Alabama question

Ok but what about homosexual incest
you know what they say, two wrongs make a right
Interestingly enough I’d argue that homosexual incest would probably be less taboo than straight incest as it doesn’t carry the same inherent risk of inbreeding
it cancels each other out like pemdas :) /s
It’s a double negative, so it’s fine.
A Negative times a negotiable equals a positive. Go for it.
I mean, he has a point, just not a very good one.
He doesn't have a point as incest is rather common in animals, same with homosexuality.
He doesn’t. Homosexuality isn’t unnatural.
I understand why, its awkward but if we (or I as an atheist taking a look based on the info I've heard) Adam and Eve were the first humans, let's just say they are related by blood, wouldn't the first baby be born out of incest...?
I'm confused. but technically hes got a point.
Eve actually was created by God from one of Adam's lung bones in the Bible. I'm a atheist btw
If you are an atheist then how the hell do you believe we all came from Adam and Eve lol. We came from monkeys for all we know
Was you there to know or believe so Your saying that your a Fake Atheist 🤔 But rather , you believe in the Bible 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
The Bible says they were the first humans, not the only humans.
I mean, he's not wrong. Morality is entirely a social construct.
Morality is a social construct only from an atheistic point of view. From a theistic point of view, morality is a divine construct.
I'd rather have no kid rather than a kid that lokks like sloth from the goonies
Honestly both shouldn’t be illegal.
Heterosexuality - continuing species through reproduction *Homosexuality - no biological purpose Incest - while continuing the species, it causes gene degeneration from lack of diversity and other issues (susceptibility to diseases, etc.)
*It provides benefits to individuals, such as emotional support (as any partner), but here I'm referring to benefits for the species. It doesn't advance nor hinder it in any way.
sweet home alabamaaaaaa
I would actually agree IF we nake sure that any incest-babies nred to be aborted. I eould never have sex with my relatives, but I don't care if someones does. Just don't make degenerate children because of it.
Well, morality is often weird.
My state allows 1st cousin
What asshole would downvote it, he's right as fuck boi
If you consider being gay to be unnatural, you’re an asshole.
Depends on how you define unnatural here. Homosexuality is definitely found in nature. But the amount of species that show it is quite low. Perhaps they meant it this way?
But why is incest considered more unnatural?
several people are typing...
It's true why downvoted them
Wait thats good to think about, lets ban both