be had by just raging against it.
He doesn't want miners to have it better, just save money and let the consequences fall on degener -i mean immigrants
Bonus points if they have Medicare or Medicaid
He might be on to something. Coal miners getting black lung. Maybe we should move away from coal
Hmm treating immigrants with basic human dignity is treating them better than your own citizens? Isn't the correct course of action here to fix the way we treat our citizens?
And provide healthcare for all.... hmm...
wait a minute, they get black lung disease, and you WANT TO BRING COAL BACK??
Stats are showing that black lung is occurring in younger workers these days...
This just keeps getting "better" (/s!)
They coal they'll breathe will cancel out the black lung disease.
I think he's trying to say that he wants to give black lung to illegal aliens.
This would boil my blood and fry my brain except....people believe this shit
How do people support this man!?!?
About 40% of Americans are, apparently, gullible morons.
They share in his ignorance. Mr. Trump has more than enough to go around.
MotherFUCKER! We don't have fucking healthcare because of HIS fucking backward, sadistic party policy of making real healthcare only accessible to the upper class. His own people, many of whom are likely foregoing medical treatment for serious conditions because of financial constraints, will just swallow this shit and ask for more while blaming anyone with brown skin. Goddammit I am so sick of this.
I'm... Just mad. I'm upset all the time about the border and I can't take this man. I just... Can't.
I have to avoid someone at work because she uses every opportunity to praise him, as in "finally have an intelligent person with guts who cares enough to fix this country".
I WISH I was joking. I wish SHE was joking. She's serious.
I know it can be exhausting keeping up with this political climate, but please do NOT give up on caring and fighting for the right thing. They want us to give up, and unlike Democratic leadership, we will not be silenced.
I fully support the eating of the rich by both immigrants and coal miners
Come on now, they've already got black lung. Don't make them eat shit, too.
Just a modest proposal!
wait why are these things mutually exclusive? isn't this still the richest country on the planet? why can't both types get helped? the truth is that the GOP doesn't want anyone to get help. they feel like food health care is a privilege and not a right so coal miners with black lung don't meet the requirements either. the GOP doesn't want the people who vote for them to have anything either. the GOP wants everything for themselves.
Because in a fascist country, someone always has to be below the boot.
You see how undocumented immigrants are always the problem, but never the people giving them jobs like trump and the business owner class.
Oh okay, the President of the United States used the dehumanizing term of "illegals", a statement meant to do nothing more than to pigeonhole their entire existence as criminal. He is literally saying the quiet parts out loud. This is horrible on so many fucking levels.
And then there is this:
To be fair, the question isn't actually a question other than "Can I ask you?"
But still... complete and utter delusion.
You know who gets treated better than all of the illegal, legal immigrants, citizens, and 99% of the world? The wealthy, who aren't affected in the slightest by the cost of Healthcare and never have to worry about waiting to be seen. How about we treat everyone like a human f#cking being and stop letting the wealthy tell us who to be angry with instead of them.
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Or.... hold on a minute.... give healthcare to the citizens of our country......
Sounds like a job for Universal Healthcare!
But what about “clean burning coal”
I do believe he also has referred to "beautiful" clean coal. Brain damage evident.
Still gives you the black lung, pops. Eheh eheh eheh
Remember when he said he'd bring those "good" coal jobs back too?
He is so dumb. What he doesn’t get is that the coal miner shouldn’t be treated like that either. Imagine if you were seeking asylum in a foreign country. How would you expect them to treat you?
I feel more respected going through foreign passport control than entering my own country. It's pathetic. We're so scared that every ounce of human decency had been thrown on the floor.
Stop thinking he is dumb. He is worst, he doesn't care about facts.
All the information of the world is available to him as president.
He doesn't want to learn.
An indirect whataboutism.
How can this asshat not realize he’s admitting that coal mining is inherently unhealthy??
Wait, doesn’t Trumpcare cover all coal miners?
Crazy idea, lets give the coal miner healthcare as well
Look we treat our citizens like shit; why wouldn’t we treat everyone like shit.
Coming from the guy who stripped away the research going into studying the effects of mouton top mining on the water of nearby residents of coal counties after stripping away the regulation that allowed said mountain top mining?
The coal companies should be responsible for the black lung coal miners.... Funny how he is so worried about the coal miners health, when he campaigned for coal.
"Won't somebody think of the poor coal miners?"
"Ok, let's help the coal miners too."
"What are you, a filthy socialist?"
If you're willing to treat your own citizens like crap, listening to someone demand basic dignity for foreigners must be terribly confusing.
