My neighbour is hoists the flags of apartheid South africa and the flag of the south african republic (Transvaal) to show his scorn towards black people. Is there anything I can do (legally) about it?

I have a neighbour who has some rather radical political views. He believes in the "white genocide" in South Africa (A right wing extremist conspiracy theory that says, that the black majority government is trying to eradicate white people from South Africa by killing and raping them) and has, to show his "solidarity" with white south africans and to show how much he hates black people (Yes, he said to me clearly that the "Neger" should see what "we" think of them), started hoisting two flags:

Look, I will leave this thread up, because I think some valuable discussions about how to deal with issues like this can be had, but please refrain from inciting violence or damaging property. Thank you.
I'm afraid but there is nothing you can do from a legal perspective to have these flags taken down. Even the Swastika would be legal, as long as no propaganda or advertisement is made. I recall a guy hoisted a Nazi Flag on his balcony and it was in every newspaper and it was completely legal.
I suggest you to counter it with hoisting the Panafrican Flag or even better the Wakanda Flag.
It might be fun to have a discussion with a few neighbors to all put up pictures of Nelson Mandela randomly.
Why do you want to prove to an asshole that his actions have an effect on anyone? Let him sink in his hate. The few racists that I encountered here also happen to be extremely boring attention whores. So why validate his existence to begin with? Just bring your friends and blast some African music. That's what I would do, as a visibly non white woman living in Switzerland.
OP is asking if his neighbor breaks any laws. That's as Swiss as it can get!
This. Let him fly his flags - they're his views, and it's his right to express them.
The whole point of freedom of speech is that everyone has it, including people we don't like. You, of course, are free to respond with your own speech. Hang out your own flags, for example.
BTW: Avoid the suggestions of other comments to report him to the police for "suspicious activity". Nothing good can come of that, and you could get yourself in trouble. Really, that's going in the direction of "swatting".
It's just weird when someone visits me and they ask me if a Nazi lives next door and if they have to be scared (even if they are clearly not black). I know that I am not responsible for this guy's actions but still, people are shocked when they see this. I have clearly told him that I fundamentally disagree with him (that's what basically everyone in our neighborhood told him) and that this flag won't do anything except for making everyone around him angry for doing something this "smart".
If they are a renter, contacting their landlord might be the easiest way. Landlords are typically allowed to ask people not to hang flags outside.
Great idea. And I’m sure the landlord will listen if a few people complain
I could dig into my law books and find the proper articles, but to be honest your best options are:
As far as I support OPs concern about the neighbor's political views I'd rather report to the police than start a witch hunt by the media that could just as well backfire when the neighbor is then idolized by rightwing scene as a victim of leftist action and what not... just my two cents rappen.
For the newspapers: What am I allowed to do? Can I take pictures of his house and the flag without his permission and send it to a newspaper? Or can I simply tell them "Mr. X in Y Strasse Z in B hoists the flags of these former countries"?
I know that you are allowed to take pictures of the house of famous people but he isn't and I don't want him to sue me later for violating his privacy rights.
Good post! I pass by a house with a confederate flag very often and I would like to do something too.
Saw one from the train somewhere flying in a camping ground around the Bex/Aigle region in VD a few weeks back. Not sure if it's a Dukes of Hazard/Smokey and the bandit fan or just a proud racist. Also saw a replica General Lee car in Lausanne a few days later, complete with confederate flag on the roof.
Legally you can not do anything it seems. But you can put up some peaceful resistance.
Sit back and blast afrobeat and salsa at all legal hours while he slowly turns (more) insane.
Funnily enough this might be the illegal part. See
Not super relevant to this post but I just wanted to share a story.
Just this weekend in Vaud canton I met some lady that seemed super nice. I was with some friends that are were visiting. We were at the beach doing a BBQ and even shared some food with her and her friend. After a few minutes of conversation she told us the story about her boyfriend that "fell" from Christianism and later into Hinduism. "He is a very inteligent person" she said but with sadness that he was now a pagan (yes she did really say it).
Still boggles me that there are so many people like this in 2019
My in laws are évangéliques. So I shit you not the things I hear when I have dinner with them.
Buddy of mine recently returned to Valais to visit his folks after a sunny vacation, so he had quite the tan. His cousin's first reaction was "woah, you're almost not one of us anymore!"
