Mars, the Bringer of War - Project #12

And so it begins...

Play loud
Play louder
Don't even bother
Can’t wait for Jupiter
I’ve played that one 2 times already and it’s a blast, especially the mellow string part on the middle.
I’m going to play first bassoon on Jupiter twice, once in districts and once in BYSO and I’m really looking forward to it :)
My school has an alto flute so I really want to do something like Neptune
As an engineer/cellist, I’m curious what the process is for putting this together. Obviously dumping a bunch of close mic’d recordings together won’t really sound like an orchestra, and level matching alone would be a time consuming task. Is this a group effort in assembling the final product? If so, I’d be happy to help out. If not, that’s truly incredible and I’m super impressed.
Anyway, I’ll see if I can find some time to lay down a cello part. Very cool idea.
Can I request for the Tenor Tuba part to be in bass clef or tenor clef? Still not too good at reading treble, what's more with all the sharps. Thank you! :)
Done! Uploaded as 'Euphonium'
Bb Treble = Tenor Clef
Imagine it is in tenor clef and add two sharps to the key signature and know that a "B#" or "E#" are actually naturals when done this way.
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Yucky cut time in 5/2
Edit: Also yucky fast staccato triplets
Even though I'm a low brass player, I've listened to this piece hundreds of times and know exactly what part you're talking about ;)
I can do clarinet 1! My college wind symphony is doing the planets suite for a concert soon so I've got it down already!!
Haha, perfect timing then!
Not sure if this was an accident or not, but in m. 96, the viola is playing a C# but in other versions I've seen its been a C natural. Perhaps an accidental accidental?
You are correct, it was an accidental accidental! It should be fixed now, thanks for the heads-up!
I'm going to try the cello part! Looks fun!
Also question since I've never done this before but I think it's essentially answered in the rules/faq but I'm still not sure.
Is it easiest for the editor to have one continuous track of the recording or multiple files? Like for example in the cello part, there are 9 measures of rest at the beginning of V. Is it easier to just have the gap in the recording for 9 measures or to have separate audio files like "Beginning to V" and "Entrance of V to end" or things of that nature.
Hi going to try the cello part! looks fun!, I'm dad.
One continuous file is much easier to keep track of!
Came from
At the moment just one Bass trombone has been submitted, of course we can fit as many in as are submitted, so feel free to play any/all parts you'd like :)
Hey so... do we have an organ player? If not I can ask a friend if he would want to play this. He knows the song and played it in high school.
I was planning on submitting a recording. I'll be using this organ:
That'd be huge!
I think I'd need an actually decent microphone to make fff sound like music.
My score two years ago had Tuba playing the main riff at 2 f's below the bass staff at ffff.
I don't think any mic could contain that. I also don't want to go through that pain again.
Yeah, I'm probably gonna cover bass trombone on tenor, I might as well just stand like 8 miles away from the mic haha
Just scale your piano/mf/forte/etc so that fff is the most your mic can take without distortion... the editing takes care of the rest.
Dang this looks hard. Good luck to everyone :)
The violin parts have divisi. How do you want to handle those?
Double stop if you can, but if not then pick a line (either top/bottom) and actually it'd be huge if you did both but that's probably asking too much :D
I can play doublebass if I can figure out a good way to record it.
Hey we accept plenty of phone recordings as well, if that's an easier option!
If needed I could cover tuba/trombone.
No recordings yet, so yes it's needed!
Not sure how I'm just now seeing this project. Will see what I can do on the low brass parts in the next few weeks :P
Good to hear!
Ideally I can only do 4th French horn but if I can, should I try to do 5th? I'm a young band player and I can do this song, it is just harder than anything I have ever played before. What parts should I do? I've already printed 4th horn.
It's entirely up to you how many parts you'd like to contribute. Obviously the more the better for us, but even one submission is extremely helpful!
I’ve got the 5th horn part if wanted
I'll put my hat in the ring for the flute 2 part. I will try to record the flute 1 part as well if I have time, but school is currently kicking my ass.
i love these 6 horn parts
I can cover some bassoon goodness! May grab a contra to help as well.
