Santa’s elves gonna lose a finger

This is Alex Snodgrass, of carter band saw products. He's woodworking's resident bandsaw guru- He travels around the country to woodworking shows demonstrating this and other bandsaw techniques, probably makes thousands of them every year..
Did anyone think this was going to end in 1998 when undertaker threw mankind of hell in the cell, plummeting sixteen feet through an announcers table? Damn you
At first I thought he was making a jigsaw puzzle lmao I had no idea what was going on.
Just loves the smell of sawdust
Damn. This is very, very
It's surprising he has all of his digits intact
It’d be pretty hard to actually cut all the way through your finger with one of there’s. The teeth are very small and the band isn’t running the same speed as a table saw. You’d need a bandaid though.
Instead of the saying, “never trust a skinny chef”, is it “always trust a woodworker who has all their digits”?
Sir we would like you to now make 100 more please.
You'd have to try pretty hard to take a finger off with a band saw, but sweaty palms nonetheless
They use band saws to cut meat, pretty sure it would have no problem cutting your finger off.
My dad does woodwork like this. I choose to believe the pieces spring forth fully formed in his wood shop.
I'd probably lose ten fingers and a couple toes if I tried that!
He'd have to hit that blade pretty hard to lose a finger. It's a very thin blade, made for precise cuts like this. The teeth lack the depth to do serious damage unless you slip and jam your hand through it.
They use band saws to cut meat, pretty sure it would have no problem cutting your finger off.
Also look at a bandsaw dismantler, they use them to strip pallets down, they cut nails like butter.
Fingers grow back, right?
No, but they glue back.
Definitely wouldn’t want to have sweaty palms.
As someone who’s worked with a bandsaw before, I can assure you that your fingers are never meant to go beyond that blue circle for safety reasons. Cool design tho
That ring is really snug on his finger.
They embed themselves when you've been married a long time. And if you look at other women they get hot and start to glow.
I made one of these a couple of years ago! Quite a bit bigger and less complex though.
The sawdust keeps the palms dry.
Nothing to gain by saving a few seconds and everything to lose..
Company may thank you or pat your back but they dont care. You will lose a finger and they will be the first to blame you.
bet this man gets paid good
As a former cabinetmaker, (I assume that's what this guy is) it's not likely he gets paid very well at all compared to most people in the trades.
*paid well
They say you either cut your finger off the first timr or the 10'000th time when using bandsaws.
I've seen this before and still can't wrap my mind around being able to freehand that. Incredible.
He has done that at LEAST once before.
Indeed. This is Alex Snodgrass, a bandsaw pro that travels the country doing bandsaw clinics at trade shows. He represents Carter Products and is demonstrating the Bandsaw Stabilizer here.
I've been making woodwork projects for 13 years, 5 of them professionally, and I will never be this good with a band saw.
I believe in you
"oh jingle bell jingle bell, jingle all the...."
*Human flesh ripping noises
This is easy. Just cut off the parts that don’t look like a reindeer.
The fuck i— oh
I know someone who lost a finger and had it reattached like this, not pretty
I went from, “this is gonna be super intricate,” to, “ok now he’s just making random cuts for the sake of making random cuts,” back to, “holy shit that’s super intricate.”
Wtf did he make
When I first looked at it I didn’t see the reindeer either.
I wonder why. It’s clear it’s a reindeer.
That is how you summon Orgalorg!
I was a whole ass surprised Pikachu at the end
I watched the entire thing like 3 times and I am still confused how he did that
Elves have no workers rights and are easy to replace.
Damn. I had no idea what was going on.
How does he turn that quick on a bandsaw?
A small blade and the Bandsaw Stabilizer product from Carter Products
That's Skill!
It looks a lot worse than it is
Can’t tell if it’s a saw or a laser
Meanwhile there is me sitting back looking at my bandsaw block wondering how the holy hell imma carve it into something that vaguely looks like it should.
Sweety because he is holding it too tight? No?
I was kinda hoping this was
That’s nuts
That safety margin tho
I remember doing stuff like this in tech Ed as a kid in middle school. Man I wasn’t being safe
Reminds me of that episode of courage the cowardly dog with the robot that carves the wooden deer
As someone who has had a wood shop class while I was in high school and even got to use a band saw, I understand the anxiety here. It always made me nervous to cut something using a band saw even though I was always extremely careful. Thankfully, I still have all ten fingers. But those things are still very dangerous.
Chopping off fingers is s very small risk here and is mitigating by the blade size and geometry.
I’ve gotta say, that’s one good reindeer tho
Band saws are scary
This was on oddly satisfying
usually the stuff on this sub is entertaining to watch and not really anxiety inducing.. but this man has me worried
Does not fit
Fut the wuck?!
He is a man of concentration, concentration and sheer fucking concentration
Aaah but it would be such a clean nice cut it would be an EZ fix with flex tape.
My father has one of this.
Surprisingly he says it pretty difficult to cut your fingers with it unintentionally .
Clearly sped up, no?
One day...but not this day!
Yeah worst this will ever do is give someone a paper cut.
What is this device called?
You could use a cut-proof glove and keep the pace. Win-win...
Nah just a Finnish woodworker
This isn't sweaty palms material. Pretty neat though.
my palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy
OSHA? Tony's cousin right? She pretty.
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I lost a finger just watching this
this shouldn’t have even been posted on here lol, and based on the comments lots of people have never worked with woodshop/power tools before. this is completely the correct procedure when working with powered cutting/grinding/sanding tools that have some kind of cycling or repetive motion. never should you wear gloves when working with a band saw, a circular saw, any powered sander, or a circular grinding wheel, to name a few. gloves will not protect your fingers against powerful machines and actually make it more likely for your finger to get pulled in with the fabric and get absolutely crushed/cut off. always learn safety before using tools!!
What is that supposed to be
A reindeer
I have actually used one of these machines before
Is that a special bandsaw blade or just an entirely different saw
Oooooh not worth it!
I’m here to ruin the moment!
Those machines do not cut your fingers, they automatically stop if you put your hand in there. Source: I used those in school way back when!
Err no, you're thinking of a sawstop table saw, they're amazing but this isn't that
They use band saws to cut meat, pretty sure it would have no problem cutting your finger off.
Also look at a bandsaw dismantler, they use them to strip pallets down, they cut nails like butter.
Nope, not true. The bandsaws used by Alex Snodgrass in these videos almost certainly do not have any brake connected with flesh sensing technology.
Such a waste of wood
How is it a waste if something is made out of it? Not to mention it's a very minuscule amount of wood that can't really be turned into anything interesting without incorporating all sorts of other materials into the project.
Most woodworkers save scraps and make things out of them. You can glue bits back together and cut them again. That piece is most likely a scrap from another project.