Yet again, Mr. President has proven us all wrong, just when we thought his ignorance couldn’t possibly be showcased any more proudly. And so the never ending death rolls continue in the battle for supremacy between his ego and his ignorance.
I agree, you should treat your citizens better...
He's gotta know we know he's lying and we can prove it, right? Right, guys? No person can really be this stupid? Right?
This is because American healthcare is generally fucked.
Come to the UK as an immigrant and you get EXACTLY the same healthcare as we dont run a multi tier insurance based system.
"We should be treating undocumented aliens as badly as we treat US citizens!"
I don't think I've heard 1 Dem ever say we wanted to treat illegals better than citizens.
I have heard several Dems claim we should treat illegals as human. Which apparently the dotards disagree
Not something I've heard either but this is just the excuse that's used to pretend to care about who's getting treated while no one, including those same vets we were just talking about, gets treated and nothing gets done.
Is this dude high?
I was disappointed by the candidates who said they want to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants. Then I remembered the only real way for them to get treatment is visit the ER, and that cost gets passed onto everyone.
Still don't think they deserve any benefits of being a citizen if they're not a citizen, but it would make sense to do it, assuming universal healthcare was a thing.
Yeah I'd like coal miners to have access to universal healthcare too please People seem to forget that Universal means your healthcare is ALSO free because it's Universal
Democrats want everyone to have access to healthcare. Makes no sense to say they want immigrants to have better treatment
But we must mine coal no matter how unprofitable and environmentally destructive to own the libs.
Actually... I think we want everyone to have healthcare..
You know what would help the coal miner? Universal healthcare
Jesus fuck... that race baiting ignorant piece of shit is all about misinformation.
No wonder he's the star of the FOX make believe news network.
They're perfect for each other. they must have daily contests to see who can lie the most.
Ummm. Pretty sure they want all of us to have healthcare too.
No, no, no. You snowflakes are all mistaken. Coal miners don’t get black lung. That’s fake news drummed up to help China make more money. Think about it, coal miners can’t get black lung- because we use CLEAN COAL, remember? Man, you all just can’t think for yourselves.
I mean, we want to give healthcare to all the citizens too.
But I want everyone, migrants and naturalized citizens, to have access to Healthcare?
This doesnt mean we treat the prisoners too well...It means we dont treat our own well enough. the default isnt the shit we treat redundant workers.
Why would we have healthcare? I mean, take care of other human beings without the emphasis on money? .... health care is just a human thing to do.
Assault rifles though, sure, I can go buy one tomorrow, but. If I break my leg, I better be financially stable.
False equivalency
Why not both?
Pure race hate.
Lying sack of shit
So treat the coal miner better
What’s funny is that he acts like he actually has some sort of human morals somewhere in that shell, I mean I don’t see anyone saying that we shouldn’t help everyone that we can, we’re literally trying to establish the same basic rights for everyone here but republicans can’t be superior that way so they just say no
Why use two words when one will do?
They're immigrants.
They're neither legal or illegal until a court of law decides.
Ahem. Law-don’t come into the country without permission. immigrant- comes into country not at gate or legal access point therefore breaking the law. Immigrant- now illegal because they broke the law.
So did they help the coal miner with lung disease?
They would be given basic healthcare I guess. What's more worrying is that the US government is not able to provide that for its citizens free of cost or enslaving debt. Must be the fault of the manipulated masses and politicians corrupted by amoral big money interests disregarding human live and decency. Take their wealth and power, give it back to the people!
Or the fact that it costs WAY to much to provide free healthcare. Also quality of care goes down and wait times are insanely long.
Why the hell is this always treated like one or the other?
Why can't we provide both with Healthcare?
Oh wait, socialism=bad, apparently.
You know, there wouldn’t be coal mines if assholes stopped using coal...
I cant treat the citizens like shit if the illegals arent getting treated shittier! Everyone needs to know they can be worse off than they are and that theres someone even worse off than them that we can hate.
The democrats are trying to give everyone Medicare for all because the people are pushing them away from their corporate masters.
Castro and the others want to decriminalize border crossing, not make it legal. I.e.
As for healthcare, not only would universal coverage for everyone in the country be more humane (would you prefer they die in the street?), it would also be cheaper overall because it would enable treatment of disease and injury before it becomes life-threatening (and more expensive to address) in an overcrowded emergency room. And even illegal immigrants pay taxes into the system, so it's not like they're free-riding.
Dems want rights for all people. Not just the ones they "like" or can relate to.
It's always nice when I don't even have to bother checking for a source to know that you're wrong.
You're not even an American. Get fucked.