Awesome! Much appreciated
Well I just joined this sub sooooo I need to look around a bit first, but maybe I could do the flute and piccolo parts, but I'm not sure if I'll manage to play it cause it actually looks a bit hard :D
I might do the 2nd oboe part if I can get the 16th notes down
AHH! I love this piece so much. Is it cool if I submit parts for more then one instrument? I play trumpet and f horn.
You can submit as many parts as you want! :)
i can do both contrabass and 2nd violin. do you need video as well or just audio?
We only need audio, but if just sending in a video is easier, we can take the audio from that!
I just got sent here from
[HERE] (
is it okay if i drop octaves for parts that are too difficult to play?
what do we do for turning pages? stop in the middle or just like ???
Well usually you'd be able to put 2 pages on a music stand, then when you reach a rest on the 2nd page you can move it over and see the 3rd page, etc. etc.
When you say “quality of the recording” do you mean how good my mic is or the quality of my trombone playing :P
Well a little a both ;)
As long as you're playing the right song, and we can actually hear you playing that song, we can work with that!
Did you check the score for the missing note?
Huh, sure enough! Well that first half note should be dotted, but you probably knew that anyways ;) Thanks for the heads up!
I just got a new trombone for my college’s university band, this would be an excellent piece to cut its metaphorical teeth on.
Perfect timing then!
I’ll be sending in recordings for both 1st and 2nd trombone! This will be fun!
Much appreciated!
Is there a list of parts that still need to be sent in??
No, but everything is needed.
Where my cellists at???!
Working on bassoon parts now, but of course my bassoon decides this is the time to act up.
Is it possible for an alto sax part to be made? I tried to ask on the post announcing that we were going to play Mars, but it seems as if it didn't get seen.
It is! I'll ask around and see if someone's available to make some sax parts!
I think I'll give clarinet 2 or 3 a try. Clarinet 1 is too high for me as a high school sophomore. Does anyone know a good way to record?
Phone audio is usually fine, from what I've heard. Good luck!
If a bari sax part gets added, I can contribute to this.
You could transpose a part of an instrument with a similar range. I know someone is transposing the bass oboe part into a tenor sax part.
What is the required quality of the recordings? I can get a decent sound, but not pro. I'm a percussionist so transportation of instruments can be pretty tough.
'As good as you can' is plenty good enough for us. We've gotten many phone recordings and they fit in perfectly!
We played Jupiter and Mars just last week! Wish I had my recording stuff set up so I could play too.
Quality of recordings?? I don't have fancy recording equipment. How would you prefer it recorded if I chose to contribute? I am a Bb clarinet btw. I can play whatever part is needed the most you think. Neat idea!!
'As good as you can' is plenty good enough for us. We've gotten several phone recordings and they fit in perfectly! As for parts, ideally all 3 of the clarinet parts would be best :)
I might actually do this one. Gonna need to get some practice in before tackling that Euph part.
Can we submit on multiple instruments? I love the planetary suite and I can probably do the bass clarinet and a horn part.
Yes! That would be incredibly helpful!
Would playing the Bass Trombone parts on a Tenor Trombone be horrible? The Bassbone part looks doable on a tenor, with only the first note looking like it needs work.
I can do all the trumpet parts and violin 1 or 2. Also, is there a preferred tempo?
He has a metronome recording you can download
Use the click track!!
go for it!
If I have time when not practicing for my regional auditions, I can take a look at the trumpet and horn parts, are there any that are needed?
ATM, no submissions, so we'll still need all of them!
I mIGHT not be able to play the 5th horn part. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m not confident in my ability with the sheet music (it looks funky)
I don’t know if this has been answered yet, but I play b flat trumpet not c and it says there is a transposed version of the c sheet music. If that’s correct, where I can I find it?
It's named Bb Trumpet (Or like "Mars-Bb_Trumpet_1" or something)
My college has a three manual 38-rank Casavant organ. I might try my hand at the organ part.
Few questions:
Wheatley36, Euphonium
Try to play along with the orchestra more that the click I'd say.
And I'd say if you know that correct notes already, play those, otherwise if it's still wrong I can fix it in editing.
I’ll do one of the piccolo/flute parts
Perfect, can't wait for your submission!
