Can we talk about female shooters (with more than one victim)? Im very curious because i feel like shooting sprees/multiple homicides tend to be men

Brenda Spencer
"I don't like Mondays" fucking creepy
Wow her dad was told she was suicidal so he gave her a gun for Christmas. And wouldn’t let her get psychological help even though it was recommended by professionals. He should feel horrible.
I was just about to post about her too. I love the song by the Boomtown Rats too. I had no idea the song was about such a horrible event until I looked it up a little while back. The song gives me chills now knowing what its about. I'm currently working on learning it on the piano
That haircut though..
I might be wrong but wasn't that the first school shooting incident?
This was the first one I thought of.
Oh wow she sounds like a psychopath
Amy Bishop Anderson shot 6 people at the University of Alabama Huntsville, killing 3 in February 2010. She was angry that she had been denied tenure at the University. She had also been involved years earlier in the shooting of her brother - ruled "accidental" at the time, but the investigation was reopened after the university shootings - may not have been an accident after all 😱.
Yes I just listened to a podcast on this one as well! Apparently she only had her PHD because they got tired of her in the program and just finally let her pass
I saw her segment last night on Deadly Women. Why didn’t her parents try to get her help when she shot her brother. Anybody with a half ounce of sense knew that shooting wasn’t accidental.
I know the jailer who was there when she was in lockup. He did an article on her for our magazine.
Laurie Dann... she was a mentally ill woman who never received proper help. Ended up shooting up a school in Winetka, IL. I just recently heard about this case and thought it was so sad. I think only 1 person actually lost their life although she shot multiple kids and many were in critical condition after the shooting.
I misread Laura Dern when the notification popped up I am very relieved I read that wrong!
Was she the one who was a suspect for the Tylenol murders?
My Favorite Murder just had an episode about her.
I remember when that happened.
I remember one recently where a woman shot up a car to get one person inside but also murdered a little baby that was in the car as well. Very sad.
I hadn’t heard this one either. Do you have a location or other info I could narrow it down when I search for a newspaper article?
Jennifer San Marco, back when “going postal” was still a thing (versus near constant mass shootings):
Ohhh reminds me of a SYSK podcast I just listened to. Thanks!
A racist violent schizophrenic. Sad
If you look up school shootings...they have always been a thing. Public shootings are probably just as bad. We just have many more deaths.
There are many women family annihilators who shot their victim's. Diane Downs, Betty Broderick, Ashley Auzzene, just off the top of my head.
What is it about women with alliterative names??
This one is different, but a mother shot her 3 children:
And another one:
Very interesting. On the other end of the spectrum I feel like I rarely hear about dads killing their kids!
Edit: I suppose what I mean is, dads killing just the kids and not also their partner and themselves
Women are not typically violent killers. We tend to be poisoners. Aileen Warnock was an exception
Do you mean Aileen Wuornos?
Oh and that Katherine Knight lady. Whew!
I'm not very educated on the case but the YouTube shooting comes to mind.
I’m not familiar with that one
Here is a video about female mass shooters:
This lady shot up a Rite Aid distribution center:
Gun crime is at its highest in a decade in the uk but we only hear about the ones deemed newsworthy
American school shootings was done by Brenda Spencer 9 were injured 2 were killed When interviewed she gave several reasons why she did it but one of the first reason she gave was “I don’t like Mondays. this livens up the day” which lead to a British band named Boomtown Rats making a song called I don’t like Mondays She gave a couple interviews expressing regret and I believe she still is alive and in person today The shooting took place on January 29, 1979
She was only sixteen, crazy to be so cold by that age
Laurie Dann
Her rap sheet is insane!
Cherie Lash-Rhoades, she shot a load of people at a tribal meeting that she used to be on the board for. When she ran out of bullets she started stabbing. Currently on death row in California
Most multiple murderers are men. Black widows/angel of death nurses/accessories to male perps being the exceptions.
There wouldn't have been a Bonnie without Clyde.
Unless we are talking about ones children. Then it's more likely to be the mother.
In the UK. We can't specifically talk about female shooters because we have never had one. Not trying to be elitist, although it may sound like that, but it might provide some reflection on US gun laws....
Very interesting indeed. The correlation to degrees of gun laws is definitely something to consider
I was in Australia for work about five years ago and woman killed eight kids. Used a knife, not a gun
Here we go again...
Family annihilation and mass shootings are two different tragedies. People in this thread are so focused on naming female killers instead of looking at the over all statistics which sides with what’s being said, a majority of mass shooter are men:
They are also mostly white:
That's because this thread was specifically about naming female shooters.
