Peak Dad Reflexes. His arm moves before his eyes do

Fun fact: your peripheral vision(>17° off center) is better at detecting motion.
Fun fact2: your centervision is better at detecting thicc curves.
It's also better at seeing in the dark. If you don't directly look at something at night you'll see it better.
Is this why if you look at something like when you play a video game or you look at say a tree line in the woods and you don’t move your eyes it’s easier to see movement and motion than if you looked around looking for movement?
This is creepy to think about, idk how many times I’ve gotten spooked thinking I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and after looking around decided it was nothing.
What did I see?
Mad periph right there
Why do small children do everything they can possibly do to die
life speedrunners
lifes final test to deem if you were worthy: if you can keep your child alive, you are sharp enough to pass on your genes
Whats he hiding behind his back tho?
Another child
Definitely a knife.
looks like a wedding ring box
That's like, normal person sense in this case.
My wife doesn't need those kind of eagle reflexes, because she would have never let him that close to the edge without holding him.
For real.
Everyone knows that dad's gain precognitive skills when they have kids. We lose it pretty quickly though
This shouls be on
Nah his heels are off the ground
Where I live? Alligators.
I'd never let a kid that close to a body of fresh water... I was half expecting the kid to get snatched away.
edit : even Disney isn't safe
Budding karma whore trying to find new avenues to mine internet points. It's been all over reddit today.
Are we not going to mention the pose the father was doing before the fall?
I have done this move. Toddler parents grow insane reflexes
Repost. Again.
That would’ve been bad oml
It's interesting but I've felt on my own life that dad reflexes is a thing. I've gotten significantly better reflexes after I became a father.
This is one of many reasons I don’t want to be a dad
I hate when people copy the text from the original post, like, it's just lazy
"Inhales quickly".... Good dad...
Get this shit off the front page already for fuck sakes
This isn't really sweaty palms material
How?? The kid could have died!
When I was about 6 years old, my little sister was one, and we were in Mexico on vacation and my sister was falling head first into a hard concrete floor off of a bed, and he caught her by the ankle upside down. I wasn’t there but I bet it was awesome. She could’ve died.
I have to do this with my son so much. His head is a magnet to everything, especially now that he’s trying to walk
Apparently we are totally defenceless meatbags bc of our huge brains needing to must've died like every 10 seconds for 99.999 of human existence
Peripheral version activated
For every dad reflex, there has to be an epic baby drop early in parenting that led to such skills to never let it happen again.
Nice peripheral
"Darn it Timmy why are you trying to kill yourself again?" "Kids these days."
when you realize last life you played short stop in the big leagues
Kid got lucky he has good dad. If that was my dad, he would just watch me fall with glee even if he did have lightning fast reflexes. #life_sucks
Doesn't fit the sub.
Something tells me he's sleeping on the couch tonight.
I don't get why?
I don’t see why? He didn’t do anything wrong, kids fall, it’s what they do. Plus he handled the situation like a champ
Why not use two hands?
Sort of like when Michael Jackson held that baby over the balcony...
And he maintained perfect form. Right hand behind his back, crouching position. No need to overreact.
Doesn't fit the sub.
Should’ve let the demon fall
Controller behind his back suggests it’s a drone photo / video setup.
The fact he doesn’t take his eyes off his drone at first, to make sure it’s safe, before looking at his son who he’s just stopped with one hand, makes me think this priorities are wrong.
I’d have dropped the control and caught that boy, bringing both arms in to make him safe. Forget the drone. The boy gets saved.
The boy was a second priority here.
Hardly dad of the year material....
Hmm, I thought it was a little girl, but now I wonder..
I get you are probably trolling but that's the whole point of reflexes... They happen before your conscious brain actually kicks in.
Kid had been caught by his lizard brain before the monkey brain even knew the kid was falling.