Is there a limit to the number of people that are able to participate this month? I’m a bit late but I love this piece and I would play Trombone 1 or 2 on it.
No limits for any sections, so if you're interested then go for it! :)
Do it!
if i can't play the s16th note sections in the slightest bit should i just not play during those and just rest during those sections, or should i try to play them and fail completely epically, or shoiuld i just not submit a recording for this
Just submitted Trumpet 4, hoping to submit Trumpet 3 tomorrow.
I'm assuming Trumpet 1 & 2 are likely already done?
Band director: how loud can you play
The FFFF in the bass trombone part: Yes
Is it possible to record it in sections and label each recording with start and end measure like m1m44.mp3? I’ve been practicing for a month now I’ll record once I return from China in a couple days
Hi... I’m new and was wondering if you need to audition... I play oboe
Nope just submit recordings I think they try to use them all
not sure if any bassoons have submitted, but i can do those parts if needed (:
How do we know what parts have already been finished and which ones need to be recorded?
Check out the weekly project updates thread
Hello, I have arrived from
I am working on Flute 2. Some of the runs are a bit challenging and due to surgery I won’t be able to practice much but I can or probably make a mostly decent recording
I wish you a speedy recovery!
Is there a way to have like a running total of how many recordings have been submitted for each part? Don’t know how easy or difficult something like that might be
We've started making weekly update posts, and I post the list with instruments crossed out as we get them. Of course, even if it's crossed out, we encourage everyone to send in a recording
I'm luckily in possession of a bass clarinet for the next few days. Let me know if you still need a bass clarinet recording, I can try to get one done!
It is still needed! :)
We absolutely need it!
Is there any chance I could lay the bass down with an electric bass guitar?
Yes! We've had a few electric bass recordings in previous projects and they turned out good!
my allcounty music still hasnt been passed out so im gonna try and do violin for this, but i just saw this on
No violins yet I think
Can you please group the recording tracks into a subfolder in the sheet music folder? It'll be much easier to access all 3 tracks without having to scroll through the sheet music. Thanks!
Lmao my chamber orchestra literally just picked up this piece for a lgpe
If nobody has 2nd trumpet submitted by the time I get back in town on the 28th, I can knock it out real quick. Would have done it with all the other parts I recorded if I had time that day.
(I can do tuba too, but since I sold my tuba it'll be on euphonium so better to get someone else for that one.)
Do we have like a check off list of parts covered? I would love to play any trumpet part not covered.
Look at the latest weekly update thread, it is written there in the comments which parts are still needed :-)
I know it’s a little late for this but what parts for trumpet, French horn, and trombone are still available?
Hi! I'll try to record trombone parts these days, but I think only with the clicktrack, the mix of click and sound is a nightmare ;) to follow. i will try to be in tune.
Is the project in good form? I can't find a list of people/parts, maybe it is not necessary trombone parts, dunno. Is there a list of parts assignments? thanks
You can find an updated list in the weekly update threads, but even if your instrument is 'covered', we'd be more than happy for your submission as well!
Does the click track give us 2 conducting measures before the audio begins? It's hard to tell since the colegno is a bit faint in the beginning.
Yes. It should be a different sounding click for 2 measures and then the normal sounding click for the rest. Whenever you hear that different sounding click, it's usually a "count in" to the next section
It wont let me submit my file:(
What file type and how big?
Its 7 mb's and its from my google drive
I’ll give the cello part a try, looks fun
Hahaha, everyone's complaining about how hard this is, and I'm just looking at those harp parts. I'm not completely sure if this is what I want to do yet, but out of curiosity, could I just play that once and have it repeated in post? It's not very exciting to just play the same thing over and over again, especially when it's not even a live performance.
Hopefully we'll have a more interesting harp part next month!
Just discovered this. Don't know if anyone can just come in here or what and I can't see any general info post.
So apart from the obvious about who can join and how, I have a couple questions, assuming I can join.
Also play violin.
So yeah the TL;DR of it is you play along with the audio & click track, send that recording in, and we mix everyones recordings together to make a full orchestra. Ideally you'd play the entire part, but we understand if a section or two has to be left out. As for recorders, doubling the flute/pic parts are the gameplan for now!
