Episode 309 "David" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E9]

This is the thread for season 3 episode 9 "David" which premiered on Netflix, along with the rest of season 3, on December 14 2018. Please only discuss the series up to this episode in this thread. If you need to refer to future events, use spoiler tags (instructions in the sidebar) or post in the thread for those episodes instead.

the whole final dream sequence was heart-breaking and I think I was crying
oof owie my heart
It was really beautiful but also sad because it guaranteed it was goodbye, no last second cure.
Damn, this episode was brutal. Marcy and David have been my favorite character since the beginning.
Same. I'm hoping that he'll pull through but I don't know. About to watch the final episode, maybe there's some comfort there.
Yep, a beautiful love story.
I loved their relationship, but I also respect the hell out of the writers for making this choice in terms of the storytelling potential and character arc for Marcy in the fingers crossed next season.
Damn director, knew the world was done without ol’ David.
Such a chilling end to the episode.
Not my David. Nooooooo. BRB crying forever.
Is it weird that I was more upset at the possibility of David dying than Trevor being overwritten? I was sad when they were contemplating it, but didn't feel like I was going to lose Trevor. With David I was yelling at the TV.
Trevor has lived multiple lifetimes and he knows the risk of what he's doing. Same with Marcys earlier story arc. In a sense they are also doing it out of necessity of survival because they know humanity would end if they don't carry through
David is just a wholesome guy trying to make a difference in the world, and like Marcy said '' he did it without any training or protocol'' and just wanted to do the right thing, so it hurts even more
I was fine with Trevor because there was a similar storyline with Marcie earlier on. I was sad for that one because of David..oof David dying hurt my heart. When he got gunned down, I was jarred but this...this was slow. Gave me time to let it sink in💔
I mean how sad you can really be when you've got a man who's lived multiple lifetimes and is ready / at peace with dying
If Trevor had been overwritten, the show would still include the actor who played him. It would have been sad (although he is one of the oldest people to have ever lived) but there would be all sort of new things for the actor to do, like what happened to Grace. If David dies, then the actor who plays him dies, too.
Plus, if his body lives, there’s some chance that he could be rewritten back to David with some magical future tech.
Bummed out. Feels like the emotional core and levity that made me love the show beyond the sci fi elements just got snuffed out. Very emotional and well done, but i wonder if that was a smart choice from the writers... everyone i know who watches, the number one thing they love the show for is david and marcie...
Same <3
They were the best. Incredible chemistry between the actors as well.
That's me! And Philip
Selfish Kat. MacLaren comes home covered in blood and averted a nuclear bomb but she needs to take that moment to talk about the relationship and kick him out? Ughhh
You guys can't be serious. Grant has been gaslighting her and making her feel crazy for over a year now. I don't understand how anyone could blame her for finally being done with it.
I was so baffled by that. Her "of course you were" when he said he was part of the team that stopped the bomb was so angry. I get that she was probably steeling her nerve for the conversation and didn't want to be sidelined, but still, I think circumstances called for putting it off at least a little bit.
Kat doesn't trust him. She doesn't know if this man is her husband or even a good guy. When bad things happen, she expects he'll be involved somehow, in part because of his job with the FBI, but she also suspects there is more going on. Additionally, she doesn't usually feel happy or safe but worked up the courage to tell him to leave - something she may wish to act on before the feeling subsides.
David is such a badass
I don’t know if throwing a ball of nuclear material seems like a good idea.
Best option they've got. Breaking it up stops it going critical.
That is what heroes are for. Daniel did it in Stargate: SG1
It was that or a nuclear explosion. I'd take the former option.
He really had no other option. It was happening way too fast to grab any sort of tool to do it in a safer way, and if he kicked it or something whatever small amount of cloth he had wouldn't have (presumably) done shit.
Damnit Director how dare you not save David!
The AI sees things we don't. Perhaps it's just a matter of allocation of resources but it could also be because he knows what happens to Marcy if he dies, and doesn't want to alter whatever happens next in her life.
i wanna riot, anyone with me ?
Me in last few episodes:
Welp, this was a tough episode...
Also, what was with Jeff being in a bricked off room instead of just being dead..?
Omg.this would actually make a lot of sense!! But I am even more angry about the Jeff character / body surviving but not our David! And it was stupid Jeff who got David into this mess in the first place!!
Wait where was 001 after Perrow
I didn't expect this much fluid to burst from my eyes. 😰
We didn’t expect the eye fluid in 308, either. 😂
Doctor! There's some weird fluid coming out of my eyes. I... Is that bad? Will it go away?
Wow, this episode was remarkably done. I'm hoping by whatever longshot that David somehow pulls through, but if the David we know and love is gone, I don't know how I'm going to feel about that. Amazing episode. Now to find out what Protocol Omega is. Can't be good I'm assuming.
I almost assumed maybe David was a traveler all along lol
Now..I need to watch the finale episode
wasn't it a big plot whole ans writing error that hours passed by until the team even thought or talked about Jeff and where he was? Like no questions regarding on how David got there in the first place and no search for Jeff then? And also Carly looking at her phone 8 (?) Hours after jeffs last call?
