Jay-Z Helped the NFL Banish Colin Kaepernick

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There is an excellent podcast called Grubstakers whose focus is telling the stories of billionaires (and not the pretty certain the billionaires prefer). Their episode on Jay Z makes very clear who Jay Z sides with in the class war.
This Podcast sounds interesting as fuck. Thanks, I needed a new one.
Listened to that, very interesting, thanks
Submission statement: Jamele Hill discusses how after the NFL sidelined 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick after he protested police brutality against black people, it turned to Jay Z to try to repair its tarnished image. The rapper was happy to help.
It’s almost like it’s not about race and the real struggle is between classes.
That SS conveys quite a different message from the title.
i call bullshit, you're clearly not following the actual campaign, all they are talking about is Kaep
It's probably worth noting that Kaepernick not being a good quality starting QB while wanting a starting QB job paying him as such helped sideline him, too. Being good is why Eric Reid still has a job.
I don't understand why she hesitates calling Jay-Z a sellout. I love rap music, but ever since rappers started getting paid to brag about selling drugs (poisoning our communities) they've been sellouts. They trade culture and pain for money. This Jay-Z/NFL deal is just that on a more tangible level. Colin's sacrifice and the pain from the purposeful misinterpretation of NFL players' peaceful protests are being traded in for Jay-Z to line his pockets. I disagree with his statement about this being the action taken after the voices in the protest have been heard because those voices have not been acknowledged. He cannot singlehandedly decide that "we're over taking a knee". It comes off as "Taking a knee is lame now because they're paying me and they gave me the AUX cord, so says Jay-Z the King of Cool".
I'm in a very small minority of old school hip hop fans (circa 1985+) who do not like, nor have ever respected Jay.
He's always been able to market the culture, capitalize on trends and portray himself as a credible street rapper.
He's always felt very manufactured and because of that, his music felt empty to me.
This kind of behaviour, shape-shifting for the biggest payout, fits his MO.
Never a fan.
Isn't rap about "the struggle". Like inherently that's what separates it as a genre?
I do agree with your point about Jay-Z and i think most do.
Basically tells you everything you need to know about Hovas integrity.
Because it's not necessarily her opinion, but it would also be a dangerous conclusion that would leave her open to scrutiny.
To call Jay-Z a sellout is to firstly assume that he should hold a certain opinion or allegiance just because of his skin colour... which almost assumes an African American should have X opinion and not be allowed to move from it without criticism. It is infantalisation of a group of people bound by skin colour, yes, but with different brains, ideas, values, agency, and so on. The notion that African Americans should probably all feel the very same way about a social issue is almost racist in itself. At the least, it is suggesting they don't have agency or intelligence to develop their own opinions. For the sake of argument, let's say you're white. Is there a particular social issue you feel all white people must agree on because they're white? I doubt it.
And I'm not trying to be rude, and I don't know enough about Jay-Z as a person to defend him or dislike him, but I can think of plenty of reasons he could have done this:
I just think the hypocrisy here is great where just earlier this year he was bashing on Travis Scott for performing at the superbowl and now he's doing this.
Keep in mind Travis Scott is pretty young and just 6/7 years ago was relatively unknown and now he had the opportunity to do this, so that's not the same as a guy like Jay-z who is rightfully already a legend and been in the game for over 20 years with an empire behind him turning down the same performance.
With that said, I don't have a problem with the idea of him doing this, it's opening dialogue. I just think it's worth calling him out when the check has his name on it.
Shit, man. Think what you will about the matter and the person, but this is absolute genius:
You might think he sold out, but the idea of buying and selling this very articulately defined, exact "product" is both bold and smart as fuck. Whatever the NFL paid for it, I'm sure they feel it is worth it. They just BOUGHT the public's forgiveness and counting on them soon forgetting when new, shiny things come along...
This is fascinating, deplorable, Machiavellian, vulgar, juicy... and genius. It can be all of those things at once, you know.
this makes sense seeing Jay and Beyonce's legacies almost tied with Obama in some ways. Wouldn't want your "friend's" legacy tarnished by some athlete trying to make a statement. rich sons of bitches have great class solidarity.
An athlete that some (if not many) might see as not "true black" because of his skin tone.
It's complete speculation, but wonder if that mindset has something to do with your own speculation.
Are you proposing that race solidarity prevail over other types of solidarity? All of us belong to different subgroups we could choose to show solidarity with over all others; our gender, class, religion, socio-economic status, jobs, physical ailments, age, etc.
As far as I know, blind race solidarity is called 'racism'.
I'm just curious as to why we all assume he should have the same opinion on matter that everyone else with the same skin colour does?
Jay-Z is using the NFL and the NFL is using Jay-Z. A means to an end for both. Objects to be conquered. Jay-Z, money and power, (as they say corrupts) the NFL, relevance and let's all forget about this whole kneeling National Anthem thing. Sounds like a win/win. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?