Played this in a youth orchestra a few years ago! I’d be happy to contribute to either the flute or piccolo parts! Does the recording require just audio or video as well?
Just audio is all we need, but if you need to record a video we can grab the audio from it!
Could I take a look at the bassoon parts?
for euphonium, some of the higher notes are harder to hit, could i drop it down an octave?
So cool! Hopefully I have some time to record the viola part this week!
I'll try and work up some trumpet parts for you. Any file format you prefer?
I might try tpt 3
I can take a look at some of the horn parts!
I'll try out the 1st trumpet part!
Do you need an orchestral conductor?
I think we have it covered, but I'll send you a DM possibly in the near future if we need you, if that's alright!
My pep band plays this but with lots of drums and 12/8 time. Very good
Still need any of the bassoon parts?
Yes, all of them so far!
Just joined the sub, but this looks great! Quick question, could we transpose the C trumpet part for Bb trumpet if we don’t have access to a C, or is the C trumpet preferred?
Didn’t look but they are probably the same. C tpt 1 = Bb tpt 1.
There is a Bb Trumpet part in the google drive already!
I can knock out one of the trumpet parts, is there a part with no submissions yet?
No submissions yet, so any parts you can send in would be a huge help!
String Bass part coming right up!
Huge help, thank you!
Is there a euphonium treble clef part?
Yes! It's called "Tenor Tuba in Bb" or something, that's the tenor clef euphonium part
totally gonna try to do a contrabass for you. i'm a bass player but never done anything like this. i actually also have a degree in percussion and access to a snare drum, so i can get that too.
i'm curious, what do you do for the parts that don't get covered? like, not many people have access to a concert bass drum or timpani to record for this type of thing. or say, what if no english horn players step up? would you program it?
Yup, we'd use sampled instruments if no one is able to fill them
i might try and play fhorn part,
I would love to play the 2nd oboe part but I don't think I would be able to do some of those 16th notes ;-;
This is my first time trying RSO, super excited to get practicing!
I might be able to cover Euphonium if I have time
For recordings, are you looking for audio only or video? How many of each part are you going to do? For example, are you going to review all tuba recordings and then just select one? Or accepting all of them if they are good enough?
We'll fit in all submissions, as long as they're at least playing the same song! ;) Also, we only use audio at the moment, but if you need to submit a video we can take the audio from that!
We played this plus Juptier and Venus last year for marching band
Interestingly enough, we played a variation of this , Jupiter, and venus (actually with a little Dies Irae thrown in) this year
I'm best on 1st trombone, but if you need 3rd clarinet I can do everything but the 16th runs. That would take me more than a month to get back to. (it's been 20 years since I played blackstick!)
No worries, that'll be plenty!
Go for it!
All of them!
Oof, just got a chance to listen to the click track and audio. Gonna be tough to follow one or the other since there don't line up perfectly, and because of trying to get it to line up there are weird pauses in the click track.
Edit: it's also the version of audio I'm use to listening to for this piece, so I really know where they fluctuate tempos :p
What should we try to follow, the click or the audio?
Follow the audio more than the click. In this case, the click is like... 95% accurate... (too generous? haha) and mostly for keeping track of where you are, since it's fairly easy to follow with the audio track this time around. Also, we're working on getting a video conductor to help mostly with the cues. But hey, if you're used to this specific audio recording, then hey it all works out I guess ;D
Do we still need Trumpet parts or Snare drum? I'll probably be able to record some parts this weekend.
Yes! We'll still need those!
Is euphonium taken? I’ve had the piece as a select group from my high school was going to record it but it never worked out would be a dream if I could join in! (Have had the part down since it’s fairly easy music for euphonium)
Need an organ part?
I've been looking for something to work on since I've been trying to get my clarinet chops back into shape! I'll definitely get at least one of the clarinets parts in, hopefully all three!
There is an error in the flute part (I), a minor one, but definitely will be noticeable,
Measure 65 should be,
(in the same rhythm and octave (3rd)
You currently have it marked as a G♭.
Thank you, and I can send you official parts if need be (
Yeah, at first glance I thought this was a pretty accurate transcription, but seems there's a few errors in a few different parts. I'll take some time this week to go through them and double check the accuracy. Thanks for the heads up!