This is actually somewhat of a misnomer with regards to race. The parameters of what defines a “mass shooting” are important here, as for example gang-related slayings with 2 or more victims might theoretically qualify and in which case the numbers of other races perpetrating “mass shootings” would look a little different. However, if we’re talking “random” mass shootings or mass shootings defined by parameters of victim counts and/or targets, then we get the numbers you’ve quoted here.
Ultimately, there’s a roundabout way of avoiding the accountability of the failed war on drugs with regards to, for example, the rates of African-American youth killing other African-American youth. White America (and white Australia, others, for that matter) still hasn’t fully owned up to all of that.
That is a cherry picked list. Also in epidemiology, when talking about risk by cohort size of cohort matters.
In mass shootings African Americans commit about 73% using the FULL list compiled by the NYTimes:
" Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black. "
the causal factor is not race, but rather this relates to general violent crime whihc has to do with poverty which does vary by race. About 50% of gun murder, but 73% of mass shootings are committed by the under 7% of the population that is African American male.
Again this is not driven by "race" based tendency per se toward violence but rather due to poverty. But don't post a cherry picked list that ignores the actual definitions.
Gender differences on the other hand are probably to some degree driven by biological factors.
I have said in another place I personally believe, and have found scientific articles supporting, that it's not a 'man' thing or a 'woman' thing, but more of an unbalanced (high) testosterone thing. Men generally have more testosterone than women, but some women have abnormally high testosterone and some men have abnormally low testosterone.
There definitely also has to be a drug factor IMO as well, as we see a hugely disproportionate amount of violence in certain drug users such as meth addicts, and mass shooters tend to be on anti-psychotic prescription meds etc.
Multiple homicides do tend to be from men, unless they're children. Then it's usually a woman.
Children under 1 years old. Women are most likely cohort to murder children under 1 year old, but older than that the perp tends to be male
Sylvia Seegrist. This one is actually local to me and seems pretty unknown on a wider scale.
In 1985, Sylvia arrived at the Springfield Mall (a mall in the suburbs of Philly) and opened fire in the parking lot and inside of the mall. She killed three people, including a two year old boy, and wounded seven others. Someone shopping at the mall was able to disarm her and hold her down until security arrived. When the guard asked why she did what she did, she replied “My family makes me nervous.”
She was found guilty but insane. She had been previously diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent years going in and out of mental hospitals. Back then in the state of Pennsylvania, gun purchasers had to sign an application to declare they had no history of being institutionalized for mental illness. Sylvia lied on her application and was easily able to purchase the weapon she used for the shooting. It’s a really sad situation all around.
I wasn’t alive in 85 but have heard plenty of stories from people who were there. My boyfriend’s mother, who, oddly enough happens to share a first name with the shooter, was working in the mall when this happened.
Also, this alliterative name thing is getting spooky
Oh wow! I lived in Philly for a while but definitely never heard of this
Aileen Wuornos was a serial killer who shot all of her victims.
Diane Downes. She atremped to kill her 3 kids, 1 died, 1 ended up in a wheel chair and 3rd sustained injuries. The 2 survivors where later adopted by the prosecutor. She did it because her BF dumped her because he didn't want kids.
Tend is a serious understatement lol
It’s interesting that in this particular crime, all of the victims were or had been in law enforcement.
Can’t remember the name, but there was a crime watch daily I watched recently where a grandma carjacked and shot her ex-DIL in the stomach (she was pregnant, her and the fetus survived), and shot and killed her Ex-DIL’s husband in broad daylight with no disguise.
Nichol Olsen. I know it's not official but not a doubt in my mind she killed her daughters then herself.
There’s that schizophrenia woman I can’t remember her name who shot several people in a mall. But she had poor aim according to witnesses.
My point wasn't that mass shootings have been a thing. Im saying the anger in those people isn't new. Those people probably would have gone out and committed 1 murder before. But now people have access to tools take the shooting a mass shooting.
It really comes down to America not wanting to have honest discussions about problems and figuring out to solve them. Or having ethics classes in schools because God forbid someone teaches your kids some manmers.
Because we're better at killing people than women
I can’t believe I don’t see Aileen Wuornos in the comments. She killed 7 men in 1 year (1989-1990). There’s also a movie and documentary about her.
You don't see them? Helps if you're looking.
She’s in at least two comment threads 😁
Also loved her documentary, haven’t seen the movie, but I loved Lily Rabe’s portrayal of her in AHS Hotel