He doesn't want them to meet his latina girlfriend now.
Racism is so deeply rooted outside of GE/ZH/BS it's sickening and there truly is no excuse for it in 2019. Fuck these dickheads.
IANAL, but even if hoisting any flag is allowed, hate speech isn't. I hope that a nazi flag would be considered implicit public hate propaganda.
I wouldn't have recognized the flags, i guess that shows my age.
It's legal to fly a flag, if he's not doing racist propaganda with it. Complain to the municipal executive and police about the racist loony so that they keep an eye on him (usually these people are well known anyway) but nothing will happen. Personally i disagree with racism but also understand the slippery slope of banning symbols per se.
I guess you only have civic action: hang an antiracist slogan on the balcony, so that people walking in the neighbourhood will not feel that it's a nazi hideout or an uniformly racist society is around them. Baiting 20min into doing a clickbait story might put some pressure on him but you're going to expose yourself in the process and he may not react by hiding as he's not doing something illegal per se and probably knows it.
Yeah thats a reasonable response
First warning for inciting violence. Another offence will lead to a ban.
The flags fall under freedom of expression. Calling you a Neger doesn't. That's something you can report to the police. They probably can't do much if you have no eyewitnesses, but if this continues, it will help your case if he has a history of such reports.
The important part is to keep the moral high ground.
Whites ARE targetted in South Africa. The farm killings are real; and politicians of the ruling party propagating the killing of white people is also real. Same for plans to disown white farmers because they are white. It's not a conspiracy theory; it's a fact. Though "white genocide" certainly isn't the right term for it. Oh, and "regular" racism against white people is kinda common there as well; at least among the poor and/or the criminal population.
With that being said, your neighbor is clearly an idiot and a racist; and I would think hoisting such flags is in violation of the anti-racism laws we have. Either way, I'd totally report him to the cops. (Actual) racism should not be tolerated.
I want to point out a few things here:
Whites aren't targeted, farms are. We know this due to the fact, that during these attacks on farms, both white and black employees are attacked.
This is a difficult situation. You have a country in which a small population percentage was able to build up wealth and land, while it was denied to the rest of the population. Now this privileged population doesn't want to sell off any of that land (which in some cases lie idle and is not used), which would allow the wealth accumulation of the non-privileged population. How do you handle a situation like this? Do you simply sit idle, do you just take it away, or do enforce a state buy-back of the land at fair land prices?
Its his property and he is legally allowed to do it. Even if you don't like it. Move on.
Your property isn't a legal "free for all" zone. Laws still apply. About the flags most likely nothing can be done. But the security camera on the other hand could be illegal if it films public spaces which can happen easily.
No, this is no more actionable than someone waving around the (anti-Christian) Soviet flag (as you see regularly on the first of May) or wearing a (homophobic) Che Guevara T-shirt.
It’s not freedom if it’s only extended to ideologies you agree with.
Che Guevara was into the culture of machismo, which wasn't gay-friendly to say the least, but he wasn't an outspoken homophobe, he wasn't even in Cuba when things went bad for the gays (UMAP camps), and Castro made thing a lot better and abolished that toxic culture. There's a lot of propaganda on both sides so please be careful.
There's a good post on this topic here if you're interested.
Why are Che Guevara t-shirts homophobic?
The problem here is obviously the racist intentions that could lead to more or less harmful violence against minorities. Context matters & there's a difference between good and bad ideologies.
South African government is trying to take farms majority owned by white people.
Can anyone explain to me why the following partial sentence doesn't apply in this case? I'm sure my reading is naive in some way I'd just like to know where I'm going wrong:
Polizei und Gemeindeverwaltung.
Tried talking to him, actually telling him that people feel uncomfortable?
His repsonse:"I want to make people uncomfortable, this is the purpose of these flags: Nobody cares how these poor white people are suffering in South Africa and nobody wants to prevent a genocide, while liberals go to the mediterranean and do everything to save some (insert racial slur for black people)"
He has told me and two other neighbours this.
Let the guy be 😂
Maybe x-post to
"How dare you not tolerate my intolerance?"
Calling open racism a "different political view" is pretty rich.
Warning for inciting violence. Next time will result in a ban.