Also it didn't make sense at all to me how Jeff "escaped". Why the fuck did that man remove the protections and basically gave Jeff the opportunity to free himself from the wheelchair? That seemed like a poor writing error just for rue convenience..?
The most interesting idea I've come across this thread is thar 001 is now in Jeff..
I assumed that David told the team how he heard gunfire outside, then it stopped, and then he and the archivist were killed. The team probably assumed that the faction killed Jeff and then went and dumped his body somewhere else.
RIP :(
Fantastic episode. I can clearly see the religious themes the show writers are going for. The whole Marcy lashing out at the director who wouldn't save David.
The only thing that takes me out of the show is some of the wonky science. I mean picking up a ball of radiation and then throwing it in the corner - it's not like the radiation suddenly disappears. And one of the earlier episodes with Trevor using the paddles on Philip while on top of him. I mean there's a reason you're supposed to yell CLEAR when using them so you don't get shocked too
There's an
The science isn't 100% all there, but it theoretically makes sense if you stop to think about it.
Yeah I'm surprise Philip didn't die when he had paddles shocking his neck, that electricity should at least killed his com near his ear.
Nanites saved his life, didn’t expect that,Jeff survived too wow. Fuck that disarming scene was so nerve wracking, it was rough seeing David like that and he was still making jokes. And Trevor’s brain is slipping again too. Man they wrote Kat so annoying this season. That episode was emotionally taxing. Why the writers gotta take David from us 😰
God forbid she stand up to the man who has lied to her and drugged her (twice) and lied about drugging her.
So annoying.
That protocol omega drop though
I'm halfway through and I'm not sure I want to finish the episode...my god if david dies.....don't spoil me ;)
Well I was still crying through the end of the season lol... this episode was brutal. I love the character of David - absolutely my favorite. The show would/will not be the same without him!
I've been having a shitty time and this episode made me hard cry. Fuck the Director for not saving David. He deserved to live.
I am sobbing uncontrollably.....I cannot stop
Right! So much of life is not documented. Your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. The cute face you make when your love enters a room. How you stack the dishes by the sink. How you fold clothes. The joke you made on a date that one time. Lots of people are bound to notice little details that don’t make sense.
Didn't expect to cry my eyes out with this show, but damn, I cried.
Nooooo david
At this point I'm 100% Team Faction. The Director is evil as fuck. Most of the characters do super fucked up stuff. Their goal of saving the world doesn't justify any of it, and I'm not even convinced The Director's goals align with humanity's.
MacLaren is a rapist. He jumped into a dude's body and then deceived the guy's wife about his identity and raped her. I don't give a shit if he's built up some fantasy in his head that they connected and the relationship is real, she thinks she's with a completely different person. That's rape. And it has nothing to do with saving the world. He could have just broken up with her and let her move on, but he'd rather continue impersonating her husband and having a fake one sided "relationship". That shit is pure nightmare fuel. That's fucking EVIL.
Carly was a fucking psycho for the first two seasons. That's NOT your kid. The father was an alcoholic abusive piece of shit, but that doens't make the random woman who stole the mother's body have any right to the child. Every time she'd get on her high horse about how that's her baby and she's going to protect it by keeping it away from the father I just wanted to scream at the screen. I'm glad they finally moved away from that plot. Of course they did so by committing murder.
And that brings me to the murder. The whole song and dance about taking bodies ethically by only overwriting people who are about to die anyway kinda falls apart when you're responsible for putting the person in the position where they'd die. And they do this over and over again. It's like saying "No, I didn't kill that guy, the bullet did! I just pointed the gun and pulled the trigger!". It's not fooling anybody and it's pretty ridiculous that the show even tries to sell this ridiculous logic.
I wish the bomb had gone off.
The thing is when you say your 100% team faction, they are worst then travelers though. Doing nukes that kill ton of innocent people. Jumping into random people that may have their whole lives ahead of them. Killing anyone, etc.
Literally all of your issues can be easily explained by watching the show.
The whole point of Carly and the baby is three fold:
Jeff was suppose to be in jail for murder. He wasn't destined to raise the baby. Letting him do so would alter his future.
Carly, like any mother, would have to fight. This helps maintain Protocol 2 and 5. If she didn't fight she would jeopardize her cover and violate Protocol 2. Being a mother is Protocol 5.
Course, for her to fully comply with Protocol 3, she has to let go in the end and not interfere with his life. JJ has to be raised in care as that is what happened when Carly died and Jeff went to jail - Carly DOES this in the end -she got a new apartment with only one bedroom and left the favorite toy at the door. That was her accepting his new life.
So Carly fighting Jeff was the only right thing to do. He had no right to raise JJ.
Season 3, episode 9.....why are you still watching this show if you feel like the in-world heroes are rapists and murderers? Serious question.
They explain pretty clearly that travelers pick up a certain amount of emotions and gut level feelings from their hosts. Carly’s bond with her son was clearly one of those things, and the bio-dad was A VIOLENT, ALCOHOLIC PIECE OF SHIT WHO REPEATEDLY DROVE DRUNK WITH HIS SON IN THE CAR.
If a girl tells me she is scientist, I have sex with her and after that I discover that she wasnt a scientist... Have I been raped? Lol