comment and I'll try to get your age, gender, nationality, interests, etc from your history! others join in too

I also volunteer myself if anyone wants to try

hey I did you before
Let's do this
white Male 30s Ur a huuuuuge nerd Star Trek/Star Wars?(guess) You’ve seen every marvel movie You like Doctor Who and you’re ambiguous about the Thirteenth Doctor( this is again, a guess) and ur not half bad at pumpkin carving.halloween wars could use you.
Let's do that!
Bring it letticeman
😳 good luck
not a lot to go on but
You're a girl with a considerable investment of money and interest in Love Nikki?
girl, yes. (my recent comments make it more obvious than it usually would be but ah well.) love nikki's a guilty pleasure, but it hasn't got a single penny of mine. time investment, though...
Let’s go!
Give it a go!
your profile is seriously wholesome, bless. not a lot to go on, but here:
Hit me
Gimme a shot
Not OP but I'll try....
Oh boy... Just a hint; I do have a full comment consisting of my general interests I made somewhat recently.
most of the posts are to meme subs or this sub so limited info but here we go
bitch I’m here for it
Ooh do me
I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get me wrong
Do me
I wanted to do more but my WiFi checked out and your posts stopped loading. just Unifi tings
Hello, I'm there to waste your time. Have fun!
Not op, but I figured I'd do a few to kill time.
You're a 16 year old girl from France with somewhat tomboyish tendencies. You're confused about what direction to take your life, getting ready to graduate means time to pick a career and you're still not sure what you want. Your mother is hypocritical, and you have a black dog with brown markings. My condolences about the poor bun, loosing a pet is always hard. Am I close? Feel free to yell at me if I said anything offensive/wrong.
You dare approach my past? Hoho! Then try to guess as much as you can!
Bring it on
I could've gotten more but I don't have the time to translate your Spanish comments. this is what I could do with the English ones:
This sounds way interesting
Can try me?
Let's try this
Me me me!
Bring it on!
This sounds fun
wassup wassuuup
Bro, that's such a cool idea!
Mama Mia
Well, I think my nationality isn't too hard to guess...
Try me please! o/
Let's goo
Not op, but a bored person doing a few because op seems to have bit more than they can chew.
Your a teenager, mid to low teens and male if I had to guess. You find stories of the entitled amusing and an enjoyment in the unpredictable nature of askouija. You have a particular disdain for furries, and a love for reading (with your favorite genre being fanfiction.) Either American or from the UK. Feel free to berate me if I'm off by a long shot, but how'd I do?
Dunno if you're still doing this, but if you are, then I'd for you take a stab at me.
Not op, but I was bored and decided to help them out a bit considering how much this blew up.
You were a late 70's to early 80's kid, most likely male. From a younger age you found a love for videogames, the classic Nintendo titles in particular. Later on you also fell for the Sonic games, but were always a Nintendo fan to this day. These days you find yourself listening to hip hop and a bit of metal, and also are following the atrocities in HK. You also enjoy being a white and orange terrorist on occasion, known for tossing rakes in lakes. How'd I do?
And here I am, hoping I haven't posted/commented anything too bad or controversial over the past few weeks. Good luck!
Can you tell me what number I am in this line?
about 180 haha
Do me plz
Mine'll be complicated
not too much to go on but
Hit me with your best shot
Lettuce? Lettuce leaf!
Try it!
Not OP, but I wanna try...
Oh come on, that's way too easy for me.
You must been looking for something to really be able to just waste some time on. I'd be impressed if you ever got to all of these.
I haven't posted much, but I guess it could be interesting to see what you'd guess based on the little I have posted(most of it not particularly recent either)
let's hear it
Not OP but I wanted to try.
Let's Goat.
Let's do thissssss
Sounds interesting, let's try
Do me
Me me me!
This will be fun (I did just remove a lot of my unpopular posts that had 0 upvotes but I guarantee that if you look you’ll find where I live)
Sure, why not
Some stuff is easy, others are hard. I'd love for anyone to try.
Try your best.
Moi ploise
I am deeply impressed by both your skill and your dedication. Bravo.
If time permits.
me pls🙏
I think I’m too late but I’ll see if anyone is willing to try
Here we go Jose Jalapeno.
My turn!
me also im not into fortnite anymore
Howabout me
Dunno if you'll ever get to me, but go for it
Hit me.
Hello jello
Try me
Right let's go
oh shit lez do dis
yeet lets go
Lets gooo
Beep boop!
Meee :)
go ahead
Do you wanna fight
Do me! Do me!
I wanna play!
hi !!
Try me!
I don’t post much, and it’s been months since I posted anything, but I’m curious, so... go ahead!
Alright, let's see how well you think you know me.
Why hello there.
Okay this I've gotta see! Ready go!
This is a fun one lmao let me know what you think
Let's do it!
Let's go
Bruh moment
I dare you to do me.
Good evening!
Do me
Try it x
Let’s give it a try :D
Hey! Do me!
Let’s do it
me pls
Yes please do me do me do me!
Hi :o
Ready when you are
Ok sure
I hope I’m not too late to this
It shouldn't be too hard for me
Sure :)
If you‘re still doing it, pls guess me too
This sounds awesome! Figure me out! I'm a little scared tho.
I challenge you
Hell yeah let’s do this
let's see how this goes
go for it my guy
Let’s do it!
Yes please!
This is an idea I've always liked. It's cool to construct identities based off limited comments. Mine will probably be pretty obvious
I’m interested. Could you try?
Good luck!
Hey! Theres a lot of comments so no sweat but this seems fun!
Might as well give it a shot!
Would you care to stalk my history? :))
Try me
Let’s doo this