I’d like a ‘14’ please....

One time I had a customer at the bar I worked at order a ‘14’ from me. That was a new one.....Took me a couple of minutes of questioning him in detail to get out of him that what he actually was trying to order was a ‘7&7’ (Seagrams 7 (whiskey) and 7 up). Gotta love the math!!! *** Also made me wonder how the heck this guy ordered this drink before ever in his lifetime anywhere without being corrected. This was like 20 years ago and I still laugh about it and share.

I had a guest do that. “I’ll have the 43.” Had to break it to him that it was the price.
I now have a burning curiosity to know what drink costs 43 dollars. Or was it food? (I only ask bc I have a friend who ordered one glass of single malt at Bazaar Meats in Vegas and got ripped for 250 bucks. That same glass was 90 everywhere else on the strip.)
Licor 43
Yeah, people in the place I used to work would order things with the price tacked on the end. “I’ll have a Cubano 15 please.” I kind of blame the menu format because it didn’t have a break between the price and the item, but I don’t know how you miss that there’s a number next to every single thing lol
Hey, just to be clear there is a type of alcohol called "43".
I’ve had this a couple times.
“I’ll have the number 26.”
This is great, it made me laugh out loud.
Licor 43 is good tho nice sweet drink
Mmm...Liquor 43. Ever tried it?
Our new menus have no dollar signs, but it has prices. Love it when people go, “I’ll take a #13... What much is that?”
“...(over this already)$13.”
Usually clicks a second later.
There is a product called Licor 43- it’s Spanish cordial. I’d assume that’s what somebody wanted if I heard that.
I've had a $600 cigar if that counts. My friends partake in super expensive scotches but I never had the want.
I once had a guy in camo ask for a redneck 15. "What?" "Most call it a 7&7."
I laughed.
That’s FUNNY.
This is why I just give it the ingredients for a nonstandard drink.
Easier than saying "it's like a Dark n' Stormy, but also not." Dark rum, cola, cherry bitters, lemon juice, on ice. I call it the Overcast.
Sounds good!
Maybe try reading the menu and order from there? Not to knock your drink recipe, but who stocks cherry bitters?
Or, maybe I'm lame, just order a standard drink. I've never gone wrong with a "bourbon and diet"
"Fourteen ounces of Bud Light it is."
That’s a thing. I bartender wayyyy back In The day. It’s a smart ass pompous way to order a 7/7. Or a conversation starter.
San Franciscans call this a 49er.
I'm actually kidding but I wouldn't put it past some hipster trash to start calling it that.
I used to serve a Seagrams 7 press, to one of my regular customers, and we affectionately referred to it as a "10 ½"
“I don’t want two 7’s, if I wanted two 7’s I would have ordered a 14!”- drunk girls according to Chris D’Elia
Which is not untrue
Yasssss this is my jam
Hes great live.
I will have a Roman Coke
......excuse me?
A Roman Coke! I love Captain Morgan!
Do you mean a rum...AND...coke?
I have been saying this wrong for years! No wonder my friends always laugh when I order it!
Bahahaha!!! That’s too funny!!
My favorite will always be the pissy woman who , because I couldnt hear her over the music, yelled “WHITE. ZIMMERMAN!!” at me. I did everything I could to reinforce that mistake throughout the night and hopefully, she ordered a ZIMMERMAN instead of white zinfindel in front of a huge crowd at some point in her bitchy life.
Oh, she didn’t tip either.
I had that once. Bewildered the server, bewildered me. Think we asked if he wanted the Oban before he clarified what he meant. Worse yet, with our pricing a 7&7 cost $13, so a further Abbott and Costello typically ensued when I would insist that a "7 and 7 is 13".
Are you in PA? My grandfather was telling me about a similar guy two days ago.
No, CA. Wow. It has spanned the 20 years since it happened to me. Maybe it’s the same guy! ;)
I was stationed at an air facility in Southern California that was used as training grounds by multiple branches and allied countries. The bartender would always tell me that the British referred to Dos Equis as the "20 beer". I always found that amusing.
it's like getting an order of lizards. mixed livers and gizzards in the same box @ go chicken go.
Is that a real thing? That people eat?
I would have given him the broccoli beef.
Tee martoonies?
Back when i served we had a 7oz top sirloin. Ppl would often order the 7inch sirloin. If it was the right table i would jokingly tell them this isn’t that kind of establishment but we have a 7ounce sirloin. Got a lot of lulz
Probably had a server at another bar jokingly confirm their order as a 14 and they decided to adopt it. I once made the mistake of referring to a large glass of Montepulciano wine as a “Full Monty” (I work in a bar attached to a cinema) and they called it that all night and every time they came back. Confused the hell out of my colleagues.
And Waffle House's are open 31.
Hurr hurr hurrr
Also while has 7up at their bar,I truly wanna know
Why not a 49 or simply a 1? The operation isn't specified, although it could be said that he's ordering a product.
7&7, you could also call a 7, if it’s a binary operation.
how is a “14”?¿ always heard of them heard good things but never tried myself
I liked this story better when it was a "dumb blonde" joke
Yeah, I first heard this as a "blonde" joke at least 30 years ago.
7 and 7 is 49 anyway, lol. So he didnt even get the math right. "And" means multiply as far as I remember.
True.... good point!!