A European soccer fan traveled 110 miles across England to the house of his Everton-supporting friend just to laugh at him because Everton lost. According to a user on /r/soccer, 110 miles isn't that far.

Guaranteed you're not getting from Newcastle to Liverpool in 1.5hours, it's a 2 hour minimum journey
No way are you getting from Newcastle to Liverpool in an hour and a half, more like 3 hours
I'm not familiar with the route from Newcastle to Liverpool, but if it's anything like the A-roads and motorways around here there's also going to be variable speed limits.
Yeah, but, that's what friends are for. :)
It's a trip, but I wouldn't say it's far. It's next town over.
I travel that far to see my parents.
Is it really newsworthy far though?
Factor in the nice vacation days Europeans can get and the efficiency of their cars,
It’s not an awful drive and max a 2hr drive. But I might be a bit bias as I enjoy driving and am an American who likes to travel even outside the suburbs/city
It really isn't that far at all. An hour drive is something people do daily. If you are under 16 yea I'd say that's a long drive.
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110 miles isn't particularly far and only in heavy traffic would it even approach an annoying distance or long travel time.
There are people who drive that far as a commute in the US...
But that's not really that far. I make that drive twice a month, just to visit friends. 2 hours isn't far.
Newcastle to Liverpool is between 3 to 4.30 hours depending on traffic, you wouldn't drive straight as the crow flies as there's a national park in the way so the motorway goes around it.
So this is basically the joke about how Europeans think a hundred miles is a long way and Americans think a hundred years is a long time, then.
Do you Yanks really do this? What the fuck is wrong with you?
It's very rare to have that kind of commute. Most people here will have between 30-60 minutes. A 2+ hour commute is pretty outlandish and would get very old very fast.
At university one of my professors lived in the major city 1.5 hours away and would drive in every day. Even that was viewed as crazy but his family didn't want to live in the college town.
I have a 50 miles drive one way for work, I don't really have a better option, I get paid like shit so I can't afford to move out from my family as I would instantly be paycheck to paycheck at best, but it's better money than any job I can find closer (also it has decent insurance and I spent ~$2,000 this year on healthcare even with insurance, so I can't afford to take a job without good insurance). I would like to move but again that would require a job that paid me better. And there is zero public transit that could get me there so driving it is.
So yeah it sucks, but a lot of people in the US don't have a choice.
Hot take: capitalism.
Yup. Coworker of mine lived on a huge farm and would commute in to work about 130 miles twice a week.
It’s definitely an outlier mililage wise but it’s equivalent time wise (let’s say a commute of 1 1/2 hrs) is definitely a real thing for people who live in exurban towns in the states and take public transportation.
So much
Does no one remember the
That was only a 35 minute drive and it made a bunch of news, mostly because it was an insanely dumb thing to want to fight someone over, to the point of absurdity. This isn't as funny to me but the longer drive is something of a compensation.
I don’t know why 35 minutes was even newsworthy, that’s like nothing for a San Diegan. That’s my work commute during rush hour, a trip to Tijuana, or straight up leaving the county to the north. Even then, 110 miles is the distance from where I live to Los Angeles and barring the absolutely fucking absurd traffic that defines Los Angeles I wouldn’t consider that too far a drive
I mean he's not wrong. One to two hours of driving is really not that far, it's not that newsworthy.
It depends on context. Simply put if a 2 hour drive is unusually long you're going to consider it far, that's the end of the conversation.
If you think there's more to it than that then by all means feel free to develop a system that codifies what constitutes "far" in terms of travel, but remember to consider duration, distance, and mode of transportation. Might be worth considering reason for travel as well, as driving 110 miles for a can of coke is a long-ass drive for a can of coke, but if driving those 110 miles presents your last chance at seeing your dear old Grandmother alive it won't seem a particularly egregious distance.
Is 110 miles far?
It depends on context. By plane? No. On foot? Yes.
It's an objectively lunatic amount of distance to drive to make fun of your friend after his team loses a sports competition.
You need to understand
I'm English btw before people start calling me American with a victim complex.
I love how when anyone pokes even a little bit at Europe their immediate response is to talk about school shootings or complain about Americans.
I'm also more impressed it I dont see anyone bringing up the fact he didnt use metric.
England uses miles too.
I love how people always refer to Europe like it's a country and think that driving 2 hours just to laugh in someone's face isn't a long drive because America big. Like if I drove from Providence to NYC to laugh at someone it would be an amusing story. It would also be dumb because I drove so far.
Yeah, you definitely don't get Americans going off the rails and raving about "Londonistan" when you say anything vaguely negative about the USA.
Growth a thicker skin, there’s nothing wrong with talking about problems.
Truth. All the defensive, bullshit replies you got prove your point quite nicely. Even when non-Americans say anything about another country people rail on them for being ignorant Americans.
They can't take what they dish out.
I mean. I feel like it isn’t. That’s probably isn’t even two hours by car.
It's not a short distance, but it isn't absurd by any means. Also if it's open roads it's definitely under two hours, 110miles = 166km roughly, at least in Australia open roads are 100/110kph, hour 45 maybe?
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I'm butting in. I have to travel to doctors because I live in nowhereville and for me traveling for a wee bit is normal. It used to be awful but now it's fun to go halfway through Michigan for about two hours. I'll stop and get food, listen to music, snoke bot and it ends up being over before it began. I haven't gotten pulled over in over a year too so that's cool. Anyway the guy who doesn't understand time or distance might be like me. Desensitized.