I am so sick of the fake NFL nationalistic patriotism. The NFL wants the tax breaks and stadium subsidies yet retain the right to silence players from speaking to their community.
American Football is just another ugly chapter of sport Mandingo fighting. I can live without sunday afternoons dedicated to stylized warfare that leaves the majority of players with TBI.
I read through the article but I'm not so convinced Jay-Z is selling out or giving in. From the article
They also mention earlier in the article that this agreement includes an opportunity for players to speak out about issues that concern them. Now this may all be lip service, but as it stands I see no reason to assume this is being done in bad faith. I think Jay-Z's intentions are to work with the NFL for reform, and in exchange, they will get his star-power and the trust of the black community back.
Only time will tell. Hopefully it does as intended and works out. But I won't hold my breath.
Jay-Z deserves to be called out more often. In his book, What Truth Sounds Like: Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America does that to brutal effect while comparing some of today's black celebrities to one's during the Civil Rights Movement. I don't own the book so I unfortunately I can't quote but it was to the effect that in grand scale Bruce Springsteen has done more for black folks by focusing on the working than Jay-Z in his photo ops/press releases philanthropy.
Last I remembered was when he ended up selling a clothing line in Barney's, a high-end retailer which completely contradicts his roots.
From what I've heard in local papers and news outlets, he has mixed reception in his hometown, at least among the common folk.
"We are the descendants of slaves. Our children have been sold from us. We’ve lost our languages, we’ve lost our tribes. We have been tortured for learning to read. We’ve been maimed for attempting to escape, lynched for our progress. Murdered as social control. In 1817 and in 2017. Our memory is our song. And when our black art becomes corrupted, we don’t end up with real estate, we end up with nothing. The dignity and truth of our experience must be maintained. Our lives must bear witness. As James Baldwin taught us, what doesn’t bear witness in our art, collaborates."
Family Feud: Jay-Z, Beyoncé and the Destruction of Black Art:
This article is really tone deaf, especially for a black writer who writes about this stuff all the time.
So, because Jay-Z is partnering with the NFL, he takes on all the ills of the organization despite both parties saying they want to take on social-justice issues better? Isn't one of the trademarks of civil rights that everyone can come at the same issues via different paths?
Jay-Z addresses that directly:
But that is wrong, apparently:
So, she's saying the ONLY way to address racial inequality and be genuine is to give an aging, low-ranked (18 in 2015 and 29 in 2016) an unnamed something instead of funnel multi-millions into a black-owned business that will put social-justice at the forefront and bring in other black voices.
Like I hate the NFL as much as the next mega-liberal, but that's a really stupid argument.
No, she’s saying that it looks hypocritical from a social justice perspective to partner with a league that collectively blackballed an athlete who was nonviolently protesting against systemic racism.
Also, she does specifically mention the Jay quote you cited.
What jayz said was actually incorrect. We didn't forget the point, it was purposefully misappropriated with racism for political gain.
Agreed. It sounds like Jay-Z is trying to use his star power as leverage to sway the NFL and enact better social justice. Kaepernick might never come back to the NFL, but he also might as a result of this agreement.
Like Jay-Z said, the NFL needs black people (black athletes, black super bowl performers) to put asses in seats and glue eyes to TVs. Because of all the protests, the NFL sees the power that black folks have on the industry and how important it is to do right by them so they want to rebrand. The rebranding is for money, no doubt, but who cares? At the end of the day a black man is getting a chance to steer the NFL in a direction to make it more woke
The idea isn't to protest forever. The idea is to protest long enough that people change. People wanna change.
Ridiculous article
To get change you need to try working with people you disagree with.
It's like the Kim K thing. She helped get Alice Johnson freed from prison yet she was hated for it because she worked with Trump to get that done.
Jemele Hill must be a fan of Mitch Mcconnell's playbook. If you disagree with someone you can't work with them on anything. Even if it is something you both agree on.
The hypocrisy from Jemele is crazy.
That's because helping a single person, while good, is a masquerade. Getting one woman out of prison does nothing to address the systemic issues that led her to be in there. Kim gets applause, Trump gets to say he did something and then go back to destroying lives while pointing to Alice Johnson as evidence he cares about people of color.
It's helpful to work with others who disagree with you, but targeting quarter-measures that don't have an impact on the general population is not an effective means of change. Kim wasn't hated for working with Trump, she was hated because this did nothing for anyone else who might be wrongfully imprisoned. It's not hypocrisy it's nuance.
Alright that's enough of this
What's wrong with her?
the NFL tried to get him and Beyonce to perform since last year and they denied it because of Kaep.. and he's been pretty much championing Kaeps name during this whole campaign... where are yall getting this info from?
The article that you are commenting on, for starters.
Did you read the article?